Best Golf Shoes 2019

Finding the best golf shoes is just as important as finding the right putter.  If you are feeling uncomfortable on the golf course, the quality of your play and enjoyment levels are going to suffer.

We’ve tested over 44 different models and we believe that the best golf shoes right now is the Under Armour Spieth II. Last month alone in May 2019, 333 pairs of these were sold as it boasts impressive levels of comfort and mobility. Also quality that make life that little bit easier for you out on the golf course. Also we were absolutely mind-blown by just how cheap they are right now here on Amazon.

Always try on golf shoes before you buy them to see how comfortable they are when walking.  Even if you use a golf cart, you will still be walking to play shots and if you don’t, you will walk the whole golf course, so comfort is a must when buying golf shoes.

Golf shoes aid your swing and the stability they provide when playing shots is crucial to the outcome of the shot.  When trying golf shoes, ask for a few different clubs, such as driver, wedge and putter and see how the shoes feel on each shot.  The shoes must be flexible in a way which meets the needs of your shot style yet remain stable throughout.

The final major decision you will need to make when finding the best golf shoes is to go with spikes or spikeless.  Spiked golf shoes are the classic option and offer a great deal of traction but spikeless golf shoes are becoming very popular as they tend to be more comfortable and provide additional support.

Budget will also be a factor when buying golf shoes but follow the advice above and you will find the best golf shoes for you. Don’t forget in terms of extra accessories, we can also show you the best golf club bags out there too. We also get quite a view readers on here asking about there shoes not getting wet near water hazards so here is a look at the best golf ball retrievers available right now.

Best Golf Shoes 2019

1. Under Armour Spieth IIGORE-TEXCheck Price
2. Adidas Tour 360 2.0ClimaproofCheck Price
3. ECCO BIOM Hybrid 2HydromaxCheck Price
4. FootJoy Men’s Pro SLLaser plus fitCheck Price
5. New Balance NBG518Breathable meshCheck Price
6. Callaway Balboa VentOpti-softCheck Price
7. Puma Ignite PWRSportIgnite foamCheck Price
8. Adidas Adipower S Boost 3Boost cushioningCheck Price

1. Under Armour Spieth II

Under Armour Men’s Spieth II Golf Shoes ReviewAnyone who watches professional golf, even if it is only the major tournaments, will recognise the name Spieth.  It does indeed relate to the golfer Jordan Spieth and the Under Armour Men’s Spieth II Golf Shoes are the second generation of his signature golf footwear.

As the second generation of Spieth’s golf shoes, we are looking for improvements from the first design and immediately the Under Armour Men’s Spieth II Golf Shoes are more pleasing on the eye.  They have a much cleaner look than their predecessor and are very classy on the golf course.

Looks are not everything and the Under Armour Men’s Spieth II Golf Shoes also deliver in terms of quality and performance.

The leather feels incredibly soft, which is another improvement on the previous model but Under Armour’s rotational resistance technology remains on the outsole.  The old saying goes ‘if it’s not broken don’t fix it’ and that certainly applies here, with the outsole not only offering solid grip on all shot types but also a good degree of flexibility.

The base of the Under Armour Men’s Spieth II Golf Shoes may look similar to the previous design but is lighter.  One of the negative aspects of the first set of shoes was the weight and this problem has been addressed by bringing weight down by about 30 grams.

The shoes also boast Gore-Tex waterproofing which makes the Under Armour Men’s Spieth II Golf Shoes 100% waterproof but they remain breathable in warm conditions.  There is nothing to dislike about this golf shoe and they make a great investment.

Overall: Great quality shoes that feel comfortable right out of the box! We read a few things online about golfers finding them a bit too stiff sometimes however, we did not think this was the case. Under Armour have also made awesome shoes and these are absolutely no different. They look awesome as well and hopefully will help you play a little like the great man himself.

2. Adidas Tour 360 2.0

Adidas Men’s Tour 360 2.0 Golf Shoes ReviewThe best golfers in the world have the pick of the top equipment.  The fact the Adidas Men’s Tour360 2.0 Golf Shoes have been spotted on the feet of top players, including Dustin Johnson, immediately tells you everything you need to know in terms of quality.

The design of the shoe is very traditional for Adidas and the black with the trademark three white stripes is a standout on the shelf.  Other colours are also available, including a base white with various colour stripes but whichever you choose, the Adidas Men’s Tour360 2.0 Golf Shoes look superb.

The premium leather uppers give the shoe a nice, soft feel and the Climaproof Technology keeps your feet dry when playing in wet conditions.  The Boast Foam Technology inside the shoe makes the Adidas Men’s Tour360 2.0 Golf Shoes extremely comfortable and they are great if you like walking around the golf course.

At least 85% say that it fits as expected without even trying it

The traction of these shoes is first class and you will always feel secure when playing shots, regardless of the lie and weather conditions.  However, despite the strong traction the shoe maintains a degree of flexibility and the combination is excellent.

The Adidas Men’s Tour360 2.0 Golf Shoe is one of the top golf shoes on the market and offers the perfect combination of style, comfort, flexibility and traction.

Overall: Almost as comfortable as slippers!! Adidas obviously don’t need any uplifting when it comes to their shoes but these are seriously a new level of comfort. One tip we may suggest for these is wearing thick socks if you have slightly narrower feet. Other than that, great shoes for even better price.

3. ECCO BIOM Hybrid 2

ECCO BIOM Hybrid 2 Golf Shoes ReviewPlaying golf is not only about the equipment in your bag and you must dress in the appropriate gear if you are to succeed.  Golf shoes are very important and ECCO have produced one of the best selling golf shoes on the market, the ECCO Men’s BIOM Hybrid 2 Golf Shoe.

This is the second generation of the popular golf shoe and one of the key features is the lack of spikes on the base of the shoe.  This style of shoe first came to prominence when worn by Fred Couples at The Masters and the grip is excellent.

Split into two different colours, the grip various in toughness and provides more stability on the swing yet remains soft and comfortable when walking between shots.  The small nodules on the grip are called Traction Bars and these have been designed to offer the perfect amount of grip and flexibility.

Scanned 2,500 athletes with state-of-art technology for perfect size

The ECCO Men’s BIOM Hybrid 2 Golf Shoe is shaped to fit the natural movement of the foot and for the most part they are very comfortable to wear.  However, if you wear orthotics the contouring under the sole may not be suitable and you should try them on in the store before buying.

You can find the ECCO Men’s BIOM Hybrid 2 Golf Shoe available in 9 different colours but the choice may be limited by where you live.  The shoes do not come cheap but the ECCO Men’s BIOM Hybrid 2 Golf Shoe is stylish and performs superbly on the golf course.

Overall: Bit of an unknown name if you are new to golf but one that should not be overlooked. If you speak to any serious golfers, they will tell you just how technologically advanced these shoes are. They are a niche brand that use top quality technology to provide jaw-dropping comfort and these shoes are just a perfect example of them. Obviously they are at the premium end of the price-range but we say it is worth those extra dollars.

4. FootJoy Pro SL

FootJoy Men’s Pro SL Golf Shoes ReviewSpikeless golf shoes are becoming increasingly popular and not to be left out, FootJoy have developed the Men’s Pro SL Golf Shoes.

The FootJoy Men’s Pro SL Golf Shoes have been designed to offer increased support and structure when on the golf course.  The shoes look great and boast a modern, clean design.  If you watch closely, you will see many PGA and European Tour golfers wearing these shoes throughout the season, which further enhances their reputation.

Having chosen the correct size, the comfort levels of the FootJoy Men’s Pro SL Golf Shoes are excellent and the shoe moulds nicely to your foot.

Scientifically engineered for enhanced comfort

The grip on the base of the shoe not only adds to the comfort when walking between shots but also provides excellent grip when playing from various slopes or lies.  If you are searching for a little more control when playing shots, the FootJoy Men’s Pro SL Golf Shoes provide the stability which could make all the difference.

The premium price may be a little off-putting to some but if you want to invest in a top quality pair of golf shoes, FootJoy Men’s Pro SL Golf Shoes come highly recommended.

Overall: Market leading quality shoes that will not disappoint! Another brand that may not be at the fore front when it comes to major brands but these provide mind-blowing traction and stability. They are also known for providing some of the best fitted shoes on the market right now especially if you have wider feet. Expect these to fit right out of the box and be course ready!

5. New Balance NBG518

New Balance NBG518 Golf Shoes ReviewNew Balance NBG518 golf shoes offer a more affordable entry into the golf shoe market.  They are not a huge name in golf as some of the other major brands. However, they are really well known when it comes to shoes. If you have never owned a golf shoe before and are looking to make your first purchase, the price point of the New Balance NBG518 golf shoes will be attractive but are they a good choice?

The most notable feature of these is the spikeless design and this means you do not have to worry about caring for spikes or replacing them when they are worn.  However, that does not mean you are lacking for grip and these shoes provide not only great traction but also good flexibility.

The New Balance NBG518 boast REVlite technology provides an extra layer of shock absorbance in the sole of the shoe.  This not only adds to the overall comfort of wearing the shoe but also increases control, offering plenty of stability when playing awkward shots.

The colour choices and design of the shoes may not be to everyone’s taste.  They look more like a sports trainer than a classic golf shoe and this may be off-putting to some but overall, the New Balance’s shoes look solid, despite not winning any awards for aesthetics.

Made with breathable material and a PU Sockliner which molds to the shape of your foot, you will struggle to find a better golf shoe for the price.  The New Balance Men’s NBG518 Golf Shoes are a smart budget option.

Overall: New Balance are known for making some awesome shoes and these NBG815 are all about being awesome value for money. We were shocked at how cheap these are right now here on Amazon. Great for a casual golfer that’s looking for stability and stunning bit of quality.

6. Callaway Balboa Vent

Callaway Balboa Vent Spikeless Golf Shoes ReviewMuch like the New Balance Shoes discussed above, the Callaway Men’s Balboa Vent Spikeless Golf Shoes are clearly aimed at golfers who do not want to break the bank for their shoes but would like something which performs reliably on the course.

Available in black and grey or white and black, there is not a great deal of choice when it comes to colours but this is more than made up for in the quality of the shoes.

The spikeless design does not compromise on traction and you will find enough grip to cope with various shots and lies around the golf course.  The Callaway Men’s Balboa Vent Spikeless Golf Shoes come with EVA midsole and Opti-Soft technology which keeps your feet secure for every shot.

The Dura-Rubber outsole is hardwearing yet remains flexible enough during the swing process to allow a great deal of versatility in shot making.  The foam sockliner adds to the overall comfort of the Callaway Men’s Balboa Vent Spikeless Golf Shoes and if you are keen to move to the next level of golf shoe or you are buying your first pair, they are worthy of serious consideration.

Overall: Great all round shoe that doesn’t hurt the bank. We were initially shocked by how light they feel, almost as if you are not wearing them. Highly recommended for golfers who are looking for a little less expensive golf shoe. You will probably end up buying two at the moment because they are mind-blowingly cheap right now here on Amazon.

7. Puma Ignite PWRSport

Puma Ignite Pwrsport Golf Shoes ReviewHaving teamed up with professional golfer Ricky Fowler, much of Puma’s golf equipment, including golf shoes have been very bold and bright.  While this is great for top golfers, fluorescent colours are not for everyone and thankfully Puma have gone for something a little more understated with the Puma Men’s Ignite PWRSport Spikeless Golf Shoes.

The design of the Puma Men’s Ignite PWRSport Spikeless Golf Shoes is very trendy and mixes smart and casual to produce a stylish golf shoe.  They are available in various colour schemes and look superb on the golf course.

The main feature of the Puma Men’s Ignite PWRSport Spikeless Golf Shoes is flexibility and a lightweight feel.  You will notice the shoes offer a great deal of flexibility when playing different shots and even when on a steep slope, the Puma Men’s Ignite PWRSport Spikeless Golf Shoes will allow you to play the shot you desire with ease.

The rubber sole has a grid which helps maintain stability on the golf course and the traction is excellent.  Even in wet conditions, the Puma Men’s Ignite PWRSport Spikeless Golf Shoes do not slip on the surface and will have you playing shots with a lot of confidence.

An added bonus to the Puma Men’s Ignite PWRSport Spikeless Golf Shoes is despite being lightweight, they are waterproof.  You can enjoy a round of golf on a rainy day without having to worry about wet and cold feet.

The Puma Men’s Ignite PWRSport Spikeless Golf Shoes come highly recommended.

Overall: Stunning looks combined with jaw dropping comfort! When it appearance, I don’t think there are very many alternatives that as good as these. Although these may not hit the fairway on every swing, at least you will stride with confidence and swagger walking up to take your shot.

8. Adidas Adipower S Boost 3

Adidas Adipower S Boost 3 Golf Shoes ReviewSome golf shoes may only be good for the golf course whereas others look as though they could also be worn for other leisure purposes.  The Adidas Men’s Adipower S Boost 3 Golf Shoes fall into the latter category.

The design and look of the golf shoe is superb and you would be forgiven for thinking they are for causal wear as opposed to playing golf.  As you would expect with Adidas, the design of the Adidas Men’s Adipower S Boost 3 Golf Shoes is excellent and features the trademark three stripes, in addition to a choice of colours.

In terms of performance, the Adidas Men’s Adipower S Boost 3 Golf Shoes will not let you down.  They are lightweight and the Boost Foam Technology makes them one of the most comfortable golf shoes on the market.

The Puremotion outsole boast Adiwear traction and this provides the perfect amount of grip for various shot styles and lies on the golf course.  The Energy Swing Structure is one of the key elements of the Adidas Men’s Adipower S Boost 3 Golf Shoes and is located on the side of the shoe.  This assists with the transfer of energy during a shot, allowing you to produce your most powerful swing.

Complete with a waterproof upper, the Adidas Men’s Adipower S Boost 3 Golf Shoes are up there with the best on the market.

Overall: Absolutely love the boost! Another mention for Adidas on the list and these ones are just as comfy especially around the heel. With some of the previous shoes, there have been cases where your feet ache after quite a lot of rounds or if the course you are playing on has a lot of walking. This will not be an issue with these as they are so easy to walk in.

9. Skechers Go Golf Blade 2

Skechers Go Golf Blade 2 Golf Shoe ReviewThe Skechers Go Golf Blade 2 shoes have been implemented with a fantastic jacquard upper layer. This works effectively for providing you with plenty of comfort.

A dual density resalyte midsole has been incorporated as well. This works well, along with the jacquard upper layer, to provide you with a lot of comfort and support.

With a high-quality hybrid traction system available, you’re able to play golf and experience plenty of stability, without the need for the softspikes. They’ve designed the midsole with a low-drop profile which is excellent for enabling you to have even more stability to perform better.

These gold shoes have managed to combine comfort and performance in one. This is a result of the new technology that has been used to design the shoes.

We also liked how they feel light to wear and have breathable fabrics. This is great for preventing your feet from becoming sweaty to ensure you can stay on top of your game.

Overall: Great shoes with no complaints! Again these ones are had to fault as well and Skechers are usually well known for making your typical everyday shoes. But I must say that they have produced a hard-hitting golf shoes with this one. They almost feel like wearing slippers on your fit and they look pretty damn good too. You will not be disappointed!

10. PUMA Grip Fusion

PUMA Grip Fusion Sport Golf Shoe ReviewPuma’s Grip Fusion golf shoes have been incorporated with performance mesh. This is fantastic for providing you with a lot of comfort, without compromising on your performance. The fabric is incredibly lightweight to keep you mobile.

We were also impressed with how it’s breathable. Therefore, you can be sure to keep your feet dry while playing to remain focused on the game. Fusion foam has been implemented to these shoes as well.

It includes a combination of super responsive rubber and EVA foam to provide you with plenty of support for your performance. The EVA foam is incredibly soft to make sure you can stay comfortable while playing too.

To ensure that these shoes feel comfortable for everyone, they’ve used a rounder design. As a result, there’s more volume available to fit feet of all sizes comfortably.

The organic traction feature that’s available is great for enabling golfers to put play with more power and have a better grip. This is because it has been made with lugs that have been put in specific directions in the correct areas of the feet to boost your traction.

With more traction, you’re able to feel a lot more confident with the amount of power that you’re able to put into your shots.

Overall: Another mention for Puma and it’s probably clear to see how much we love Puma here! Their shoes are known for being super comfortable right out of the box and that is definitely still the case with these. Don’t be surprised if you use these are normal everyday shoes because they are so lightweight and comfy.