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Best Roller Blades Of 2019 – Review

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Every hockey player has probably played some type of street hockey at some point in their life. Roller Blades play a big role in street hockey, which is why we decided to make this review to help you choose the right pair for you. We also have a ton of other reviews on the site if you’d like to check those out like Best Street Hockey Pucks And Balls Review or for more reviews check out out Home Page! We’re going to show you some simple steps if you’re new to hockey to buying skates but if you already know feel free to scroll down to the review!

How to Fit Roller Blades

This is fairly simple to do and has been mentioned in our Best Hockey Skates 2017 Review, basically the same concept but just ice skates. Here’s a couple good techniques for you to use.

Pencil Test

Basically you set your foot into the skate and place a pencil or on the third eyelet, if the pencil touches your foot the sole is not deep enough for you. If the pen sits on the eyelet, you are good to go as long as it doesn’t touch your foot.

best roller blades

Finger Test

Fully lace your skates and get into full hockey stance, then reach you fingers into the heel of the boot and see how many fingers will fit. There should only be one finger able to fit in there or if there’s room for more and you should try a different pair so the boot will lock in your feet for full control.

How to change out Wheels

After some play, your wheels will wear down depending on how much you play. This usually depends on what skate you get, but there are usually screws along where the wheels are. Simply unscrew those  to get it loose. Then comes the slightly harder part. Most replacement wheels don’t come with bearings which is what makes the wheels turn. You’re going to want to get the bearings out of the old wheels which will last for a long time. Most people don’t know how to do this so I will show you how!

how to change rollerblade wheels

This is what the bearing looks like and it’s actually pretty easy to take out of a wheel, you just need the proper tools. You will need a small flat head screw driver and a hammer of some sort.

Step 1. line the flat head against the little circle in the middle you see there

Step 2. Use your hammer to knock the middle piece out

Step 3. Now that you have the bearing out it’s time to put it in the new wheel

Step 4. Line the middle cylinder piece with one of two circle piece and knock it back in there

Step 5. Line the new wheel up with the cylinder sticking up and hammer the new wheel onto the bearing

Step 6. Get your other circular piece and hammer it into the wheel

Step 7. Repeat with all the other wheels

This make take some practice at first but eventually it will come very easy to you!

Where To Buy Rollerblades

Good places to buy are Hockey Monkey and Amazon. Feel free to try your local hockey store as well if you have one!

NameQuarter PackagePrice
1. CCM InlineSynethic EmbossedCheck Price
2. Bauer VaporThermoformedCheck Price
3. Mission InhalerDS:5Check Price
4. ALKALI RPENylon ShellCheck Price

Best Inline Skates

Now let’s review the best roller blades of 2019!

CCM Inline Skates

ccm inline skates


  • Synthetic embossed shell
  • Heavy Duty microfiber liner
  • CCM unwaxed white laces
  • One piece white felt tongue
  • Low profile injected plastic lower sole
  • CCM fastframe aluminum chassis
  • CCM multi surface wheels

Review of the skate – I can say these skates hold up very well and keep the foot in place for great control. The skate is really great for beginners or just casual players that are looking for a good skate. The wheels are multi surface which is very nice for wood, concrete, or other surfaces you play on. Overall these are some great skates for someone who plays regularly!

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Bauer Vapor Roller Blades

bauer vapor roller blades


  • Nylon thermoformed x-rib shell
  • Hydrophobic microfiber
  • felt tongue
  • Form-fit foot bed
  • one piece Hi-Lo frame
  • Hi-Lo Clinger Wheels

Review of the skate – With these I definitely noticed my turning radius and skate strides improved tremendously. This is a higher quality skate as well which held up very well when I had to turn on a dime. They are very comfortable as well giving me an edge on everyone else at the local rink. Would recommend these to anyone wanting to step up their game!

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Mission Inhaler Skates

mission inhaler skates


  • Woven nylon shell
  • Brushed nylon liner
  • Whit felt tongue with lace-bite insert
  • Hi-Lo aluminum frame
  • Hi-Lo Clinger Wheels
  • Injected Outsole TPU

Review of the skate –  The first thing I noticed about these skates is they let you do a lot which is good and bad. Good if you are a experienced skater, not so much if you are just starting out. They are great skates that give you a lot of control to do some of cool tricks. We’ve actually done a full in depth review on this skate here; Mission Inhaler DS5 Roller Blades Review.

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Alkali Skates

alkali skates


  • Lightweight nylon shell
  • Activ wick liner
  • Fiberglass outsole
  • Felt with injected foam tongue
  • Labeda Movement Aluminum Chassis
  • Labeda Millennium indoor wheels

Review of the skate – First off I want to say these are very wide, especially the toe. With that being said these have excellent ankle support and allow me to transition very easily. It allows for a very good stride to get you moving quicker down the rink. I’d say overall this is really great for you high speed skaters out there!

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Thank you for checking out our review here at What All The Pros Use! We hope to see you back soon and be sure to check out our other awesome reviews!