Best Golf Irons 2017

I hope you’ll agree with me when I say:

It’s not possible to reach your maximum potential without a set of good golf irons…. Or is it?

There’s only ONE problem. Finding those “Good” irons isn’t an easy job.

That’s why I have created a list of Best Golf Irons 2017. After researching online and spending hours in testing these sticks, I have shortlisted the top 10 irons which you can buy right now.

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So lets dive straight in!

Best Golf Irons 2017

Taylormade M2 Irons

  • Very strong, (7 iron) Loft 28.5 degrees. Offers a shiny, chrome look for a top-end finish and features an aluminous green coloring along the back. Club has definition to its lines, and does not have a massive head at the end of the stick. Face slots, frames the face.
  • Weight stripped from the hosel, sides, and pronounced weight in the bottom to ensure ball goes up in the air; reinforced the sides of the face similar to the (RSI range 1’s & 2’s)
  • Tends to produce consistent golf shots especially for those that do not usually hit the ball right in the middle
  • Geocoustic – enhances the sound of the golf club and offers great sound on impact similar to a good player’s iron.
  • Average ball speed of 129.6mph, Backspin of 4901rpm, and carry yards of 141 (similar to a 5 iron) peaks 30 irons in the air

(5 iron) Loft 23.5

  • Hosel, introduced a slot that makes custom fitting easy; cast-hard club head, offers the ability for movement and can be positioned for custom fit
  • Very Powerful club, and in the right hands will go a long way; perfect for less experienced golfers and those who are unable to hit in the middle
  • Wedge offers a chiseled, distinguished feature and stylistic design
  • Average ball speed of: 106.3mph Backspin of 7863rpm, and Carry yards of190

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Taylormade AeroBurner Irons

  • Powerful iron (7 iron) Strong Loft of 29.5 degrees, offers a matte finish with a shiny base. Adopts speed slots at the base but lacks face slots but overall good solid feel
  • Weight pulled down to the back and bottom of the club to ensure high launch of ball; Big chunky top line offers confidence for sure hit
  • Offers bit of an offset that hinders ball from steering to the right
  • Designed for golfers focused on distance
  • Average ball speed: 134 mph, backspin 5865 rpm, carry distance 193yards

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Titleist AP2 716 Irons

  • Offers a welcoming design with a forged iron that looks sublime.
  • Glossy and shiny finish is received well and coaxes golfers to take a hit
  • 25% more Tungsten, weighted toe and heel help with forgiveness level
  • Designed for golfers that can hit the ball every time ranging from the lower, middle handicap and major winners; if hit in the middle, the feel is fantastic
  • Offers bit an offset that is not forgiving for the higher handicapper
  • Average ball speed 128 mph, cary yards 180, backspin 6388 rpm
  • 8 iron with 38 degrees of loft, looks fantastic behind the ball and offers a good firmness on the strike. A strong hit on the shot
  • Deliveres a forged head but lacks classic softness – solid feel hits better in the middle
  • Average 116 ball speed, carry 155 yards, with backspin of 8351 rpm; offers very good front to back dispersion

4 iron with 24 degrees of loft

  • Tungsten is back on this one with the look and feel of a classic iron. Lacks bells and whistles but instead remains true to its roots only difference is it is enhanced.
  • Average 134 yards, 199 carry yards, backspin of 4710 rpm

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Titleist AP1 716 Irons

6 iron with 28 degress of loft (offers strongest loft)

  • Offers a shiny chrome with 50% more tungsten weight than previous Ap1’s.
  • Very inviting design with big chunky head that remains close to its classic look.
  • Only difference is that this is a supercharged ap1.
  • Bridge underneath is hollow and offers an increased launch angle and strengthened loft.
  • Designed for the high handicapper who will enjoy hitting it.
  • Sturdy design offers confidence with each hit.
  • Stronger loft and more weight in toes.
  • Delivers an Average: Carry yards 180, ball speed 128.9 mph, backspin of 5385 rpm

8 iron with 25 degrees of loft

  • chunky head, tungsten weight is eliminated
  • also offers a hollow undercarriage.
  • Design makes it very easy to hit the ball. Provides the following average: carry yards 165, ball speed 121.4 mph, 7460 rpm

4 iron, with 22 degrees loft, gives a welcoming design and massive, chunky head offers a solid hit and good flight

– Average: Carry yards, 215, ball speed, 130.4 mph and backspin of 4399

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Callaway Golf Big Bertha Irons

Big Bertha OS – Offers a very chunky, hollow head design and very strong lofts. Comes in a black nickel finish and is appealing but not much of an eye-catcher. However this club offers unsettled reviews. Often referred to as a lofted club.

– 4 iron (20.5 degrees) , 7 iron, (30 degress), Pitching wedge (44 degress)

7 iron with 30 degress of loft. (Possesses the loft of a 6 iron). Not much of a distinguished feel delivered from the club. Less exciting.

– Offers average carry yards of 158, backspin of 3803 rpm, ball speed of 108.5 mph

4 iron with loft of 20.5 degrees. Offers very large bottom and has a bit of “real estate” due to its oversized base. It is not strong lofted

– Back end of club delivers confidence. Big chunky head indicates sure hit that
offers a decent sound upon impact

– Average: carry yards 183, backspin 2729 rph, ball speed 118.6 mph

Pitching Wedge. this club, the loft strength is decreased and more discrete. A less chunky wedge is evident and white grooves can be seen located along the bottom of the club.
– Does not offer a clear feel when ball is hit
– Average carry distance 120 yards, backspin 5567 rph, ball speed 91.6 mph

Overall performance for all clubs, good performing club with a teetered 8-9/10 rating.
– Delivers great distance but beyond that, not a very favorable club
3 – 4 iron tends to deliver a more promising performance

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Callaway Golf Apex CF16 Irons

7 iron with 31 degrees of loft, offers a forged satin chrome finish with brushed polish and black detailing across the back. New technology make its more forgiving for off-centered hits. Loft stronger than the pro by 3 degrees.

– Designed for a better player but also those in the lower handicapper range.

– Its average ball speed is 126.1 mph, with backspin of 5401 rph, and carry yards of 182. These averages are described as being too low for its class iron.

4 iron with 21.5 degrees of loft, showcases a lovely looking shape to the head, not too thin nor too large just perfect.

– Offers a powerful hit coupled with a gentle feel of the metal hitting the ball. Delivers a a great sound upon impact.

Pitching wedge with 45 degress of loft, offers a lovely looking wedge, that is not too big and chunky but allows you to judge distance control
– Offers the same sensation as the 4 & 7 iron but also gives right balance and feel

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Cobra King Oversized Graphite Irons

7 iron with 30 degrees of loft. Offers a shiny finish, large toe to heel (front to back) appearance. Top is massive with hollow head design and strong lofts; appealing design with a huge head. However a highlighted sweet spot with harsher grooves are massively forgiving

-Nicely balanced designed for all players however as players improve, they will find these clubs unmanageable to some degree

– Average ball speed is 126.5 mph, with backspin of 5908 rph, carry yards of 178

5 iron with 23 degrees of loft showcases a pure mass (volume) of the head; makes it look more lofted

– Offers a hitting distance that is not manageable and that many would find inconvenient

Pitching wedge, offers 45 degree loft. However size and volume of head make the loft more exaggerated
– Wedge does not offer a hollow sound which is less re-assuring and implies a failed hit.
– Less feedback and not as poised as its counterparts
– Aimed for higher handicapper looking more for distance

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Mizuno Golf Mp-25 Steel Irons

– 7 iron with 34 degrees of loft, offers amazing craftsmanship with its crisp design and forgiving iron. Progressive iron and beautiful top line, ideal for a mid to low handicapper; boron metal technology offers great ball speed and distance.

– Offers a great flight, solid and sturdy hard-hitting club

– Average 120mph ball speed, backspin of 7378 rph, carry yards of 165

4 iron with 22 degrees of loft showcases a hollow bottom edge with a polished finish and very inviting design

– Clear hit and produces great distance; element behind head encourages a better hit

– Average ball speed of 132mph, backspin of 4725, and carry yards of 195

Pitching edge with 46 degrees of loft, demonstrates a stunning design that is classic and bladed

– Performance is crisp and beautiful, ball is easy to hit, and fits a low handicapper

– Average, ball speed 100, backspin of 9639, and carry yards of 135

Mizuno JPX-900 Range

– 7 iron with 31 degrees of loft, offers a simple design with brushed chrome and a higher loft; Top line is slimmer but not super bladed; strong feedback delivered upon hit although not butter soft.
– Club does not offer a great carry distance. However for those looking for golf clubs with forgiveness, this is a great selection

4 iron, with 21 degrees of loft offers a superb feel off the head when ball is hit and for a forged head, administers and excellent feel

9 iron with 40 degrees of loft showcases a great head shape that is not super bladed nor forgiving but the look is stunning

– Feedback relatively good. Not butter soft, still feel the hardness of what the shot actually did

– Acknowledged for its simple yet attractive design with Boron technology

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