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Street Hockey Sticks of 2019 – Review

Street hockey is arguably one of the most fun activities to do in your driveway or at a local rink (even better than basketball in my opinion). Sticks tend to wear down unfortunately, especially composite sticks. Some players may not know what works better than others and that’s ok, that’s why we’re here to help! 🙂

This review is dedicated to inline hockey sticks exclusively but if you would like to look the best composite hockey sticks for ice, go ahead and check out that review. We also encourage you to check out our home page and see all the awesome stuff we have going on here at What All The Pros Use! Now let’s get on with the review!

What To Look For In A Stick

When I play street hockey, I like something that’s going to last and don’t care too much about quality and weight. Now ice or when you have shooting pads is a totally different story and that’s where you SHOULD care. But if you’re practicing on the driveway, you’re going to break a lot of sticks, so that’s how you want to look at it. Also look at it in a way as if you’re a baseball player warming up to bat, notice how they use two bats to make it heavier? That’s what I advise hockey players to do to strengthen those arms so on ice it feels almost effortless. This has worked very well for me I must say.

Best Inline Hockey Sticks

CCM 252 Heat Wood Stick

ccm street hockey stick







I’ve used this stick a lot for some time now and I have to say it will last forever. I’ve broken many of course after tons of playing and wear. The stick shows off a flashy red and blue design which is really cool and is definitely noticeable if you ‘re on the rink using it. Also the blade has the Nugent Hopkins curve and depending on how you like the curve, this could be a determining factor for you. I have come to love it because it allows for great toe drags and I use a lot of moves doing a toe drag. It’s your preference but I feel it can be used by most players. We have done a full in depth review on the stick if you would kindly click here. A great stick in my opinion.

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bauer street hockey stick







This stick is going to allow for more puck control than other for sure. Shots feel amazing and I felt like I could pick my targets out precisely which is hard to find in a street hockey stick. The shaft is made out of a light weight material, but still heavier than regular composite sticks. The blade does feel a bit flimsy but is like that for better accuracy. What I love is that it is just so much lighter than other wood sticks. Worth trying if I do say so myself.

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easton street hockey stick







The Synergy ABS is in my list because of the amazing accuracy I got out of it. My slap shots were going right where I wanted them let alone my wrist and snap shots. It’s very lightweight and allows me to carry the puck up the rink quickly which is a necessity being a power forward. The only thing that surprised me was that the blade was ABS but seemed to wear a little faster than I thought it was but it wasn’t a big deal. Overall I would say this is a great stick for player’s who like a crisp accurate shot!

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sherwood street hockey stick








I had to choose the Sherwood 9950RG to be on this list because of it being just a classic. This is a higher level wooden stick so it will run a little more money than the others but I would say it’s totally worth it. Being reinforced with fiberglass and carbon fiber it is definitely way lighter and has a stiff feel to it. The stiffness adds a great feel of the puck and gives you some great shot capabilities. I would recommend this to player’s that like the traditional feel of the puck on their stick. I would say this might be the best on the list but it totally depends on your style of play and preference.

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We hope you found our review helpful and have come to a decision on your choice of stick! If you would like to check out our review for Ice hockey sticks click here; The Best Hockey Sticks of 2017 . Also if you wanna see our post on finding affordable sticks, check out our Cheap Hockey Stick review!