Best Catchers Mitt (2020) – Top Rated Catchers Glove Reviews

We all know that as a catcher, receiving is the number one skill that needs to be worked on because you will receive more than anything else. That's why you should get the best catchers mitt out there.

I think in a ball game, you are looking at receiving up to 100-150 times while you may only block or throw a couple.

So now receiving this many balls, it may begin to sting your hand a little especially as you begin to play at higher levels of competition and therefore, you have to start looking at your catching gear especially your catcher’s mitt.

After testing and researching different types of baseball catchers mitts at all different price ranges, I’m super excited to show you what I think are some of the best catchers gloves on the market right now.

To write this article, I have spoken to some really good coaches as well as players who have a background in playing are very competitive levels.

Buying a catcher’s mitt can be an overwhelming process because there’s a lot more to consider than first meets the eye. Ideally, the best catchers mitt is lightweight and does not affect your reaction time. But then you will also have to think about how long they take to break in, are they comfortable to wear and how much you want to invest in a pair.

But I think we can all agree that as a baseball player, there is nothing like the smell of fresh leather when you buy a fresh pack of gloves! So let's get to out catchers mitt reviews.

10 Best Catchers Mitts (2020)


Skill Level



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1. All-Star CM3100SBT

Editor's Choice




2. Rawlings GG Elite

Budget Friendly




3. Wilson A2000

High Performance


Half Moon


4. Mizuno Prospect GXC




5. All-Star CM3031




6. Mizuno GXC105




7. Rawlings R9




8. All-Star CM3200SBT




9. Rawlings Pro Preferred




10. All-Star Pro Elite




1. All-Star Pro CM3100SBT Catchers Mitt

Best Catchers Mitt (Editor's Choice)

The All Star Pro CM3100SBT catcher’s mitt is made from heavy duty rawhide laces and premium tanned steer US hide. Everything about this glove is all star quality.

All-Star Pro CM3100SBT Catchers Mitt

The first thing you will notice is how soft the pre-oiled leather is then as you begin to play catch you will discover that it is easy to break in and it is actually pretty light for a catcher’s mitt and as time goes on, you will realize just how ridiculously durable it is.

With its wrist protection and excellent padding, this glove is equipped to minimize sting so you can focus on the game. From what I can see the 33.5 inches is the most popular option and biggest size on the market.

Conclusion: This All-Star catcher’s mitt is the real deal and its quality is equal to many other top-of-the-line brands. The craftsmanship by all-stars is great and the leather used is very durable. It may just take a little longer to break-in but once broken in, there's not many gloves that can compete.

2. Rawlings 33'' GG Elite Series Catcher's Mitt

Budget Friendly

The best catcher’s mitt on a budget is the Rawlings GG Elite Series mitt. This 33-inch camel-colored pro-inspired catcher’s mitt is made with top-grade leather to guarantee that it will hold up throughout the season. The patterns on the shell are designed to mimic pro styles and have been optimized for all positions.

Rawlings GG Catchers Mitt

The gloves’ leather lacing further increases the durability of the gloves, by keeping the structural integrity of the mitt intact. I found out that the reinforced palm pad reduces the amount of shock that your hand receives, even with a hard throw. The closed two-piece web adds in extra support, securing pitches out of the zone.

Additionally, this glove has boa hand openings that provide a softer entry while further increasing the durability of the glove. The padded finger linings provide cushioning, making it easier to play all day. The glove is also lightweight, helping to improve the comfort of the mitt.

Conclusion: Even though this is a budget-friendly mitt, it is still made with high-quality leather, giving it the durability you really need. Its design also makes it appear higher grade than it is. This glove should easily last all season, offering a good amount of protection and comfort along the way.

3. Wilson A2000 CM33 Catchers Mitt

High Performance

As you may know, Wilson ranked highly when we tested outfield baseball gloves as they were known for making stylish yet comfy looking gloves.

Wilson A2000 Catchers Mitt

These new Wilson A2000 gloves comes with a Pedroia fit around the wrist so it will be smaller and easier to control by a player with a smaller hand and/or wrist.

It is made from blond Pro Stock leather that makes it long-lasting and gives it a great break in. It features DriLex wrist linging that helps to keep your hand dry and cool.

It comes standard with a Velcro wrist strap so you will be able to adjust it yourself to you or your players liking. It features a half moon web that will provide great durability. It comes with exceptional padding to help protect your hand. The padding also makes it snug.

The heel pad is thinner, and it breaks in quickly. It comes with an extra thumb guard to help give you the most protection possible amongst a baseball glove. This is a highly durable and highly consistent model that will make for an excellent choice for any baseball player with smaller wrists or hands to create a better overall fit and comfort.

Conclusion: With almost 200 reviews and 94% of these being five stars, we had massive expectations and it did not fail to deliver! The quality is something really special and feels so light around your hands. Once it's broken in, there's really not much you can fault about especially the noise that it makes as you take a catch. 

4. Mizuno Prospect GXC112 Catchers Mitt

The Mizuno Prospect GXC112 is specially crafted to fit a youth baseball player perfectly. This glove has a size of 31.50 inches and it also features a power close.

The power close makes it easier for younger players to close the glove easily while catching the ball. It is softer than other younger player’s gloves on the market so it requires no break-in time.

This glove also features a Notch V design that can help younger players start an easier closure of the mitt. It comes with a conventional open back that is ideal for young players who desire to improve their catching skills.

This glove allows young players to catch the ball without having to force it to close. The ParaShock palm padding helps to absorb shock from catching the ball. The padding can also provide additional comfort to the hand and wrist. This is the perfect catcher’s mitt for left-handed catchers.

Conclusion: Very nice price and quality! Again hugely popular and not much between this and our top choice. However, these are considerably cheaper and are awesome value for money. When you put these on, they feel so comfortable and are easy to break in.

5. All-Star Competition CM3031 Catchers Mitt

The All Star Competition Series CM3031 is a 33 ½ inch catcher’s mitt. All Star is one of the best manufacturers of catcher’s mitts on the market so they do a great job of making consistent, durable, and overall comfortable glove to use behind the plate.

They add a bit extra padding to protect your hands against higher velocity. They feature a flex crease to ease in the break-in time. It comes with a professionally formed pocket to allow the ball to consistently sit right there in the webbing for a quick throw down to second base or third.

This is a great option for an adult player that is looking to get into catching for the first time. It is very comfortable on the hand and you can even adjust the overall fitting with the velcro strap.

6. Mizuno Prospect GXC105 Catchers Mitt

The Mizuno Prospect GXC105 features a ParaShock palm pad that will last you through many uses. The palm pad will also give young players ideal comfort, outstanding protection, and less rebound.

The Power Close in this glove will help young players still developing their technique as it can enable them to catch the ball and close the mitt easily. The V-Flex notch will make closing easier for young players.

This youth catcher’s mitt measures 32.5 inches and it is made with brown and black leather which gives a classic appearance and durability. This glove is available for both right and left hand catchers. It also has a weight that is perfect for youths as it is not too light or heavy. Mizuno is reputed for manufacturing great products and you will not be disappointed with the quality of this glove.

Conclusion: We love the mitts produced by Mizuno and these Prospect gloves are one of the best for receiving. It's inexpensive but at the same time Mizuno have used some good quality materials. Will need very little breaking in, it's almost game ready and will fall in love with this glove.

7. Rawlings R9 Series Catchers Mitt

The new Rawlings R9 youth baseball series have smaller wrist openings and shorter finger stalls intended to be used by players with smaller hands – typically a younger player.

We know when it comes to T-ball bats, that Rawlings have always been known to make durable products that never disappoint and this transpires into their gloves as well.

The R9 series has a large assortment of variants. In terms of what gloves are available, it goes all the way from an 11 inch youth infield glove with the T webbing all the way up to a 32.5 inch youth catcher’s mitt for a player looking to take on the catching duties full time. The benefits of a first baseman’s mitt are that you will have a better chance of scooping the ball and controlling the ball that is thrown over to you.

The rounded edges of these series help with that scooping and it helps with the overall control of receiving a throw across the diamond. The H-web is an excellent option for an outfielder out there looking to get a bit larger glove while still having the optimal youth thick for full control.

There is also a utility model glove that utilizes the modified trap webbing and it provides an excellent option for younger players out there. What is nice about these gloves and what I really enjoy is that the finger stalls will be lined with a cushion so it will create a very comfortable feel for young players.

Verdict: Many baseball enthusiasts would consider Rawlings one of the top brands when it comes to producing baseball attire and these mitts reaffirms that. Made of top quality leather and doesn't take long to break in. I would say you should be able to use this with confidence within a week. 

8. All-Star CM3200SBT Catchers Mitt

The All-Star CM3200SBT catcher’s mitt is made from premium tanned cowhide and held together with heavy duty rawhide laces which give maximum durability and strength. The black and tan leather also helps to add an additional element of flare.

This glove is made for rough use and fast break-in, making it ideal for longer grueling seasons. It features a preformed pocket and flex action crease for easy flexibility and control. With the special contrasting index finger padding and adjustable Velcro back, you get a comfortable custom fit for a great price.

Conclusion: Another great value catcher's mitt from All-star. Regardless of whether you are a Rookie or Pro, the All-Star CM3200SBT will help to revolutionize your game. At this price-range, the used materials are some of the best quality with great padding. I would consider this a premium product but you get what you pay for and with these you will get a lot!

9. Rawlings Pro Preferred Catchers Mitt

The Rawlings Pro Preferred catcher’s mitt features a larger 34 inch size, a conventional open back with that XRD index finger pad, and a one-piece solid web which is great for making those difficult scoops.

The Pro Preferred is crafted out of full grain leather which comes with a 30% factory break in and 70% player break in which provides you with long-lasting shape for multiple seasons. On the inside of each mitt, Rawlings has applied that pits performance sheepskin palm lining which wicks away moisture to keep you nice and cool in the mitt behind the plate.

The Poron XRD palm padding is extremely comfortable and provides you with that elite protection behind home plate. The pro grade padding in the mitt also provides pocket stability and great shape retention so that way you can break it in the way you would like to.

Verdict: Another mention for Rawlings and I would say another one with mind-blowing quality of material. The leather quality is seriously awesome and you can tell the difference compared to some of the other options. It will feel a little stiff at first right out of the box but once broken in, it becomes a serious power player. I would say it takes about two weeks to break in and be ready! 

10. All-Star Pro Elite Catchers Mitt

The All Star Pro Elite is an all-star catcher mitt, and it is one of the higher quality catcher’s mitts on the market. When it comes to premium gloves, it does not get much higher in price than these but these are some of the most advanced on the market.

All-star addressed the way this glove fits with the Velcro wrist strap which allows it to either loosen or tighten exactly to you or your players liking.

What I like about this model is the leather patch over the top of your index finger sticking out which allows your finger to be a bit more comfortable and protected in case of any bad hop that may come when blocking any pitches that could potentially jam or harm your fingernail. It also comes with a standard closed off and reinforced catcher web that will allow for a very consistent and comfortable pocket.

This glove feels much reinforced compared to other models out there on the market so it will allow for a long period of use and it will also allow for optimal comfort on use. It features a professional black overall colorway with a highlighter yellow color to give it a bit of that swag you might be looking for behind the plate.

Conclusion: Pricey but worth it! When you put these on, they will feel so snug on your hand as the material forms inside to your hand. You can pick them up on sale sometimes when they are available and you will definitely not be disappointed.

11. Mizuno Global Elite Catchers Mitt

The Mizuno Global Elite series 11 features a three-quarter inch glove. The web on this mitt differs from other Global Elite 11 and three-quarter inch patterns.

This glove features a deep 3i web and conventional back. It may take a bit longer to break in but that just means it is made to last years to come. The leather is soft too. The Global Elite series uses light leather which makes it incredibly lightweight and durable.

Mizuno also uses roll welding to reinforce the structure of the finger stalls to further increase durability. It is designed with pitchers and infielders in mind.

This model features a conventional open back and a tartan basket web great for hiding pitches and snagging ground balls.

Mizuno’s craftsmen take great pride in the Global Elite Series resulting in handcrafted perfection for the elite player.

Verdict: Five star gloves that work right out of the box! These are great value for money because they are not as high as some of the more premium options above but yet are a serious power player. Have this soft feeling to them which I kinda like and feels light around the fingers too.

Factors To Consider When Looking For The Best Catcher's Glove

Best Baseball Catchers Mitt


The first factor to consider when shopping for the best catcher’s mitt is the size. If your glove fits you well, you will perform far better than you would if your mitt wasn’t sized correctly.

A catcher’s mitt does not have the same sizing as a fielder’s mitt. Catchers’ mitts are sized by the circumference of the glove. Adults usually have 32” to 34.5” catcher’s mitt. Youth mitts ae smaller, ranging from 29.5” to 30” for children under 7, 30” to 31” for ages 8 to 10, and 30” to 32.5” for ages 11 to 13. Sizing matters for all ages.


Typically, catcher’s mitts have closed webbing, but there are still some with open. Closed webbing is more durable, so you will get more life out of your glove.

It is less common to have open webbing, because the wear and tear on the gloves is harder, though some closed webbing gloves have a couple of slots so you can see the ball in it. Really though, catchers usually stick with closed webbing.


If you think about a baseball barreling toward your hand, you will likely hope that your hand is not going to be hurt in the process. Even with padding, a baseball that is thrown very fast can still hurt on contact.

Catchers need a thicker pocket and excellent padding all throughout the mitt in order to effectively protect their hands and prevent injury. When looking at the best catcher’s mitts, they all have good padding.


We already told you that size matters with your mitts and having an adjustable catcher’s mitt can help with that. Some catcher’s mitts are not adjustable, so be sure that the one you buy definitely is. They can be adjusted by tightening or loosening the laces around the mitt.

Mitt Material

There are several material options when it comes to catcher’s mitts. Leather is the traditional choice and is still in use today. Pro players usually stick with durable leather mitts, but they are not the easiest on the budget and they do need to be broken in.

Synthetic gloves are best for children since they are lightweight and inexpensive. Soft leather mitts are lighter and less expensive than durable mitts, but they do not require break-in time.

Final Words

The best catchers mitt on the market is the All Stars Pro CM3100SBT mitt. This mitt is heavy-duty and it really does fit its name, being an all-star mitt. The leather itself is incredibly soft with a high amount of both comfort and protection.

If you are more interested in a high performance mitt, the Wilson A2000 CM33 might be a better choice for you. This mitt fits snugly and provides a high amount of control, improving your overall performance.

Regardless, make sure that your mitt has all of the protections that you need to be safe and play the best possible. That means a glove that is durable, padded, and fits you well. That is the only way to find the best mitt for your needs.