The Best Shoulder Pads of 2017

The game of hockey is all about contact, that’s why it’s important you find the right shoulder pads and make sure you wear them. Without them, you are tremendously exposed to getting hit and even injured. This review will show you exactly what you need to know when it comes to shoulder pads hockey sizing, cleaning, and of course what we think are the best and why. Also be sure to check out our Home Page for more awesome reviews like this one. We encourage you to read this full article because of the value we bring and we believe it can help you choose the right one for you. If you are looking for exclusive discounts and promotions, check out our Hockey Monkey Coupon Codes. Here is our latest discount code:

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So let’s go ahead and begin!

Cheap Shoulder Pads

I’m going to go ahead and say don’t go cheap on shoulder pads, you can find good shoulder pads for a good price and we will cover those in this review. That’s why we’re here is to help. But if you go wrong with shoulder pads you put yourself at risk and we don’t want that. Also i’m going to tell you to never buy used, and that goes for any piece of protective equipment because you have no idea where that equipment has been, what it’s been through, or how much it’s been used.

How To Measure For Pads

Measuring for shoulder pads is actually pretty easy but is important for proper protection. To figure out the correct size, make sure the centers of the shoulders line up exactly with the center of your shoulder caps. Measure the circumference of your chest right below your armpits. Every chest protector will have a size according to this measurement. Also you can easily adjust the straps of your chest protector for a more custom fit. Below we will display a sizing chart for your convenience.

Shoulder Pads Sizing Chart

shoulder pads sizing chart

Best Shoulder Pads of 2017

Today we’re going to show you the best shoulder pads you can buy for Beginners and pro stock and brands that supply the shoulder pads. Whether you have problems with the fitting of the pads or the level of protection offered by your current one, we can ensure you that one of the power players will enhance your game. So now let’s go ahead and review the best ice hockey shoulder pads of 2017!

Beginner level shoulder pads


  • Low profile cap with exposed foam covering
  • Additional molded PE reinforced coverage
  • Integrated PE sternum protection
  • Segmented spinal protection
  • Adjustable molded protection

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Bauer Vapor X80bauer-hockey-shoulder-pad-vapor-x80

  • Shoulder caps constructed with ribbed plastic inserts
  • Spinal clavicle gaurds
  • High density foam rib wrap
  • One piece molded plastic bicep gaurd
  • Hydrophobic mesh liner that wicks sweat away
  • Check out our full in depth review here: Bauer Vapor X80 Shoulder Pads Review

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EASTON STEALTH C9.0easton-hockey-shoulder-pad-stealth-c9

  • Natural lightweight fit, low profile
  • Ventilated, segmented, lightweight MD and HD foams
  • Adjustable low profile caps
  • Lightweight molded sternum
  • Lightweight ventilated molded spine

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WARRIOR DYNASTY AX1warrior-hockey-shoulder-pads-dynasty-ax1

  • Better fit means more protection and flexibility
  • Smart cap build with 2 way foam protection
  • Stretch technology enhances mobility
  • 2 piece bicep protection
  • Molded kidney wrap protection

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Pro Gear Shoulder Pads

CCM Quicklite 290 LECCM Quicklite LE SR. Shoulder Pads

  • Molded low profile Caps
  • Molded EVA base, Ventshield technology
  • PE cap with adjustable biceps
  • Anatomical with molded PE and neck comfort pad
  • Molded dryfoam technology

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BAUER VAPOR 1Xbauer-hockey-shoulder-pad-vapor-1x

  • AEROLITE technology shoulder pad
  • Tapered fit
  • 4 way flex chest, free flex bicep gaurd and arch support
  • Transfer mesh liner
  • HD foam Arch

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EASTON SYNERGY GXeaston-hockey-shoulder-pads-synergy-gx

  • Hyperskin fit with floating protection
  • E-CELL on a stretch mesh base
  • Molded lightweight foam with helix caps
  • MDP spine system
  • Bio-Dri moisture wicking with anti-microbial treatment lining

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WARRIOR DYNASTY HD1warrior-hockey-shoulder-pads-dynasty-hd1

  • AXY Sim  tailored fit for specific body size
  • Fully ventilated front jacket
  • Single segment with mid density foam
  • Smart cap-a comfort liner

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We hope you enjoyed the review, be sure to check out our many other reviews like this one; Cheap Hockey Sticks! And make sure to come back for more awesome content being uploaded all the time!

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