Strideline Socks Review 2019

Socks are an important factor to any?sport. Whether it be hockey, basketball, football, soccer, or running. A good foundation for protecting your feet and taking care of them is using good socks. That’s where we’ve been putting a certain sock brand to the test for a couple weeks now. That brand is Strideline.

Strideline is a really awesome sock brand that has all kinds of designs ranging from Sport teams, NCAA, City themed, and all other sorts of designs they came up with. Not to mention they’re very comfortable. Many professional athletes wear the Strideline brand like this Seattle Seahawks player.


Best Compression Socks On The Market

When I first got my socks out of the package, they felt very very soft and high quality. One thing I noticed is the designs on the sock has a smooth texture from their digital printing of the design. The overall impression was impressive, they are very thick as well. There’s not much I can say about the quality but I will say this, when you compare the Strideline to Nike, Under Armour, or Adidas socks It”s very easy to tell that the Strideline sock is a much more higher quality and is going to last longer than the other socks.

We all know after a lot of washes it kills socks. I’ve seen very few socks that can keep their designs after ton of washes not get warped or distorted. That’s where I really come to respect the quality of Strideline, the softness and design can withstand a LOT of trips to the laundry room. They literally still look brand new after we tested them in 50 wash cycles!! That’s insane.

The price may be a little high for these but I can promise you they are totally worth it. For me, gone are the days of purchasing packages of 4, 8 or 12 socks. Once you have the feel of these socks and the immense quality cocooned around your feet, I can promise you, you will not want to go back.

If you are used to merino wools, you are probably curious as to how these compare to the Strideline socks. The Strideline’s consist of 37% Tetron Cotton, 32% Nylon, 12% Rubber, 11% Polyspandex, and 8% Micropoly. The one that interested me the most was the Micropoly because this is the material which wicks away moisture. I have had problems with previous socks due to my busy schedules on my feet so I was interested in putting these to the test.

I also know you basketball players out there like to sport your socks and these are perfect for that. Hockey players need that thickness to keep their feet protected and recover quickly for back to back games. We will get into the designs you can have and even their custom line.

The Number of Great Designs

I got four of the socks, but there are many many more out there you can choose from.

NCAA Premium Athletic Crew

Strideline NCAA Premium Athletic Crew Socks ReviewOne of the biggest reason I like Strideline is because they have such a huge variety of teams to choose from. College teams are a big deal in young athletes whether you choose to go somewhere or are playing for a college, you can get your team socks at Strideline. I chose the Michigan socks because of their hockey team, but it doesn’t matter if you love them or hate them. But the designs of all the different teams are pretty cool too and Strideline have done an amazing job at making them stand out.

Right out of the box, the material felt incredible and I could not wait to put these soon. As soon as I put them on, I noticed how thick and supportive they felt around the soles and heels of your feet. They are so comfortable and I quickly found myself wearing them all the time for my hockey practice. Usually they tend to get holes in them very quickly due to my overuse but they have held up well so far which I think comes down the the great quality of these socks. I encourage you go and check them out here for current pricing because for me these are the most comfortable socks I have ever worn.

Uncle Sam

american flag socks

Nothing more patriotic like these American flag socks, I had to get these socks for sure! They are different from the other ones coming wrapped in plastic as you can see from the picture above. The stars and stripes are individually stitched and are very durable.

This was one of Stridlines first designs and is part of their core when it comes to the variety of options they have. Again, they have done an amazing job with these as they are super comfortable to wear and feel great around my heel.

If you are looking for a little statement maker then I would definitely recommend these as you are sure to stand out. Find out the current price for these here on Amazon.

Realtree Premium Hunting Crew

Realtree Hunting Crew ReviewInitial thoughts on these wear that they were a bit different in terms of their design like the socks belonged somewhere in the woods or in the forest. I have usually liked more futuristic designs like that of the Beastmode or NCAA. Nevertheless, yet again, it doesn’t take away from just how comfortable these are. As soon as you put them on, you can feel the snug-like fit of the compression fabrics.

After a 14 hour shift in these on my feet, it was clear that the Strideline socks provide good breath-ability and moisture management. I recommend this for anyone during the hunting season or even great for hiking as well. If you are interested in the pricing of these, I encourage you to check them out here.



Rep your favorite gorilla with the Harambe socks that closely resemble Patagonia… hmmm. With that being said, like I mentioned ealier the design has a very smooth texture to it which is weirdly satisfying. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments with these and they are definitely a conversation starter. Find out the current price for these on Amazon



I chose to get a pair of these because I really like the design and they go well with a lot of stuff I wear. Again it’s your?preference on what design you want because Strideline literally has hundreds to choose from. These have a pretty sweet look to them as well and I’ve gotten some compliments as I think they are quite crisp and futuristic. I must admit, the price for these are a little higher but I can see why as they are the complete package. You can find out the pricing for these here.

Well that will close out our review on the Strideline Sock brand, and we hope you found this review helpful. We highly encourage you to check out the rest of What All The Pros Use?to see more awesome detailed reviews like this! Be sure to check out our post Best Hockey Sticks Of 2018 Review.