The Best Hockey Gloves of 2017 – Review

Your hands are one of your greatest assets in the sport of hockey, if not the most important asset. The stick will be the most important piece of equipment you buy, but what about your gloves? The one thing between you and your stick right? The gloves you wear are extremely important! If you are looking for exclusive discounts and promotions, check out our Hockey Monkey Coupon Codes.

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Knowing what your right size is is important so you feel comfortable and confident. So we here at What All The Pros Use have invested a lot of time in finding the best hockey gloves on the market for player’s on a budget and also those who want to take their game to next level. But before we get into that we want to go ahead and show you how to go about fitting hockey gloves and what options are out there. NHL hockey gloves are the best in the business, but not every player can afford hockey gloves pro stock. The thing is if we can get our glove to the closest customized attributes to ourselves, it will make up for it.

The Over All Feel Of The Glove

Best Hockey Gloves 2017

Every glove has its own unique feel to it. The things that go into this are the weight, materials used, padding, flexibility, The ‘roll’, and the protection. All these things go into the overall ‘feel’ of the gloves and how they perform. Everyone has their own opinion on what feels the best so that’s why we’re going to show you how to get it right the first time.


Many things go into this, There’s so many factors that go into weight whether its padding, material, or even the gloves ability to wick sweat. When choosing a glove, it’s important to take these into consideration because if your gloves are heavy, it’s going to wear your wrist down over time. This will decrease your speed in your hands and your ability to score. So when you go to the store or you’re looking online, be sure to look into weight… very simple as well as important.


there are a lot of materials that go into making a glove. It has to protect you, be light weight, and comfortable. So lets get into some of the aspects of what you should choose in your material.

Leather vs Nylon Shells

Leather is rarely used now a days, now we use synthetic leather because it’s almost better in every way. It’s lighter, doesn’t hold as much water, more flexible, more durable, and doesn’t harden like leather does. Hockey gloves leather  are usually a little bit heavier than nylon. Nylon is usually lighter and more breathable than leather shells. Most higher quality gloves are going to be nylon, this does not mean that synthetic leather is inferior. Sometimes it’s a matter of style that the manufacturers will go after to get the look they’re going for.

Hockey Glove Palms

The palms are a very important part when it comes to your gloves. This is what comes between you and your stick like I was talking about. The palms are usually made into one or two layers and can be made from a number of  different materials. The most common are usually Nash, MSH1, Lycra, and Clarino. Most gloves have Nash in the palm, but not all Nash is the same level of quality. The difference between a $60 to $160 pair of glove’s palms Nash can be very different, so just think about that when buying gloves. A nicer more expensive pair could have way more grip than a cheaper pair. 


Hockey gloves typically have 6 separate pads starting from the bottom of your hand all the way up to the tip of your fingers. This allows a lot of flexibility while be protected from pucks, sticks and many other things. Some have even more than six pads which allows for more flexibility and movement. Look into this when shopping for gloves to clarify how flexible the gloves are going to be. This is a matter of preference in choosing what pattern of pads you’d like to get.


The liner is all in all the biggest factor in determining how comfortable the glove you choose is going to be. Most cheap gloves will not have very soft liner, they are not going to wick your sweat which is also important. We noticed no one else covers this, so we decided to cover it try and help you. Every company will call a material they use in their liner a special name. Some examples of this would be  37.5® Technology, Hydrophobic mesh, and many others. Some will come out like TRUE and tell you straight up what the material is: Mesh nylon liner treated with Microban is what they claim to use. Either way make sure you look into this so you know what your getting.

Hockey Glove Sizes

When player’s are shopping for gloves, they usually don’t measure for their size which can be a problem. I’ve heard a lot of my team mates complain about how their glove is too big or too small. It’s only because they didn’t take the time to measure for their gloves. You may be asking the question what size gloves do I need? or how are hockey gloves measured? It’s very simple actually to find the right gloves to fit your needs. So we’ve created a go to guide on how to find the right size. We also have another review that goes into this more in depth here; Hockey Glove Fitting.

Hockey Glove Size Guide


Using this guide will help you find the right size glove. This isn’t the only thing you want to consider though, companies also different fits. I’m sure you’ve heard of Bauer’s Vapor, Supreme, And Nexus. Each fit is unique and carries it’s own perks and drawbacks. Let’s look at an example of what you will see with companies different fittings.

Ladies Hockey Gloves

You will notice there is generally 3 different fittings, Now i’m going to go into what these mean and match them up to the companies that present them. The traditional fit is going to be you more relaxed fit, in other words made for bigger hands. The Tapered fit is the tightest of the three, more for your smaller hands or anyone who likes a snug fit. The contoured fit is the most natural, more for average sized hands. these are the most worn of the three.



Contoured – Supreme

Tapered – Vapor

Traditional – Nexus


Contoured – Ultra Tacks

Tapered – Quick Lite

Traditional – 4R Pro


 Contoured – Stealth CX

Tapered – Synergy HSX

Traditional – Pro 10

We hope this chart helped you in choosing the right hockey gloves, we try to make it as effortless as possible here at What All The Pros Use so you can get all your info from one source. Now we will get to something that everyone has a problem with… cleaning your gloves.

How to get the Smell Out Of Hockey Gloves

Smelly hockey gloves have been a problem ever since they were invented in the early days of hockey. They have gotten way better since then, but still need to be cleaned from bacteria. Cheaper hockey gloves usually smell worse and retain more sweat than higher quality gloves would. How do you clean hockey gloves? Most people don’t know how to do this and worry about messing up their gloves. It’s really as simple as putting them in the washer, YES you can put your gloves in the washer as well as the rest of your gear! A front load washer is best for this because it tumble washes the gloves and gets them clean deap, you might want to go to your local laundromat if you don’t have a front load washer. Then you want to use the regular warm-water cycle when washing. After this DO NOT PUT THEM IN THE DRYER. You don’t want to force dry them, you want to dry them out naturally out in the sun with all your other hockey gear. Hockey gloves stink and washing them is very important because bacteria grows on them over time and can make you sick.

Best Hockey Gloves Of 2017

Now we will get into what you’ve been waiting for, we have set up our stats for each glove that will help you choose exactly what your looking for in a glove. We will show you the hockey gloves  price and the most important features of each one. So let’s get into the top ten best hockey gloves of 2017!


Warrior Covert QRL – Original Price: $199.99 Sale Price: Check on Hockey Monkey


Weight – 292 grams

Outer Shell Material – Nylon

Cuff – Axyflex cuff

Lining – Wartech FnC Liner

Palm – Nash

Fit – Tapered

Pros -Very flexible, highly protected, breathable, and very light weight

Cons – very expensive

Conclusion – We one did a review on these, if you’d like to check it out click here ‘Warrior Covert QRL Senior Glove Review‘. These are overall probably the best gloves out there on the market. I mean it has every advantage you would want in a hockey glove! It’s flexible and lightweight while having some of the best protection out there. Overall these are one hell of a pair of gloves.

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CCM Tacks 6052 – Original Price: $99.99 Sale Price: Check On Hockey Monkey

ccm-hockey-gloves-6052Weight – 294 grams

Outer Shell Material – Nylon

Cuff – Short Cuff

Lining – Premium mesh nylon on the backhand

Palm – Nash

Fit – Contoured

Pros – Lightweight, good stick feel, and great thumb movement

Cons – Some players don’t like the Contoured fit

Conclusion – Overall the CCM tacks 6052 feel comfortable on the stick and have excellent fitting. Some people may think a hundred dollars is too much but we think it’s very well worth the extra investment. We believe this is the best pair of hockey gloves for a hundred dollars.

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Bauer Vapor X80 – Original Price: $79.99 Sale Price: Check on Hockey Monkey


Weight – 250 grams

Outer Shell Material – Synthetic leather & nylon mesh

Cuff – Short

Lining – Hydrophobic liner

Palm – Black Nash with digital nash overlay

Fit – Tapered

Pros – Light weight, flexible, affordable

Cons – retains more sweat

Conclusion – We also did an in depth review on this product and if you’re interested in checking that out here’s the link Bauer Vapor X80 SR. Gloves Review. These are great for beginners just getting into the sport, they provide great flexibility and lightness. Also good amount of protection is added to the shell. the only down side to them is they retain a lot of sweat so you might want to wash them more often.

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Winnwell GX-8 Stock – Original Price: $69.99 Sale Price: Check on Hockey Monkey


Weight – 290 grams

Outer Shell Material –  Ballistic Nylon

Cuff – Short

Palm – Nash

Fit – Traditional

Pros – High quality, great price, doesn’t retain a lot of sweat, great grip

Cons – A lot of players don’t wear traditional fit

Conclusion – These gloves are the greatest bang for your buck. They are loved by so many hockey players because they are a high quality glove for such a good price! They offer lightness, durability, great grip on thew stick, and don’t get smelly. Over all a great glove for anyone!

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Easton Pro 10 – Original Price: $144.99 Sale Price: Check on Hockey Monkey


Weight – 318

Outer Shell Material – ProLite Tex

Cuff – short

Lining – Bio-Dri moisture wicking two-piece liner with NanoSense fingers

Palm – Nash with pro grip overlay

Fit – Traditional fit

Pros – Bang for your buck, high quality, pro stock

Cons – Some players don’t like traditional fit

Conclusion – These gloves I guess I could say is overall made for your puck handling. They have a relaxed fit and give your hands some room for better flexibility. The price point for these pro level gloves is very good considering what your getting.

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True A4.5 – Original Price: $124.99 Sale Price: Check on Hockey Monkey


Weight – 297 grams

Outer Shell Material – Pro Nylon Shell

Cuff – Short

Lining – Microfiber Liner

Palm – Clarino

Fit – Traditional fit

Pros – 4 roll model, flexibility, ultra light weight construction

Cons – price point

Conclusion – These are some great pro level gloves. They give a great amount of flexibility in your hands to do what is necessary to get across the red line. These are great for stick handling, and taking quick shots, also with passing. With these gloves you will feel as if you have total control.

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Bauer Supreme 170 – Original Price: $99.99 Sale Price: Check on Hockey Monkey


Weight – 272 grams

Outer Shell Material – Nylon

Cuff – short

Lining – Hydrophobic mesh

Palm – Ivory nash with overlay

Fit – Contoured

Pros –  Contoured, Great protection, good fexibility

Cons – some players don’t like as close a feel

Conclusion – These gloves give you a great close feel to your fingers and palm without feeling restrictive.  If you are looking for a glove that fits closer to your hands and fingers, you can’t go wrong with the Bauer Supreme 170s.

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Bauer Vapor X900 – Original Price: $149.99 Sale Price: Check on Hockey Monkey


Weight – 278

Outer Shell Material – Synthetic leather + cable mesh

Cuff – Free Flex cuff

Lining – 37.5® Technology

Palm – AX Suede Quattro grip

Fit – Tapered fit

Pros – flexibility, soft feel, high quality

Cons – You may not like the wider feel in the cuff

Conclusion – These gloves are for the player who looks to take his or her game to the next level. They offer the wider cuff with traditional glove fit to them to give your hands maximum flexibility. Over all these are an awesome pair of high quality gloves with a sick all black look to them.

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