Best Golf Ball Retrievers 2019

I’m sure it’s fair to say that our golf swing isn’t going to be perfect all the time otherwise we would all be challenging the likes of Jordan Spieth for the titles. I’ve hit my fair share of golf balls into a pond and if you are using expensive golf balls, I’m sure the worst feeling is having to leave them behind in the water.

I’ve used numerous ball retrievers over the years and it’s not even funny how many of these just snapped within a few uses or were just too complicated to use. Obviously, you want a retriever that has awesome reach yet can easily fit into your golf club bag. Another issue a lot of retrievers have is that they can sometimes be quite heavy and when going round the course, you may not want to carry that added weight around. But then, I also like my retriever to be quite sturdy especially at longer lengths which is probably more difficult if they are quite light. I think I remember someone say that some of them can feel like carrying two extra individual golf irons around.

So, I’ve spent countless hours studying ball retrievers and going through forums, I’m ready to show you all what I think are some of the best options on the market right now.

Best Golf Ball Retrievers 2019

1. IGOTCHA Retriever

The IGOTCHA Retriever is 6 foot in length but has a maximum reach of 10 foot in total.  However, it can collapse to just 15 inches which makes it easy to keep inside your golf bag during a round and it will not get in the way.

Weighting only 8 ounces, the IGOTCHA Retriever is very light and you will have little difficulty in lifting and using the device to retrieve a golf ball.  The spring trapping action catches the ball comfortably and the locking clip combines with this feature to make the IGOTCHA Retriever one of the easiest to use.

2. Callaway Retriever

Callaway are one of the top golf equipment manufacturers and the Callaway Retriever is made from a high quality aluminium alloy which does not bend when the retriever is fully extended.

When retracted, the Callaway Retriever is 45 inches, which may not be the shortest available but when extended it stretches to 15 foot, making it one of the longest golf ball retrievers on the market.

The ergonomic suregrip handle means you will not lose control when using the Callaway Retriever.  The dual-zip head cover allows the Callaway Retriever to slot into your bag and look like a golf club.

3. Pro Active The Original Bag Shag

This device is for use when practicing, specifically the short game.  One of the main issues facing players when practicing short shorts is having to collect the balls when you have run out or have finished your session.

This is where the Pro Active The Original Bag Shag comes in and it picks up golf balls easily thanks to the strong canvas bag which will hold up to 80 golf balls.  The Pro Active The Original Bag Shag is constructed from solid materials so it is durable and will prevent you from bending over multiple times to pick up balls.

4. Pelican Retriever

This premium golf ball retriever features a gold yellow nylon cup and this has been designed to allow easy grab and collection of the golf ball.

Boasting a comfort grip and lightweight aluminium alloy shaft, the Pelican Retriever is simple to use and remains sturdy even when fully extended.  It is available in various lengths depending on your requirements, with the longest being 18 feet.

The Twist Turn-lock design is simple enough to use and the Pelican Retriever is a good entry into the golf ball retriever market.

5. Maxfli Pick Up Grabber

The Maxfli Pick Up Grabber has been designed to allow golfers to pick up golf balls without bending.  If you regularly practice your short game or putting, the Maxfli Pick Up Grabber is very useful as it easily attaches to the butt-end of putter grips and this allows easy pick up of balls off the green.

The fixed 3-prong design means you can also use the Maxfli Pick Up Grabber to pick up balls from inside the hole, so you never have to bend down again.  The durable plastic construction of the Maxfli Pick Up Grabber does not wear easily and it should last for a long time, even with regular use.

6. PrideSports Pick-Up

The PrideSports Pick-Up features a slim design which extends outwards towards the end to open up in to a cup shape.  This is where the ball will sit and the PrideSports Pick-Up is ideal for use when practicing chipping and putting.

You no longer need to bend over to pick up the balls individually by hand.  Using the PrideSports Pick-Up you can recover the ball without bending over and drop it into your bag before moving onto the next ball.  The design of the PrideSports Pick-Up makes it easy to use and slip into your golf bag.

7. Orlimar 15-Foot Fluorescent

The adjustable shaft of the Orlimar 15-Foot Fluorescent extends to a generous 15 feet and this makes collecting a ball from a difficult position a doddle.  The high visibility fluorescent head means you can easily guide the Orlimar 15-Foot Fluorescent towards the ball without losing sight of it and this is especially useful in water.

The golf ball fits securely inside the head and will not drop out until it has been safely retrieved.  The comfort grip handle means you will not have any difficulty using the Orlimar 15-Foot Fluorescent and if you lose a lot of balls in water, it is a good investment.

8. Finger Ten Portable Pocket Shagger

The Finger Ten Portable Pocket Shagger has been designed to pick up and store 60 golf balls without the need to empty the bag.  If you enjoy practicing your short game but dislike having to pick up all the balls when you are done, the Finger Ten Portable Pocket Shagger is the perfect companion.

The durable canvas bag does not stretch when full and the tough stainless steel clips and pvc handle makes the Finger Ten Portable Pocket Shagger very durable.

9. Callaway Pro Caddie Shagger or Feeder

The Callaway Pro Caddie Shagger or Feeder offers double the value.  You can use it to collect balls when you have finished you practice.  It will hold up to 35 golf balls so you can practice for extended periods before collecting your balls.

However, the Callaway Pro Caddie Shagger or Feeder also feeds you balls as you practice.  There is no need to keep bending down to pick up the next ball, simply tap the feeder with the club and it will produce the next ball for you.  Take your time and enjoy practicing using the Callaway Pro Caddie Shagger or Feeder.

10. Nickel Putter Pick-up

While some golf ball retrievers are made to collect balls from the green or fairway, they are not always good for collecting balls from the hole.

If you struggle to bend down to pick up the golf ball every time you make a putt, it can stop you from enjoying the game.  However, the Nickel Putter Pick-up will solve that problem thanks to the specifically engineered design which picks up a ball from inside the hole.

The Nickel Putter Pick-up fits comfortable on the end of a putter grip and it takes seconds to attach it, pick up the ball and take it off again.