10 Best Baseball Helmets (2021) ? Top Batting Helmets

There?s nothing worse than buying a brand new shiny best baseball helmet that is way too big for your head and does not look great.

It?s no surprise that one of the biggest concerns for a batsmen is protecting against concussions and if you don?t have confidence in your helmet, then you are not going to be confident out on the field.

Plus if you are playing out in 100 degree heat with poor ventilation and protection on your head, it is a recipe for a disaster. Let?s not forget, any poor padding that?s not fully wrapped inside the helmet and separates from its fabric which becomes an absolute mess after only a few uses.

So, I decided to sit down and do some research while speaking to a few highly skilled players around my area. I have put together, what I feel are the most comfortable and best baseball helmets right now on the market.

Factors To Consider When Looking For A Baseball Helmet 

Best Baseball Helmets

Chin Straps

Chin straps are another available option which helps stabilize a helmet that may be a bit loose. When you step into the batter?s box there should only be one thing on your mind - that?s knocking the ball out of the park, you don?t want too poorly fitted batting helmet to interfere.


When it comes to sizing, you?ll find that buying a batting helmet is as easy as buying a fitted baseball cap. All you need to do is measure the circumference of your head and find the closest size available.

Proper Fit

When you put the helmet on, make sure the lid of the helmet sits in an inch above your eyebrows. It should be even with the rest of your head. If it?s tilted up, you risk taking a ball to the forehead when you?re running the bases or batting. If it?s tilted too far forward, the back of your head will be exposed.

The last thing to look for is to make sure your helmet is approved by the national operating Committee on standards for athletic equipment. You can find this out by looking for the logo on the inside of the back of the helmet. This logo ensures that your helmet has met every one of the NOCSAE?s high standards of protection.

10 Best Baseball Helmets (2021)


Skill Level


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1. Easton Elite X Helmet

Editor's Choice



2. Rawlings Senior Velo R16

High Performance



3. Easton Z5 Baseball Helmet

Budget Friendly



4. Easton Z7 Baseball Helmet



5. Rawlings Velo Helmet



6. Rip-It Vision Pro



7. Under Armour UABH



8. Mizuno MVP G2 Helmet

High Performance



9. Demarini Paradox



10 Rawlings S100P Helmet



1. Easton Senior Elite X Matte Batting Helmet

Best Baseball Helmet (Editor's Choice)

The best batting helmet on the market right now is the Easton Senior Elite X Matte.

Easton Elite X Baseball Helmet

This has an ABS thermoplastic shell that can provide you with a reliable amount of protection when you are at the plate. When batting, you do not need to be worried about taking a ball to the head and instead need to be focused on the game. This helmet allows that.

Additionally, the padding within the helmet is a multi-density padding that has three layers of foam in place to give you maximum impact resistance. The padding is made to form a barrier around your head to give you the most protection possible.

This helmet meets NOCSAE standards and has options to fit either left or right-handed batters who need a senior-sized helmet. There are also multiple colorways to choose from, so you can pick out a helmet that is more in-line with your team?s uniform.

2. Rawlings Senior VELO R16 Baseball Helmet

High Performance

Some batters really prefer the most protection that they can get from a helmet. If this sounds like you, we suggest the Rawlings VELO R16. This is a Fastpitch helmet, designed to take high-speed hits with as little damage as possible.

Rawlings VELO R16 Baseball Helmet

To begin with, this helmet comes in a lot of colorways, so you can get one that matches your team uniform well. You also get a two-tone matte and metallize paint finish for extra style.

The design also includes 16 vents and includes COOLFLO XV1 venting to keep your head as cool as possible, which is really nice on those hot days. The Heat Exchange vents actually provide a vented feel as well, improving your comfort level.

Most of the protection from this helmet comes from the wrapped jaw pads that provide more impact absorption and increase the overall comfort of the helmet.

3. Easton Senior Z5 2.0 Baseball Helmet

Budget Friendly

If you are working within a budget and still want to get the best helmet you can get, take a look at the Easton Z5 2.0 helmet. This helmet will still keep your head safe without breaking the bank.

Easton Senior Z5 Baseball Helmet

Like some of the other helmets we have talked about already, the Z5 2.0 helmet comes in various colorways so you can match up with your team uniform. The helmet itself has a highly protective shell as well as interior padding. The combination helps keep the helmet comfortable while still absorbing shock.

The foam inside of the helmet is dual-density, which is how it so effectively absorbs impact. The Bio-Dri liner inside of the helmet prevents the build-up of sweat inside of the helmet, keeping your head as cool as possible.

There is a place on it to attach a facemask if you would like, but it is not included.

4. Easton Z7 Dual Finis?h Baseball Helmet

So a huge entry from Easton to start off our review. If you have read our articles before then you might actually recognize this range from Easton. It was featured in our best baseball batting gloves guide where they were known for their awesome feel and comfort when you put them on. But how comfortable are their helmets?

The Easton Z7 Dual Finish Senior Batting Helmet is a premium one especially for the senior/ professional baseball players. This awesome helmet will offer you a premium feeling while putting on to your head before the game. The ventilation is a really good aspect from this helmet so you will not sweat at all.

Also, another great aspect from the Easton Z7 Dual Finish Senior Batting Helmet is that this one comes up with a lot of awesome colorways and models so you will be able to choose the best for you in order to fit them with your good looking baseball equipment.

The great headlock technology fit system will help you fitting your helmet perfectly to your head so you will not have to worry about thing thing when buying this baseball helmet.

5. Rawlings Velo Two-Tone Baseball Helmet

The Rawlings Velo Two-Tone Senior Matte Batting Helmet w/Faceguard is a really premium and professional batting helmet. Is recommeded for the senior baseball players but is good even if you are just a beginner as well.

The well thought design of this baseball helmet will protect you from the powerful sun rises in order to not get you a bad mood during the game. Also the frontal faceguard is an awesome thing especially if you want to feel protected during the entire game so you will not get hurt at all, even by the strongest throws .

The simple design make this baseball helmet an amazing and professional one. Also the rest of the metallic materials are well placed in order to offer you some extra protection. Also the ventilation is great as well so you will not have to worry about getting warm because of the sun.

6. RIP-IT Vision Pro Baseball Helmet

The RIP-IT Vision Pro Helmet featuring Blackout Technology baseball helmet is an amazing professional one in order to provide the must needed features in baseball game. This is a really great choice for the seniors and even for the beginners who needs to get comfortable with the baseball ground.

Starting up with the materials, the RIP-IT Vision Pro Helmet featuring Blackout Technology helmet has some amazing ventilation so you will feel very comfortable and you will not sweat at all during the baseball game.

The well technology is based to a lot of spaces which provide some good vision during the game so you will be aware of any surroundings. Also the light weight materials will be a great choice for you because this will boost your running ability.

7.Under Armour UABH-150ANTT Batting Helmet

The Under Armour UABH baseball Helmet is an old school looking helmet but based on a lot of new and premium technology. This one is good for the senior and professional baseball players who has a lot of experience on the baseball ground.

This is a simple design baseball helmet which comes up with a lot of awesome colorways so  you will be able to choose between a large variety of products in order to fit them to your beautiful baseball equipment.

The materials from the interior are really comfortable so you will enjoy every second of the baseball game during the entire competition.

Also this Under Armour baseball helmet will protect you a lot from the powerful sun rises because of the well design and also because of the premium materials from the upper. This baseball helmet has not face protection in the front of them so you will have to take care about this aspect during the baseball game.. Anyway, this is not a big deal at all.

8. Mizuno MBH251 MVP G2 Baseball Helmet

A strong entry from Mizuno at number five which arguably could be placed a bit higher. We love Mizuno here especially their cleats with ranked impressively well in our top rated baseball cleats article. But just how protective are their helmets.

The Mizuno MBH251 MVP G2 Adjustable Two-Tone Matte Batting Helmet is a very special aesthetically  baseball helmet with a lot of awesome models and colorway so any baseball player will be able to choose between a large variety of choices and you will be able to match them with your awesome equipment.

The materials from this baseball helmet are pretty protective so you will not have to worry about this aspect. Also the materials are really durable so you will be able to wear this baseball helmet years after years performing the best plays you can wearing this.

The fit is also amazing because of the well thought design and professional technology which is based on an adjustable sizing wheel on the back and a pre-drilled faced mask. You will feel super comfortable during the entire baseball game!

9. Demarini Paradox Baseball Helmet

The Demarini Paradox Batting Helmet W/ Fastpitch Mask is a professional baseball helmet really good for the professional players and even for the beginners who want to make sure about a protective baseball helmet during the entire game.

The simple design and colorways make it looks even more premium. The awesome materials from the interior will provide a good ventilation so you will not have to worry about this aspect anymore. You will not burn or sweat at all wearing this well created baseball helmet.

Moving on to the protection, this helmet is amazing even in order to protect you head from the powerful sun rises. Also the fastpitch mask will protect you from even the strongest throws to you so you will be good during the entire baseball game.

This helmet comes up with a lot of colorways so you will have to choose between a large variety of models.

10. Rawlings S100P Batting Helmet

The Rawlings S100P Batting Helmet is a simple designed baseball helmet in order to give you an unique feeling during the entire game so you will be able to perform the best plays you can. This is a great choice for the senior and professional baseball players and even for the beginner ones who want a quality helmet.

The Aesthetics are good, there are not a lot of models but anyway, you will be able to choose between some nice colorways so you are gonna match them to your awesome equipment.

The protection of the Rawlings S100P Batting Helmet is a really good one especially because of the multiple impact expanded polyurethane line. Also the materials are some synthetic ones which has the role to give you a good hygiene and to ensure you a durable experience. You will be able to wear this helmet years after years without having any problems.

11. Rawlings R16 S Metallic Baseball Helmet

This baseball helmet offers a 16 vent system in the helmet. The CoolFlo XVI vent and heating exchange helps with temperature regulation within the helmet. This can help athletes to remain cool and warm on chiller days. The dual density liner on the inside of this helmet provides comfort to the athlete. The liner also wraps around the jaw for additional padding. It is available in both the junior and senior sizes.

12. All-Star Batting Helmet ? BH 3000 TT

The BH 3000 batter?s helmet from All Star has a shell shape with enormous ventilation ports throughout. They are less prone to crack and there are a lot of corrugations throughout the shell that helps to make a very stiff shell which helps with the protection. The visor has a contemporary look, and it is a little more functional. The shell on this product wraps around fully to the back of the head and it provides a really nice snug fit especially when you?re running the bases you won?t find the helmet tipping down into your eyesight.

On the inside, there is a dual density one-size-fits-all liner that is completely wrapped in an ultra cool fabric. This helps wick away moisture and heat. It also has nice ear channels for putting the helmet on and off the head so it goes on very smoothly. The one-size-fits-all foam also features a very large ponytail channel. All the foam and fabric inside the BH 3000 is treated with Aegis antimicrobial treatment that also prevents odors and any kind of bacterial growth or fungus growth. The BH 3000 comes in a variety of colors.

13. Schutt AiR Maxx T 5.6 Baseball Helmet

With its mechanically attached TPU cushioning, this helmet prides itself in superior comfort and protection. It is lightweight but solid, so it doesn?t cause any discomfort. This helmet provides amazing head protection while also ensuring it does not impede vision.

The moisture management pads in the product will ensure your head remains dry even when sweating excessively. For additional comfort, there are 14 air vents placed strategically all over the head to keep you cool while playing. It is available in different colors and sizes to suit your preferences.

14. Easton Z5 Grip Baseball Helmet

This product is made of ABS plastic that is very durable for high impact. The dual density inner liner is designed specially to soak up the sweat, so it doesn?t stick to your skin and head. It also provides absorption against high impact strikes. It is finished with a grip and it comes in various colors, giving you a cool and practical aesthetic.

It is made following NOCSAE regulations, so it is ideal for use in leagues and competitions. The ears on this helmet are wrapped, making it perfect for everyday players. It is designed to last long without excessive wear and tear. Although it might seem pricey, we found the construction durable

15. Rawlings Mach Matte Baseball Helmet

This helmet is offered both in a two-tone and one tone both with the flap attached and flap unattached. It is designed with a nice seamless TPU piece that covers the hardware. This helmet has a venting design and shell design for optimal cool flow comfort. The IMPAX foam technology is built to last and take on multiple impacts to provide you with the best performance possible. The attached flap provides added coverage for the face. It has wrapped jaw pads that provide improved comfort and fit. It is available in a variety of colors and sizes.

16. Easton Pro X Matte Baseball Helmet

This helmet features an impact resistant ABS shell and 3 layers of impact absorbing density foam that gives comfort and protection. Also, the jaw guard on this product offers additional protection without hindering your vision. The BioDri liner helps to absorb sweat so you can stay dry while playing. It is available for both right-handed and left-handed batters. This product?s design and unique construction ensure it meets NOSCAE standards. It features a unique venting system that provides excellent cooling to players.

Make sure you are suiting up with a helmet that is comfortable, fits properly, and above all else is safe. Remember to take the time to check out your options when buying a batting helmet.

Baseball Helmets And Concussion Protection

All sports come with the risk of injury and baseball is no exception. One of the most concerning injuries is concussions. While that is better-known for being a football injury, the risk is also present in baseball.

Wearing a helmet is incredibly important when you are batting, but, unfortunately, they will not do much to prevent a concussion. A concussion is an internal brain injury that happens when the brain twists due to impact.

The best you can do to prevent one is be more aware of the game and make sure everyone you are playing with is playing safely.

What's The Difference Between Baseball And Softball Helmets

While both baseball and softball helmets are used the same way and have similar features, they are not the same. They both have ear protection, can have a face mask and visor.

One obvious difference between the two is that baseball helmet only covers one ear, whereas softball helmets will cover both ears. Size-wise, softball helmets are designed smaller than baseball helmets, but generally, they serve the same purpose.

Softball helmets need to meet the NOCSAE standards for design and construction as well, which might differ from baseball regulations. Ultimately, just make sure you always wear a helmet when batting.

Final Words 

Our choice for the best baseball helmet is the Easton Senior Elite X Matte. This is a great overall helmet, offering you a great amount of protection while managing to keep your head both cool and comfortable. It does have good shock absorption as well in the event that you do get struck in the head.

If you are concerned about being hit with a high-speed ball, take a look at the Rawlings VELO R16. This helmet is made to take on the highest pitches out there, absorbing the shock well and is durable enough to withstand a great deal of force. Just make sure your helmet fits well.