The Best Hockey Skates of 2017

I think it is fair to say that:

It’s difficult to play at your maximum potential without good quality Hockey Skates…. Or is it?

There’s only ONE problem. Finding “Good” skates isn’t an easy job.

Finding good hockey skates can be a tough task. You need to know a number of things about your feet and how you play. You may be asking questions like ‘what hockey skates should I buy?’ or ‘what size hockey skates?’ or even ‘what are the best hockey skates?’ These are common questions and that’s why we here at What All The Pros Use take pride in this guide to help you find the right skate and give you a list of options to go off of. To learn more in depth about hockey skates check this out; hockey skates wiki. We hope you find this guide helpful as always and would love to answer your questions if you would comment below! Also check out our Hockey Monkey Promo Code page for our latest discounts and deals!

Hockey Skates Buying Guide

When looking for a new pair of skates or especially your first pair, you need to take a few things into consideration. First off what size you need, then your fit, style of play, body type, and preference. Finding the most comfortable ice hockey skates is going to take you knowing all of these for yourself. It’s all about comfort and the performance you get out of the skate. Every skate has it’s own unique advantages and disadvantages, and fits different types of players. So lets get into how you can figure out what fits you best.

How To Buy Hockey Skates

What Size Hockey Skates Do I Need

Let’s cover how hockey skates should fit and what you need to know to get the right size.

A proper fit for skates is 1-1.5 sizes smaller than your typical tennis shoe size, however all brands are different so there is no universal fitting chart for every skate out there. So when your purchasing skates, you should never judge entirely off your shoe size. The best and quickest way to find out is to start trying on skates at your local vendor before buying hockey skates online to get exactly what you want. Also while fitting you should wear socks you’d normally wear while skating to get just the right fit. How hockey skates should fit is snug but flexible.

What Is The Right Fit for You

This is something you have to test and figure out, luckily we have some good techniques to accomplish this.

The Pencil Test

Once you put on your skates, rather than tie them up, pull the tongue out and place a pencil or pen across the eyelets, appropriately three eyelets down. If the pencil or pen lies flat without moving around, your skates have good depth. If the pencil or pen hits your foot without touching both eyelets, your skates are too shallow.

what size hockey skates do i need






The Finger Test

After lacing your skates, lean forward and bend your knees like your in a hockey stance. Then reach back into the heel of your skate to see how much of a gap there is between you heel and the skate. If you can slide more than on finger, the fit is not going to lock your heels and ankles to the correct places and you should try something else until you can only put one finger in there.

Walk Around

This may sound simple but just walking around in a pair of skates will give you a good idea of what the skates will feel like.

These are some simple ways to tell what kind of fit you need to suit your feet. There are three types of fit just like our recent Best Hockey Gloves 2017  we just covered.  Let’s go ahead and look at what these different fits are. We also have a more in depth review on this subject here Bauer Skates Review

how to buy hockey skates

Anatomical fit: this is the most natural snug fit there is out there.


Classic fit: The wider foot fit, typically for bigger feet.


Tapered fit: narrow foot fit, lightweight.


 What’s Your Preference

There’s a lot of different thing to look at when it comes to preference. When determining your preference, your biggest concern should be hockey skates with the best ankle support. This is where key sources of power coming from like strides and transitions. We will be sure to list those in the reviews below. Next should be quality, the quality of your skate determines a lot of things. Durability, performance, and comfort are the main three of this subject and all matter tremendously. We will get into all the specifics in the reviews about this to help you make a better educated decision.

Proper Way To Lace Hockey Skates

A lot of my friend’s get this wrong and it’s a lot more important to get right than some think. Neglecting to lace your skates the right way can cause your skating to suffer tremendously. I was luckily taught the right way early on and i’m really glad I did. In this video they will show you the proper way to lace hockey skates.

Another thing to keep in mind is tying your skates correctly. The proper way is to start at the bottom and making sure the bottom is super tight. The top should be tight as well but not nearly as tight as the bottom. The reason for this is because you want your feet to stay put so there’s no wiggle room and you want flexibility in the upper part of the skate. Where you end the laces is preference. Hockey skates tongue in or out is also a preference, but I highly recommend testing these things out as you could find that these options are more comfortable.

Hockey Skates Sharpening Guide

When it comes to sharpening I generally have someone else do it because I don’t trust myself. There are alternatives of course to this, you could do it at home and save a ton of money in the long run. There is a company that makes quality skate sharpeners called E-Z sharp. You can get their smallest model for $150 if your a first time buyer, below is the sharpener itself. Remember doing this could end up saving you a lot of money. I’m really considering buying one myself, If your interested here’s the link to their website! E-Z Sharp Also knowing when to sharpen hockey skates is important. If you step into a game with dull skates, you will find it’s going to be extremely difficult and you’ll tire out more easily. Just keep that in mind.

hockey skates sharpening guide

Baking Hockey Skates At Home

This process is actually a lot easier than some people think. What you will need is a baking sheet, conventional  oven, and an oven mitt. Unless the skate manufacturer gives you other instructions, go with this hockey skates heat molding process.

  1. Preheat the oven
  2. loosen the laces all the way down to the boot and slightly pull the tongue out and leave the top eyelids open for an easy slide in of the foot.
  3. Turn off the oven before putting the skates in or they will melt
  4. Place the skates on a baking sheet and make sure it doesn’t touch anything but the baking sheet.
  5. Put the skates in the oven and shut it quickly to keep all the heat in the oven.
  6. let the skates sit for 5 minutes and then go ahead and take them out.
  7. sit in a chair and put the skates on and tie the laces tightly, and pull the sideways to avoid ruining the eyelets
  8. go ahead and stand up and crouch into skater position
  9. stay in this position for 15 minutes and avoid moving or walking around to stop from effecting the mold negatively
  10. take off the skates and loosely tie them and let them set and cool off and mold

This is just like when you are molding a mouth guard only you want to be a little more careful haha. This speeds up the process tremendously in getting comfortable with a new skate.

Recreational Ice Skates vs Hockey Skates

We get a lot of questions about this and it’s surprisingly talked about more than you’d think. ‘what is the difference between hockey skates and figure skates?’ Well i’ll tell you there is a huge difference. The layout and how you control them is totally different. I’ll go ahead and say if you are a hockey player, hockey skates are 100% the way to go. The layout of a hockey skates is for all out performance and comfort. A recreational skate is not going to give you the proper support you need for as much transitioning and stopping you will go through. The hockey skate is also way more durable and can stand up to more beating.

Top Rated Hockey Skates

We hope this hockey skates guide has helped you tremendously and you have learned something new about skates and how to go about purchasing them. That’s what we’re all about here at what all the pros use is not only reviews but helping you choose the right one. You may ask ‘what are the most comfortable hockey skates’ or ‘which hockey skates to buy’. We will answer these for you in what we believe are the best ice hockey skates. So without further a do let’s tell you the best hockey gloves of 2017!

Best Hockey Skates of 2017

CCM TACKS 6052 – Original Price: $349.98 Sale Price: Check On Hockey Monkey

Specialty: Explosive acceleration

Weight: 839 Grams

Liner: Durable Clarino

Boot Construction: Carbon Composite

Blade Configuration: SpeedBlade 4.0, SB HyperGlide

Pros: Built for total explosive acceleration, lightweight, well ventilated

Cons: none we could find

Conclusion: This is overall one hell of a skate, everything about it says performance. Whether it’s the vents on the bottom or the mean look of the skate. We’ve already done a full in depth review of this skate so feel free to go check it out at CCM Tacks SR. Skates Review.

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CCM RIBCOR 46K PUMP – Original Price: $299.99 Sale Price: Check On Hockey Monkey

Specialty: Best out of box fit

Weight: 870 Grams

Liner: Dual Zone Liner with Lightweight Nylex Fabric

Boot Construction: Ribcor Flex Plus

Blade Configuration: SpeedBlade Stainless Steel, SpeedBlade 4.0

Pros: tight turning, great fit out of the box, pump for personalized fit

Cons: some people may not like the pump system

Conclusion: With Reebok rolling over into CCM, CCM has the Ribcor product in it’s line of many skates. The Ribcor is a very interesting skate because it has an air pump that helps with a more customized fit and heat moldable. This brings out one of the most customizable fits in the market. Also some other great things about this skate is not only it’s customization but it’s ability to turn on a dime and great acceleration. Overall this is a great high quality skate.

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BAUER VAPOR X700 – Original Price: $399.99 Sale Price: Check On Hockey Monkey

Specialty: second skin feel

Weight: 880 Grams

Liner: Hydrophobic Quick-Dry

Boot Construction: Pro Level Tech Mesh Nylon

Blade Configuration: Tuuk Lightspeed Edge, TUUK LS1 Stainless Steel

Pros: close fit feel, lightweight, maneuverability

Cons: pricey

Conclusion: The Vapor fit is known to have a close feel to the feet, and if this is your type of fit I recommend you USE IT. In today’s sport’s, everything’s about efficiency, and you want something that will give you the advantage in that sense. This is a great pair of skates overall for narrow footed players that want to increase their game tremendously.

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Easton Mako II – Original Price: $799.99 Sale Price: Check On Hockey Monkey

Specialty: Speed and Motion

Weight: 850 Grams

Liner: Hydrophobic

Boot Construction: Reinforced Carbon Composite

Blade Configuration: CXN

Pros: tight turns and cornering, extra padding,

Cons: Challenges to status quo of skate design, pricey

Conclusion: The Mako II’s are definitely agame changer in almost every respect. While most skates are going towards more stiffness, The Mako’s are going for flexibility. To get a more in depth review on these bad boys, check out our review on these at Easton Mako II SR. Skates Review.

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BAUER SUPREME 160 – Original Price: $199.99 Sale Price: Check On Hockey Monkey

Specialty: explosive power

Weight: 818

Liner: Hydrophobic Microfiber

Boot Construction: Clear injected TPU

Blade Configuration: Tuuk Lightspeed Edge, Tuuk Super Stainless Steel

Pros: explosive strides, efficient, and light

Cons: lower end model

Conclusion: These are overall a great skate for anyone new to the sport and wants to have quick starts and great strides. With the efficiency and power you get, this is one hell of a skate.

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BAUER NEXUS N7000 – Original Price: $199.99 Sale Price: Check On Hockey Monkey

Specialty: best bang for your buck

Weight: 870 Grams

Liner: Hydrophobic microfiber

Boot Construction: Tech mesh nylon

Blade Configuration: LightSpeed Edge, Super LightSpeed Stainless

Pros: High – end performance for the money, light, strong ankle support

Cons: Some player’s can’t fit the classic fit

Conclusion: These are great skates that give you the best all around value for your dollar. It features the classic fit that let’s your feet sit in the skate deeper and gives you an all around better performance. Overall the best value on our list

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GRAF PEAKSPEED PK3300 – Original Price: $449.99 Sale Price: Check On Hockey Monkey

Specialty: max comfort

Weight: 820 Grams

Liner: Stay-Dry liner

Boot Construction: 2-piece SPEEDFIT composite

Blade Configuration: Graf Attack with replaceable runner

Pros: light, a symmetrical tongue that stays in place, explosive acceleration

Cons: some players may not like that it’s not one of the “bigger” brands

Conclusion:This is an amazing skate in the respects of comfort and reliability. The a-symmetrical tongue that stays in place all game is key to keeping that comfort. Also with comfort comes the great control and explosive acceleration. Overall a great buy.

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Bauer Vapor X400 – Original Price: $159.99 Sale Price: Check On Hockey Monkey

Specialty: Speed and transition

Weight: 866 Grams

Liner: Hydrophobic Microfiber

Boot Construction: Sublimated Tech Nylon w/ X-Rib Pattern

Blade Configuration: Tuuk Lightspeed Edge, Tuuk Super Stainless Steel

Pros: Light weight, Agile, bang for your buck

Cons: Tight fit

Conclusion: I personally used these myself in the beginning of my hockey career and have to say they have done a terrific job. If you’d like to see our in depth review of similar skates check it out at Bauer Vapor X60 Skates Review. These skates have that fit like a glove feel to them and really form to your feet like a second skin almost. This helps a lot with transitioning and explosive strides. It also has a great form of protection, overall some great skates.

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CCM JETSPEED 260 – Original Price: $149.99 Sale Price: Check On Hockey Monkey


Weight: 700 Grams

Liner: Heavy Duty Microfiber

Boot Construction: Durable Tech Mesh

Blade Configuration: SpeedBlade PRO


Pros: Light weight, comfort, speed

Cons: not heat moldable

Conclusion: The Jetspeed’s are overall built for ridiculous amounts of speed. CCM has eliminated any useless space to give you that glove like feel. Overall this Skate was built for great comfort and speed.

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BAUER SUPREME 1S LE – Original Price: $949.99 Sale Price: Check On Hockey Monkey

Specialty: Explosive Acceleration

Liner: 37.5 Polyester liner with integrated wear pads

Boot Construction: Ultra lightweight vented composite

Blade Configuration: TUUK lightspeed Edge, TUUK LS4 edge

Pros: lightweight, high quality, peek performance

Cons: very expensive

Conclusion: We had to put one of the titans in this review. This review was for the average hockey player but if you can afford it we highly encourage you to go for it. Everything about this skate screams top performance, and comfort. The tendent gaurds are amazing the way they flex as well. This is definitely the top dog of skates.

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