Best Outfield Gloves (2020) – Top Outfield Gloves For Baseball

Outfield gloves are not the same as infield gloves. If you are an outfielder, you need to be sure that you are using the best outfield gloves possible. But what makes an outfield glove different from gloves used in other positions?

If like me, you have ever tried to be an outfielder, you will know that you are responsible for covering a third of the outfield which means you have to be able to cover a lot of ground. They have to be fast and explosive which includes being able to catch the ball and letting it go quickly.

So, in this article, I have spent countless hours researching the best outfielders baseball gloves that are actually going to help you catch the ball consistently.

I’m not the best outfielder myself but hopefully, through our good friends playing elite level baseball and some local coaches, my article will help you make a good financial decision.

Outfield Glove Sizing & Web

Best Outfield Glove

When you are an outfielder, there are different types of webbing you can go for. The one that I would suggest is looking for trap web which is longer and allows you to cover more ground so that when you are running around the outfield, the glove will give you more range to catch a fly ball.

The larger pockets and wide heel will help make taking these catches a lot easier for you.

In terms of size, all outfield gloves are marked as 12.75 inches so when you are an elite-level ball player, playing in a specific position, you’ll definitely want to pay attention to the size so you can cover more ground in the outfield.

To buy the best outfield glove for you, you will need to consider several factors about the glove, including what it is made from, where it was made, and whether it is the right glove for your position.

We have broken down everything that you need to know about outfield gloves below. 

10 Best Outfield Gloves (2020)


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1. Wilson A2000 Glove

Editor's Choice




2. Rawlings Mike Pro

High Performance




3. Rawlings GG Elite

Budget Friendly




4. Wilson B212 Glove




5. Marucci BR450




6. Mizuno MVP Prime




7. Rawlings HOH




8. Marucci HTG Outfield




9. Rawlings R9




10. Mizuno Franchise




1. Wilson A2000 Outfield Glove

Best Outfield Glove (Editor's Choice)

The latest Wilson A2000 features a six fingers web/palm, and a one-piece. On top of that, this baseball glove comes in both right hand and left-hand throw versions. Delivering exceptional performance, the Wilson A2000 is highly suitable for outfielders who want a glove with the lesser rebound, and great fit.

Wilson A2000 Outfield Glove

This glove features a Blonde Pro Stock Leather, which is the finest among all. On top of that, it makes use of red and black accents. The pinky stall allows the two fingers to rest, all credits for which go to the OT6.

The Wilson gloves have constantly gone through an improvement in the past. All in all, this brand is quite well-known for using materials that deliver unmatched performance. At the same time, the seamless stitching is staunch, and would not break loose for years to come. Hence, the construction is quite dependable.

Over a period of time, the older versions of Wilson Glove evolved into the A2000, as we know today. This, is more or less, a product of hundreds of insights that were driven by the baseball players worldwide and Wilson Advisory staff.

2. Rawlings Mike Trout Pro Outfield Glove

The Rawlings Pro Preferred baseball gloves carry on being a top-end choice among intermediate and expert players. This line of gloves combines high-end materials with top game-day patterns in order to provide exceptional performance and unmatched quality.

Rawlings Mike Trout Pro Outfield Glove

The Rawlings Pro Preferred gloves feature seamlessly knit leather that is versatile enough for many playing preferences. Featuring some high-quality sheepskin lining, this glove is highly breathable and provides enough ventilation to keep the moisture away. This keeps the hands of the players dry for a longer period of time, providing better grip and control of the ball.

This baseball glove is 12.75 inches long, and feature the Trap-Eze web design. This results in a deep pocket that allows players to secure with greater ease. At the same time, some lace binding on a fastback is featured on the hand opening. This allows for better adjustment and a secure/snug fit.

3. Rawlings GG Elite Series Outfield Glove

Budget Friendly

If you are shopping for a high quality outfield glove, but are working within a budget, take a look at the Rawlings GG Elite Series glove. This is a 12.75” outfield glove that can be purchased for either hand. This glove really only works for outfielders as well, so keep that in mind before you buy. The webbing of the glove is a deep Pro-H. It also uses the authentic Rawlings pro patterns.

Rawlings GG Elite Outfield Glove Baseball

The glove has a Pro Soft leather construction with American-made laces. This will give you a longer life and better performance from the glove. The laces are full-grain leather and are a pro-grade, so even though these are our choice for budget friendly gloves there is no lack of quality with them.

Additionally, the deer-tanned cowhide palm lining increases the overall comfort of the glove, making it easy to use for an entire game. Plus, the deer-hide makes the glove more durable than synthetic gloves are.

The padding within the glove is moldable, so it will shape to your hand, but the pocket can also be shaped to better suit your position. The glove is overall attractive as it is black leather with camel detailing.

4. Wilson B212 Outfield Glove

The Wilson 6-4-3 line provides the right combination of affordability and good quality. Standing at the middle-end in terms of price, the Wilson 6-4-3 B212 globes feature high-end construction and materials. Whether you are a seasoned player, beginner, or a coach looking for a reliable glove at an affordable price, this is the perfect option for you.

With a length of 12”, the Wilson 6-4-3 B212 gloves are designed for pitchers in specific. The Wilson 6-4-3 B212 baseball gloves feature the signature two-piece closed web, which is deep enough for a comebacker in the center.

Moreover, Wilson’s signature Double Play leather is used for the lacing, palm, and shell. The prime qualities of this leather are its comfort and software. However, do note that it might lack enough durability. Being soft, this glove can take the shape of the player’s pocket with great ease. And if it is taken care of properly, it may last quite long.

5. Marucci BR450 Outfield Glove

The Marucci BR450 baseball gloves come in a range of sizes, and colors. The BR450 by Marucci is the perfect option for both intermediate and expert players alike. This baseball glove is handcrafted individually, by expert manufacturers.

The glove is finely crafted with the highest quality steer hide shell leather, with a medium-deep construction. Each piece of this model gets handcrafted for a custom precise fit, exceptional performance, and great comfort.

The Marucci BR450 features high-end internal padding, for better breathability and ventilation. At the same time, the inside of the glove is lined with finger back linings for extra protection during the defense. All in all, this baseball glove delivers a luxurious feel with unmatched performance.

Available in both left hand and right-hand throw, the Marucci BR450 is one of the most recommended gloves for utility players and pitchers.

6. Mizuno MVP Prime Outfield Glove

The Mizuno MVP Prime gloves series is primarily meant for the ballplayers who wish to own the fields! Gloves in the Mizuno MVP Prime series feature a center pocket design pattern that provides a highly versatile break-in by centering the index finger above the pocket in a natural way.

Made with a bio soft leather and handcrafted to perfection, the Mizuno MVP Prime gloves provide the right balance of softness and oil for a firm grip and an exceptionally comfortable feel. At the same time, it boasts a highly professional look that will make a payer look like he means business.

Atop that, the signature logo is embroidered along with a professional looking lace. This further adds to the looks of the gloves, giving the glove premium look that cannot be found on other products in the market. In fact, this is one of the major qualities that make this glove stand out.

7. Rawlings Heart of the Hide Outfield Glove

The Rawlings Heart of the Hide baseball glove has resulted from years of dedication, and insights provided the company’s dedicated advisors. Measuring about 12.7 inches in length, this baseball glove delivers unique performance and value.

Featuring a PRO H web pattern for better breathability and ventilation, the Rawlings Heart of the Hide is a popular choice among players who want a breathable baseball glove. At the same time, the web also allows players to look through when they are making a catch. Another added benefit of the web is that it helps in shielding the eyes of the players from the light/sun.

Consider the open web and a deep pocket, this glove is primarily geared towards the outfielders. Moreover, the Rawlings Heart of the Hide baseball glove makes use of a top-notch lace, along with top 5 percent of the steer hides. Atop that, it is fully handcrafted, with great precision. As a result of this, the durability that this glove provides is quite unmatched.

8. Marucci HTG Outfield Glove

The Marucci HTG is an A-class glove that is not to be taken lightly. Although, it feels almost weightless in the hand, allowing the player to make a full range of motion without added effort.

The Marucci HTG baseball glove makes use of a premium USA Steerhide shell leather that is Japanese tanned. As a result of this, the glove provides a game-ready feel with great comfort and fit. Standing for ‘Honor The Game', the HTG glove series has been tested and reviewed by professional players. They all consider it to be a game-ready option and highly durable.

The prime reason why Marucci HTG stands out is that each and every piece is skillfully handcrafted for perfection. At the same time, great attention to detail is given.

The Marucci HTG also features a U.S. tanned lace with an interior lining of soft cowhide. This glove is most highly recommended for the utility players and pitchers.

9. Rawlings R9 Outfield Glove

The Rawlings R9 series baseball glove features a unique 12.75-inch pattern with reinforced pad and a trapeze web. At the same time, it includes a thumb loop which allows the reduction of an impact. This adds to the overall comfort and performance of this intermediate-end baseball glove. The back of the glove looks rather conventional, yet classy.

The Rawlings R9 series line-up is rather new. There is no doubt that the Rawlings R9 series gloves are one of the best in the market, considering this price point.

All in all, the Rawlings R9 gloves feature a highly durable all-leather shell that can serve you for years to come. Moreover, these gloves are very soft/comfy and deliver a game-ready feel with a factory break-in of 80%.

The Rawlings R9 series gloves also feature the signature padded finger-back liners with a thumb loop. All in all, this glove is designed with the beginner to intermediate level players in mind. Hence, it delivers great performance at a relatively lower price point.

10. Mizuno Franchise Outfield Glove

The Mizuno Franchise gloves make use of highly comfortable hand-based patterns in its construction. The pocket of this glove is intentionally set under the web. This allows a player to shape the glove the way professionals do, for maximum performance.

At the same time, a great amount of durability is maintained by its pre-oiled java leather. Atop that, the pre-oiled java leather also takes the credit for being highly comfy and delivering a game-ready feel.

This glove is constructed with the HiLo lacing pattern. This allows the glove to have a greater amount of flexibility while retaining the fully-laced web integrity. This Mizuno Franchise baseball glove also features a Parashock Palm Pad. The prime purpose of this is to increase comfort and protection.

All in all, the Mizuno Franchise baseball glove is highly suitable for intermediate-level baseball players. This is because it delivers comfort and performance that can be matched to many other higher-end gloves. That too, at a relatively affordable price point!

11. Rawlings Pro Stock Outfield Glove

Constructed with a high-end kipskin leather, the Rawlings Pro Stock is an extremely durable and comfortable based ball glove. Moreover, its construction involves the use of the top 5% of the steer hides and an A-class lace. As a result of this, the durability of this glove remains unmatched. But that is not all! The Cowhide binding ensures that this glove can survive the wear and tear of the game for years to come. All while delivering an exceptional performance.

The Rawlings Pro Stock gloves have evolved after a lot of insights from professional baseball players all over the globe, and specifically from the Rawlings Advisory staff itself. These gloves are usually recommended to the professional players in MLB.

On the other hand, many players make use of these gloves for their Spring Training. As a result of this, it makes use of the best patterns from professional level players.

12. Nokona Elite X2 Outfield Glove

The Nokona Elite X2 is constructed with a traditional looking yet A-class dark brown leather. The material of construction includes top-end kangaroo and Steerhide leathers. Hence, it requires minimal break-in and is game-ready right from the beginning. At the same time, a highly durable white, blue, and red stitching at the same time, delivers an overall patriotic vibe.

Weighing only about 470 grams, this baseball glove is highly suitable for players in between 8 and 15 years of age. Hence, it is perfect for collegiate and high school players who want a durable and high performing glove that which they can rely on for long enough!

The glove features a closed web with a full trap and allows a full range of hand motion without any obstruction. Without a doubt, the Nokona Elite X2 offers the right combination of great performance and good quality. Hence, it is a glove that you can rely on for years to come!

Outfield Gloves Specifics

When looking for an outfield glove, there are a few factors that you need to keep in mind. To begin with, the outfielder’s glove is longer than an infielder’s glove is, because they need extra length to grab those fly or high balls. Typically, an outfielder glove is somewhere between 12 and 13 inches.

Additionally, the pocket depth of an outfielder glove needs to be deeper than other positions. Deep pockets are better for absorbing painful impact so you do not injure your hand when you catch one. The pockets are normally made of leather laces that securely tied to give you better support.

The size of the glove also matters. If your glove does not fit your hand well, you will not be able to control the glove well enough to catch anything that comes your way. Every glove should have a size chart. The gloves should fit snugly enough to not shift around when you catch a ball, but not be uncomfortable.

Finally, consider the material that your gloves are made of. Various types of leathers are used as well as synthetic materials. Typically pigskin and cowhide are less expensive than other types of leather, but do not last as long. It really depends on your preference.

Are Gloves For Specific Positions Necessary?

On the surface, it might seem strange that some gloves are made for certain positions, but there is a reason behind it.

Outfielders can use gloves that are pitcher-specific, and if a pitcher prefers a larger glove, they can use an outfielder glove, but catcher’s mitts and first basemen have to stick with the gloves for their positions. If you float between the infield and outfield, you will need to find a glove that works for you regardless of where you are.

Final Words

Ultimately, the best outfield glove out there is the Wilson A2000. This is a performance glove that is made with only the highest quality materials and reliable construction. The glove will fit your hand comfortably and deliver on reliability as well.

A high performance outfielder glove that is a good alternative to the Wilson A2000 is the Rawlings Pro. It is a top-end choice for both intermediate players and elite-level players. The design of the glove is seamless, making it versatile enough to meet the needs of different playing styles.

You really need to think about what you need from your outfielder glove before you buy one, including whether it fits, is comfortable, and what the material is that was used to make it.