Best Hockey Elbow Pads of 2017

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Elbow pads protect a very fragile part of the body and does a good job at it. The only problem is some elbow pads stiffen your arms up to where you can’t stick handle and shoot to your full potential. Also another problem can be them sliding a lot and not staying in place. This can be a real hassle at times and can be easily fixed by knowing your correct size. We’re gonna go ahead and cover some of the details when it comes to sizing hockey elbow pads, knowing how to wear elbow pads, and what are the best hockey elbow pads of 2017. Also be sure to check out our home page to see more reviews like our latest post Safest Top Rated Hockey Helmets Of 2017. If you are looking for exclusive discounts and promotions, check out our Hockey Monkey Coupon Codes. Here is our latest discount code:

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Hockey Elbow Pads Sizing

In our research on players questions, they were asking things like… ‘how to size hockey elbow pads’, ‘hockey elbow pads for big arms’, ‘how should hockey elbow pads fit’, and ‘hockey elbow pads that don’t slip’. All these are very good questions and we’re gonna answer them all here. First of all, sizing is very important and if you get this right, you’ll have hockey elbow pads that don’t slip. That’s what we all want right? Well here’s an easy go to guide to ice hockey elbow pads sizing!

hockey elbow pads sizing

Using this chart will help you find the right size, solve you’re problem with big arms, how they should fit, and slip prevention.

Best Elbow Pads For Hockey 2017

Now let’s go over the top rated hockey elbow pads of 2017!

Pro Stock

WARRIOR DYNASTY HD1 – *Only On Sale Now* Check it out on Hockey Monkey


As I first tried these elbow pads, the thing I noticed the most is the incredible mobility these provide when you are strapped up. The two piece hinge design made sure that there is good separation between the bicep guard and the forearm guard while ventilated high density foam in the these areas and the joint guard protected my vital areas from slashes and pucks.  The use of smart cap technology in the elbow cap also provides multi-impact protection

During my game, I also noticed that the pads stayed relatively cool which is due to the high quality air circulation system engineered by the makers. The liner is a yellow material which premium mesh referred to as Wartech FNC liner. This also added to keeping the pads cool as the moisture was spread across the fabric which gives you accelerated evaporation. The liner is infused with polygiene which prevents the formation of odor forming bacteria keeping your gear cool and fresh.

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CCM QUICKLITE – *Only On Sale Now* Check it out on Hockey Monkey


I was told before trying these elbow pads that CCM has paid particular attention to the elbow protection. I noticed the molded PE dome design which uses that JDP technology. This has been passed down from CCM and Reebok for generations and focuses on dispersing the energy from high impacts to the sensitive elbow joint away to the rest of the pads.

The bicep guard uses the floating design so it’s going to be attached by two nylon straps at the top of the pad, this is going to provide really good flexibility and allow your arms to move freely. Combined with the molded HD foam, the bicep guard feels really light weight but also ultra protective. I also noticed that the technology uses zotefoam which is extremely lightweight but also very protective material. Therefore the overall result is an elbow pad that offers good flexibility and amazing protection.

Also I noticed the vent shield which is an engineered plastic piece that’s very sturdy and but also provided good ventilation through the pads. Corresponding holes on the inside of the foam help the air flow right through to my arm. In the forearm guard there is more of the zotefoam design, so its very lightweight but extremely protective material. Along the top and segmented along the bottom of the forearm portion of the pads is the molded HD foam providing good wrap right around your arm. The interior also offers good protection as its lined with foams that really dissipate the energy away during the impacts.

The rest of the pad uses dry foam technology which is a closed cell foam making sure that it’s not going to absorb any of the sweat providing for a nice cool and comfortable fit. So this also features a three strap design which is really going to secure the thing in place while providing excellent comfort and also breath-ability. The main point is that when I moving my arm, I did not feel any hindrance to my movements at all and ensured incredible flexibility.

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BAUER VAPOR 1X – *Only On Sale Now* Check it out on Hockey Monkey


These power player pads are packed with a lot of high end technology starting with the free flex design. This allows the forearms to move independently from the hard elbow cap. The bicep guard is attached by a strap which allows it to be extremely flexible and move independent of the elbow cap too. There is also molded foam on top of this hard elbow cap which gives you two way protection including you and other players out there on the rink. The bicep guard uses Aerolite foam which is a high density foam considered to be 30% lighter than other traditional high density foams while still maintaining its high impact resistance so its going to be just as protective. Its also reinforced by a plastic insert to help reinforce that protection as well. Now in the forearm guard we are going to see Curv composite technology, which means it extremely protective especially against slashes as well as being very lightweight. This area is reinforced by Aerolite foam increasing the quality of protection.

The interior features 37.5 technology which is the fabric used to accelerate the evaporation process by using the body heat to help speed up that process up to 5x faster than other similar fabrics. There is also transfer mesh which allows the air to flow in between the different layers of the fabrics to help enhance the 37.5 and keep you even cooler out there on the ring. The fabric is a very nice feel and adds to the comfort of the touch. The three strap system gives you a really good fit and is extremely lightweight. For a top of the line, this outperforms all other elbow pads by a distance.

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EASTON SYNERGY GX – *Only On Sale Now* Check it out on Hockey Monkey


The Easton Synergy is personally my favorite elbow cap and outperforms all others on the market. I found the overall profile to be really lightweight and comfortable when out on the rink. My elbows had really great airflow and breath-ability largely due to to the air vented molded plastic design of the elbow cap. I also noticed the lattice design consisting of really lightweight high density foam which helps with the air flow without compromising protection.

I had heard about Easton’s top of the line synergy equipment for some time but I was impressed by it’s hexagonal designed foam in the bicep and forearm area. The design was extremely lightweight but really highly protective especially during high impact collisions. The foam is backed by a molded PE plastic which is segmented for greater flexibility and to wrap right around your bicep and forearm.

Inside the pads, there is the Helix 10 lining the elbow pocket. Now the Helix 10 is an engineered foam
designed to mitigate high energy impacts. What that means is that it is designed to disperse the energy from high energy impacts like heavy falls or big collisions up against the boards so its designed to make sure you stay protected especially in that funny bone, a sensitive elbow joint area. Most importantly, the foam around the elbow is very cushioned like a memory foam which makes it feel really comfortable. Easton has also included its bio dry liner which is antimicrobial so prevents the formation of odor causing bacteria. This is also a three strap system which adds onto the really comfortable fit especially the strap across the elbow crease which helps improve the air.

All in all, this three piece design allows the parts to operate independent of each other providing a flexible fit while remaining really lightweight. Easton has also made sure the pads are not bulky through the use of hex membrane and high density foams while not comprising on the quality of protection.

If you want an indepth review of the pads then checkout – Easton Synergy GX SR. Elbow Pads Review

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Beginner Level Stock



Fit – XY-Sym fit

Construction – 2 piece

Liner – Wartech FnC

Weight – 246 grams

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Fit – low profile

Construction – 3 piece

Liner – Microfiber donut

Weight – 230 grams

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Bauer Supreme 170

Fit – Anatomical

Construction – 2 piece

Liner – Thermo max liner

Weight – 250 grams

In depth review – Bauer Supreme one.6 Elbow Pads Review

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Fit – Natural fit

Construction –  2 piece

Liner – Moisture wicking mesh

Weight –  218 grams

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