Safest Top Rated Hockey Helmets Of 2017

Dudes, Duddetes.. this is Mike what is up, today I’m going to show you the best ice hockey helmets of 2017, but also the most protective helmets cause that’s what we’re all about here. Also i’m going to tell you what you need to know about helmets when it comes to rules of official games, leagues and safety. If you want to see anymore of our awesome valuable content check out the home page for some more reviews! So let’s dive right into it, shall we?

 Used Hockey Helmets

I will go ahead and tell you right off the bat, DON’T BUY USED HELMETS. You don’t know what that helmets been through or even how old it is at times.

Do Hockey Helmets Expire?

Yes, helmets do expire. On the back of your helmet you will notice a sticker that says HECC certified, this tells you what date you helmet is set to expire. These expiration dates aren’t anytime soon as long your buying new like you should be. Let’s go ahead and look at a picture of one these pictures so you know what to look for.

safest top rated hockey helmets

How Long Do Helmets Last?

Like I said they should last for about 5 good years and then you might want to look into getting a new one. Another thing to take into consideration is how much you play and how often you get hit or get into any scrap. This is important because depending your level of play, the life expectancy of your helmet can vary. Now let’s answer a question asked a lot, ‘do hockey helmets prevent concussions?’

Concussion Hockey Helmets

The answer is no, they don’t guarantee to prevent concussions, but they help tremendously. Depending on  what helmet you get, this can vary.

We Make Sure to cover:

Best Helmets For Concussion Prevention

Most Protective Hockey Helmets

Top Rated Helmets

Hockey Without Helmets

I’ll let you guess this one, without helmets players risk getting extreme injury’s and especially concussions. Every player needs to wear a helmet on the ice no matter what the cause. With player’s getting bigger and faster, the game has become faster and more advanced than ever. It’s not like when your pops played with wooden sticks and no helmets, no it’s on such a higher level now that helmets are a necessity. “Ok Mike we get it, you need a helmet in today’s game. How do I know which helmet is right for me though?” I’ll tell you exactly how in that in this guide!

Hockey Helmets With Visor Or Cage

This is mostly a preference thing, or maybe you have rules against no cage. I personally prefer just wearing a visor, but my league only allows us to wear the cage. A cage is a lot safer and prevents you from getting hit in the face, but also reduces vision and weighs down the helmet. A visor obviously exposes your face a lot more but gives you way more visibility and is more comfortable. I’m not recommending you choose one or the other, again it’s all preferance. We will be coming out with a review on visors and cages sometime soon so be sure to stay up to date with the sight and see that. Here’s a couple pictures that shows off the two choices we’re talking about.

Visors For Helmets

hockey helmets with visor

Cages for helmets

hockey helmets with cage

Sizing Helmets

Now to find out the sizing, you need to take into account what type of head you have. Do you have a wide head? A small head? A big head? Haha that aside, different hockey helmets are simply made for different heads. Like CCM’s Fitlite series fits more oval shaped heads. Also another thing to watch for is making sure the helmet isn’t too big or too little. I’ve personally had this problem with a helmet being too tight and it made my head hurt after around half an hour of play. On the flip side wearing a helmet too big can be dangerous as well because it can fall off in a collision. There are great fitting systems in helmets today to prevent this, but choose wisely what helmet you end up getting.

Hockey Helmets For Wide Heads

Certain helmet models fit for different head shapes, most of the time it’s not even on purpose. In this review we’ve done our research on what head type it will fit for so you don’t have to. We have provided below a chart that will help with head types to make it easier as well.

hockey helmets for wide heads

Bauer Hockey Helmet Sizing Chart

Bauer has supplied this nifty little chart to help show how to fit yourself to a helmet, check it out.

concussion hockey helmets



This has made it easier sizing your head for a specific size. This also works with other brands, and then using the sizing tools the helmet comes with makes it that much easier.

  Top Ten Helmets Of 2017

Now that we’ve gotten the first part out of the way, let’s get to the review! We’ve put in a lot of research in choosing what we believe are going to be the best helmets for you in 2017. We want you to have everything that will bring out the most in you on the ice, and we try to achieve this in every review we do. So enjoy the best helmets of 2017!

CCM FITLITE 3DS – *On Sale Now* Check Only on Hockey Monkey

  1. Fit – Tool free adjustment, Improved micro dial 3ccm-3ds-fitlite
  2. Protection – EPP base liner, D30 smart foam, PE shell with ABS subshell, clear surlyn ear covers
  3. Head type –  Oval
  4. Comfort –  EPP foam and memory foam in key points, air vents, face shield compatible
  5. Conclusion – Over all this is on hell of a helmet. Everything about this helmet says cushioning and comfort. We have even done an in depth review on this helmet if you would like to learn more here.

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WARRIOR KROWN PX3 – *On Sale Now* Check Only on Hockey Monkey

  1. Fit – 4-Play Adjustment System, 4 piece shell and liner warrior-krown-px3-srcoverage
  2. Protection – Triple layer liner,  EPPfoam, lightweight highly protective foam, VN foam
  3. Head type – Round
  4. Comfort – strategic air vents
  5. Conclusion – The Krown PX3 is the new top line for Warrior and brings a lot to the table with being highly protective, light weight, and comfortable. The 4-play system brings a true 360 fit.

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BAUER IMS 9.0 – *On Sale Now* Check Only on Hockey Monkey

  1. Fit – Spring loaded occipital lock, Central tool free bauer-ims-9.0adjustment
  2. Protection – V2 linear system, vertex foam, Foam developed for high and low impacts
  3. Head type – Round
  4. Comfort – PORON XRD foam, ventilation ports, molded memory foam temple, MICROBAN antibacterial protection
  5. Conclusion – The Bauer IMS 9.0 brings in the pro inspired low profile and the pro protection. The comfort is unreal with this helmet and is made for all types of hits.

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Easton E600 – *On Sale Now* Check Only on Hockey Monkey

  1. Fit – Tool free gyro system, removable ear covers, loweaston-e600-helmet profile, pro fit helmet
  2. Protection – 2 piece helmet design, Full EPP foam liner, poly carboate shell, HDPE subshell
  3. Head type – Any
  4. Comfort – Anti microbal pads, Sublimated lycra-covered shin cup with moisture channels, compatible with most face cages
  5. Conclusion – Overall this helmet is a great bang for your buck. It’s gone sold out in many places all over the internet because it sells so well. We’ve even done an in depth review on this one and you can see it in the link here

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CCM RESISTANCE 300 – *On Sale Now* Check Only on Hockey Monkey

  1. Fit – Single tool free rear adjustmentccm-resistance-300
  2. Protection – R.E.D. System (Rotational Energy Dampening), Dual density VN foam base liner
  3. Head type – Round
  4. Comfort – Moisture-wicking foam helps to keep sweat out of your eyes, pro preferred shell
  5. Conclusion – This is a great helmet for what you’re getting. It’s very light weight and CCM has done a great job with the overall build quality of this helmet. Not to mention the cushioning feels great and is very comfortable. Overall This is a fantastic helmet.

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WARRIOR KROWN LTE – *On Sale Now* Check Only on Hockey Monkey

  1. Fit – Paramount 4-Play Adjustable Shell, play fit warrior-krown-ltesystem
  2. Protection – Dual density liner, comfort foam
  3. Head type – Round
  4. Comfort – Moisture wicking foam to keep the sweat out of your eyes, strategic air vents to keep the play cooled off
  5. Conclusion – I wonder why I don’t see this helmet on the ice more often than i’d think it should. It’s a great cost effective helmet that provides great protection and comfort. I mean the cushion in this thing is unbelievable for the price you play.

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BAUER IMS 11.0 – *On Sale Now* Check Only on Hockey Monkey

  1. Fit – Pro fit adjustment system, central tool free bauer-ims-11adjustment system located at the top of the helmet
  2. Protection – Patented seven technology, Poron XRD
  3. Head type – Round
  4. Comfort – Large customizable ventilation ports, compatible with most face shields
  5. Conclusion – This is the top notch helmet of the IMS line. It is one of the most up to date helmets out there with some of the best hockey technology. It’s highly protective without compromising the look and feel of the helmet. Also it’s highly customizable with being able to switch the air vents out with different colors. Overall this is one hell of a helmet.

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CCM FITLITE – *On Sale Now* Check Only on Hockey Monkey

  1. Fit – Tool free length adjustment, Micro Dial 2ccm-combo-fitlite-sr
  2. Protection – Mechanically attached high-grade EPP Liner for professionally-proven protection, R.E.D. system, Two piece PE shell
  3. Head type – Oval
  4. Comfort – Wide air vents to keep your head cool
  5. Conclusion – I know what you’re thinking, this is a $270 helmet, but you gotta trust me when I say this. This is hands down one of the best helmets you will put on your head. It’s not only comfortable, but it is one of the safest helmets out there on the market. With hockey getting more and more intense, investing in a god protective helmet could mean the difference between you and a concussion. I would definitely recommend  checking one of these out because it is very well worth it.

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MISSION INHALER COMBO – *On Sale Now* Check Only on Hockey Monkey

  1. Fit – Bio Mechanical two piece shell, single tool free mission-combo-inhaler-sradjustment
  2. Protection – Dual density foam liner
  3. Head type – Round
  4. Comfort – Comfort catch system, vented channeling system, Removable sweat band, compatible with most face mask
  5. Conclusion – This is overall a very comfortable helmet. The ventilation provided in this helmet is superior to most, and some people may think ventilation isn’t too important but it is. In the third period of a game your head is sweating hard and it runs down your face and burns your eyes. Also to combat that, the helmet comes with a removable sweat band which works great! This ones worth checking out for sure!

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EASTON E400 Combo – *On Sale Now* Check Only on Hockey Monkey

  1. Fit – Tool free gyro system, removable ear covers, low easton-e400-comboprofile, pro fit helmet
  2. Protection –  2 piece helmet design, Full EPP foam liner, poly carboate shell, HDPE subshell
  3. Head type – Any
  4. Comfort –  Anti microbal pads, Sublimated lycra-covered shin cup with moisture channels, compatible with most face cages
  5. Conclusion – The reason i’ve shown the E series twice is because of the bang for your buck, I mean the quality is tremendous with these helmets and they’re very comfortable as well. Also they offer that harder foam that’s in your bicycle helmet which is really food for protecting your head. Go ahead and check this one out, it’s a darn good one.

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We hope you found this review helpful in finding a good helmet for yourself! We always try to make it as easy as possible to find the right equipment that will bring out the most of you out on the ice. Be sure to check out our last post Ice Hockey Practice Jerseys and all our other reviews to see all our cool content, thanks for visiting What All The Pros Use!

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