Best BBCOR Baseball Bats 2019

There are hundreds of best baseball bats out there, and as a batter, you probably feel overwhelmed with that much options available in the market.

That is why we reached out to 40 professional MLB and semi professional players and asked a simple question:

?If you could buy only 3 Baseball bats, which three would you go for??

I wanted to know the top rated bats which I must have and ignore the rest what I can live without.

As an average baseball player, I?ve been overwhelmed by all top 20, 50 or even 100 lists of Best Baseball Bats? All I wanted to know was the best one which I must have. That?s why we decided to reach out to some of the best players seeking their best advice. But first here are some tips for you to consider when buying a new baseball bat as there’s some guidelines you don’t want to get wrong.

How to Size a Baseball Bat for Length and Weight?

If you are investing in a new baseball bat, obviously you need to know how to pick up the perfect bat size based on your anatomy because everybody is different.

These are some general guidelines that you can use to pick out your bat and it?s a very simple two-step process. You basically do a test for length and a test for weight.

For the first one we?ve got to find the right length and now some guys like shorter bats and some guys like longer bats but this test is going to give you a good gauge to start with.

So, what you?re going to do set your bat down on the ground and you?re going to let your arms hang naturally down your sides. The knob of the bat should come up to about your wrist and that should be the maximum it should come up to.

From there you can go longer or shorter depending on your individual hitting style and what you like and how far you like to stand off the plate.

Now for the bat weight, this is the most important part about picking out a bat because you need to have complete and total control of the bat you are swinging.

If you don?t we are going to sacrifice bat speed and contact when it?s too heavy. At the same time, we don?t want to pick a bat that is too light because then we will be giving up a little bit of that weight that we can use for extra brute power.

So here is a simple two-step strength test that you can do to get the right bat weight. It?s key here not to get overconfident with your strength and say I?m going to swing a heavy back just because you think you are strong. You want to swing what you know you?re going to be successful with.

Ok for the general strength test, grab the bat near the top of the handle and you?re simply just going to make a couple of swings with both hands separately.?First with your leading hand and then with your trailing hand.

You want to make sure that you can generate a little bit of speed without a lot of body involvement. You want to feel like you can whip it through pretty good and if the bag is too heavy, you?ll find this difficult and maybe some discomfort in your wrists.

Now you want to test your wrist strength and all you going to do is stand straight up with your arms right up next to your side. And you?re going to hold the bat out in front of you in your lead hand parallel to the floor.

You?ll have the bat pointing away from the hand and with the palm of your hands facing down towards the ground. What you do from here is simply rotate the bat up to perpendicular to the ground.

You?re going to do that a couple of times making sure that you have complete and total control of the bat. You should be able to stop the bat any point in this test. Do that with both hands just to make sure. Obviously, it might be a bit more difficult for the younger guys but it?s a good starting point.

Should you Swing a Wood or Aluminium Baseball Bat?

I?m just going to going to a few pros and cons about wood and aluminium bats.

Aluminium bats so popular right now in pretty much every single rank of baseball. You?ve got youth players, high school players and college players all using these bats.

First, they?ve got a much bigger sweet spot. The sweet spot of the bat is where you ideally want to strike the baseball from. With a larger sweet spot, there?s a much bigger margin for error which means that you can actually miss hit the baseball and you can still get a fairly decent hit.? So, the best way to describe that is the aluminium bats are more forgiving.

With the wood bat, you?ve got a much smaller sweet spot and so you have to be way more accurate and skilled to strike the baseball cleanly. The benefit to this is that you get much more of an honest feedback as to how well you are hitting the baseball and your technique whereas with an aluminium bat, you might get away with it a little bit more.

Another advantage with the aluminium bats is that they don?t break or at least don?t break as often. It?s a rare sight to see an aluminium bat break. And they for sure as hell, break a heck of a lot less then wood bats do.

But like we mentioned earlier, you get more of an honest feedback with the wood bats. So, you?ll know that you need to work on a particular shot if you keep breaking your wood bat. It really reveals the holes in your swing and emphasise your weaknesses.

Another big advantage for aluminium bats over wood bats, is that aluminium bats have what is called the trampoline effect.?

Now there?s a lot of science behind this effect and from our research, basically it says that the ball compresses more against a wood bat compared to an aluminium bat. So, the ball loses a lot of its energy and doesn?t fly off as much with a wood baseball bat.

With an aluminium bat, it actually keeps more of the energy within the ball and pings off much harder which gives it that further distance on your shot.

So, in terms of our recommendation, we would say that a wood bat is good for practice and learning to hit the ball in the sweet spot. This is because it will force you to become a better hitter and work on your technique.

But in a real game situation, you want to get all the advantages that you can get on your side and if you are looking to play competitive Baseball then you have to go for the aluminium bats.

Should I get a Baseball Bat Sleeve?

We get this a lot when people buy new bats because when it’s fresh out of the wrapper, your immediate thoughts are to save it.

This is why we recommend getting a hitting sleeve (like this one here on Baseball Monkey) which is essentially a training aid that protects your bat and keeps the ball marks off the bat.

The sleeve just slips on and is designed to fit any size barrels.

Interestingly, the sleeve adds roughly four ounces to the bat so becomes a fantastic training aid to get used to swinging the bat weight.

After testing it with some of our bats and a bucket of balls, we didn?t see a ton of marks on the sleeve itself and so a great tool for protecting your bats if you are worried about using it straight off the bat.

What BBCOR Bats have the Best Pop?

We get asked this so much?. which BBCOR bat has the best pop? Quite simply, every bat has pop as long as you get a goo bat. If you choose a good reputable company or an expensive bat, it?s going to have pop in it. You won?t get a $300 bat which has no pop and doesn?t make it beyond the infield.

But the key thing to good pop of you bat starts off with it feeling really good in your hands. We have felt $100 bats that feel way better than a $300 bat and it is a massive personal preference. You need to make sure you feel comfortable swinging through the zone. If you aren?t comfortable, then no matter how expensive the bat is, you won?t get the decent pop you are after.

So, it doesn?t mean that one bat is better than the other. Each person is different and it all comes down to feel.

Ok so now you are correctly sized up for your bat, lets go ahead and check out the best ones on the market.

Top 10 BBCOR Baseball Bats of 2019

1. Louisville Slugger Meta PrimeEKO Composite3FX™Check Price
2. DeMarini CF InsaneParaflex+3Fusion Check Price
3. Axe AvengeCharged Carbon™ACR™Check Price
4. Rawlings Quatro Pro2 Piece CarbonQ4Check Price
5. DeMarini CF ZenParaflex+3Fusion™Check Price
7. Marucci CAT8 ConnectAZ105 SDX EXTCheck Price
8. Axe Elite HybridMX8™Vibration CancelingCheck Price
9. Demarini VoodooX14 3Fusion™Check Price
10. Rawlings VeloAcousticComp-Lite™Check Price
11. Axe Hyperwhip FusionMX8 AluminumEndogrid™Check Price
12. Easton Alpha Lock & LoadATAC AlloyCARBON-CORE™Check Price
13. Marucci CAT7AZ4X AV2 Anti-VibrationCheck Price

1. Louisville Slugger Meta Prime

Louisville Slugger BBCOR Baseball Bat ReviewThe all-new Meta Prime from Louisville Slugger is a revolution in itself. It features the new EKO composite barrel which generates a true sound, is light-weight, and performs like a beast in-game.

At the same time, the 3FX patented system reduces the vibration dramatically while offering a perfectly stiff feel. Moreover, the RTX end cap allows the bat to have a balanced swing which is ideal for both power hitters and contact alike.

All in all, the Louisville Slugger’s Meta Prime can allow you to make all of your swings count. One of the best aspects of this bat is that it perfectly meets the BBCOR standard. Moreover, the all-new EKO composite barrel is a result of high-end engineering for the top of the line performance.

Moreover, the LS PRO Comfort Grip features a perfect combination of cushion and tack. This simply adds more to the overall control that a player has on each swing!

2. DeMarini CF Insane

DeMarini CF Zen BBCOR Baseball Bat ReviewThe all-new DeMarini CF Insane allows you to change the entire game with a single powerful swing. In other words, this baseball bat will make each of your swings count!

The DeMarini CF Insane has been engineered for maximum power and greater momentum in the swing. It makes use of a Paraflex-plus composite handle and barrel for a premium feel. At the same time, the three-fusion system allows you to keep the energy focused onto the barrel for powerful swings.

There is no doubt that the CF Insane is perhaps one the most consistent and highest performing bats in the CF line. Well, the entire CF series by DeMarini is a result of years of engineering and evolution in technology. Undoubtedly, the DeMarini CF Insane will allow players of all levels to push their limits even further.

Hence, this bat is highly suitable for beginners, intermediate, and expert players all alike.

3. Axe Avenge

Axe Avenge BBCOR Baseball Bat ReviewFeaturing a three-piece composite construction, the Axe Avenge is one of the few perfectly balanced bats that you will find in the market. It makes use of a charged Carbon Barrel which is the largest in the company?s BBCOR lineup. As a result of this, the Axe Avenge packs in a great amount of durability and an authentic explosive pop on contact with the ball.

Moreover, the bat also features the all-new Vibration Cancelling System. This system primarily involves the use of a collar that absorbs energy near the connection point. As a result of this, the vibrations get dampened along the handle’s length. This allows a player to maintain greater control of the bat, with increased comfort.

At the same time, the composite handle is flex-tuned for further reduction in vibrations and an increased whip. The shock-absorbing Endogrid technology, on the other hand, eliminates the vibrations in the bottom-hand, adding more comfort in every swing.

All in all, the Axe Avenge features some high-end engineering and is hence, suitable for both expert and beginner players alike.

4. Rawlings Quatro Pro

Rawlings Quatro Pro BBCOR Baseball Bat ReviewThe Rawlings Quatro Pro is one of the most high-selling bats in 2019. This is primarily because it delivers a distinct feel and exit speed. This bat is constructed with a high-end barrel that features unmatched durability, high performance, and great comfort.

At the same time, this bat meets the BBCOR standards perfectly. The Rawlings Quatro Pro is the all-new addition to the Rawlings line-up, that has been engineered to deliver a greater distance with faster speed and more pop. In other words, it is a combination of the best technologies by Rawlings.

It also features a redesigned Q4 technology that has allowed a large sweet spot with a more balance in the swing. Hence, this bat would make all of your swings count!

The collar assembly, at the same time, has been reconstructed for reducing barrel drag. Atop that, the collar assembly also delivers a more focused and stiff flex while reducing the vibrations at the same time.

5. DeMarini CF Zen

DeMarini CF Zen BBCOR Baseball Bat ReviewThe all-new CF Zen by DeMarini allows you to shatter all expectations on the field, all credits for which go to the high-end technology behind its construction.

Without a doubt, the DeMarini CF Zen is one of the most technologically advanced bats in the CF line. The CF Zen is a best-selling bat which perfectly meets all the BBCOR standards. Moreover, it makes use of a Paraflex-plus composite construction which delivers maximum authentic pop upon contact with a premium feel and comfort. At the same time, the three-fusion system along with the barrel design pair up nicely in order to allow players to have faster and more balanced swings.

The CF Zen by DeMarini is simply a result of the endless innovation and advancements. This has allowed the company to produce a highly consistent and one of the best-performing bats ever made. Whether you are an intermediate level player or a beginner, the CF Zen can serve you really well for years to come.

6. Easton ADV

Easton ADV BBCOR Bat ReviewThe Project 3 is the most technologically advanced lineup of bats the meet the BBCOR standard, by Easton Advanced Labs as of yet. This Easton ADV BBCOR two-piece composite bat features the perfect combination of speed and power. It makes use of the all-new LAUNCH COMP technology which provides an unmatched performance out of the box. At the same time, it also features a stiffer design in the handle for premium feel and comfort.

This Easton ADV BBCOR bat makes use of the patent-pending all-new Power Boost technology. This technology significantly reduces the vibrations for a better bottom hand comfort while providing better power potential to the players. As a result of this, players get to have a superior bat control with a larger sweet spot.

Moreover, this bat also features greater flexibility and responsiveness in its barrel along with a neutral impact sound. For this, all credits go to the all-new Speed Cap. All in all, this Easton ADV bat will allow you to own the field!

7. Marucci CAT8 Connect

Marucci CAT8 Connect BBCOR Baseball Bat ReviewThe Marucci CAT8 Connect is one of the most recent baseball bats in the line, offering a unique hybrid design. The Marucci CAT8 Connect is constructed with an alloy barrel with a carbon composite handle.

This baseball bat makes use of the signature AZ105 Alloy which creates max power for a player. Moreover, this construction allows the bat to remain highly durable. Overall, alloy construction increases its performance in the field.

The CAT8 Connect by Marrucci features a multi-variable wall design which provides a larger sweet spot to the player. The combination of a large sweet spot with the high-performance alloy allows a player to make each and every single shot count.

At the same time, the SDX EXT technology reduces the vibrations upon contact while maintaining the right level of fitness as desired by players. Moreover, the highly tacky and comfortable soft-touch grip adds to the overall feel, grip, and performance of the Marucci CAT8 Connect.

8. Axe Elite Hybrid

Axe Elite Hybrid BBCOR Baseball Bat ReviewThe Axe Elite Hybrid is a two-piece hybrid bat that has been constructed with a unique endcap and knob for maximum power, and minimum vibration. Moreover, the Premium MX8 Alloy Barrel used in its construction is the strongest one by the company, as of yet. This barrel has been exposed to a special heat-treatment, in order to deliver an explosive pop throughout the bat?s lifetime.

This baseball bat also features an all-new vibration canceling system that features an unmatched collar at its connection point. This collar absorbs the unused energy and hence, dampens the vibrations throughout the handle’s length for added comfort and control. The bottom-hand vibrations, on the other hand, gets eliminated by the shock-absorbing endo grid

All in all, this baseball bat is quite light-weight and delivers great performance. At the same time, its premium look in-game gives off the impression that you mean business!

9. Demarini Voodoo

The Demarini Voodoo simply allows a player to take the entire field by storm. This is because this baseball bat meets each and every BBCOR standard and is one of the lightest-swinging models out there. Constructed with an X14 Alloy barrel and a thin wall design, the Demarini Voodoo delivers max pop and a balanced swing. At the same time, its unique three-fusion System eliminates the vibrations and reduces the weight at the bat?s end. This allows a player to maintain perfect balance upon contact. All this, while ensuring great comfort and grip.

All in all, the DeMarini Voodoo bat is suitable for all types of players. Although, it is primarily focused towards the college and high-school players. Apart from delivering devastating power, the entire Voodoo lineup ensures great overall comfort and balance. All of this has been achieved after years of engineering and evolution. Hence, one cannot really go wrong with this bat!

10. Rawlings Velo

Rawlings Velo BBCOR Baseball Bat ReviewThe Rawlings Velo baseball bat has specifically been designed for increased speed and better balance upon a swing. This all-new addition by Rawlings is a result of years of engineering, and a range of technological advancements. As a result of this, the Rawlings Velo offers one of the most smooth and comfortable hitting experiences in the market.

It utilizes a single-piece construction with the signature Acoustic Alloy by Rawlings along with the Tru View Technology. This combined with the Laser p0P 2.0 delivers increased flexibility, maximum pop, and high durability.

The Composite Light End Cap at the same time results in a faster swing and high balance. Moreover, the unique synthetic bat grip ensures great comfort with a confident clutch. Hence, this bat is highly favored by players looking up to faster pitch speed.

All in all, it is difficult to go wrong with this baseball bat. After all, it has been manufactured by a company that carries years of experience in the baseball goods industry.

11. Axe Hyperwhip Fusion

Axe Hyperwhip Fusion BBCOR Baseball Bat ReviewThe Axe Hyperwhip Fusion is the all-new 2019 addition by the company featuring a single-piece bat with a 100 percent Aluminum Alloy construction. This delivers a great level of performance and control in the swing, with a significant amount of pop. Moreover, the barrel provides just the right amount of stiffness that you can expect from a one-piece bat. However, the balanced swing weight is that of a two-piece bat.

Meeting with all the BBCOR standards, this bat has been constructed with a Premium MX8 Alloy Barrel which has gone through a unique heat treatment. This ensures that the bat delivers a big pop right out of the box throughout its life.

At the same time, its shock-absorbing Endo-grid technology reduces the vibrations up to a significant level. Hence, you would not feel a sting in the hands upon a shot. This results in maximum comfort, and peak performance in the field.

12. Easton Alpha Lock & Load

Easton Alpha Lock & Load BBCOR Baseball Bat ReviewManufactured by the Easton Advanced Labs, the Eason Alpha Lock & Load bat is one of the most advanced BBCOR additions in the world of baseball bats. The Easton Alpha Lock & Load bat makes use of a highly optimized barre and high-end materials for peak performance and comfort.

This bat is, more or less, a result of almost a decade of engineering combined with the latest technology. As a result of this, it is extremely difficult to go wrong with this baseball bat!

The Easton Alpha Lock & Load is a one-piece bat that makes use of an ATAC Alloy Barrel in combination with the signature Carbon-Core technology. As a result of this, this bat creates the thinnest wall. Moreover, it also includes the signature adjustable swing weight i.e. Easton’s Lock & Load technology. This allows the experienced players to optimize their performance in the field.

All in all, this baseball bat allows players to reach up to their full potential!

13. Marucci CAT7

Marucci CAT7 BBCOR Baseball Bat ReviewThe CAT7 is one of the latest additions by Marucci, featuring an AZ4X Alloy construction which results in a significantly high response rate with greater power in each shot. Moreover, the highly responsive barrel design results in a larger sweet spot i.e. twice to that of the CAT6.

Moreover, the second-generation Anti-Vibration knob (AV2) makes use of a well-engineering harmonic dampening system which dampens out the vibrations throughout the handle. As a result of this, players could hit with great power with virtually no sting in the bottom section.

The Marucci CAT7 offers one of the most consistent swings in the market, for which all credit goes to the unique single-piece alloy design. At the same time, its premium and high-end look simply give off the impression that you mean real business.

All in all, the Marucci CAT7 has specifically been designed for the players who want to unleash their fury in the field.