The Best Hockey Sticks of 2018

I hope you’ll agree with me when I say:

It’s not possible to reach your maximum potential without a good Hockey Stick…. Or is it?

There’s only ONE problem. Finding that “Good” stick isn’t an easy job.

That’s why I have created a list of Best Hockey Sticks 2018. After researching online and spending hours in testing these sticks, I have shortlisted the top 10 hockey sticks which you can buy right now.

Trying to achieve this on your own can be an expensive and frustrating process of elimination.  That’s why we here at What All The Pros Use have invested so much time in researching what the best sticks are and how they fit certain styles of play. Also check our about page to get to know our specialist authors with years of sporting experience behind them.

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Best Hockey Sticks of 2018

Several of these sticks are not for everyone because some carry a hefty price-tag.

However, these outperforming hockey sticks are good enough to make it to our list of the best Hockey Sticks 2018.

CCM RBZ FT1Elite420gFT1 Faceplate and Technora Reinforcements60"Check Price
TRUE XCORE 9 MATTEElite424g100% carbon fiber, Axenic technology and SmartPly technology59.5"Check Price
CCM RIBCOR TRIGGER² PMT (Editor's Choice)Elite415gSigmatex carbon fiber, RibCor Pop Matrix and
Re-engineered Taper Dimensions
58" and 62"Check Price
WARRIOR COVERT QRLElite410gTrue 1 Construction with Minimus Carbon 1000 60"Check Price
BAUER NEXUS 1NElite424gLightweight TeXtreme Construction w/ eLASTech Technology60"Check Price
CCM SUPER TACKS (Editor's Choice)Elite420gBumper Technology w/ Reinforced Slash Zone59" and 62"Check Price
BAUER VAPOR 1XElite419gMonocomp Technology and Silver TeXtreme60"Check Price
EASTON SYNERGY GXElite423gEC100 Carbon Fiber Matrix and XTX Extra Tough Resin Matrix59.5"Check Price

So let’s dive right in and see which hard-hitting stick is going to earn a spot in your hockey stick bag.

CCM RBZ FT1 GRIP*Pre-Order*  Check Only on Hockey Monkey

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This Hockey stick is for players that use a lot of slapshots when playing. Also referred to as a quick wrist shot, a slap shot requires that the player uses the wrists to give power to the shot but look to get the pack on the stick more rapidly compared to a wrist shot.To execute a slapshot, a lot of power is needed put behind the shot. These players happen to be powerful one timers and also who seek to shoot from anywhere on the ice. This is made possible with the stick having custom kick points which are great for players if they are off position. The kick is made constant throughout the entire shaft hence it flexes where the player puts his bottom hand to accommodate off-position shots. The player need not necessarily be close to the goal net to issue a snapshot but achieve a slap shot from anywhere on the ice.

The phase plate technology is improved to optimize it increasing the stiffness in the right areas such as the toe. The shape has been cut down to save approximately ten grams but keeps the stiffness at the right places. The look standpoint made of a darker metal that gives it slicken premium work. The weight is checked down from four hundred thirty-five grams to four hundred twenty-five grams improving the balance point by moving it a bit up the shaft so that when players pick it up, they can feel the difference. The kick-point has been optimized by wrapping the stick’s weave and also include the tenor ring enforcement to it. By having the weave and the tenor, a greater durability gets achieved.

All the enhancements are meant to improve the players’ experience using the stick as well as maintain the comfort need during use as well as storage. The stick has a clear black look which is not only appealing to look at but also easy to store and clean. The carbon fiber enforcement strengthens the stick as well as makes it durable. To increase accuracy and reduce the weight significantly, the blade is made thin as possible to achieve the said effect.

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TRUE XCORE 9 MATTE – *On Sale Now* Check Only on Hockey Monkey

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The stick has hybrid shaft dimensions which are going to be slightly rounded corners with double concave side walls which still gave me great feel in my hands.

Now as far as the construction goes, True have utilized their Axenic technology which is a one piece design unlike anything else on the market. The shaft wall thickness is going to be completely consistent all the way into the blade unlike other sticks on the market that will tend to get a little bit thicker as you get down to the lower end. This means that the flex profile is designed exactly how they wanted it which means that the stick will be very well balanced while still being lightweight as there is no excess material.

Now the material used for the construction is one hundred percent carbon twill using their Smartply technology. This uses up to 25 players of strategically aligned uni-directional carbon fiber which provides a really durable design while being very responsive and lightweight. As far as the kick point goes, there is going to be a traditional mid kick point so really ideal for the player that’s looking for maximum shot power when they load up and lean into the stick.

So into the blade of the stick is where there is the exciting technology we have not seen in the hockey market yet. There is the Xcore technology which is going to be a compressible urethane insert that starts in the heel and goes just past the half way point of the blade. Now what this does is expand your sweet spot zone so when you’re taking a big shot, it doesn’t matter if you are getting it in the middle or your heel, you’re still getting that explosive power. But what it really does is that it helps the puck to stick to your blade when you’re shooting, starting the spinning process of the puck sooner increasing your spin on average by up to 30% on your flat shots. This will result in a cleaner and more accurate shot which is going to travel harder towards your target. I really noticed during the first time out on the rink with the stick.

Another great thing people are going to enjoy with this is the puck feel, it has almost a wood type feel to it, so in terms of stick handling, it is really sticking on to your blade from the dampening effect that occurs. This also helped me when catching passes too and I always knew where the stick was at all times against my blade. Now as far as the core goes, the stick uses Active Bond II technology, which is two carbon fiber stringers that run from the heel to toe. This attaches to the blade facing the blade backhand which really helps protect those parts we find throughout the rest of the blade.  It also makes sure the blade is nice and stiff as well so when you are taking those big shots not only is the puck coming off hot and spinning but it’s going to be accurate as well.

Conclusion: This is probably the most innovative stick out there on the market, True has done an excellent job on setting the new standard for hockey sticks. Taking shots with this thing allows you to get the full leverage of the stick and makes it harder to fan on a shot which we all hate. Every little detail of this stick has been crafted to dominate everything else out there. The mid shaft of the stick has been softened with a harder tip for a better slap shot. Overall this is one hell of a stick.

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Easton Stealth CX – *On Sale Now* Check Only on Hockey Monkey

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The Easton Stealth CX has a lot of new technologies in the stick and one that really stands out from the rest in the market. Firstly, down in the taper of the stick, as in the previous models of Eastons sticks, it has the elliptical taper so that’s real thin, coming all the way through and the rounded sides to it. What this does is that it really helps to keep the blades square when you’re shooting and prevents that torquing. But what they have done with this stick is that it is all a true one piece build in what they call their hyper light technology. This technology allows them to do is get rid of the extra composite resin that’s usually in this taper so giving you overall a lighter stick and better balance. If there is greater material on parts of the stick, it is not going to load as evenly as you shoot and you’re also risking the greater chances of breaking the stick. Therefore Easton has reduced this by making it a one piece stick.

The next big thing in this stick is the EXO-rim blade which is basically a stiff structure that runs around the very outside of the blade. The technology helps keep the entire inside of the blade stronger helping load the whole thing up as you’re shooting and remain square through your shot. Also, overtime the inside foam usually tends to break down resulting in a softer blade, not getting as much pop on the shots. But the EXO-rim blade helps prevent this inside foam from breaking down quite as quickly. The hyper-toe technology utilized by Easton provides that slingshot effect so you are able to create more velocity through the stick when all the technologies work together.

Another addition to the stick from Easton is the XTX resin matrix which is an epoxy material that runs through the stick and it’s going to help with the durability of the product as well as higher impact strength than what they have produced in the past.

Conclusion: Having previously completed a full in depth review for the Easton V5E, I was looking forward to trying out the Easton Stealth stick. I have to say it is very impressive accuracy wise. When I first got it, I was amazed with how precise my shots were and how quick I was able to offload them without much effort. The blade is incredible in the way it’s built for wrist and snap shots. Overall this is a great stick with the perfect amount of balance and awesome puck handling. Be sure to check this stick out for sure! I recommend it.

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CCM Ribcor Trigger² PMT – *Pre-OrderCheck Only on Hockey Monkey

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This hockey stick has smooth rounded and straight sidewalls that give a comfortable feel in the hands of the player or a person holding it.Carbon fiber covers it with a super-flat weave. This increases its durability as well as reduces the weight for ease of use consistently and exploit its responsiveness.Based on the pop matrix technology that includes high-level responsive fibers protected by concave sidewalls used in making the stick.The phase plate is slightly larger than the one for the CCM RBZ FT1 model and the shaft as well follows the difference in the two models. As a result, this stick is mainly for making wrist shots and snapshots but cannot fully and conveniently support snapshots. The player can execute a shot from anywhere on the ice but apply considerably higher power behind the shot to propagate the pack.

The kick point kept as low as possible by having the lower part of the shaft having greater weight.This makes it achieve an explosive, quick shot release. The shaft has been optimized not only on the vertical axis but also the horizontal axis as well to improve the flex profile giving it a metallic luster. The blade is also covered with carbon fiber as well making the stick comfortable and balanced in the hands. It has an extra-stiff toe as well as lightweight.The stick blade reinforcement made of synthetic foam core with aramid reinforcement for improved blade durability. Extra carbon fiber is added both to the heel and toe to improve the balance as well as stiffness of the critical points. The two points are the most likely spots on the stick that suffer impact during shot execution.

The flex point is dependent on the position of the player’s bottom hand, and the ability to make a successful shot is highly dependent on the calculation of the player. This makes the stick a bit technical hence it needs careful handling and utmost surety before executing a shot. The amount of power applied will determine the likelihood of the stick flexing. The shaft is designed in such a way that it provides the player with multiple customized shot points for use when making shots on the ice.

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WARRIOR COVERT QRL – *On Sale Now* Check Only on Hockey Monkey 

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This stick has rounded corners with slightly concave sidewalls offering a nice traditional feel in the hands. You are also getting some nice raised texture on all four of the corners which gives you nice enhanced feel on the stick.

As far as the construction goes, this uses their true one design from top to bottom which gives you great overall balance and extremely consistent feel from top to bottom. In terms of the materials in this Warrior stick, this is where we see some big changes. Warrior have used their Minimus Carbon 800 which is a high strength, extremely lightweight carbon fiber that is very responsive.

The stick has an ultra low kick point combined with a deadly quick shot release and that’s all thanks to the Dagger Taper III technology. This is going to give you a quicker release because the new carbon fiber at the top of the shaft tapers more aggressively than the bottom, providing quick release and better accuracy. This is in combination with the Twinspar technology which is two reinforcing bridges that run from heel to toe which is what gives it the stiffness preventing it from opening up during your shots.

It also has the Hardcore X foam package which contributes to the overall quick release of the stick and I could feel when taking the snapshots, the puck really just want to jump off the blade while not compromising on the stick handling and responsiveness.

Conclusion: This is all around one impressive stick. It’s for the player who wants to take his or her game to the next level. The stick really looks the part and the construction makes this super light weight and really strong. While being very light it is also stiffer for a quicker response in your snap shot. This is a very expensive stick but I would say it’s worth it for someone wanting improvement in their game.

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BAUER NEXUS 1N – *On Sale Now* Check Only on Hockey Monkey

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The hockey stick has square corners, slightly concave sidewalls which gives you that nice traditional feel in the hands.

As far as the construction goes, this is where we see all of Bauers premium technologies and materials. So its going to be using their true one-piece construction process which gives you an extremely consistent from top to bottom as well as a really nice balance point to it. Bauer have then combined this with their texturing carbon fiber which is vevry lightweight and strong. There is also Bauers ElastTech Resin System which helps extend the pop life of the stick while preventing small cracks and fractures from spreading, extending the longevity of the stick a little more.

But what really makes this new stick stand out this year is the sweet spot technology. This is a specifically engineered kick point down through the center which allows you to load more energy into the stick quicker than before. So I noticed that the shots were a little harder but they come off and release a bit quicker too, really making it a great overall kick point for players out looking for that quick release with hard power.

Now into the blade, this is where we see their pure shot blade profile. This is going to be extra reinforcement between the blade and the shaft which prevents the blade from opening up on big shots and you’ll notice great pinpoint accuracy and precision. But this extra reinforcement also add a little durability into the lower portion where those slashes occur often. Bauer have also integrated their Power Sense 2 Core technology which is designed to give you sensational puck feel while adding a lot of durability by preventing small chips and cracks from happening. This is combined with the Aero Foam 3 which is in the heel of the blade to give you an overall lightweight blade.

Conclusion: Overall this is a very impressive stick designed for quick explosive forwards. The overall light weight with the stick makes it deadly to defense men who have to face it. I really like the more flashy updated look compared to the previous Nexus sticks while the feel is absolutely incredible on this stick. Coming in a 420 grams, it feel absolutely awesome in the hands and with the updated sweet spot technology, you still get that ton of power combined with a quick release on it which makes it a well rounded topline stick.

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CCM SUPER TACKS GRIP – *On Sale Now* Check Only on Hockey Monkey

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I absolutely love this Super Tacks Stick having already been a fan of the Ultra Tacks range. The first thing I noticed when I went out on the rink was the kick point. CCM have gone ahead and stiffened the kick point in the lower third and then they softened it a little bit in the upper handle which they refer to as their dual flex profile.  With my initial shots, I felt like I was getting the best of both worlds, really crack out some power with the shots while having a nice quick release too.

Also noticed the great consistency and stiffness of the blade so I was able to get very accurate shots off my stick every time.  The stick has two reinforcing ribs that run heel to toe in the blade which really gives it the structure to the stick and keeps that stiffness in place.

Another great benefit in the stick is the Bumper Technology with is extra reinforcement in the shaft wall corners to help prevent cracks from forming. When you’re taking those slashes or those heavy shots, you are going to have that wear and tear on the carbon fiber in the corners so you really want to have that reinforced which enhances the durability.

Conclusion: This is a great stick for defense men who really want to up their accuracy. this is overall a tough rugged sniper while still being lightweight. All of these attributes while still having the ability to get those quick shots off with the mid kick in the shaft. Overall a beast of a stick when you look at the statistics. We also have a more in depth review into the Tacks series of sticks here; Tacks CCM Stick Review

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BAUER VAPOR 1X GRIPTAC – *On Sale Now* Check Only on Hockey Monkey

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Picking up this stick, the first thing I noticed is the overall balance of it, it felt extremely good in the hands. It felt like I’d be able to really do anything out there with this stick because of the great feel. Now shooting out there on the rink, first think I noticed is that quick release taper for a quick shot, since I was able to release that puck really quickly and get a good shot off the blade.

So what they are able to do with this stick is not only engineer the kick point to release at a certain time but they are able to engineer it not only horizontally, which is the traditional way you think of when flexing the stick, but also vertically so up and down. So what this does is maximize that point of release of not only the tension that you have stored up in the horizontal but also in the vertical too. Another technology built in the stick is the Aero-Sense 2 Blade Core which is a stiff blade core with an integrated sense layer designed to enhance durability, feel, pop and power.

Conclusion: Overall this is a very impressive light weight stick while it can prove itself to be surprisingly durable. The overall value comes down to what type of  player you are and what you’re looking for in a stick. if this fits your needs and you’re looking to up your game I would definitely recommend the investment.

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 EASTON SYNERGY GX – *On Sale Now* Check on Hockey Monkey 

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This stick has fairly smooth rounded corners and straight side walls that gives a traditional feel in the hands.Made of carbon fiber matrix that is meant to reduce weight, increase durability as well as responsiveness. It has extra tough resin matrix cover that gives it more durability as well as a comfortable feel in the hands.Produced through a process of hyper lite contraction process that seeks to address the weight issue raised with its previous versions. Finely tuned contraction process minimizes overlaps and defects for a consistent lightweight and balanced product from top to bottom.

The shot boosted through the shot boost technology which four sheets of ultra-thin carbon fiber tubes in the shaft corners provide more energy return, strength, and durability. The blade designed with a hyper tune technology which tailors the flex of each shaft for a more powerful and responsive blade for all players. The hyper toe technology additional toe stiffness increases responsiveness and power. The exo-rim blade is the outer cover of the blade that is stiff that increases power and accuracy while protecting the inner core from premature breakdown. The toe is always made stiff to maintain the balance as well as protect the inner core of the blade from damage.

The stick is suitable for snapshots as the major part of interest even though it cuts across category as opposed to the other two models discussed above. With it, a player can make a sharp snapshot that is accurate save the user error; the stick is near to perfect. The flex point is dependent on where the player positions the bottom hand along the blade as well as the power applied to execute a shot. Any point on the ice is ideal for shooting using this stick with a high degree of accuracy as well as very low error rates unless otherwise, they emanate from the user. Therefore, the stick is outstanding among the three with the best features as well as a function since it is not full limited to a given shot on the ice.

Conclusion: The Synergy GX is the best bang for your buck. Geared more towards the toe shooters, The blade is a little softer while the shaft is stiffer. This creates a massively powerful shot. While being a little stiffer, it is very lightweight and gives you an overall satisfying feel. There’s not much to say about this stick other than It’s an over great value for anyone in my opinion.

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CCM RIBCOR 40K GRIP*On Sale Now*  Check Only on Hockey Monkey

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The stick has rounded corners with slightly concaved sidewalls which gives a nice contouring feel in the hands.

The construction of the stick has premium carbon fibre from CCM and that’s going to be involved with their Tri Matrix layering process. This gives you great stability and support through the centre, so your shaft doesn’t twist while giving you the ability to load and release quicker on your big shots.

Another exclusive component to this 40K hockey stick is TechNora technology with is an aramid fiber which is intergrated into the carbon fiber. The fiber is eight times stronger than steel which is going to help make your stick feel newer for longer as the technology will stop little micro fractures from spreading or just happening in the first place when you are digging into the corners or when you are getting slashed.

Now the standout feature on this 40K stick for me is the Ribcor technology which you see in the lower portion of the shaft. Now these indentations force the fibers in the lower portions to stay in permanent tension. So rather than having to load up all the fibres and have them release, they are preloaded. Therefore when you go put in a little energy and effort into a shot, the stick immediately responds, giving you an unbelievable pop and responsiveness.

Now getting to the end of the blade, this is a nice upgrade for this year because CCM are providing the SXX 2 blade. So it starts of really stiff in the heel and gets progressively stiffer as we get to the toe of the blade. This is fantastic when you are taking big shots or trying to snipe because the blade face stays square to the target and prevents it from opening up which is when you start losing accuracy. This is also great for toes shooters that want to put the puck on the toe when they shoot which I find gives you more of a diving board effect as you are taking your shots.

In terms of the feel, the stick offers incredible lightweight balance feel and with the preloaded fibres, you are getting a lightning quick shot release out there on the ice. While the SXX2 blade offers great puck feel and the aramid fibres from TechNora integreated into the carbon fibre which gives you are a durable product too. 

Conclusion: Having tested the product, the CCM Ribcor 40K is a fantastic stick with its high level features and innovative design changes. This stick is great for those power forwards who have to make quick decisions as the shot accuracy and speed were incredible with the flick of a wrist. The heel is stiff while going towards the toe, it gets even stiffer which keeps it more accurate.  The overall feel of the stick, shaft grip and design also were incredible and feel that the stick allowed for awesome handling of the puck. Overall a fantastic stick and much deserving of a place on the list.

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Also, be sure to check out our Cheap Hockey Sticks post on finding the right stick while on a budget. We hope you found this review helpful in finding your next or first hockey stick. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, we geared this review for any kind of player. There may have been a one to ten list but we don’t believe any is particularly better than the other. Every stick is built for its own purposes and to fit different types of players.