Best Baseball Cleats (2021) – Lightest Baseball Cleats

We all want to play our best when we are out on the diamond, which means that we need the best baseball cleats.

But what are the best cleats? Are they the lightest baseball cleats? The most durable? There are many factors that you need to take into consideration before you purchase a pair.

Think about the type of cleat you need, the fit of your cleat, and even the brand. All of these factors matter when you shop.

We have broken down everything that you need to know about buying baseball cleats, ensuring that you can make the most informed decision possible. Here?s everything that you need to know.

Different Types Of Baseball Cleats 

Best Baseball Cleats

Molded Cleats

Choosing the type of cleat that you should use can be tricky. Molded cleats are one choice. They are made up of either rubber or plastic and they usually are budget friendly and have a long life.

They do not offer as much traction as metal cleats do, but they also do not damage most surfaces and still work really well if you are playing in the mud. Some leagues do not allow metal cleats at all, so you might have to get molded cleats regardless of your preference. Check your league?s rules to confirm.

Metal Cleats

Metal cleats are the most popular and best baseball cleats for older players. They used to be the only choice for players in general and there are still many players who prefer to use them. They provide the highest level of traction of any of the cleats, which is why they are still popular.

They work well in dirt and grass, but should not be worn on turf, because they will not work and they will wreck it. Typically, youth leagues will not allow the use of metal cleats at all as a safety precaution, but they can still be found in high school and college leagues.

Turf & Training Shoes

Turf cleats are the last type of cleat that you should consider and work as either an indoor or training shoe. They are made specifically for use on turf, whether indoors or outdoors. They will not work on real grass at all.

If you play on both turf and grass, you should consider getting interchangeable cleats so you don?t need to purchase two pairs of shoes. Otherwise you should consider buying two pairs of cleats so that you do not risk damaging the turf or still can get traction when you are outside in grass.

10 Best Baseball Cleats (2021)


Skill Level


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1. New Balance V4 Baseball Cleats

Editor's Choice



2. New Balance 4040 V5 All-Star

High Performance



3. Nike Froce Trout 6 Cleats

Budget Friendly



4. New Balance COMPV1 Cleats

For Wide Feet



5. Nike Force Zoom Trout 5



6. Under Armour Harper 



7. Mizuno Epiq Baseball Cleats



8. New Balance 4040v4 Cleats



9. Adidas Adizero Afterburner 3



10. New Balance L3000 Cleats



1. New Balance 3000 V4 Metal Baseball Cleats

Best Baseball Cleats (Editor's Choice)

Our Editor's Choice are the New Balance 3000 V4 baseball cleats. These have metal cleats, which help make them really dig in when you run. In fact, they really feel like running shoes when you move in them.

New Balance V4 Metal Baseball Cleats

The upper is made with synthetic materials and mesh. It is a bootie construction that effectively wraps around the foot for maximum support. The midsole is made out or foam to provide an excellent level of comfort to your feet. It molds around your feet for a custom fit as well.

The 3000 V4 cleats also have an Ultra Heel to give a good level of plushness around the heel. Additionally, there is a Lace Cage on the tongue to add a fun element to the design. The heel technology is made to keep you performing to the best of your ability throughout the entirety of the game.

The fit of the cleats is breathable, preventing your feet from getting overly wet. The shoes themselves are also lightweight, making them easy to wear as long as you need to. Really, these cleats will increase your overall performance and improve your comfort during gameplay.

2. New Balance V5 All-Star Game Baseball Cleats

High Performance

New Balance V5 All-Star are baseball cleats that are built to give you the best movement and comfort possible.

New Balance 4040 V5 Baseball Cleats

These cleats are a synthetic upper that have kinetic stitching. This type of stitching increases the overall strength of the cleats and allows stretch in the areas that you need it the most. The stitching is done with a finely tuned TPU coated yarn. The TPU film overlay piece helps to protect the seams in the highest abrasion areas.

The tongue of the 4040 V5 shoes has been elasticated with molded foam to give you the best comfort possible from your cleats. The lining of the shoes is a nylon combat mesh. Add that to the molded foam heel and you get the most comfortable combination that prevents frictions.

Furthermore, these cleats have a REVlite midsole to provide you with responsive comfort, keeping you on your feet with ease. The 8 spike metal configuration outsole gives you a high level of traction, making sure that you can really dig in when you need to run.

3. Nike Force Trout 6 Keystone Baseball Cleats

Budget Friendly

For a budget-friendly pair of baseball cleats, we recommend the Nike Force Trout 6 Keystone cleats.

Nike Force Trout 6 Baseball Cleats

These are a synthetic upper that offer durability and support with a midfoot strap that locks your foot down. You do get some choice in the color on these cleats, so you can get a pair that either goes well with your uniform or opt for one that suits your personal style.

The outsole of these cleats is a 12 studded rubber material that provides a high level of traction on the diamond. There is a synthetic toe cap as well to reduce the amount of abrasion that your cleats experience.

The arrowhead details that are the strap are a nod to American League MVP Mike Trout, who really likes hunting. The full-length foam cushioning in the shoes provide an added level of support. The synthetic material that the cleats are made out of has molded details that increase the overall durability of the shoes.

Bottom line: Just because these are more affordable cleats does not mean that they are cheaply made. Nike is a well-known sports brand and popular for both its designs and its quality.

4. New Balance COMPV1 Baseball Cleats

New Balance is known for being a very innovative company in various sports. They are known for being reliable and producing high performing sports equipment.

When it comes to cleat technology, there has been an improvement with them becoming lighter and lighter without comprising on strength and protection? and New Balance is one of the companies that is at the fore-front of this evolution.

With these CompV1?s, I can see they are designed with lightweight and flexible materials to help reduce the pressure that?s felt by the studs.

With the construction of the cleats, these are quite different to the traditional ones. The tongue, ankle and heel are one-piece which gives you amazing fit with great flexibility out on the field.

The FantomFit Upper cushioning that brings together TPU and this mesh material that lets your feet breathe and reduce any rips or rubbing against sensitive areas.

Another interesting part of the shoes are the midsoles where New Balance have used ultra-lightweight REVlite cushioning and these are known for their impressive comfort levels.

Great looking cleat and the impressive alignment gives the user great traction for awesome speed and agility.

These cleats are extremely lightweight and fantastic fit as they were not too tight. There was a lot of space for my feet to breathe

5. Nike Force Zoom Trout 5 Baseball Cleats

Mike Trout could be considered currently one of the best athletes in baseball. His powerful strides combined with grace have been a trademark in the sport for many years and Nike have been hard at work to introduce a cleat that matches this magnitude of awesomeness.

The Zoom Trout 4 were a fantastic set of cleats but Nike have made these new ones lighter while introducing an exciting new signature logo.

Certain aspects still remain the same. They have kept the TPU plate which introduces stability and flexibility in the boot.  But mostly, the traction you get with these 9-spike cleats is amazing which you can count on out on the field.

The Hexagonal Zoom Air units placed at the front of the cleats and the heel help absorb impact to reduce cleat pressure while also being very comfortable.

When unboxing these, the first thing I thought was WOW, these are very good looking. Love the colour scheme and designs. The pictures online do not do it justice.  I noticed you can get them in quite a few colours, but I love the grey metallic aspect of the cleats.

6. Under Armour Harper One Baseball Cleats

These were built primarily focusing on comfort. Bryce Harper mentions in his interview that when he wears basketball shoes, they are super comfortable and he wanted that feel to be emulated with these shoes.

In our opinion, Under Armour have done a fantastic job when it comes to getting that comfort just right with these. This is an extremely difficult proposition when taking into account that they have to last 162 games on surfaces that could be hard as rock and not very friendly towards the base of your cleats.

I noticed that when you first put these on, they feel like you are wearing a regular pair of sneakers, they are sooo comfortable. These cleats have a one-piece woven upper that is extremely lightweight and breathable which excellent fit.

The more iconic technology which I found out about after some research is the Charged Cushioning? midsole which if you are a basketball fan, then you will know that you see these in the Curry Two range also known for they unbelievable comfort.

As per other boots, you?ll also get the 9-spike TPU plate which gives you that aggressive traction and excellent mobility.

For all you massive Bryce Harper fans out there, you?ll see it has his autograph and 220 on the tongue which is just amazing!

Now what a lot of people may not see is that from the side, the inside of the cleats just look generic. However, if you angle it the right way, you?ll see an imprint of Las Vegas skyline, which is Harpers hometown.

7. Mizuno Epiq Baseball Cleats

Unlike the Harper Ones, the predominate focus when Mizuno created these cleats is the best first step quickness in the market.

With that in mind, when you first pick up these cleats, you notice straight away how light they are. This is crucial when it comes to speed as you don?t want to feel like you are running around with heavy loads on your feet.

Next when you put these on, they are such an amazing fit or what is known as anatomical fit which helps reflect the shape of a human foot to give you that snug fit. This is important for better performance because it means that there will be less power loss in your strides when your foot is not sliding around in your shoe.

Looking down into the bottom of the shoes, you?ll see in IQ outsole which stands for Innovative Quickness. This technology comes in the form of flex grooves and an arch support rib which help with acceleration and weight shift out on the field.

Going into the midsole, Mizuno introduce their U4ic technology which is 15% lighter than their traditional midsoles but it?s also very supportive.

8. New Balance 4040v4 Baseball Cleats

The biggest thing about these shoes are the soulplates which are extremely unique and a long time in the making. Even the studs themselves have been innovated as they look so much more dynamic and geometrically driven.

I think New Balance mentioned how each stud is now half a gram lighter than its previous models.

The plate itself has different levels of hardness to help maximise performance. There is a red part which is the hard-pro motion zone designed to alleviate stud pressure in those specific areas. Then you get the whiter areas which is the softer pro motion zone giving your flexibility and a more natural feel when you are moving around on the field.

Moving up the shoes, you?ll see their signature Revlite which we mentioned earlier in the COMPV1?s. New Balance say that this technology is why they are known as having the most comfortable shoes in the game with the new V4?s being sturdier at the forefront than its older models.

TPU mesh is also another great addition to these cleats which when heated slightly, the little plastics melt to give the shoes a rougher and more durable feel.

9. Adidas Adizero Afterburner 3 Baseball Cleats

When you open these out of the signature Adidas shoe box, you can't help but realise how cool these look. Coming in all over blue, they just look awesome right out of the blocks including the sweet Adidas logo on the forefront of the shoes.

Looking at the technology, these have that single-layer SPRINTSKIN? upper which is very lightweight and once laced up give you that anatomical sock like feel.

The seamless Ironskin toecap means that there no stitches in the high wear areas where you would usually see damage occurring.

When you slip these on, they are also super comfortable with the inside lining of the shoes. There a lot of breathability in these too making sure your feet are nice and cool out on the field. The midsole consists of lightweight EVA again helping with cushioning and comfort.

Lastly, you?ll get that SPRINTFRAME outsole plate with the 7 spikes in the base to provide superior traction and performance during the game.

10. New Balance L3000v3 Baseball Cleats

Another New Balance pair of shoes on the list and you must be wondering why! These are a slightly cheaper option but again such great value for money.

These in particular have a low-cut style design which is key to protecting and providing mobility in your ankles. The lacing system gives you a nice secure fit which makes sure everything stays right where it should and doesn?t move around too much.

Looking inside the shoes itself, the lining is super comfortable which is a smooth and breathable material designed to keep your feet nice and cool whether you are standing still or at full sprint.

Now when it comes to technology, here you?ll see New Balance?s dual-density Revlite which is a shock absorbing midsole designed to give you plenty of energy return with every single stride you take.

Finally, as you look into the bottom of the boot, you?ll find the shoes have eight sturdy cleat configuration which will keep you stable whether you are playing in the infield or outfield.

Just from the number of times New Balance has featured on this list, you will probably see that we love their baseball shoes. These cleats are excellent in terms of their fit and comfort. Plus they are so lightweight and there?s no doubt in our minds that these will last a long time. You will not be disappointed!

11. NIKE Huarache 2KFilth Baseball Cleats

The first thing you notice with these is the premium synthetic leather and mesh upper which the shoes are made out of. Obviously, the mesh provides breathability for your feet on the inside while the synthetic leather will keep them protected while you are out there playing.

On top of the leather material, there is a lot of padding in that footbed along with Phylon midsole which has really good shock-absorbing properties and will give you plenty of energy return for your strides out there.

The mid-cut construction around the top of the shoes will help hug your ankle like a sock to give you a secure fit.

The only thing I would take into consideration is that, I have narrow feet and they fitted me perfectly. So, someone with wider feet may find them slightly uncomfortable.

Overall, they are a fantasti pair of shoes that are so comfortable and provide great ankle support. They look pretty sharp out there as well and we can see that these will hold up for a long time. Plus, for the price that you pay for these, they are a great bargain!

Factors To Consider When Looking For The Best Baseball Cleats

Baseball Cleats Considerations


When looking for the best baseball cleats, you should first consider the material that the cleats are made out of. All material choices have pros and cons. The most commonly used materials are synthetic materials and leather.

Leather is the traditional choice. It lasts longer, is heavier on the feet, but it also costs more money. Meanwhile, synthetic materials are normally lighter and have more options as far as fit and flexibility go.

They are also more budget-friendly. The choice is up to you. It is best to try on a couple different type to get a better idea of your preference.

Support & Protection:

Support is another consideration that you should make when it comes to shopping for new baseball cleats. High-top cleats go up higher than the other types, where they end at your ankle.

The purpose is to provide the best amount of ankle support possible. This is really good for players who might have an ankle injury or are prone to injury. Most players prefer mid or low-tops, however. Mid-tops give a little bit of support, but still have more mobility than high-tops.

Low-tops are the most flexible and allow you to move the fastest, but provide no support or protection.

Sizing & Fit

You should never wear cleats that do not fit you well. To know whether you have the right size, you should see how much room is left around your toe. There should be around a quarter of an inch between the tip of your toe and the tip of the cleat.

Your heel should also be locked down with a snug fit. You do not want your heel slipping around and giving you blisters. Your shoes should fit you snugly, but not loosely. Think about the cushion within your cleats as well. You will be on your feet a lot and need to be comfortable.


Your budget should always be a consideration when shopping for cleats as well. You should think about the level of baseball that you are playing before paying too much for a pair of cleats that you are only going to wear once in a while.

Do not spend $500 on cleats when you are a beginning or casual player. More advanced players have a better idea of what they prefer from their cleats. Do not spend out of your budget simply because you think a pair of cleats is what the pros wear. It will not serve you in the end.

How To Break In Baseball Cleats?

You should always give yourself a little bit of time to break in your new baseball cleats. You should never wear a new pair of cleats in a game. It would be uncomfortable, likely painful, and you would not be able to play as well as you would like do.

Instead, buy your cleats before the season starts and wear them during practices only. Your feet will have a chance to break them in and get the cleats to mold to your fit so by the time season starts, you will be good to go.

What Are The Top Baseball Cleats Brands?

While the ideal baseball cleats for you might not be from one of the top brands, it is still a good idea to know which brands are known to be the best for baseball cleats.

Generally, these are the best cleats on the market, so it can help guide you in your quest for great cleats. Here are the top brands out there:

  • Nike
  • Under Armour
  • New Balance
  • Adidas
  • Mizuno

When you buy cleats from any of these brands, you will know that you are buying a high quality cleat. This often means that you might pay a little more for the brand, but that is not always the case.

Avoid buying unknown brands. You will regret an off-brand when it comes time to play and the lack of quality really comes through when you are not able to keep up with other players or wind up slipping at odd times.

Final Words

The best baseball cleats that you can get are the New Balance 3000 V4. These are a great combination of comfortable, breathable, and durable. They will absolutely get the job done for you.

If you are thinking that a high performance cleat is a better choice for you, take a look at the New Balance 2021 V5. These cleats provide some of the best amount of traction that you can expect to get from baseball cleats. They are also the lightest baseball cleats on the market.

Stick with name brands if you can, avoiding unknown brands. The cheaper price will cost you more in game performance. Instead, get quality cleats that will serve you well on the diamond.