10 Best Golf Shoes For Wide Feet (2020) – Wide Golf Shoes

Anyone who has wide feet knows that finding shoes to match wide feet is certainly a challenge. 

If you are a golfer with wide feet, you are going to want to have the best golf shoes for wide feet rather than suffer a trial and error to find the best fit for your need.

When it comes to buying wide golf shoes, you need to look at the fit, size, and features in order to know that you have chosen the perfect shoes for you.

It can be easy to think that you just need to buy the first pair of wide shoes that you come across.

Instead, you should make sure that your golf shoes have been properly sized to meet your needs, including your overall comfort. But which brands are safe to consider and will they work for your feet? Here is what you need to know about buying wide golf shoes.

Golf Shoes Sizing

Best Golf Shoes For Wide Feet

When you are looking for the best pair of golf shoes for wide feet, one of the most important considerations to make is the sizing for the shoes. 

Standard golf shoes will come in a regular width, which is not what you will want when you have wide feet.

Most of the time, golf shoes sizing will line up with your street shoe sizes, but not always, especially if the shoes are using European sizing.

To get the right fit, it is important to confirm with the brand’s sizing guide and to physically measure the length and width of your foot to get the sizing right.

Choosing The Right Golf Shoes Width 

Even if you have been buying shoes for your wide feet your entire life, you might not have realized that there are different widths, even for wide feet. (D) is the standard width for men’s shoes. (E) is wide, while (EE) is extra-wide, and there’s even an (EEE) for triple-wide. Wide feet are not all the same and you will need to make sure that your golf shoes really fit you well.

There are several brands that are known for making wide golf shoes, including ECCO, though ECCO shoes are in European sizing and do not have widths marked. 

Other wide brands include FootJoy, which accommodates all foot widths, True, which has a natural foot shape to their shoes, and even New Balance, which offer more athletic-looking designs.

Every brand of wide shoes offers something different, so in order to find the right shoes for you, you will need to confirm your foot size and needs.

10 Best Golf Shoes For Wide Feet (2020)


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1. ECCO Biom G3

Editor's Choice




2. FootJoy Fury

High Performance




3. FootJoy Flex XP

Budget Friendly




4. ECCO Biom Cool Pro




5. Under Armour GTX




6. Sketchers Golf Mojo




7. Sketchers Elite V4

For Beginners




8. Under Armour HOVR




9. Puma Ignite NXT




10. FootJoy Icon Black





1. ECCO Biom G3 Golf Shoes For Wide Feet

Best Golf Shoes For Wide Feet (Editor's Choice)

Our choice for the best golf shoes for wide feet is the ECCO Biom G3 golf shoes. These shoes have advanced technology, ensuring only the best for your feet.

ECCO Biom G3 Golf Shoes For Wide Feet


The Biom G3 shoes are made using tumbled, textured yak leather. This is done by ECCO and not outsourced to another company, which is nice to see. The result is a soft feel to the shoe, more flexible than other leathers that you might have tried in the past. The ZARMA-TOUR spikes are easy to replace and provide an amazing grip as well.


There are a lot of great features with this shoe. These shoes have Fluidform technology, which is a direct injection process that allows anatomical movement within the shoe. This helps form around your foot for an incredibly comfortable base.

Next, the Biom technology within the shoe promotes a natural movement and anatomical support, helping to make your shoes more of an extension of your foot, rather than something separate.

  • Performs well in any weather
  • Made with texture yak leather
  • Biom technology helps with natural movement
  • Fluidform technology gives an anatomical fit
  • Ortholite inlay sole

2. FootJoy Fury Boa Wide Golf Shoes

High Performance

Our choice for the best high performance golf shoe for wide feet is the FootJoy Fury Boa golf shoes. These are more stable than other shoes and good for players who need a high amount of support.

FooyJoy Fury Wide Golf Shoes


The design of these shoes goes from the inside-out. They use the TruFit System, which will give you stability where you would like to have it the most. The inside of the shoe has a Fit Sleeve, which is soft, stretchy, and only one-piece. It sits securely under the insole, giving you both comfort and support.


The features of the Fury Boa shoes include Boa Technology. This is a unique, heel-mounted fit that encompasses the entire sole of the shoe. It gives you a higher amount of rigidity and stability than other shoes, giving you more support than you might be used to.

These shoes are also 100% waterproof, which has been guaranteed by the company. This means that your feet will be dryer than ever and you won’t have to worry about wet grass during your game.

  • TruFit System for stability
  • Made with texture yak leather
  • Boa Technology for heel-mounted support
  • Dual-density foam for cushion
  • 100% waterproof
  • The rigid platform is not universally comfortable

3. FootJoy Flex XP Golf Shoes For Wide Feet

Budget Friendly

For a budget-friendly wide golf shoe, take a look at the FootJoy Flex XP Spikeless golf shoes.

FootJoy Flex XP Wide Golf Shoes


The design of the Flex XP shoes is a little more fun than other golf shoes, because you get a nice variety of choice when it comes to colour. Instead of simply grey or white, you can also get these shoes in blue or black, giving them a younger look. The shoes have a bootie-fit, which means that they fit more like a sock than a shoe, so they are nice and snug.


The Versa-Trax rubber outsole on the Flex XP shoes gives you a versatile on/off course traction, which is extremely helpful since these are spikeless shoes. The outside configuration is multi-dimensional, giving you an appropriate grip, regardless of whether you are on or off course.

The shoes do have a waterproof membrane to help keep your feet dry. There is also a mesh upper, but there is still a risk that your feet might not be able to breathe as well as you would like with these shoes.

  • Versa-Trax rubber outsole
  • Performance mesh upper
  • Soft EVA midsole
  • Sport styling
  • Waterproof membrane
  • Not very breathable

4. ECCO Biom Cool Pro Golf Shoes For Wide Feet

Another great pair of golf shoes for wide feet is the ECCO Biom Cool Pro Spikeless shoes. These are a nice option if you prefer to use spikeless shoes instead of the more traditional spiked golf shoes.


The ECCO Biom Cool Pro golf shoes are constructed with yak leather, which has been tanned by ECCO to the point of suppleness. Additionally, these are made with GORE-TEX Surround construction, which helps ensure that the shoes are 100% waterproof throughout all 18 holes.


Some of the features of the Biom Cool Pro shoes include the ECCO FLUIDFORM technology, which is used to help with the breathability of the shoes. This is important, since the shoes also have GORE-TEX technology to keep your feet entirely protected from any water.

These shoes also have ventilation channels throughout so that the shoes continue to be as cool as possible. This is a great feature for players with normally hot feet who find their feet overly sweaty at the end of the game.

  • GORE-TEX Surround for waterproofing
  • ECCO FLUIDFORM Technology for breathability
  • Fresh and cool feeling
  • Yak leather
  • Anatomically supportive

5. Under Armour HOVR Drive GTX

Another budget-friendly golf shoe consideration for wide feet is the Under Armour HOVR Drive GTX shoes. These are a more athletic-looking shoe that has the iconic look that comes with other Under Armour shoes.


The HOVR Drive GTX shoes have a sporty design that gives than a younger look than many other golf shoes, especially when it comes to wide width golf shoes. The outsole of the shoe is lightweight and durable, so they should not weigh you down in any way.


The features of the HOVR Drive GTX shoes include the UA HOVR placement, which supports a natural motion of your foot, transferring energy smoothly and naturally. This will give them a great, comfortable feel on your foot. The HOVR foam helps with the energy transfer, giving you a solid feel of the ground beneath you.

The shoes also have a UA Rotational Resistance spikes that help with horizontal traction, lockdown, and overall comfort. Additionally, they have a microfiber upper and a waterproof membrane to help keep your feet as dry as possible. This feature also means they are not entirely breathable.

  • UA HOVR for natural motion
  • Compression mesh foam
  • Lightweight, durable outsole
  • Microfiber upper with waterproof membrane
  • Rotational Resistance

6.Sketchers Go Golf Mojo Elite Spikeless

The Sketchers Go Golf Mojo Elite shoes are another great choice if you are looking for the best wide golf shoes that also do not have spikes. Sketchers has a variety of widths generally, so they should fit comfortably. These are very comfortable golf shoes if you want to practice at home on a golf simulator.


The Go Gold Mojo Elite shoes are made with a smooth, full-grain leather combined with textiles. The goal of the combination is to give you waterproof shoes that have a more natural fit to them. The shoes also have a padded, continuous collar around them to give you a comfortable feeling around your ankle.


The Go Golf Mojo Elite shoes have a Resamax cushioned insole which will help with both your comfort level and your performance. It will help keep your foot locked comfortably in place while giving lateral stability and midfoot support.

These shoes also come with the Sketchers H2GO Shield, which is in place to keep your feet as dry as possible. Combined with the GripFlex spikeless technology, you should have comfortable, dry feet for all 18 holes.

  • Resamax cushioned insole
  • Flexible instep and front panels
  • Padded collar
  • Ultra Flight cushioning
  • Sketchers H2GO Shield for waterproofing
  • Waterproof, but not breathable

7. Sketchers Go Golf Elite V4 Golf Shoes For Wide Feet

For Beginner (Extra Wide Golf Shoes Available)

Perfect golf shoes for wide feet for beginners are the Sketchers Go Golf Elite V4 golf shoes. These are another model of shoes that are entirely spikeless, allowing you to wear them on any terrain without trouble.


The design of the Go Golf Elite V4 golf shoes includes a leather upper with stitching and perforation accents. This gives the shoe a more attractive look. There is also the classic Sketchers S logo on the side. Comfort-wise, these shoes have a padded collar and tongue to make it easy to wear them for hours without disturbance.


The Go Golf Elite V4 shoes have the Sketchers H2GO Shield waterproofing system in place to help keep your feet as dry as possible. There is also a Grip Flex traction outsole that gives you traction and stability, despite there being no spikes on these shoes.

Inside of the shoe, there is a Goga Mat cushioned insole which will literally shape around your foot to give you a high level of comfort.

Sketchers also has an extra wide golf shoes option available.

  • Grip Flex traction outsole
  • Padded collar and tongue
  • Goga Mat cushioned insole
  • H2GO Shield waterproof protection
  • Ultra Flight cushioning
  • The shoes will not grow with you as you progress as a player

8. Under Armour HOVR Matchplay Golf Shoes

The Under Armour HOVR Matchplay shoes are a great choice for players with width feet who are looking for something a little more modern, but still holding true to the traditional look.


The design of the HOVR Matchplay shoes was made specifically with wide feet in mind. The E sizing is not just a wide width of the regular D width, but the shoe is instead developed based on the needs of people who have wide feet.

The appearance of the shoes is a little more modern than some of the other choices we have mentioned, but there is still the throwback to the more standard golf shoe look within them as well, making them a great choice for anyone.


The features of the HOVR Matchplay shoes include UA Rotational Resistance spikes, which will give you lockdown, horizontal traction, and an overall high level of comfort. There is also compression mesh Energy Web technology within these shoes which helps you get back any energy that you put into them.

  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Made with texture yak leather
  • Compression mesh Energy Web technology
  • Breathable microfiber upper
  • Made for wide feet

9. Puma Ignite NXT Golf Shoes For Wide Feet

If you are after a sporty looking pair of wide golf shoes, we recommend the Puma Ignite NXT golf shoes. These are a spikeless pair of golf shoes that look more like running or walking shoes than they do golf shoes.


The design of the Ignite NXT golf shoes is more stylish than some of the other shoes that we have mentioned here. Wide shoes especially are often not designed with modern looks in mind, so it is nice to see a pair that looks so trendy, you wouldn’t even know that they were golf shoes.


Within the shoe, there is an Ignite foam midsole, which has been wrapped in SoleShield to give you more durability than you might have realized. The comfort level of these shoes, as a result, is extremely high. You will not be disappointed.

The traction of the Ignite NXT shoes has been organically-altered, so they are actually made to fit the traction needs of the average golfer. This is essential since they are spikeless shoes. You still need to make sure you do not slip.

  • Performs well in any weather
  • Ignite foam
  • SoleShield technology
  • Organically-altered traction
  • PWRCAGE pieces for a secure fit
  • Not completely waterproof

10. FootJoy Icon Black Golf Shoes For Wide Feet


If you are looking more for an elegant pair of golf shoes that is more of a throwback to the saddleback style of the past, you will like the FootJoy Icon Black golf shoes.


The design of the Icon Black shoes is meant to appear vintage, giving them a timeless and classy look. They are made up of full-grain calfskin leather, giving them more breathability than other shoes while still helping to keep them comfortable and durable.


The Icon Black shoes have a memory foam tongue and collar, which will give you a more custom fit while increasing the overall comfort level of the shoes. There are leather inserts built into the TPU outsole to help give you a classic look with modern performance.

The Softspikes in these shoes are popular with professionals, because they still have the same level of turf grip without losing out on any walking comfort with the spikes. The cleat webbing feature also makes them easier to clean.

  • Memory foam tongue and collar
  • Leather inserts in the outsole
  • Calfskin leather upper
  • Full-grain leather for breathability
  • 100% waterproof through normal use
  • The heel is slightly narrow, which might be hard for some wide feet

What To Consider When Choosing Best Golf Shoes For Wide Feet


Your overall comfort should be a major consideration when you are shopping for golf shoes. It is a common mistake to try to wear wide shoes when your size is really an extra-wide foot.

But wearing an ill-fitting shoe will not just make you uncomfortable, but it can also negatively impact your focus and even how well you play. Your shoes should be loose enough to move your toes easily, but snug enough that you won’t get blisters.


Your insole also matters when it comes to buying new golf shoes. An insole is the bottom part of the inside of your shoe. They often offer arch support or contouring to keep your feet comfortable.

In some shoes, you will be able to remove the insoles to give you extra space within the shoe, or to change them out for a more comfortable pair. If the insole is not removable, it needs to be comfortable.


The outsole of your shoe is also a consideration. In golfing, you will often be playing though wet grass. Your feet will need to be able to stay as dry and protected from the elements as possible.

Some outsoles are rubber, which can help with dryness, but not all outsoles are rubber. The cheaper shoes normally will not offer the best protection against the elements, so it is important to pay attention to the material of your shoes.

Breathability & Waterproofing

Finally, you will need to think about the breathability and waterproofing of your shoes. While the outsole might be water resistant, the entire upper needs to be water resistant as well.

Leather shoes are breathable and offer some water resistance, but not entirely. Manmade materials are waterproof, but often not breathable. Look at the design of the shoe as well as the material to get a sense of how breathable and water resistant they will be.

Final Words 

Our choice for the best golf shoes for wide feet is the ECCO Biom G3 golf shoes. While the shoes do not come in multiple widths, they manage to be both breathable and completely waterproof at the same time. The comfort level is also high on these shoes, which will make it easy to wear them throughout a tournament.

A higher performance wide golf shoe is the FootJoy Fury Boa. These are better if you need some extra stability in your shoe and really need to have a strong foundation to get the shot that you want. Regardless of which shoes are best for you, remember that they must be comfortable for your feet.