The Best Hockey Sticks of 2017 – Review

As a hockey player, knowing what the best stick out there is and what stick will bring out the best in you is crucial for your success on the ice. Trying to achieve this on your own can be an expensive and frustrating process of elimination. That’s why we here at What All The Pros Use have invested so much time in researching what the best sticks are and how they fit certain styles of play. Before we begin covering the best hockey sticks of 2017, let’s go over what you need to know choosing the right stick for you. Also check our about page to get to know our specialist authors with years of sporting experience behind them.

Wooden Hockey Sticks vs Composite

Player’s and especially new players are always wondering what’s the difference between wooden and composite. Is wood just as good? What’s the better deal? The answer is this, Composite is far superior to wood. The one simple reason for this, is that the composite is way lighter. Now don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of uses for wooden hockey sticks, just not on the ice. You can work up your arm strength with wood and composite doesn’t last long on concrete, that’s why you want to go with wood in street hockey. We have reviewed wooden hockey sticks before on this blog, you can check it out here at CCM 252 Heat Wood Stick Review.

What to look for in a hockey stick

Knowing yourself and your style of play is very important when choosing any product. This is why you see the pros have specialized sticks customized to their exact liking to bring out maximum puck control and shot accuracy. You may not be able to get a customized stick named after you, but what you can do is know yourself and match the right aspects of a stick to that. There are 4 things when it comes to getting a stick to match your style of play and that’s Flex, length, Blade curve, and the Lie.

What Flex To Use In The Shaft

We have made a post here on finding the right flex in your stick but didn’t go into much depth on how to use it. So here we will go more in depth.

Step 1: Take your weight

Step 2: Measure your height

Step 3: Look for your measurements in the chart and link them up

The reason this is so important is because when taking a shot, you want your stick doing a lot of the work for you. You want to use the leverage of the stick when taking a snap shot because it will increase the speed dramatically. Before composite sticks were a thing, the speed of a slap shot was a lot slower than they are today. Shea Weber wouldn’t be hitting over 100 mph if it wasn’t for the leverage he gets from his stick. Also, you want that balance especially if you’re a forward for those snap and wrist shots. Getting the right flex in your stick could mean the difference between scoring that goal or not.

The Length Of your Stick

The length of your stick is based around a few things; your height, stance, and balancing shots with stick handling. I had a lot of trouble with this early on in hockey before I realized you can cut your stick!  Buying your stick longer is always the best way to go so you can get it cut to your needs. You can cut it with your own saw or take it to a professional if you don’t have one. Before getting it cut though, you need to figure exactly what height it needs to be. We have a graph here that will help you achieve that.

So basically, how this works is you take your height and put it into the graph and it will tell you exactly how many inches it needs to be. Now its okay to get it a little taller or lower than what the graph says. Say you’re really tall but you play crouched a lot, you would want to go with cutting your stick a little shorter. In contrast, if you are shorter in height but your style is playing standing, then you would want to go with cutting it taller. Also, another thing to consider is when you get in those tight positions when your battling against the wall, you’re going to need to be able to dig that puck out and a longer stick can just get in the way. It’s all about how much control you have and how you can manipulate the puck.

Blade Curve Pattern

When it comes to the curve of your blade, it will take some testing on your own, but we are committed to helping you the best we can. Choosing what curve works best for you will have to be tested throughout the use of say 2 – 5 sticks. You generally want to start in the middle, not too curved and not to straight. Then ask yourself ‘do I drag the puck a lot with my toe?’ Or ‘What would give me better overall control?’ If it’s more curved, then a slight move to a more curved foot in your next stick is recommended. If you’re still not satisfied, then get a little bit more of a curve next time. Getting this right will improve your game dramatically, because everyone is different in how they handle the puck and shoot. Let’s go ahead and look at a chart of some pro blade patterns, a lot of pros have some crazy curve patterns. So, don’t think you have to go out there and get something crazy when finding your blade pattern.

Again, the reason this can take a while is because there are so many different types of curve patterns. We hope this chart gives you a good idea of what you’re looking at when it comes to choosing a curve pattern.

The Lie

The Lie is how acute or how obtuse the foot is to the shaft. This one is very simple, if not the easiest of the 4 to figure out. I remember when I was a young player in the JV league and I always had trouble keeping hold of the puck once I got it. It seemed like I could do just about everything else but carry the puck of the ice and no one passed it to me because of that. Well one day my coach noticed while I was charging up the ice that my Lie was way to acute. When I got to the bench he said “Michael let me see you stick.” and said “you need a much wider Lie in your stick, because you play so crouched.” What you need to take away from this story is that all of the foot of your stick should be touching the ice. The blade pattern comes into play with this as well.  After I addressed this issue and got a wider foot it seemed like holding the puck got A LOT easier to do. The Lie is very easy to get right while being one of the most important attributes of your stick.

The Best Hockey Sticks Of 2017

Now we will get to the desert of this post, The Ten Best Hockey Sticks of 2017. We’ve given all the important facts you will need when shopping for the right hockey stick that will suit your needs. We hope this is very beneficial and helpful to anyone struggling to find the right Hockey stick.

Hockey Sticks for Offensive Men

CCM RIBCOR 40K GRIPOriginal Price: $259.99 Sale Price: Check on Hockey Monkey

Player Specifications:

Specialty: Efficient at Generating more power for your shot

Kick point: Low Kick Point

Shaft coating: Grip

Material: Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass

Pros: Great Stick Handling, Powerful Shots, Light Weight

Cons: Some players may not prefer the stiff blade

Conclusion: Having tested the product, the CCM Ribcor 40K is a fantastic stick with its high level features and innovative design changes. This stick is great for those power forwards who have to make quick decisions as the shot accuracy and speed were incredible with the flick of a wrist. The heel is stiff while going towards the toe, it gets even stiffer which keeps it more accurate.  The overall feel of the stick, shaft grip and design also were incredible and feel that the stick allowed for awesome handling of the puck. Overall a fantastic stick and much deserving of a place on the list.

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TRUE XCORE 9 MATTE – Original Price: $299.99 Sale Price: Check on Hockey Monkey

 Player Specifications:

Specialty: wrist and Snap Shots

Kick point: Mid to Low Kick

Shaft coating: Light Matte Grip

Material: Axenic technology, SmartPly technology

Pros: Ability to get shots off at any angle, soft grip, pro level stick, strong shots deny fanned shots

Cons: very expensive

Conclusion: This is probably the most innovative stick out there on the market, True has done an excellent job on setting the new standard for hockey sticks. Taking shots with this thing allows you to get the full leverage of the stick and makes it harder to fan on a shot which we all hate. Every little detail of this stick has been crafted to dominate everything else out there. The mid shaft of the stick has been softened with a harder tip for a better slap shot. Overall this is one hell of a stick.

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Easton Stealth CX – Original Price: $269.99 Sale Price: Check on Hockey Monkey

Player Specifications:

Specialty: wrist shots

Kick point: Low Kick

Shaft coating: Griptac

Material: Composite

Pros: Great shot velocity, strong shaft, and very accurate

Cons: Heavy, blade can break after some time

Conclusion: Having previously completed a full in depth review for the Easton V5E, I was looking forward to trying out the Easton Stealth stick. I have to say it is very impressive accuracy wise. When I first got it, I was amazed with how precise my shots were and how quick I was able to offload them without much effort. The blade is incredible in the way it’s built for wrist and snap shots. Overall this is a great stick with the perfect amount of balance and awesome puck handling. Be sure to check this stick out for sure! I recommend it.

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WARRIOR COVERT QR1 – Original Price: $259.99 Sale Price: Check on Hockey Monkey 

Player Specifications:

Specialty: Lightning Releases

Kick point: Low Point

Shaft coating: Pro CorTex Grip

Material: True 1 with construction with Minimus Carbon 1000

Pros: very lightweight, quick shots off the tape, stronger

Cons: very expensive

Conclusion: This is all around one impressive stick. It’s for the player who wants to take his or her game to the next level. The construction of the Carbon 1000 makes this super light weight and really strong. While being very light it is also stiffer for a quicker response in your snap shot. This is a very expensive stick but I would say it’s worth it for someone wanting improvement in their game.

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BAUER VAPOR 1X GRIPTAC – Original Price: $299.99 Sale Price: Check on Hockey Monkey

Player Specifications:

Specialty: Puck handling, Quick Release Shots

Kick point: Low Kick

Shaft coating: Griptac

Material: Silver TeXtreme – ultra lightweight carbon fiber

Pros: Lightweight, Master Stick Handling, Maneuverability, Lightning Quick Shots Off

Cons: soft stick (Some players don’t like that), very expensive

Conclusion: Overall this is a very impressive stick designed for quick explosive forwards. The overall light weight with the stick makes it deadly to defense men who have to face it. While being soft lightweight stick, it can prove itself to be surprisingly durable. The overall value comes down to what type of  player you are and what you’re looking for in a stick. if this fits your needs and you’re looking to up your game I would definitely recommend the investment.

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Hockey Sticks for Defensemen

CCM SUPER TACKS GRIP –  Original Price: $269.99 Sale Price: Check on Hockey Monkey

Player Specifications:

Specialty: consistent accuracy, and Slap Shots

Kick point: Mid Kick point

Shaft coating: Full grip w/ strategically placed texture

Material: Carbon Fiber and Fiber Glass

Pros: Very durable, quick release, precision in every shot, and lightweight.

Cons: Stiff, but some people like that (particularly defensive players), harder for beginners to master

Conclusion: This is a great stick for defense men who really want to up their accuracy. this is overall a tough rugged sniper while still being lightweight. All of these attributes while still having the ability to get those quick shots off with the mid kick in the shaft. Overall a beast of a stick when you look at the statistics. We also have a more in depth review into the Tacks series of sticks here; Tacks CCM Stick Review

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BAUER NEXUS 8000 – Original Price: $259.99 Sale Price: Check on Hockey Monkey

Player Specifications:

Specialty: Well balanced

Kick point: Mid Kick

Shaft coating: Matte

Material: Lightweight 12k carbon fiber and fiberglass

Pros: Balanced, quick shot off, great control of the puck, most used in the NHL

Cons: Little heavier than the 7000 Nexus due to slightly higher fiber glass content

Conclusion: This a great all around stick for any player to use. Great for beginners as well who don’t know exactly what hockey stick fits them best and a great platform to go off of. With being such a balanced stick, it is the most used in the NHL. The mid kick gives an awesome feeling when you let off those snap shots, and so is the puck control. This is a great all around stick and can’t be said enough. We will be giving an in-depth review in the future for sure on this one.

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BAUER SUPREME 190 – Original Price: $199.99 Sale Price: Check on Hockey Monkey 

Player Specifications:

Specialty: Slap Shots

Kick point: Mid Kick Point

Shaft coating: Griptac or Matte

Material: 12k Carbon Fiber and Fiber Glass

Pros: Great Slap Shot Capabilities, Precision, Great Grip, many higher model features kept

Cons: Traditional fused construction

Conclusion: This stick is for the power shots. Ultimately made for slap shots and keeping them highly accurate, The Supreme 190 is great for defense men. this stick was made for those long range shots from the blue line and it does a magnificent job. I have personally used this stick as my go  to and it was also great with controlling the puck surprisingly. All in all I think this a great stick for those heavy hitters who want more accuracy in their shot, this is the one to go for.

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 EASTON SYNERGY GX – Original Price: $299.99 Sale Price: Check on Hockey Monkey 

Player Specifications:

Specialty: Powerful Shot Boost

Kick point: Mid Kick

Shaft coating: Griptac

Material: EC60 Carbon Fiber Matrix

Pros: Shot leverage, lightweight, Blade stiffness – response time

Cons: some people may not like a softer blade

Conclusion: The Synergy GX is the best bang for your buck. Geared more towards the toe shooters, The blade is a little softer while the shaft is stiffer. This creates a massively powerful shot. While being a little stiffer, it is very lightweight and gives you an overall satisfying feel. There’s not much to say about this stick other than It’s an over great value for anyone in my opinion.

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CCM RBZ 280 –  Original Price: $199.99 Sale Price: Check on Hockey Monkey

Player Specifications:

Specialty: Fast Swing Motion

Kick point: Custom

Shaft coating: Griptac

Material: Proprietary blend with Fuse construction

Pros: High speed swing, powerful slap shot, no foam

Cons: has a lot of controversy in unique construction

Conclusion: This stick had  TaylorMade® come in and help with the design process, having many attributes from golf clubs. TaylorMade has helped construct a true slap shot monster. With no foam in the stick it gives that trampoline to the puck while the technology is made for a faster swing.  Adding on to this, the kick point adjusts to your hand which is really helpful. The stick overall wants to adjust to your specific needs which brings us back to the Nexus feel. Overall this is a great fit for defensive and offensive players.

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Also, be sure to check out our Cheap Hockey Sticks post on finding the right stick while on a budget. We hope you found this review helpful in finding your next or first hockey stick. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, we geared this review for any kind of player. There may have been a one to ten list but we don’t believe any is particularly better than the other. Every stick is built for its own purposes and to fit different types of players.


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