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Shin Guards Review

best hockey shin guards review

The shins are one of the most sensitive parts of your leg, and getting hit there hurts. I think that’s something we could all agree on, whether it’s on or off ice. That’s why choosing shin pads is so important so you can get the right protection. Also for beginners coming into the sport have some trouble with these like a lot of other equipment as I did myself, so we’re going to cover some topics such as; how are shin guards suppose to fit, sizing, and how to put them on. If all of these things are peanuts for you, feel free to just go ahead and scroll on down to the review. For more epic reviews like this, be sure to browse our site by going to the home page, we have tons of quality content! If you are looking for exclusive discounts and promotions, check out our Hockey Monkey Coupon Codes.

How To Wear Shin Guards

How are shin guards supposed to fit?,  is a common question in hockey and it’s quite simple once you get the hang of it. This is a straight forward process you can easily follow and should have them on right in no time.

How To Put Shin Guards On

  1. Find out which one is right and which one is left
  2. Apply them to  you you shins on the side they need to go
  3. secure the calf strap
  4. Secure the top strap just below your knees

After doing this, you’re good to go and start putting on your socks!

Can You Wash Shin Guards?

Yes, you can wash your shin guards just like any other protective gear. We also cover this in our Best Hockey Gloves Of 2017 Review. But the process is simple to doing this. All you have to do is use the regular warm water cycle on your wash er then hang them to dry. I would say do this once a month as well with all your gear to keep bacteria from growing in your gear and making you sick. Plus you will smell a lot better!


You may be asking ‘what size hockey shin guards do i need?’ this is important for your comfort and overall performance. For the best results, follow this set of guidelines for the best results.

How To Size

  1. Measure from the center of the knee cap to the top of the skate boot.
  2. Match your shin size to the inches of the shin guards
  3. Player height is next to this, Use th chart below to get your exact size

After using this guide you should know exactly what size to get!

Shin Guards Sizing Chart








Top Hockey Shin Guards

The way we like to do thing’s here at What All The Pros Use is give you the best of the top four brands in hockey in two levels of play, Recreation and Professional. We will present the best in these brands





Now let’s get started with the review!

Recreation Stock

CCM TACKS 2052 – *On Sale Now* Check Only on Hockey Monkey

Specs – ccm-hockey-shin-guard-2052

  • Protection:
    • Extended foam
    • PE cap and shin guard
    • Liner:
    • Anatomical hydrophobic mesh liner
    • Enhanced mesh nylon liner in calf wrap
    • Fit:
    • 2 strap design
    • Anatomical fit
    • Weight:
    • 430 grams

Conclusion – The 2052’s are great for recreational players who want more protection out of their shin guards. While keeping a low price, they offer great protection and are pretty light weight. These are overall a great value for what you’re getting in a shin guard.

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BAUER NEXUS 6000 – *On Sale Now* Check Only on Hockey Monkey

Specs – bauer-hockey-shin-guard-nexus-6000

  • Protection:
  • Injected and Ribbed Knee Cap
  • Injected Shell with Air Vents
  • SuperLite™ high-density foam calf wrap and thigh guard
  • Extended dome protection at the knee joint
  • Liner: 
  • Hydrophobic Mesh Liner
  • Fit:
  • Asymmetrical Design with a classic, generous fit
  • Weight
  • 522 grams

Conclusion – As a long time user of these I can personally they offer some great protection and mobility. They wick sweat pretty good too. The only complaint I have is the upper knee flap not being as flexible as others. Over all a great pair of shin guards, to see our in depth review check it out here: Bauer Nexus 6000 Shin Guards Review.

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EASTON STEALTH C9.0 – *On Sale Now* Check Only on Hockey Monkey

Specs – easton-hockey-shin-guard-stealth-c9

  • Protection:
  • Mid-volume anatomical molded cap
  • HDPE shin guard
  • Extended medium-density foam
  • Hard medium-density foam calf guard
  • Liner:
    • Bio-Dri™ liner
    • Fit:
    • 2-strap design
    • Anatomical fit
    • Weight:
    • 567 grams

Conclusion – The Stealth C9.0’s offer great protection and comfort at a great price. The extra padding in the shin guard gives you the feeling like you’re wearing pro stock shin guards. The most comfortable by far one the recreational list.

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WARRIOR DYNASTY HD3 INT – *On Sale Now* Check Only on Hockey Monkey

Specs – warrior-hockey-shin-guards-dynasty-hd3-int

  • Protection:
  • 2-piece molded plastic shell
  • Medium-density foams
  • Liner:
    • Wartech FnC Liner
    • Fit:
    • 2-strap system
    • Traditional fit
    • Weight:
    • 571 grams

Conclusion – The HD3 has provided some of the best ventilation in the industry like Warrior has always done. The HD3 also has some of the best sweat wicking. Given all this, it has high level protection. The only downside is that they are a little heavier.

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Pro Stock

CCM ULTRA TACKS – *On Sale Now* Check Only on Hockey Monkey

Specs – ccm-hockey-shin-guard-ultra-tacks

  • Protection:
    • Molded PE Cap with D3O® smart foam
    • Dual molded high density foam
    • Removable molded foam thigh guard
    • Medium density extended foams
    • Liner:
    • Removable anatomical premium microfiber liner
    • Fit:
    • 2 strap design
    • Molded plastic calf wrap
    • Foam wrap at the base of shell
    • Weight:
    • 703 grams

Conclusion – The Ultra Tacks are personally my favorite. The offer the most comfort and give a lot of protection. I’m a player that blocks a lot of shocks and these do great justice. The premier model in tacks line up.

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BAUER SUPREME TOTALONE MX3 – *On Sale Now* Check Only on Hockey Monkey

Specs – bauer-hockey-shin-guard-totalone-mx3

  • Protection:
    • FleXorb
    • Vent Armor Foam reinforced with molded plastic insert
    • High density foam
    • Ribbed Plastic Shell
    • Liner:
    • 37.5™ Technology
    • Fully removable
    • Fit:
      • True asymmetric design
      • Snug, anatomical fit
      • Adjustable thigh guard
      • 2 strap design
      • Weight
      • 702 grams

Conclusion – The best in the supreme lineup, the total one MX3 provides one of the most protective shells out there while being one of the most flexible shin guards in the pro stock. Being lightweight and narrower, they alow for supreme maneuverability. Definitely worth checking out.

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EASTON SYNERGY GX – *On Sale Now* Check Only on Hockey Monkey

Specs – easton-hockey-shin-guards-synergy-gx

  • Protection:
    • Rhynox™
    • E-Cell HD Foam
    • Hex Membrane Calf Protection
    • Helyx 10™
    • High Density Foam Lower Thigh Guard
    • Perforated Mid-Density Foams
    • Liner:
    • Bio-Dri™
    • Strategically Placed Vents
    • Grip Tec
    • Detachable Liner
    • Fit/Mobility:
    • Anatomical Design – Hyperskin Fit
    • Sling-Tec II™ suspension cushioning
    • 2-Strap System
    • Weight
    • 694 grams

Conclusion – The most light weight on our pro stock list, the Synergy Gx shin guards provide great protection and comfort. These Shin guards also give you a good amount of protection in the calf which is a easy to bruise part of your legs. Worth checking out.

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WARRIOR DYNASTY HD1 – *On Sale Now* Check Only on Hockey Monkey

Specs – Protection:warrior-hockey-shin-guards-dynasty-hd1-sr

  • Smart Cap Technology
  • High-density perforated foams in lower thigh guard
  • High-density foams with plastic inserts
  • Molded plastic calf guard
  • Padding at the base of shin guard to prevent wear and tear on skates
  • Liner:
    • Wartech FnC Liner
    • Fit:
    • 2-strap system
    • Traditional fit
    • Engineered knee pocket
    • Weight:
    • 630 grams

Conclusion – The HD1’s have such a light weight shin guard for what they give in this package. The wicking, protection, and comfort is amazing from these. To see our full in depth review, click here : Warrior Dynasty HD1 Shin Guard Review

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