Best Infield Glove (2020) – Top Baseball Gloves For Infielders

All positions in baseball need to consider what equipment they have that is specific to the game. Infielders, for example, need to have the best infield glove possible, in order for them to be as successful as they want to be.

When I was younger, I always thought that one baseball glove was good for everything and probably went and picked the first one that you liked the look of. But there is so much more to infield gloves such as different sizes, webbing and patterns.

But what makes an infield glove? There are some differences between infield and outfield, so be confirmed in your position and get ready to catch some balls. You need to think about glove size, hand preference, and even the material that it was made out of.

If this sounds overwhelming, do not worry, we are here to help you find the best baseball gloves out there.

Infield Glove Sizing

Best Infield Glove

There various sizes available to choose from but generally, I find that they go from 11.25 to a 12 sometimes even 12.25 depending on the baseman preferences and positions. Usually the second basemen have the smallest gloves along with the shallowest pockets because you are receiving throws from the short stop and third base.

The last thing you want to be doing in this position is to be digging around for the ball in your glove, it needs to be a quick transfer from glove to hand.

With short stops, they tend to be kind of in the middle ground around 11.25 to 11.75 but I have seen some players 12-inch but I personally think that’s a bit too big for me.

And with third base, they are slightly bigger starting off from about 11.5-inches up to 12.

What Type Of Webbing Should I Go For?

When you look at major games and most common players, I noticed that the most common web is the I-web which gives you a shallow pocket. It’s most common at second base and short stop. There’s a few basemen who use it at third base but most use a different one in that position.

From my research I also found quite interesting that you always want an open glove when it comes to getting the best infielder glove. That’s because when you are scooping up the ball from the ground, you want the dirt to fall out while keeping the ball in the glove. This is different to a pitcher who wants to hide what they are doing to the ball with a closed webbing. Therefore, pitchers are more likely to select basket webs, two-piece solid webs or closed webs.

You then get into H webbing and cross webbing which is a medium to deep web used mostly at third base. It has a nice open style webbing design which allows for any dirt and debris to fall out. This webbing is typically stronger and more flexible than I-webs which helps with those hard balls that are hit to third base.

So now that we have covered some of the basics, I can finally go into my reviews of the glove themselves. I’m super excited about these because I spent so much time and hopefully my help will make you make a better financial decision.

10 Best Infield Gloves (2020)


Skill Level



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1. WIlson A2000 Infield Glove

Editor's Choice




2. Rawlings Gold Glove

High Performance




3. Rawlings GG Infield Glove

Budget Friendly




4. Easton Flagship Glove




5. Wilson A2K Infield Glove




6. Rawlings HOH Pro




7. Wilson A1000 Infield Glove




8. Rawlings Custom Series

High Performance




9. Wilson 1786 Glove




10. Mizuno MVP Prime Glove




1. Wilson 1786 A2000 Series Infield Glove

Best Infield Glove (Editor's Choice)

Our choice for the best infield baseball glove is the 11.5” Wilson 1786 A2000 Series glove. This glove has exquisite construction, with a high amount of durability, increasing the glove’s longevity. The glove has DRI-LEX with an ultra-breathable wrist lining that transfers moisture from the skin, keeping your hand and wrist as dry as possible

Wilson A2000 Infield Glove

The pocket of the glove is shallow, which makes it a perfect choice for infielders. This glove has two strips of leather that have been placed along the back of each finger to build a sturdy pocket. There is also Flat Finger Binding, which is a softer and more comfortable type of protection.

The material of the glove is strong, but that does mean that it will take a little while to break in properly. Once it is broken in, however, the glove will hold the form from your hand. There is also double lacing at the base of the web that increases the overall durability of the glove.

Ultimately, what makes this glove so great is that it is made to really protect your hand and wrist. It also has a longer lifespan than comparable gloves, so you will not be replacing it often.

2. Rawlings Gold Series Infield Glove

High Performance

The best infield glove that is also high performance is the Rawlings Gold Glove Series. This is an 11.5” glove with a shallow, Pro I webbing, which makes it a perfect choice for infielders.

Rawlings Gold Series Infield Glove

What is a big indication that this is a pro-level glove is that every glove has an individual serial number to signify the maker as well as the date that the glove was created. It also has the production number so you really know that this is an authentic glove.

The glove is made out of several difference materials, including European kip leather which gives it a completely unique feel an appearance. There is also Tennessee Tanning leather laces to help ensure the overall durability of the glove as well.

On the inside of the glove, you will find that there’s 100% wool padding. This helps in the formation of the glove as well as to retain the shape of the glove itself. The palm lining is made out of calf skin that helps to wick away moisture from your skin.

This glove is made with premium materials and will give you premium comfort and performance when you need it most.

3. Rawlings GG Elite Series Infielder Glove

Budget Friendly

It is completely understandable if you are looking for an affordable infield glove.

Rawlings GG Elite Infield Baseball Glove

So many of them do have a premium price and make it especially hard if you are only a casual player. If you are wanting a good infield glove, but need it to be at a more reasonable price, you should look at the Rawlings GG Elite Series glove. This is an 11.25” glove, which is a great size for infielders.

The soft leather shell of the Rawlings GG Elite has American made laces that increase the overall longevity of the glove. The shell itself is easy to break in so there is no period of breaking in before you can use it. The lining of the palm is deer-tanned cowhide while the finger linings are full-grain. They are both used to increase your comfort within the gloves.

Because there is no break-in period with these gloves, they are more likely to breakdown quicker than some of these other gloves in our list. They do not come with the same longevity, but their comfort level is much higher. Not having a break-in period also means you will be able to play to your style right when you buy it.

4. Easton Flagship Series Infield Baseball Glove

Another great option for infield gloves is the Easton Flagship Series glove. This glove is 11.75” so it is closer to an outfielder glove than some of the others that we have looked at here. This is a great choice for utility players who need the balance of ability to access the ball and have good pocket security.

The Flagship glove is made with traditional steer leather construction, which gives you a consistent amount of reliability as well as durability. Because this material is so commonly used, it is easy to know what you can expect from the glove.

The pattern of the glove is a neutral infield patter with an H-web. This gives you good support for utility players who like the sense of security that comes with a great infield glove. One of the nicest things about this glove is that it has sheep wool along the wrist to give you the best feel imaginable around your wrist.

When it comes down to it, this is a versatile glove that pulls out all of the features that you could dream of for comfort. As a bonus, the steer hide binding increases its durability, making it a great choice.

5. Wilson B212 Infield Baseball Glove

Wilson’s 6-4-3 B212 is a legend in Wilson glove culture as it perfectly combines affordability and quality. It is designed specifically for pitchers and it is one of the most popular infield baseball gloves in the MLB.

This is not just because Wilson is better at professional glove distribution but the glove has a deep pocket and 2 piece web that allows for full ball concealment. This is a feature desired by most elite pitchers. If you aspire to be an elite pitcher or you are already one, we recommend the 6-4-3 B212 gloves wholeheartedly.

There are two layers of leather in the palm that makes it more padded and durable. It helps to make the glove slightly heavier while also adding a longer break-in time. The leather strips in this glove that hold the fingers together (called welts) are soft since they are rolled before they are sewn together.

The backing of the 6-4-3 B212 has an open back with a laced binding. The open back allows for extra ventilation and the laced binding provides a snug and secure fit. This helps to keep the glove in place even in the toughest plays.

6. Rawlings HOH PRO Infielder Glove

There's no surprise to see that Rawlings is featured on this list and in such a high position. They are a huge player when it comes to baseball gloves and will see them being mentioned numerous times here. If you are a regular reader on our blog, then you will know how much we love their bats in our best BBCOR bats guide.

The Rawlings Heart of the Hide glove combines professionally inspired designs with classic color combinations. This is a traditional infield based glove, and it is built with a decent-sized pocket. This glove comes in 11.75-inch Trap-Eze web design.

The 205-4CT is designed especially for the third baseman or pitcher that wants a trap web on a custom looking glove. The deer tanned cowhide and palm lining provides exceptional protection. The plush, full-grain finger back lining of the 205-4CT provides an unbeatable fit and feel.

The leather used to make this glove is made from the top 5% of the center on the steer hides. Not only is this glove reliable and dependable but it has a padded Palm and thumb loops that deliver extra protection and optimizes comfort during impact. It also comes with a 30% factory break-in that makes the break-in period less time-consuming. The PRO 205-4CT has a conventional open back with a red patch.

7. Wilson A1000 DP15 Infield Glove

The A1000 DP15 has a small wrist slot and short finger stalls. These features are ideal for players looking for that Wilson style and feel but don’t have the budget, patience, or size for the A2000 series. The DP15 is made from quality rawhide leather that is soft and sturdy. The glove uses Dustin

The DP15 has a thin Palm that allows for a quicker break-in period which can be helpful for younger players. This glove is a great choice for any player transitioning through travel ball. It is a reasonable choice for growing players who only require quality in a certain size for a defined number of year.

It is available in three different colors - black, blue, and red. The DP15 is an 11.5 inch infield glove and can be considered a utility infield glove. This glove is an H-web model that is game ready as soon as it is taken out of the box. When compared to the A2K and A2000, it comes at a fraction of the price.

8. Rawlings Custom Series Infield Baseball Glove

Rawlings series allows you to get the same VIP treatment as the pro members of the Rawlings team. The RCS gloves allow you to build your own Heart of the Hide, Gamer XLE glove, or your preferred Rawlings Pro from the ground up.

The Rawlings Custom Series is made of full grain leather steer hide with leather lacing that helps to create a fashionable, comfortable, and durable look. It has a game ready feel for that quick and effortless break-in. This glove is the perfect choice for any player looking for a custom glove with a splash of color.

It features a patented Dual Core technology, narrow fit patterns, and it comes in a variety of bold colors. The RCS glove is an 11-inch, and it is ideal for third base or infield positions. For a personal touch, you can customize the nameplate.

The zero shock Palm pad can help to reduce sting while the speed trap on this glove allows for faster closing of the glove. It has a conventional style back with a pull strap that provides a comfortable fit. The non-slip thumb loop and the deep basket web pattern allows for greater control. The pads on the index finger and palm help to diminish the ball impact.

9. Wilson 6-4-3 1786 Infield Glove

This glove’s construction and dimensions make it the most popular glove from Wilson. The 1786 leather is sourced from specially raised cows in Japan and Wilson refer to this leather as Pro-Stock.

This glove uses a very traditional hand entrance that is not too small and not too big. It has a general fit on the hand, making it most infielders dream glove. It has a shallow pocket that helps to get rid of the ball quickly. It has extra padding in the heel that will not distract you when making exchanges.

It runs 11.5 inches from the web tip to the heel. This is the preferred size for several 3rd basemen and most middle infielders. We recommend this glove to anyone who plays shortstop, 2nd, and 3rd base. The 1786 has a double looped “x”-lacing and H-web pattern at the base of the we

b that helps to keep the pocket shallow for quicker transitions. The Palm, lacing, and shell are made of Wilson’s Double Play leather. Just like the B212, the 1786 also features a Rolled Dual Welting that helps to create a long-lasting shape with a quicker break-in period.

10. Mizuno MVP Prime SE Infield Glove

Mizuno for us, are a bit of an underrated brand when it comes to the baseball market. Sports enthusiasts will have seen their stuff in the world of Golf and Volleyball but what are their baseball gloves like. We loved the Mizuno MVP in our best baseball helmet guide but will the gloves stand the test of time?

Well, the Mizuno MVP Prime SE is one of the most versatile in this niche. This glove has a center pocket under the index finger that offers an adaptable break-in. It is made from quality soft leather that helps to improve the feel of the glove.

This glove is specially designed for those players looking for natural movements which synthetic materials can’t replicate. The Mizuno MVP Prime SE has a lace design at the edges which helps to improve control and stability of the glove in high impact areas. This equips players better to hold the ball.

The Heel Flex Control technology on this glove will help to improve its flexibility. This technology patented by a Japanese company. This technology also allows you to stop and hold the ball. The color options and the overall design of the MVP Prime SE give it a premium feel.

The Outfit Shock 2 web technology will also give you more stability and better control of the ball. This glove comes in multiple color patterns so you can choose the one that best suits your preference. The Mizuno MVP Prime SE is perfect for infielders as they can benefit from its stiff but soft feel.

11. Wilson A2000 D33 Infield Baseball Glove

The Wilson A2000 D33 glove is an 11.75-inch glove that is built specially for pitchers – although, a third baseman might like the intricately laced webbing and deep pocket. This glove is a good fit for an elite pitcher who likes the look of the webbing over a more classic look. The D33 will work well for those athletic pitchers who need to make a play often. The deep and wide pocket on this glove will help pitchers conceal their grip.

It has a Pro-Laced web that gives it a perfect break-in. The dual Welting helps to create a durable

pocket while also giving it a long-lasting break-in. The gap welting also gives it a flat and more consistent pocket. The D33 is made from Pro Stock leather that gives it unmatched feel and rugged durability. It has an ultra-breathable wrist lining that helps to transfer moisture from the skin, keeping your hand dry and cool.

12. Mizuno Franchise Series Infield Glove

At a length of 11.75 inches, the Mizuno Franchise series is an awesome baseball glove for younger pitchers and/or infielder. This glove is made from Pre-Oiled Java leather that helps to give more life to the baseball mitt and is durable. It has a Hi-Low lacing that gives the glove more flexibility and durability.

The Mizuno Franchise series is flexible, durable, and comfortable and it is reasonably priced. The web design and the styles of the laces help to make the glove great looking and functional.

The Adjust-A-Size wrist closure feature in this glove will help players create a personalized fit for any size hand. It incorporates the Palm Soft and ParaShock technologies to protect your when catching the ball.

The ParaShock plus helps to absorb the shock of repeated use as it provides outstanding protection and comfort. The Palmsoft lining has padded pigskin in the Palm that helps to increase comfort and feel. The Mizuno Franchise series has an open back, Deep III web style and a silver/coffee colorway.

13. Rawlings Gamer XLE Infield Baseball Glove

The Rawlings Gamer XLE is an economical a glove with full leather construction. Although the leather may not be the best on the market, you can expect to use it for a decent amount of time. It is made from full grain cowhide leather that offers players easy break-in and durability.

This is an infield baseball glove that has shorter finger stalls and smaller hand opening for great ball control and balance. This makes it ideal for players with small hands or younger players. The XLE features a soft, full grain shell that helps to maximize defensive performance.

The fully padded thumb loop gives it a comfortable feel. It also features the PORON XRD Palm pads that help to reduce the ball impact significantly. The XLE feature a limited edition color scheme that you can’t find on other Rawlings glove.

The ProGrade laces in this glove provide additional durability for that long lasting shape. The Rawlings Gamer XLE also features a Modified Trap-Eze web and a conventional open back that can help players own the infield dirt.

14. All-Star System Seven Infield Glove

The All Star System seven gloves is made from high-quality Japanese Maruhashi Black and Tan leather that gives it long lasting durability and allows for a fast break-in. The tan leather helps to create a pocket, and it breaks in fast.

The stiff feel of the leather provides the needed support for a long lasting glove. The Pro Guard Padding in the All Star’s glove provides a thin layer of additional padding in the Palm. This helps to kill the sting miscaught balls. This glove is thin enough to allow players to know where the ball is in it.

This is an 11.5 inch infield glove that features a shallow pocket and a conventional open back for quick ball transfer and easy scooping. This glove has a nice quality lacing that is durable and soft. It has an adjustable Velcro wrist strap and a typical two-piece bar web.

It has a very deep pocket that closes completely around a baseball. The All-Star system seven gloves is a durable high-quality glove that will surely last you through multiple seasons. It combines amazing value and great quality leather.

15. Marucci HTG Series Infielder Glove

The Marucci HTG series is a durable and more game ready option that can help players maximize their defensive performance. It is made from premium steer hide leather that is tanned to feel and perform like Japanese hides.

The leather gives a game ready feel with superior durability. The HTG glove uses a thin heel padding that allows for better feel on the ball and easier break-in. This glove comes with 100 percent wool on the wrist slot backing.

The HTG gloves are skillfully handcrafted to ensure an individual custom fit and precise attention to detail. The open back closure on this glove helps to improve the weight and durability. The split gray finger Welting helps to add a more leather feel to this glove. The Marucci HTG series is perfect for utility players and pitchers.

16. Rawlings HOH PRO204W2R2 Infield Glove

Pedroia’s famous tight fit so the wrist slot is tighter and the knuckle bridge is lower. It has a small hand way, and it is specifically designed for smaller players.

The PRO204W2R2 is made of steer hide leather and it features the game-day patterns. The tanned cowhide plus Palm lining gives it added protection. It has a padded thumb sleeve that gives it extra comfort. The additional structure and padding inside the palm help to increase the durability. It has a tapered wrist with the traditional I-web design.

The PRO204W2R2 is a perfect middle infield glove that gives a more snug fit. It has an 11.5-inch short pocket that is made for easy access to the ball and quick transitions. The Dual Core in this glove helps to deliver an easier break-in and softer leather. The PRO204W2R2 has remarkably durable laces that ensure a comfortable feel.

Factors To Consider When Looking For The Best Infielder Glove

Infielder Glove Specifications


To begin with, you need to think about the kind of materials used in infielder gloves. They are normally made with leather, treated leather, synthetic materials, or mesh. Leather in general has the best quality and you will get the most life out of your glove.

Treated leather is softer and breaks in faster. Synthetic materials are normally used in the least expensive gloves on the market. They do the job, but not as well as leather gloves do.

Pocket Size

Infielders normally have a glove that has a smaller pocket size than outfielders use. The smaller pocket provides an extra element of protection from fastballs. They also need to exchange balls quickly without any kind of hang-ups.

You do not need as deep of a pocket as other positions do, but if you are a utility player, you should opt for one that has a deeper pocket than the smallest infielder glove.

Throwing Hand

Your throwing hand also makes a great amount of difference in what you should be looking for in your glove. A left-handed thrower wears the glove on the right hand and vice versa. Your glove will need to match up with your catching hand.

If you feel like you can use either, it is time to just pick one hand over the other, and preferably making sure your strongest arm is your throwing arm.


Padding inside of the glove will make the glove more comfortable to wear, but more importantly, it is there to protect your hand and wrist from impact.

Infielders are more likely to catch fastballs and be hit at a greater force of impact than an outfielder would be, so an infielder requires more padding. You still need to be able to successfully catch the ball, however, so too much padding can hinder your skills.

Wrist Adjustment

The wrist adjustment on your glove is what allows it to cinch around your wrist snugly, keeping it in place and making the glove more comfortable. There are quite a few different types of wrist adjustments, including laced, D-ring, buckle, and Velcro.

You need to be sure that the glove can adjust comfortably to your wrist size and if you have a preference on adjuster type, look for that in your gloves as well.


For an infielder, the webbing on your glove should have looser stitches than other positions. The looser the webbing, the more feel and control that you will have on the ball, making it faster to catch and to throw.

Getting adjustable webbing is also a nice tool if you place more than one position and would like to adjust as you switch between your positions. For other players, the webbing is a personal preference.


Your budget also needs to be included in your considerations for an infield glove. If you are only a casual player or are just getting started, you do not need to shell out hundreds of dollars to get an infield glove.

Instead, you can get something that is good quality, but less expensive to get started with. There are plenty of gloves that work within budgets out there, so do not feel restricted in quality.

How To Break In Baseball Gloves? 

If you have a stiffer glove and are trying to break it in quickly, there are some solutions to try. The best thing that you can use is get some glove conditioner or glove oil. Be sure that you are using materials made for gloves, because household oils will only damage your glove.

Once you have successfully oiled it, put a baseball in the glove where you catch the ball. Wrap the glove up with a large rubber band or any other device that will keep the glove in its current state. Leave it tied up for three days and you should be good to go.

How to Clean & Oil Baseball Gloves? 

It is best to wipe your glove down with a damp cloth after every use, but if your glove is really dirty, there is help. First, brush the dirt and dust off the glove with a light brush. Then apply a small amount of glove leather cleaner to a damp cloth and wipe the entire glove with it.

Use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe the cleaner off, and then set the glove out to air dry. Once it is dry, using a leather oil or glove leather oil or conditioner, rub the baseball oil all over the glove.

Final Words

Our choice for the best infield glove is the Wilson 1786 A2000 Series glove. This glove is incredibly durable so it should be able to last you through at least a season before needing to be replaced. It also has protective and comfort padding, so your hand will be as safe as possible with this glove.

If you are thinking more in terms of high performance, the Rawlings Gold Glove Series might be the right glove for you. It is made with only premium materials making it very soft to wear with a long lifespan.

Remember that the best baseball glove for you might not cost as much as the others, but that does not make it any less effective while playing.