Best Baseball Gloves


Mizuno Pro LE GMP700JKB

The Japanese brand Mizuno claim to have the highest quality ball gloves ever offered to the market. Mizuno Pro Limited Catcher´s Mitt stands for this high quality standard. Mizuno designs and produces equipment for many different sports and keeps quality along its product line. In this baseball glove, specifically, Mizuno has made a home run. Materials, design and construction of this glove are aimed to provide the buyer with an excellent, durable baseball product. When put your hand in this glove, you will feel how soft the internal Shika Palm liner is. The sensation of comfort that comes from the touch strikes you immediately and goes on as you fit your hand in the glove. Thanks to what Mizuno calls the Speed Drive technology, you feel the glove support in each finger in a balanced way, which is just what you need during the play. In order to allow players to quickly react, the glove is reinforced in the middle and index fingers whereas the construction is lighter in the thumb and heel. That is thoughtful engineering applied to the design and construction of a catchers glove. Externally, the Deguchi leather is soft and strong at the same time. This is a special leather that has tight fibers which gives it a very special feel. Mizuno has perfected the tanning process to give gloves the colors and the strength required by the most demanding catchers. The shape of the catching side has also been carefully studied and designed. It is like swallowing the ball with glove. It is engineered to greatly improve the catcher´s game.

In order to give you more for your money, Mizuno offers the Pro Limited Catchers Mitt with what they call glove care service. You can send your glove for a one-time reconditioning process that will make your glove look and feel like new again. It greatly extends the life of your glove. You are buying, in fact, two gloves for the price of one.

Nokona P1 Bloodline

This company named after its home town of Nokona, Texas, is dedicated to produce high quality baseball gloves. They have been handcrafting premium baseball glove since 1934. The P1 Bloodline is not an exception to this tradition. The materials, design and manufacturing process used in the Bloodline yield a superior quality product that is made to last for season after season. It is a light weight, nice to use glove, made for the performance players. The interior is very soft and comfortable allowing your hand to quickly slip into the glove. The expression “fits like a glove” has never been better depicted. You will feel the glove fitting well to each finger. The Range Kangaroo is the name of the leather Nokona uses to make the exterior part of the Bloodline. It is ranked among the strongest kinds of leather available in the whole world. It is very durable and has a beautiful look. The glove is strong but not hard. The structure of the glove is also impressive. One feels the whole glove fit very snuggly and firm to one´s hand which provides confidence to the catcher. Designers have made a great job in the catching area as well. Its form allows the catcher to trap the ball very firmly, which also contributes to the confidence of the player.

The Bloodline is very durable, what makes it an excellent value for your money. It is a glove intended to the elite players. You will not feel the glove weak or floppy after a play season. Just like other Nikon gloves, the Bloodline is manufactured with a hand stitch process in the United States. Nokona is proud to offer a one hundred-day money back guarantee, if the buyer is not satisfied. Some professional players use Nokona gloves. It is truly a high-quality American baseball product.

Rawlings RGG1275 Gold

The Gold Glove is the top quality baseball glove series made by Rawlings. Accumulating over one hundred years of glove manufacturing experience, the company launched this premium model aimed to the most demanding baseball players. The RGG1275 model is one of the best gloves ever made by this manufacturer. It calls the attention that it has no stitches in the heel which allows your hand to slip easily into the glove and immediately feel the nice interior where your fingers snuggly fit to each compartment. The extra layer of padding allows a cushy, comfortable feel of your palm and fingers. Rawlings employs a meticulous production process for the Gold Glove. Nothing in this model is heat pressed but rather carefully cut and assembled together with quality stitches.

The exterior is made with one layer of European leather, and one layer is really enough due to the quality of the leather. The less fat content in the leather the stiffer it is and the higher is its price. The flawless, selected European leather used by Rawlings in the Gold Glove is very stiff with a very low fat content. It has gold trims along the finger tips which work with the hand stitches along the sides to reinforce the glove structure and deliver excellent playability. The Gold Glove buyers, as well as the buyers of any other glove model from Rawlings, count on a 30-day refund or exchange policy for any defective product.

Rawlings provides Gold Glove to several professional players in the major league. The Gold Glove is such a masterpiece by Rawlings that each Golden Glove has a unique serial number to identify the craftsman, the number of the article and the date of its production. You will be proud and confident if you play with a Rawlings Gold Glove.

Rawlings Pros12BRU Pro

The Rawlings has been in business since 1887. The company has more than one hundred years of glove manufacturing experience. This Gold Glove Club Glove of Month is a premium product, especially designed for the most demanding baseball players. Made of timber glazed leather, the PRO 12 TI model is a beautifully designed glove, very good aesthetically, that reflects the quality tradition of Rawlings in baseball products. It is a baseball glove with a vintage look. It has a flexible web that allows your hand to easily slip into the glove with comfortable feel. The interior lining is very soft and the moldable padding adds comfort to the player. For additional comfort and fit, the glove has a padded sleeve for the thumb and a specially designed index finger pad. The catching area is perfectly designed and finished to allow trapping the ball in a fraction of a second.

The stitches on the heel give the glove the study look of a product built to last. The timber glazed leather has a natural look, in fact so natural that any two units of the same model will have different shades. This leather and its tanning process do not yield units with consistent colors, making each glove really unique, mainly after some use. Although the timber glazed leather is very thick, the material allows the hand to breathe normally and stay nicely cool along the play. The 12-inch size fits very well to pitchers and players of infield positions. The grip has an enhanced design to easily catch the ball with different hand positions which is the case when the player is running following the ball flight. The Gold Glove buyers, as well as the buyers of any other glove model from Rawlings, count on a 30-day refund or exchange policy for any defective product. The Gold Glove is such a masterpiece by Rawlings that each Golden Glove has a unique serial number to identify the craftsman, the number of the article and the date of its production.