Easton 2018 S450 BBCOR Baseball Bat Review: Good Value for Money?

Easton 2018 S450 BBCOR Baseball Bat Unboxed
Lightweight and so comfortable!

When you look at BBCOR baseball bats, it is not surprising that many get overwhelmed when they see prices of up to $500. So, I wanted to do some research and see what the best options are when looking at value for money.

The Easton S450 BBCOR Baseball bat is a fantastic option for an entry level BBCOR option that is inexpensive but is practical and comfortable. If you are on a budget, then I would seriously take this one into consideration and here are the reasons why!

Background on Easton

If you are a massive baseball fan then you won?t need me to tell you that Easton is a big player in the Baseball game. If you have already read our post on 10 unusual baseball bats that produce the most awesome pop then you will see Easton are on the list more than just once! They are known for being very initiative and providing leading baseball equipment that are known for being durable.

Baseball Bat Design

This one comes in a green, grey and black color scheme which kind of reminds me of a lizard. Pretty cool looks and one that will get your teammates talking.

Alx50 Military grade aluminum for Increased Durability

So, these bats are a one-piece construction that is crafted using their signature ALX50 military grade aluminum. This gives that bat that balanced feel and long-lasting performance so you don?t need to worry about it getting damaged in the back of your car or when being thrown about especially at the youth levels.

Obviously, some nicks and scratches are common with any baseball bat but with this military-grade material, it will be able to withstand a lot of beating.

Concave End Cap for nice weight distribution

On the end of the baseball bat, you?ll see the concave end cap which helps reduce that unneeded weight for better balance and also enhances the durability of the bat.

Loud barrel with surprising amount of pop

I would have to say that having taken a few swings with the baseball bat, I was pleasantly surprised by the decent ringing sound on impact for something of this price-point.

This again, won?t help much out on the plate but is great for feedback when you are training. You know you have hit it pretty well when you get that awesome pop off the bat.

We do have to mention at this point though that the vibration control isn?t the best which is expected of a BBCOR baseball bat for under $100. It?s not something which makes it unplayable, but the differences between a higher-end bat and this one is quite clear.

I wouldn?t focus on this too much because as I mentioned earlier, the baseball bat is designed as an entry-level option.

Comfortable feel with awesome bat speed!

The tapered handle construction is an alloy barrel that is wrapped in All-sports grip which has this cushioned and tacky feel to it, extremely comfortable on the hands and help reduce stains!

Combine this with the great balance of the bat, it swings pretty well through the zone without too much effort.

Great bat for the money

This is probably what?s the most attractive option when it comes to this bat. It is perfect for someone who is not looking to spend a whole lot of money on a BBCOR bat. Because of what it offers, it will get the job done without having to spend fortunes.

Overall Satisfaction

Personally, taking everything into account, I like this baseball bat for its practicality and functionality. It is great for an entry-level option that you need for getting the job done. It?s lightweight that swings really well and will last you a long time.