Best T-Ball Bats 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

After spending countless hours with my daughter studying different Tee Ball Baseball bats at all different price points, I?m ready to geek out with you what the best options are out. To write this write, we looked at over 32 different bats to see which bats have the best pop.

When you are looking to buy a tee ball baseball bat, you have to take into account that young players are typically going to use it for one or two years. But you still want your child to enjoy playing the sport so choosing a bat which gives them the best possible performance is very important.

Let?s start with the bat size

You are probably wondering what size tee ball bat should I go choose for my child? The bats tend to typically come in three sizes, you usually get 24?, 25? and 26?as your options. Each one will also have different weight depending on which price point you go for.

Correct Bat Weight

So what bat weight should you go for? A typical beginner?s entry-level bat will be drop 10. This is the difference between the length and the weight of the bat. Drop 10 is usually the heaviest option for a player while the 13 is the lightest. The most important thing here is the go for a bat which allows you to swing the bat comfortably.

You have to bear in mind, a lot of this will depend on your child build and height so I always recommend having a few swings to see how it feels.

Ok so lets now get into the reviews and find out which tee ball bats came out on top on our list.

Best Tee Ball Bats 2019

1. Easton Ghost X Hyperlite

Easton Ghost X Hyperlite Tee Ball Bat ReviewThe 2019 Easton Ghost X Hyperlite T Ball bat is highly suitable for young players that are looking for a good combination of power and better contact. This youth bat features the very same Easton technologies that can also be seen in Ghost X with slight variations. The major difference between both youth baths is the composite material. Where on one hand the Ghost X features a two-piece construction, the Ghost X Hyperlite features a one-piece composite EXACT Carbon construction. This is highly suitable for the hitters who wish to have a fast baseball collision. Since it is a single-piece bat, it involves lesser density in the hitter’s swing.

The Easton Ghost X Hyperlite also features a rolled end with an all-sports grip. This increases its overall comfort on the hands and results in a better grip. Since it meets all the USA Baseball standards, the Easton Ghost X Hyperlite is good enough to be played in the big games!

2. Easton Beast

Easton Beast Tee Ball Bat ReviewThe 2019 Easton Beast Tee Ball bat is the perfect choice for youth players who want more power and contact in their play. This Tee Ball bat features a one-piece design made up a highly strong and lightweight ALX50 Aircraft Grade Alloy. It also features an all-sports grip with a rolled end which allows better comfort and grip.

This all-aluminum baseball bat was developed by Easton in order to allow hitters to achieve faster swings, supreme comfort, ultimate power, and great durability. The Advanced Thermal Alloy construction delivers explosive energy with an unmatched pop upon contact. At the same time, the Easton Beast baseball bat is a must-have for youth players.

Along with that, its overall look gives off a very premium feel and makes you look like you mean business in the field. All in all, the Easton Beast Tee Ball bat delivers a unique performance in the field.

3. Franklin Venom 1100

Franklin Venom 1100 Tee Ball Bat ReviewThe Franklin Venom 1100 is constructed with a sturdy Aluminum barrel that delivers an impressive pop upon contact with the ball. Since the one-piece aluminum construction makes it lightweight yet highly durable, this bat allows players to deliver their best in the field.

This Baseball Tee bat is officially certified with the Little League standards, which makes it a highly reliable tee ball bat for the youth. Along with that, the weight distribution along this bat is quite impressive. This improves the overall handling, hence allowing a player to own the field swing after swing!

At the same time, its hi-tack perforated grip improves the overall control and comfort on young hands. The Franklin Venom 1100 comes in a range of awesome colors with an officially endorsed logo, which delivers a premium feel. All in all, this bat can easily make a player stand out in the small fields.

4. Louisville Slugger Prime

Louisville Slugger Prime Tee Ball Bat ReviewThe all-new Louisville Slugger Prime USA T-Ball bat features a one-piece design, constructed by the Louisville Slugger?s signature performance Alloy. At the same time, a fast swing speed with a light design is achieved by its 2 ? inch barrel. Moreover, the synthetic fade grip adds into the overall control and handling of the bat. This allows a player to stand out on the field with great performance, swing after swing.

The Louisville Slugger Prime T-Ball Bat is officially approved to be used in the Babe Ruth & Cal Ripken, AABC Baseball, Dixie Baseball, Pony Baseball, and Little League Baseball. Hence, this bat is versatile enough for younger players who are looking forward to starting their careers.

All in all, the Louisville Slugger Prime will not let you down. Apart from its performance features, the Louisville Slugger Prime also reflects off a premium feel. All credits for this, go to its attractive design. Hence, it is difficult to go wrong with this Baseball T-ball bat.

5. Axe Hero

Axe Hero Tee Ball Bat ReviewThe all-new 2019 Axe Hero T-Ball Bat comes with a -11 length-weight ratio with lightweight construction. At the same time, its barrel features the standard 2 ? inch diameter. Moreover, since it is approved by USSSA and USA Baseball, it carries both the stamps which reflect an overall premium look.

The 2019 Axe Hero also features an all-new design which fits right into the hands of the players, for better comfort. At the same time, the handle features a flush backside which reduces the chances of injuries by relieving the tremendous pressure on the hands.? Enhanced Comfort – The Axe handle is ergonomically designed to fit naturally in the contour of your hand.

The Axe Hero is the perfect choice for any young player to start his/her career with. The Axe line has been produced by Baden Sports and was launched back in 2011. Since then, the company has had a number of breakthroughs in technology. Over the years, many advancements in engineering and technology have ultimately led to the production of this bat. Hence, this bat is here after almost a decade of evolution.

6. Easton Beast Speed

Easton Beast Speed Tee Ball Bat ReviewConstructed with an ALX100 Military Grade Alloy, the Easton Beast Speed is a highly durable and lightweight bat. It features a one-piece design with a barrel diameter of 2 5/8 inch. Moreover, this bat also features an all-sports grip with a concave end cap which results in unmatched comfort and better grip. Since it is approved for leagues and follows all the USA Baseball standards, it is difficult to go wrong with this bat!

The Easton Beast Speed has been designed to deliver a powerful strength with a loud pop. The all-new Speed Cap increases the overall responsiveness and flexibility of the barrel while enhancing its sound at the same time. The grip, on the other hand, features a custom Lizard Skin for a great feel.

Other than that, this baseball bat also reflects off a premium player making a player look like he means business in the field!

7. DeMarini CF

DeMarini CF Tee Ball Bat ReviewThe all-new DeMarini CF Zen USA T Ball Bat is constructed with a skinny 2 ? inch diameter of the barrel, with a -13 length-weight ratio. As a result of this, this bat is quite light in weight and meets all the USA Baseball standards. Since it features a Usabats certification stamp, it is approved to be used in Cal Ripken, Babe Ruth, Dixie Youth, AABC, Pony, and Little League.

The DeMarini CF Zen is the lightest and fully composite bat by the company, which also carries an unmatched balance. The features a 2-piece construction with highly durable TP composite which is highly flexible and durable at the same time. As a result of this, this bat allows young players to deliver a premium performance on the field.

Moreover, the weight distribution on this bat is highly accurate, which allows a player to keep great balance and control swing after swing. All in all, it is difficult to go wrong with this bat!

8. Rawlings Storm

Rawlings Storm Tee Ball Bat ReviewThe all-new 2019 Rawlings Storm baseball bat features one-piece aluminum construction which makes it extremely durable yet lightweight at the same time. Atop that, its perimeter-weighted endcap reduces the swing weight and transfers energy very efficiently.

Featuring a barrel diameter of 2 ? inches, this bat falls somewhat in the skinny zone. Nevertheless, it further reduces its weight. The weight drop of -12 at the same time, results in a lighter swing.

The Rawlings Storm is perhaps, one of the most in-demand T-Ball bats out there. Since it follows all the new USA Baseball standards, it is approved for use in the Little League Baseball, Babe Ruth and Cal Ripken, AABC Baseball, Dixie Baseball, and Pony Baseball. Moreover, the premium look of the baseball bat makes a player look like he means real business!

All in all, the Rawlings Storm is the perfect option for young players beginning their careers.

9. Easton Beast X

The Easton Beast X -10 T-Ball bat makes use of Easton’s signature ATAC (Advanced Thermal Alloy Construction) which delivers explosive energy and an unmatched pop with every swing.

This bat features single-piece aluminum construction with a barrel diameter of 2 5/8 inch. Moreover, it also features the legendary Z-CORE technology along with an X-tended barrel design. As a result of this, the bat features a larger sweet spot with a long barrel.

Moreover, the Easton Beast X bat delivers an extremely balanced swing which is perfect for players who want to increase their hitting speed. The signature HYPERSKIN grip on the handle delivers a very natural feel with great comfort. Hence, it is not easy to go wrong with this bat.

Apart from that, the overall premium look of this bat gives off a beastly impression in the field making a player stand out from the rest.

10. Rawlings Quatro Pro

The all-new 2019 Rawlings Quatro Pro is made up of a two-piece Carbon Fiber composite which makes it highly durable and lightweight at the same time. The drop 11 length-weight ratios, along with a slip 2 5/8 barrel further reduces its weight for faster swings. Since it meets all the USA Baseball standards, it carries a USSA BPF 1.15 certification stamp. Hence, young players can unleash their power in all the major leagues.

The Rawlings Quatro Pro has been designed to deliver a focused and stiffer flex while reducing the vibration. Since this bat is a result of a number of technological advancements and complex engineering, it delivers a lighter speed with more pop and power. Since its Q4 technology has been remastered, the inner barrel results in a significantly larger sweet spot with a balanced swing. All in all, it is extremely difficult to go wrong with this bat!

11. Franklin Venom 1000

The Franklin Venom 1000 is a high-performance bat featuring a one-piece Aluminum construction. This delivers an impressive pop after a solid hit. Since it is constructed with a high-grade Aluminum alloy, this bat packs in high power and great balance with each swing. At the same time, it is light yet highly durable.

The overall balanced weight distribution in the Franklin Venom 1000 further improves the performance of players on the field, allowing young players to improve the smoothness and speed of their swings.

At the same time, its high tack grip with perforations improves the overall comfort, handling, and grip. This makes the Franklin Venom 1000 the perfect choice for younger hands. Since it is endorsed officially by USA Baseball logo, it can be used in all the major leagues.

This T-ball bat performs just as well for lessons and drills, making it the most suitable choice for serious young players.