Best Junior Big Barrel Bats 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

What?s the right junior big barrel baseball bat for you? There?s so many good quality bats out there that sometimes it can get a little overwhelming to choose from. The most important thing is that it?s comfortable and offers great pop.

We?ve tested hundreds of bats and believe that the best junior big barrel baseball bat is the Marucci F5. It?s just absolutely awesome and a great all-round bat. If you aren?t looking for a junior bat than you might want to check out our list of best T-Ball bats while you are here.

Also for those who are in a bit of a rush and aren?t able to go through all the reviews below, here are our featured bats which boast some very impressive features:

Ultimately, the big barrel baseball bat you want to go for will depend very heavily on your skill level and the amount of times you play a week. It would not make sense to invest $200 on a junior baseball bat if you will only use it once a month and don?t play at a competitive level.

However, I did find this video below where they talk about these bats and a great way to save tonnes of money on them during a certain time when companies are looking to off-load. Definitely worth a quick watch.

Whatever your level of play is, there is definitely some awesome options to go for that will help your game as much as possible. In this article we have put together our top ten picks of the best junior big barrel bats right now ? and don?t be surprised if you see some unusual options in there. So let?s dive straight in!

Best Junior Big Barrel Bats 2019

1. Marucci F5One-piece AlloyRing-free BarrelCheck Price
2. Louisville Slugger OmahaOne-piece performance6-Star end capCheck Price
3. DeMarini UprisingOne-pieceDX1 AlloyCheck Price
4. Easton S450Alx50 Military gradeConcave end capCheck Price
5. Marucci CAT8AZ105AV2 Anti-VibrationCheck Price
6. Easton SpeedALX50Flex™ gripCheck Price
7. Marucci CAT7AZ4X alloyLarge sweet spotCheck Price
8. Easton BeastOne-pieceX TendedCheck Price
9. Marucci CAT CompositeAZ3000 AlloySDX EXTCheck Price
10. Easton Ghost X HyperliteOne-piece exact carbonSpeed CapCheck Price

1. Marucci F5

Marucci F5 Junior Big Barrel Bat ReviewThe Marucci F5 is one of the best junior big barrel baseball bats in the market with a very precise balance, multi-variable walls, and an overall traditional feel. If you have read our other articles before, you will probably know that we love Marucci bats especially their BBCOR bats where they made an appearance quite high up on the best BBCOR bats list.

This youth baseball bat is constructed with a single piece alloy for great control, accuracy, speed, and balance. All in all, this bat would allow the players to do some great damage on the field!

Since this bat features a multi-variable design, it has an extended sweet spot. At the same time, it allows the bat to have a great amount of durability.

Moreover, the all-new ring-free technology removes any dead spots in the barrel for unmatched performance. At the same time, the micro-perforated grip is designed for better comfort, improved feel, and a sturdy grip. This also dampens down any vibrations in the bat, hence allowing young players to deliver their best in the game.

The Marucci F5 meets all the USSSA standards and is fully certified for use in all of the big youth games. Without a doubt, this youth baseball bats is one of the best in the market.

Verdict: With a rating of 4.8 out of 5 on Amazon, you can see why there was huge expectations for this bat to deliver and boy did it not disappoint! Marucci make beautiful bats and are top quality. Bearing in mind how cheap it is right now (like this one on Amazon), it is an absolute steal. Just be aware that this one is only USSSA approved and so I would recommend this as a team bat.

2. Louisville Slugger Omaha

Louisville Slugger Omaha 518 Junior Big Barrel Bat ReviewThe all-new Louisville Slugger Omaha is one of the most highly performing junior big barrel bats from Louisville Slugger. This bat is specifically designed for young players to take the field by storm on the highest level. Just similar to how Louisville Slugger has dominated the world of baseball equipment and gear.

This bat allows young players to deliver their best, in each and every swing. The Louisville Slugger Omaha is constructed with a single piece alloy design that is enhanced with the signature 6-star end cap.

This allows the bat to have a large sweet spot along with a stiff feel. The weight of the bat is mid-balanced, which allows players to have great control over all of their swings.

At the same time, the durable leather grip adds into the overall comfort and feel of the bat. You might also want to check out our best batting gloves guide where Louisville gloves are featured and go hand in hand with this bat.

Without a doubt, the Louisville Slugger Omaha is one of the most highly performing youth baseball bats with a premium feel and since it is also USSSA approved, it can be used in all of the big games.

Verdict: One of the best pops on the market right now and such a balanced feel as well. Perfect for making it easier to swing for a little one with the huge sweet spot. Just be prepared for other people asking you to see if they can use it! They are pretty cheap right now as well, you can pick them up here on Amazon!

3. DeMarini Uprising

DeMarini Uprising Junior Big Barrel Bat ReviewThe DeMarini Uprising is the top choice off bats among many players all over the country. This is primarily because the brand is dedicated to delivering exceptional quality and performance in competitions of all levels.

The DeMarini Uprising is primarily developed for the young players who further want to enhance and develop their playing style. This bat has been made out of the Signature DX1 Alloy by DeMarini, into a single-piece construction delivering great performance and strength.

At the same time, the signature IonD end cap reduces the unwanted weight at the barrel?s end which increases the overall speed and control. Perhaps, the best part is that the manufacturers provide a one-year warranty for this bat.

All in all, this bat has been designed while keeping speed, power, and high-performance in mind. Indeed, it is one of the best youth baseball bats in the market out there.

Since it is also approved by USAbat, it can be played in all of the major games such as Babe Ruth, Dixie Youth, AABC, Cal Ripken, Pony, and Little League.

Verdict:? One very hard hitting bat that can not be beaten on price! The weight and balance on this bat is absolutely awesome and kids love it! You can pick these up for pretty cheap too right here on Amazon.

4. Easton S450

Easton S450 Junior Big Barrel Bat ReviewEaston is a company that has been around since quite a while. The company has produced baseball equipment for several decades now and has featured in so many of our articles especially in our best batting helmets guide where they are known for producing very durable products.

The Easton S450 comes in two versions. Firstly, it is available in an adult version (-3) which carries a green/grey barrel and a youth version which carries a green/black barrel.

Both of these are constructed with the signature military-grade Alx50 Aluminum. It may be alarming for many people that a youth bat is constructed with military-grade aluminum. However, this is actually highly beneficial as it would allow the young players to hone their skills better.

Since this bat is quite sturdy and stiff, it delivers a massive pop which is easily distinguishable if you compare it with other bats. At the same time, the concave end cap puts unwanted weight out of the equation, hence allowing young players to have more control over each and every swing.

Verdict: As far as the performance goes, the Easton S450 is unmatched. With a loud pop, a large sweet spot, and great control, the Easton S450 performs like none other! I have to say it looks pretty cool too, it has one of the best designs on the market and can be found here on Amazon.

5. Marucci CAT8

Marucci CAT8 Junior Big Barrel Bat ReviewThe Marucci CAT8 is a USSSA certified big barrel bat which is constructed with the signature AZ105 aluminum alloy for great strength and durability. This bat features a single-piece alloy construction with a great response rate and thinner walls.

At the same time, the precision-balanced barrel on this bat provides a large sweet spot. All credits for this go to the ring-free multivariable wall. Moreover, the signature Anti-Vibration AV2 knob diminishes the vibrations hence removing negative feedback and overall comfort of young players. The finely tuned harmonic dampening system on this bat is indeed none like others.

Moreover, the barrel has no dead spots due to the ring-gree construction. All in all, the bat features a very ergonomic knob shape with a removable taper on the handle.

Since the Marucci CAT8 is USSSA certified, it can be used in all of the big youth games. Indeed, this bat allows young players to unleash their true potential in the game and to take the field by storm.

Verdict: One of the premium bats on the market for all you serious kids out there. Super powerful that makes one explosive noise on contact. Marucci have always been pretty good with their bats and are known for being durable and made of great quality. Check them out here on Amazon where they are hot property right now.

6. Easton Speed

Easton Speed Junior Big Barrel Bat ReviewThe Easton Speed baseball bat features a 2 ? inch barrel due to which it has a very large sweet space and a greater surface area for contact with the ball. The bat has been constructed with the ALX100 aluminum alloy of military-grade quality. As a result of this, the Easton Speed is an extremely lightweight yet highly durable bat.

Since this bat is quite lightweight, it is very suitable for young players as it allows them to swing with more speed and control. At the same time, the handle is cushioned with 2.2 mm thick FLEX grip making it extremely comfortable to hold.

At the same time, the concave end cap is designed to provide a great amount of stability and balanced while increasing the power at the same time. This allows young players to achieve the speed and distance with every hit.

Moreover, since this bat is also USSSA certified, young players can use it in all of the big games that include Little League, Pony, Cal Ripken, Dixie Youth, Babe Ruth, and AABC.

Verdict: This one is all about value for money. It’s one of the cheapest options and it packs quite a heavy punch. If you are looking for something lightweight but cheap and cheerful then you can’t go wrong with this. I was shocked to see just how cheap they are right now here on Amazon to be honest so definitely worth checking out even if it’s used as a second bat!

7. Marucci CAT7

Marucci CAT7 Junior Big Barrel Bat ReviewEngineered for perfection, the Marucci CAT7 is one of the most high-performing junior baseball bats in the market. This bat is quite similar to the CAT5 and CAT6 in terms of its design. However, it packs in double the amount of power. Hence, this bat may allow young players to unleash all the power that resides within them!

The Marucci CAT7 is constructed with an all-new AZ4X alloy that has undergone many significant improvements over the years. As a result of this, the durability and strength of this bat have been improved drastically.

At the same time, the barrel design has been optimized fully for better pop and an extended sweet spot. The credits for all of these improvements go to the years of complex engineering.

Apart from providing great power, this bat is also highly comfortable for use. This is because it makes use of the all-new AV2 Knob which significantly reduces the vibrations. As a result of this, this bat delivers virtually no sting at all.

Since it is also USSSA certified, it can be used in all of the major youth leagues in the United States.

8. Easton Beast

Easton Beast Speed Junior Big Barrel Bat ReviewThe all-new Easton Beast 2019 has been designed to enhance the performance of youth players by a great deal. This USSSA approved baseball bat has been constructed with the highest-quality ATAC allow materials, featuring a strong yet extremely lightweight aluminum barrel.

At the same time, the 2.2 mm FLEX cushioned grip gives an ergonomic grip to the bat allowing young players to maintain perfect balance and strong grip. Hence, this bat is more or less a powerhouse for hitters.

The flexible and highly responsive barrel design also results in a big pop on hit, whether it is a home run or a line drive. Without a doubt, it is obvious that Easton is focused on delivering the best quality to young players so that they can unleash the true power within them.

In order to extend the sweet-spot, the barrel performance of this baseball bat has been improved over the years. Today, the Easton Beast delivers greater area for an ideal hit. Moreover, its USSSA certification makes it compatible for use in all of the major youth games.

9. Marucci CAT

Marucci CAT Junior Big Barrel Bat ReviewThe Marucci CAT is a USSSA certified drop 10 length-weight ratio bat that features a maximum barrel length construction for a wide sweet spot and better surface area for contact. The SDX EXT connection which is currently pending a patent maximizes the transfer of energy to the ball due to increased stiffness. At the same time, this all-new system also diminishes the negative vibrations in the handle resulting in virtually no sting. This also allows young players to unleash their true power within.

The Marucci CAT features a two-piece composite construction with no dead spots in the barrel, all credits for which go to the ring-free barrel construction. All in all, the Marucci CAT is a result of years of engineering.

Apart from that, the bat also features a soft-touch micro-perforated grip containing extra cushioning and tack for improved control and grip. Moreover, this bat also reflects off a very premium look which makes young players look like they truly mean business!

10. Easton Ghost X Hyperlite

Easton Ghost X Hyperlite Junior Big Barrel Bat ReviewToday, Easton has become a household name in the world of baseball equipment and bats. The Easton Ghost X Hyperlite bat is constructed with the signature EXACT Carbon materials which improve the barrel performance greatly and gives an unmatched feel to the bat.

At the same time, the usual 2.2mm FLEX handle-grip results in the signature feel that is experienced in almost all of Easton bats. Such ergonomic hold allows players to balance each and every shot out, for maximum performance.

Since this bat has been constructed with EXACT Carbon materials, the barrel is highly responsive and has better flexibility. This improves the overall pop sound and also allows young players to deliver great power.

Nevertheless, the prime traits in which this bat probably stands out include better control and feel. Since it is highly lightweight, young players may find it easy to swing and to control.

Most importantly, it is USSSA approved, as a result of which it can be used in all of the major youth games in the United States.