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What All The Pros Use


Most player’s use composite sticks on the ice due to them being so light and being frankly the best material of stick you can get. We have a review on the best hockey sticks of 2019 that will give you great tips for finding the right stick for you. It also goes over our top pics of sticks. But that’s not all!… Player’s like to play street hockey as well and that’s where we got you covered as well! If you’re going to play street hockey I recommend using a wooden stick or something that the concrete won’t eat up! So check out Best Street Hockey Sticks of 2019 review!


Skates our one of the key pieces of gear that’s vital for hockey besides sticks! Finding the right skates can be a dawnting task and we understand this, you have to make sure they will fit you just right! So that’s why we reviewed only the best picks for you that are also affordable and provided a go to guide to fit skates. Check it out at Best Hockey Skates 2019.

Street hockey may not require skates but if you want to join a league or have some real fun we got you covered there as well! Best Roller Blades Of 2019 Review. Don’t forget we cover how to change wheels in this review as well to get you as prepared as possible!


Gloves provide protection for your hands so they don’t get cut or bruised by a number of things that can happen on the ice, so that’s why it’s important to wear them and choose the right one’s. See our take on The Best Hockey Gloves of 2019 Review


You can get seriously hurt by not wearing a helmet on the ice so we try to only review the safest helmets out on the market that also provide a lot of comfort. Read Safest Top Rated Hockey Helmets Of 2019 to get the scoop on the best helmets for you!

Shoulder Pads

Safety is very important to us here at What All The Pros Use and shoulder pads provide it! Shoulder pads can range from all different types of sizes and some can get in the way, so in our review we only provide the most comfortable pads while still covering a wide range of body types. Check out Best Ice Hockey Shoulder Pads 2019 Review.

Elbow Pads

Probably a life saver for me and a lot of people, falling on your elbows can be very painful. Elbow pads were made mostly for that and they do a great job at it. Check out our review on the Best Elbow Pads For Hockey. We will also show you how to find the right size!


Finding the right pants can be a life saver because it’s very true that some are way more comfortable than other. Also the ones that have the most padding are usually the most comfortable but can be a little heavier. If you are a beer league play and just want something light we also cover those too! See Best Hockey Pants Of 2019 – Review for the full article.


I’m not going to lie, this one was a little awkward to write.. but here at What All The Pros Use we care about your comfort and protection. Choosing the right Jocks could make you extremely more comfortable than if you just bought one and didn’t think about it much. So to see our take on them check out Best Hockey Jock straps Of 2019 – Review.

Shin Guards

Shin guards protect a very sensitive part of your body and your taking a real chance not wearing them. Also choosing the right pair will improve your skating maneuverability. Also landing on your knees can be very painful. See the review by clicking Best Hockey Shin Guards of 2019 – Review.

Practice Jerseys

This is really a preference, but we review some great practice jerseys to help you out.


Tape and wax are very important if you want good puck control or sure! The right tape will set you right and we review some you will really like! Check it out at Best Hockey Stick Tape of 2019 Review.

Choosing the right wax is also important because some work better than others. That’s why we wrote our review on the Best Hockey Stick Wax 2019 – Review.

Street Pucks

We cover street pucks and balls here to ensure you have the right training equipment to be successful going into a game! See the article at Best Street Hockey Pucks And Balls – Review!

Best Golf Equipment

Our other chief writer, Niroshan, is a huge golf enthusiast playing with a mid handicap himself. He will be sharing his thoughts on the current and upcoming golf technologies and as well at latest products that are on the market. Check out his first article at Best Golf Drivers of 2019 – Review as well as the Best Golf Irons of 2019.

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Also don’t forget our comfiest golf shoes of 2019 where we check out more than 24 pairs of shoes to see which ones are the best to wear out on the course.

Another very popular article is our best golf rangefinders of 2019 which look at the best laser technologies that actually work pick out distances to the green.

But if you are looking at other ways to pin-point distances to the flag, then I would highly recommend our article on best GPS golf watches of 2019 where we look at some of the best ones in the business.

Best Baseball Equipment

Our head hockey pro is also a keen Baseball enthusiast who loves to help the younger generation develop their Baseball careers. Although, it is not a primary focus of ours on this website, she does offer some very valuable insights which we feel will help any keen Baseball player. Check out our first article on 10 unusual baseball bats that actually have an awesome ping!

If you are a batter, then two other detailed articles we’d recommend are best baseball helmets of 2019 and top rated batting gloves that are actually quite comfortable to wear.

We then also have our best baseball gloves of 2019 which is a great guide for you fielders out there looking for a good comprehensive guide.


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