Best Golf Club Bags 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

I remember buying my first set of golf clubs and hurling the great big golf bag over my shoulders while walking down to the range. It took me a long time to understand all the different features and benefits that come with different golf club bags.

However, from my experience, I can not tell you how many times I have picked up a new bag and within two or three rounds, I have seen the bag fall apart with either weak shoulder straps or the seams are broken. It is important that with all the clubs you are going to be holding, that you go for a bag where the material is going to hold up.

So, I have done some research using my general experience and some digging on the internet to find out what the top rated bags are right now. I believe that the best golf club bag right now is the Orlimar Pitch and Putt. 327 of these bags were sold last month in May 2019 and it’s no surprises why they are so popular. They are so versatile and make life just that little bit easier. I was also mind-blown by just how cheap they are right now here on Amazon.

Let’s dive straight in!

Best Golf Club Bags 2019

1. Orlimar Pitch and Putt

Orlimar Pitch & Putt Golf Bag ReviewAs the name suggests, the Orlimar Pitch and Putt is a golf bag designed to hold a limited set of clubs.? Therefore, it is not suitable for those playing a full of round of golf but is perfect when playing a pitch and putt course and leaving your main bag at home.

Both the carry bag and stand are made from light-weight materials and this makes the Orlimar Pitch and Putt easy to transport to and around the golf course.? The main section of the bag is split into two and you will find plenty of room for up to 7 different golf clubs.

There is one accessory pocket and a durable carry handle making the Orlimar Pitch and Putt ideal for a par-3 course or quick golfing getaway.

Overall, this is an awesome bag that is very well made and lightweight. Pretty versatile too as it is small enough to hang it onto your main golf bag and can carry your wedges and putter if you have quite a bit to walk from your golf cart. Comfortably fit 6 clubs and your golf balls. The kick stand is also a great feature if you like to keep your clubs clean and dry. A real 5 star product which will not disappoint.

2. Proactive 7″ Sunday

Proactive Sunday Golf Bag ReviewThe Proactive 7? Sunday bag is ideal for when you want to take your golf clubs away with you.? The bag will not hold a full compliment of golf clubs but enough to play a pitch and putt course or for practice sessions.

The Proactive 7? Sunday bag will easily fit inside a car or trailer and can be folded up when not in use for easy storage.

The padded shoulder strap makes the Proactive 7? bag easy and comfortable to transport.? You will also find pockets for golf balls, tees and anything else you like to cannot be without when on the golf course.

When I first researched this, I thought it would have been a lightweight bag to carry a few clubs on your way down to the driving range or as a travel bag. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that you could actually fit over 10 clubs along with your balls, tees and gloves. Also, a great little bit of unknown information is that they are easily secured onto a cart so if you are travelling then this becomes very handy.

3. Callaway Org

Callaway Org Golf Bag ReviewObviously, some of the major brands out there we would expect to be featured on this list. If you have read articles on here before then you will know that we absolutely love Callaway when it comes to the best fairway woods in golf. But how does their golf bag perform?

The one thing you will not lack for with the Callaway Org bag is pockets and as you would expect from a golf bag in this price range, there are several throughout the bag.? The main divider is split into 14 sections to give each club an individual slot and each divider is full length to prevent the clubs from coming together.

You have a magnetic range finder pocket to keep it safe yet easy to find, two magnetic valuables pockets and two insulated beverage pockets.? The latter pockets come with drainage ports so should your cold drink result in droplets inside the bag, the Callaway Org has been designed to allow them to escape the bag.

The Callaway Org is not the cheapest option you will find but it is an excellent golf bag.

4. PROSiMMON Tour 14 Way

PROSiMMON Tour 14 Way Golf Bag ReviewThe PROSiMMON Tour 14 Way are available in four different colours, with red, green, blue and grey available.? The bulk of the bag is in black but the colours help to add a nice spark to the design.

As the name suggests, the PROSiMMON Tour 14 Way is split into 14 sections in the main compartment and these allow you to organise your golf clubs precisely.? There are many zippered pockets to use including a deep pocket, small tee pocket, fur lined valuable pocket, two full-length side pockets and an insulated drinks pocket.

You will also find an external putter tube which means you can carry your putter separately from the rest of your clubs and this is a nice additional feature on the PROSiMMON Tour 14 Way.

So, this is a full golf bag and considering the price that you pay for this, this is a very nice bag. The bag is very lightweight and has adequate pockets for all your stuff. The zipper were very smooth and don?t jam like some of the other cheaper models. This is great for someone who?s on a bit of a budget but still looking for great value for money.

5. TaylorMade Stand 5.0

TaylorMade TM Stand Golf Bag 5.0 ReviewAnother mention for a major company and this time it is Taylormade. We know that they make the most awesome putters which you can check out in our top rated golf putters guide, but what are there golf bags like?

The TaylorMade Stand 5.0 is a bag which has been designed to not only securely hold golf clubs but also be easy to transport around the golf course.

There is a 5-way divider at the top of the TaylorMade Stand 5.0 and this allows you to divide your clubs into five different groups.? In addition to this divider, the TaylorMade Stand 5.0 has 6 pockets including pockets specifically added to hold balls and tees.

You will also find a matching rain hood to protect your golf clubs against the elements and a velour-lined valuables pouch where you can keep a mobile phone or jewellery for example.? The anti-slip stand system keeps the TaylorMade Stand 5.0 secure, whatever the weather and you can use the dual shoulder pads when required to carry the stand.

Obviously, Taylormade are a reputable brand. This is a great entry-level product which has all the necessary amenities. It?s also very lightweight with plenty of room to store your gear and will last you many seasons. Added bonus I feel with this is that it also looks quite good out there on the course so be prepared for a few compliments.

6. TaylorMade Lifestyle Flextech

TaylorMade Lifestyle Flextech Golf Bag ReviewThe first thing which is noticeable about the TaylorMade Lifestyle Flextech is the green and blue tartan pattern and this would not look out of place on the links courses of Scotland.

The TaylorMade Lifestyle Flextech features a patented smooth release function and collapsible base and this ensures the golf clubs do not group together and stick at the bottom of the bag.? You do not have to fight to pull any of the clubs out when on the course.

The dividers are full-length and there is a total of 11 pockets which gives you plenty of room to store various other pieces of equipment such as tees and balls.? The top carry handle and web trunk handle allow for easy movement and the TaylorMade Lifestyle Flextech comes with matching rain hood and umbrella sleeve.

I don?t know what it is with Taylormade but they have their designs perfected when it comes to their golf bags. I really like this one with the plaid design, looks super cool and has so much storage space for your gear. Fits nicely into your golf cart but also very easy to carry with both straps. Definitely worth the price that you pay for this one!

7. EG Eagole

EG Eagole Golf Shoes ReviewThe EG Eagole is described as a super light-weight golf cart bag and you can easily lift the bag using the three integrated molded grab handles.? You will find no less than 14 dividing pockets in the main section of the EG Eagole for golf clubs and these are each full length to avoid any contact and binding.

There are 9 additional pockets and these include one full length pocket on either side of the bag plus two velour-lined bags for valuables.? The EG Eagole also includes an insulated cooler pocket and you can use this to keep drinks and snacks cool.

The E-trolley based system is designed to fit both push and pull carts plus riding carts.

This is a great cart golf bag which is so lightweight and looks good as well for the price paid. We like the individual dividers in this one, so 14 clubs can fit perfectly in there. It can also stand on its own as the base is very stable. There is also plenty of storage pockets which are easy to access. Again great value for money!

8. Founders Club

Founders Club Premium Cart Bag ReviewThe Founders Club golf bag features an interesting molded organiser design which is split into 15 different sections.? The molded design stops clubs from rattling when moving on the golf course or travelling in a vehicle.

The tough inner-tubular design prevents clubs from coming into contact and protects them at all times.? There are 10 zipper pockets plus 2 mesh pockets on the Founders Club bag and this includes an insulated cooler pocket which is perfect for storing cold drinks.

You will also find an umbrella slot, rain hood, glove holder and nylon string holder on the Founders Club and it is a great all-round golf bag.

This brand really goes under the radar and let me tell you that we were not expecting a bag like this for its price. It is very well built with no tangling of the clubs. The water tight zipper on the valuable pockets is also a nice touch from the Founders Club. So take your chance with this one, you will not be disappointed!