Best Baseball Gloves 2019

Finding the best baseball gloves that would last you for years was never as simple as just picking one up from the rack. Unless you had parent or family member, who really knew what they were talking about, you were probably left in the dark a little as to what the right glove for you is. So we did some research to give you a little guidance and help you pick out the right baseball gloves.

The best gloves are not necessarily the most expensive options on the market. There is no point spending $200 on a pair of gloves if you are only just taking up baseball or play the game as a hobby. The most important things to look out for is how they fit on your hand and how long they will last you so you don?t have to keep getting them replaced.

So, I have been speaking to various league players all the way up to professionals and believe that we have found the best baseball gloves on the market right now.

Best Baseball Gloves 2019

1. Mizuno Pro LE GMP100J

The Mizuno Pro LE GMP100J baseball glove is a really premium glove that is going to give you the best feeling out on the field.

This baseball glove is special because of the premium synthetic materials which will gives you a lot of ventilation during the game so you will feel super comfortable and your hands will not sweat at all!

Despite of the little old school looking of this glove, the aesthetics are really nice and unique so you will feel very comfortable and confident during the entire game. This look is because of the Off Season reconditioning program where the glove was restoring the original glory and fame. This is also a LIMITED EDITION so hurry up in order to get a premium one!

On the inside there we can see some synthetic and fluffy materials which has the role to add some extra comfort to your hand in order to make the outfielders catch all the balls.

The durability of the Mizuno Pro LE baseball glove is really good because of the new European Kip Leather which is based on some tighter fibers. This one is stronger than the previous model (Mizuno Pro ).

The web is a really great choice in order to catch the ball perfectly so you will be able to do your best in the game! The web technology is a really smart and durable one so the glove will last even more than the previous gloves models.

2. Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS12BRU

The Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS12BRU is an original glove with some really amazing aesthetics. The pattern is inspired from the best professional baseball players out there.

These gloves are really good on catching balls from the air because of the premium Modified Trap Eze web.

The materials are premium like the pittards performance sheepskin which is going to give a premium feeling and comfort to you during the entire baseball game.

The materials are breathable so the ventilation wicks away any sweat. Now you are able to play and train at baseball a lot without worry about getting your palms sweaty and hot.

The durability is really ok as well because of the strong leathers so you will be able to use this glove long time from now.

You will enjoy this baseball glove and also you will play like a pro wearing this! The materials will give you all the comfort needed and the really awesome aesthetics will provide you a good looking glove out on the field. There we can see some nice Rawlings logo on the wrist . You will look like a professional baseball player who is ready to do his best during the entire game.

3.Wilson A2K 1799 (2018)

The Wilson A2K 1799 baseball glove is really fresh and one of the best baseball gloves in the year of 2018! The awesome design and the really beautiful colorways makes this glove a special one which you will love a lot! This one is actually one of the most premium baseball gloves out there right now! So do not hesitate at all!

If you are a former athlete or even a pro, the Wilson A2K 1799 glove will be an awesome choice because of the double palm construction which are gonna give a lot of pocket stability to you!

Also the stock select leather is a really durable and a great performing one so you will be able to play baseball at your highest limits!

The fit of these is also very impressive because of the premium cuts of leather. The premium materials are gonna give some awesome feeling while you wear this incredible baseball glove

This model was made especially for the outfielders, based on consistency and flawlessness.

4.Nokona Elite X2 (2016)

The Nokona Elite X2?s are a really great choice for any player despite of the fact that is the 2016 edition.

This baseball glove is based on a really strong and durable closed web in order to make sure that you will catch all of the balls thrown.

The materials from the inside are really comfortable as well so you will be able to enjoy each second from the game. The ventilation is good as well so your palm will not sweat at all!

The Nokona Elite X2 baseball Glove will offer you all the essential things to a baseball player in order to succeed.

5. Rawlings Heart of the Hide Finger Shift

The Rawlings Heart of the Hide gloves are really premium and enjoyable. The colorways are amazing and the fit is great. The deep pocket from the web was special made for the outfielders in order to provide the best ball catching possibility.

The soft and professional materials are awesome in order to give you the most premium feeling during the entire game. The finger shift technology is also a good aspect of this glove.

The leathers are giving a good fit and a lot of durability so you can wear this glove long time from now.

The materials from the inside are soft and plushy so you will feel very comfortable in this one.

These baseball gloves break in really quickly so you will start to feel really comfortable in a short time (maybe after just one or two practices).

Another awesome part from this glove is the PRO H Web which is a really smart technology that will help the outfielders catch all the balls and to protect their eyes from the strong sun lights. So you basically be able so see trough the web.

5. Easton Legacy Elite (2018)

The Easton Legacy Elite glove is one of the most comfortable baseball gloves of the year of 2018. The old school looking and colors made the Easton Legacy Elite a unique and pretty interesting baseball glove.

The durability of this glove are just amazing because of the good job made by the japan reserve leathers. This leather is pretty durable so you will not have to worry about it not lasting you enough! You will be able to wear this years after years without breaking them out!

The ultimate control and the premium comfort is provided by the hand oiled primasoft sheepskin lining. This technology improves the fitting. The ventilation is pretty good as well so your palms will not sweat or burn during the game.

The web of these gloves is a slit solid web with no holes present out there. Despite of that aspect of this gloves, the ventilation is still present so you do not have to worry about it. This premium web technology is gonna give you some great catching feeling in order to be the best each second while playing baseball. Does not matter if you are an amateur or even a pro. This glove is for everyone!

6.Easton Mako Legacy 1175DBG

The Easton Mako Legacy gloves are a highly durable baseball glove, made by some premium materials which will improve the great feeling given to the player for the entire baseball game.

Starting up with the leathers, the premium hero kip leather are amazing and contribute towards giving a long durable set of gloves in order to be able to wear them years after years. Also, these gloves are really easy to break in because of the pro leathers.

The web of these are special and unique because of the premium elasticity and the soft feeling while catching even the strongest of throws. The color of the web is different compared to the rest of the glove.

The fitting is also great and the Easton Mako Legacy gloves will be a great choice because the dynamic 2x finger welting is gonna secure you a better finger articulation and pocket shape in order to feel amazing during the entire baseball game and to prevent some potential injuries.

The ventilation of this amazing baseball gloves are really good because of the synthetic materials which will prevent the sweating and the burn of the palm during the baseball game.

7.Marucci Founders’ Series 2018 Model

The Marucci Founders’ Series are a pretty unique and interesting baseball glove which give you a lot of comfort and protection during the baseball game.

The H Web technology are gonna give to you a lot of durability and performance because you will feel some tension in your pocket.

The soft and synthetic materials are gonna give a lot of ventilation and comfort to you during the game so your palms will not sweat or burn inside of the glove at all!

Also the Handcrafted and skillfully leathers and materials are gonna offer you an unique and premium feeling and you will start feeling like a real pro while you play the game of baseball.

Handling the ground balls will not be a problem anymore because of the Two piece back design of the Marucci Founders’ Series 13″ Baseball First Base Mitt – Black/Camel – 2018 Model which is releasing some good fit and high performance during the baseball game.

8.Under Armour Flawless

The Under Armour flawless are made by a lot of premium materials which will give you the best comfort possible during the entire game of baseball.

Starting up with the leathers, the rolled leather are some really good ones in order to secure a long lasting durability of the glove. So basically you will be able to wear them year after year.

There we can see that the special I Web is based on a lot of leathers out there in order to maintain a good stability while catching even the strongest balls out there and to give you the best fit possible.

The synthetic materials are gonna give to a lot of comfort and you will enjoy every moment of the game for sure!

Overall, this is a premium baseball glove which will fit great for everyone, especially if you are a professional or just a competitive baseball player.