elbow pads hockey 2017

Best Elbow Pads For Hockey 2017 – Review

Elbow Pads Hockey

elbow pads hockey

Elbow pads protect a very fragile part of the body and does a good job at it. The only problem is some elbow pads stiffen your arms up to where you can’t stick handle and shoot to your full potential. Also another problem can be them sliding a lot and not staying in place. This can be a real hassle at times and can be easily fixed by knowing your correct size. We’re gonna go ahead and cover some of the details when it comes to sizing hockey elbow pads, knowing how to wear elbow pads, and what are the best hockey elbow pads of 2017. Also be sure to check out our home page to see more reviews like our latest post Safest Top Rated Hockey Helmets Of 2017.

We sincerely hope you find this review helpful to buying the right pair of elbow pads, enjoy!

Cheap Elbow Pads

If you’re on a super tight budget I would say get the best pad you can afford. The biggest thing you want to think about is protecting yourself and that’s why we made this so you can find the best deal out there. The thing about going cheap is if you don’t wear a long sleeve undershirt, you can get a rash from hockey elbow pads. I always wear a long sleeve compression undershirt but this is something to really think about. Also when going cheap you can experience your  hockey elbow pads slipping, but it could just be a sizing issue which we will get into in the next section here.

Hockey Elbow Pads Sizing

In our research on players questions, they were asking things like… ‘how to size hockey elbow pads’, ‘hockey elbow pads for big arms’, ‘how should hockey elbow pads fit’, and ‘hockey elbow pads that don’t slip’. All these are very good questions and we’re gonna answer them all here. First of all, sizing is very important and if you get this right, you’ll have hockey elbow pads that don’t slip. That’s what we all want right? Well here’s an easy go to guide to ice hockey elbow pads sizing!

hockey elbow pads sizing

Using this chart will help you find the right size, solve you’re problem with big arms, how they should fit, and slip prevention.

How To Wear Elbow Pads

In this video, he basically shows you how to wear the elbow pads correctly and easily. To someone new, putting on elbow pads for the first time can be kind of confusing and by following how this guy did it, you should have no problem!


Best Elbow Pads For Hockey 2017

The way we like to present the products to make it easiest for you is to give the best of four brands in pro stock and for the more affordable stock to categorize them. We will use these brands in the review.





Now let’s go over the top rated hockey elbow pads of 2017!

Pro Stock



Fit – AXY-Sym fit

Construction – 2 piece

liner – Wartech FnC – premium mesh

weight – 320 grams

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Fit – Low profile

Construction – 3 Piece

liner – Antimicrobrial Microfiber

weight – 230 grams

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Fit – Tapered

Construction – 3 piece

liner – Hydromicrophobic mesh

weight – 294

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Fit – Hyperskin fit

Construction – 3 piece

liner – Comfort donut with Helix

weight – 293 grams

In depth review – Easton Synergy GX SR. Elbow Pads Review

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Beginner Level Stock



Fit – XY-Sym fit

Construction – 2 piece

Liner – Wartech FnC

Weight – 246 grams

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Fit – low profile

Construction – 3 piece

Liner – Microfiber donut

Weight – 230 grams

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Bauer Supreme one.6


Fit – Anatomical

Construction – 2 piece

Liner – Thermo max liner

Weight – 250 grams

In depth review – Bauer Supreme one.6 Elbow Pads Review

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EASTON STEALTH C5.0 – $34.98


Fit – Natural fit

Construction –  2 piece

Liner – Moisture wicking mesh

Weight –  218 grams

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