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There is so many different brands and products out there that sometimes it hard to figure out what works without paying a pretty penny to find out. Here at What All The Pros Use, we take pride in finding you the best gear possible that will help you play at your highest level. Here is a brief introduction from our founders.

My name is Michael Embrey and I play hockey. I’ve used a variety of brands and products and I’d like to say I know what works and what is junk. I hope we can help you find whats going to work for you so you can go out and feel great on the ice.

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That’s me in the photo on the left taking a snap shot at Bridgestone arena’ and the one on the right is me and one of my team mates after winning the championship. (I’am on the left)

Niroshan Satkunalingam

I?m Niroshan Satkunalingam and I am a sports enthusiast having played a wide range of sports at competitive standard. My main area of expertise is my knowledge in supplements and how?vital good supplementation is for helping your performance. Furthermore, I help with behind the scenes work including increasing our online exposure through marketing and advertising as well as speaking to our sponsors.

With that said, please enjoy our site! Contact us if you ever have any comments, questions, or concerns.

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