Top Rated Golf Irons 2019

Golf irons are the most versatile clubs in your bag. So I hope you’ll agree with me when I say:

It’s not possible to reach your maximum potential without a set of good golf irons…. Or is it?

There’s only ONE problem. Finding those “Good” irons isn’t an easy job.

That’s why I have created a list of Best Golf Irons 2019. After researching online and spending countless hours testing these clubs, I have shortlisted the top 10 irons which you can buy right now.

Buying a set of irons is one of the biggest investments I made financially when playing golf.? While the driver and putter are very important clubs, irons make up the majority of your bag and you must choose wisely.

You will find irons ranging from the 1 iron to the wedges but in most cases, you will want to start at the 3 iron.? Using a 1 and 2 iron is difficult and best left to the professionals, so keep to a 3 iron and above when selecting which clubs to include in your set.

The 3 iron will have the lowest loft of all the irons in your bag and this club is designed to hit the ball low and a long distance.? A top player could hit the ball close to 200 yards using a 3 iron, so you can see how this may be useful on a long par-5 for example.

The irons between the 3 iron and 9 iron will allow you to hit the ball various distances and can be used both on the fairway and the tee.? At the other end of the scale you have the wedges and these are designed to hit the ball high into the air, offering more control on shots to the green.

When buying irons, I want to make the golf ball as easy to hit as possible and getting the ball into the air is one of the main issues beginner and amateur golfers like me have when using irons.? As a result, you want to keep away from blade irons and use what are known as perimeter weighted clubs.? Most irons on the market today are perimeter weighted and due to the position of more weight towards the foot of the club, it becomes easier to get loft on the ball. You can buy either forged or cast irons to help you with this.

What is the difference between forged and cast irons?

Forged irons are made by sinking the metal into a rough shape which is then hammered into a raw iron before being finished by milling and grinding.? The one-piece iron has a reduced sweet spot and is best for good players looking for more shape and feel on their shots.

Cast irons are made by pouring the liquid metal into a mold and this allows for more complex designs than forged irons.? The process is cheaper and this makes cast irons accessible to more people due to the lower price tag.

Shafts also play an important role when buying irons.? Steel shafts are most common and make for a strong, heavier iron which is easier to both control and keep the ball accurate.? Graphite shafts on the other hand are lightweight and flexible, meaning greater swing speeds and possibly distance.? However, they are not as easy to control as steel shafts and are more expensive to buy.

Finally, do not be afraid to try before you buy.? There are plenty of demo days throughout the year where you can try as many irons as you like and ask questions before committing to a purchase.

Also check out our guide for Best Golf Drivers which is a fascinating review of some of the top drivers in the market right now.

So lets dive straight in!

Best Golf Irons 2019

Several of these irons are not for everyone because some carry a hefty price-tag.

However, these clubs below are good enough to make it to our list of the top 10 best golf irons.

ModelTechnologyOur Rating 
1. TaylorMade M4RIBCOR10/10Check Price
2. Callaway Rogue X360 Face Cup + VFT9.5/10Check Price
3. Steelhead XRShock Eliminator9/10Check Price
4. Wilson Velocity HDX True Temper8/10Check Price
5. TaylorMade M6Inverted Cone8/10Check Price
6. Nike VR ProLinear CG7.5/10Check Price
7. TaylorMade RocketBladezSpeedpocket7/10Check Price
8. Callaway Apex Pro360 Face Cup 7/10Check Price
9. Callaway Big BerthaSuspended Energy Core6.5/10Check Price
10. Orlimar Golf InterceptFlex Face6.5/10Check Price
11. Callaway X2 HotDeep Central Undercut6/10Check Price

1. TaylorMade M4

TaylorMade M4 Irons ReviewThe TaylorMade M4 irons are perfect for those players looking for forgiveness, feel, and extra distance. It features Face Slots, RIBCOR, a redesigned off-center inverted cone, and a Speed Rocket. These technologies help this iron deliver incredible forgiveness and distance. The high-Moment of Inertia (MOI) head design helps the TaylorMade M4 to achieve faster ball speeds. This also gives the iron more distance across the face while also offering optimal forgiveness for the player.

The RIBCOR technology helps with accuracy and consistency. The multi-material dampening badge helps to dampen undesirable vibrations efficiently during impact. The combination of a thin face, ultra-thin leading, edge, and thin walled speed pocket helps M4 to achieve the fastest ball speeds. This produces major improvements in sound and feel. The face slots are filled with materials that help the slots flush to the face. The M4 irons have generous heads, stronger lofts, and more or less bounce depending on the wedge to help players use their wedges in the places they want to.

2. Callaway Rogue X

Callaway Rogue X Irons ReviewThe Callaway Rogue X is the ideal iron for beginners, especially for its forgiveness. This golf iron allows beginners to have a high-quality club that won?t punish them for an errant swing like a top-of-the-line iron might do. It also allows new golfers to swing from the rough with minimum distance by helping to pull the center of gravity lower, making the club lighter and the shaft longer. The Callaway Rogue X irons are available in either KBS Max 90 or Synergy 60g steel shaft material. This iron is made with Tungsten weighting that allows for better control with each stroke.

The variable face thickness and 360 Face Cup helps to improve ball distance and speed. It is common to see beginners struggle to hit far and accurately but this iron helps to make the process a bit?easier. When compared to the standard version, this version is deeper and longer and it offers more forgiveness. It has a greater offset and its sole has a raised trailing edge. This helps to get the weight further back without necessarily?getting in the way at impact. There is a urethane material inserted into the cavity that helps to absorb any unwanted sound.

3. Steelhead XR

Callaway Rogue X Irons ReviewThe previous selection of irons released in the XR Pro range from Callaway were excellent and the company had their work cut out to improve on them with the Callaway Steelhead XR Pro Irons.

Callaway have clearly decided they want to make this release of irons look different from anything before and they have done that with a black finish.? There is no doubting the style of the Callaway Steelhead XR Pro Irons and they look superb in black.

There is always the fear the colour will wear away on irons like this but they have shown great resilience, especially on the face which is helped by having a dark grey colour on the grooved section.

The Callaway Steelhead XR Pro Irons feature more weight in the heel and toe sections of the head while the shafts get longer between the 3 and 6 irons, so keep that in mind when purchasing the pro range.? They are probably more suited to players with a fast swing speed, who do not need as much assistance with launch and forgiveness.

However, the 360 Face Cup technology maximises ball speed and forgiveness and while beginner golfers may not get the level of forgiveness they require, there is plenty for more experienced golfers.? If you are thinking about upgrading from your current set of irons to something which still offers a degree of forgiveness but more control, the Callaway Steelhead XR Pro Irons could be the clubs for you.

4. Wilson Velocity HDX Irons

Wilson Velocity HDX Irons ReviewFor anyone who desires to play a few holes without having to break the bank, the Wilson Velocity HDX iron is a great and inexpensive option. This iron has a simple head and a low center of gravity that can easily sweep across the grass in the fairway. This iron is designed with game improvement technology that helps to improve your accuracy.

The steel shafts are lightweight and they complement the dimensions and weight of the club heads. The club head has a low center of gravity and an undercut cavity design that helps in flights of greater distance. The head is made of stainless steel material which is cast with precision to help get the best game advantage. The key selling points of the Wilson Velocity HDX iron is its affordable price.

5. TaylorMade M6

TaylorMade M6 Irons ReviewTaylorMade irons have a thru-slot ?speed pocket? that helps to free up the low portion of the face. This makes them hotter and more flexible over a wide area. There is a SPEED BRIDGE that connects the top line to the back bar using a beam that helps to improve the sound and enhance the speed slot. The SPEED BRIDGE also helps to stabilize the upper portion of this golf iron while the advanced HYBAR vibration damping polymer helps to improve sound and feel.

It has a low center of gravity design that helps to produce an efficient energy transfer at impact. The M6 iron is remarkably easy to play, thanks to its high Moment of Inertia (MOI) that gives it forgiveness and stability. The speed pocket helps to generate optimal spin and enhances face flexibility at impact, thus maximizing carry distance and ball speed. The ultra thin face design of the M6 iron allows it to be fast and flexible. The Inverted Cone Technology (ICT) gives golfers a more accurate and larger sweet spot.

6. Nike VR Pro

The Nike VR Pro is designed specifically for low handicappers. They have minimal offset and small heads. The X3X high frequency groves are specially designed to give a more consistent ball spin and flight. The short irons are very?sharp and thin at address and are great for chip and runs as well as knock-down shots around the green. The cavity in the Nike VR Pro helps to improve the distance gapping and offers a slightly higher ball flight.

Also, the long irons in this set are incredibly?compact and small and they offer players a surprising amount of forgiveness. The polymer or gel material in the speed pocket helps to improve the sound and feel. The Nike VR Pro iron set is perfect for those staunch traditional blades users looking for a new set.

7. TaylorMade RocketBladez

TaylorMade Rocketbladez Iron ReviewThe TaylorMade RocketBladez is quite?similar in appearance to several mid-size game improvement irons on the market. It has plenty of face visible and the head doesn?t look too chunky. This golf iron comes with the new RocketFuel 85 steel shafts that allow it to have a high ball flight. It is easy to bend the head if you want to change the lie angle, thanks to the internal and external notch. The new speed rocket in this product is designed to produce added distance that is especially low on the face. The slot on the RocketBladez is filled with polyurethane that helps to reduce vibrations while also keeping out dirt.

The face design of this golf iron is the thinnest of any TaylorMade iron available. It helps to increase the size of the sweet spot and it also influences how the face flexes at impact. It also helps to control the angle at which the ball leaves the face to improve accuracy. The distance control of this product is longer than those with strong lofts. The RocketBladez iron has impressive forgiveness and the difference between off-center strikes and the middle of each iron is tiny. Thus, it has an impressive ball speed. There is a large cavity behind the stainless steel faces of this iron that helps to lower the center of gravity and helps to pull it away from the face. This makes it higher flying and more forgiving.

8. Callaway Apex Pro

Callaway Golf Apex Pro Irons ReviewFor those who want more distance technology, the Callaway Apex Pro is a premium option. The consistent distance this golf iron provides come from the flexible face and variable thickness. This helps to take away backspin from the long irons to maximize distance. It has a forged carbon steel body that helps to promote amazing sound and feel. The urethane microsphere in the Apex Pro 19 comprises more than a million tiny air pockets that help to absorb unwanted vibration without necessarily?slowing the face.

This iron?s 360 Face Cup uses a flexible, shallow rim around the face that releases and flexes at impact to promote fast ball speed. It has a multi-material construction that allows for easy location of the position of the center of gravity in each golf iron with precision. This promotes pinpoint control, ball flight, and optimum launch for scoring performance through the set.

9. Callaway Big Bertha

Callaway Big Bertha Irons ReviewThe Callaway Big Bertha iron is perfect for mid?handicappers as they provide the right combination of launch, ball speed, and height. This high-quality club is designed for distance and control. This iron is available in regular or stiff flex with a steel or graphite shaft. Also, the progressive center of gravity technology and the tungsten loaded standing wave help shift the center of gravity for more variance and better control. The 360 Face Cup and hollow construction of this iron help to give consistent, long distance, a great impact sound, and extreme forgiveness.

The 360 Face Cup also wraps around the edge to create a flex that helps to boost ball speed. It has a strong carry distance and high launch that result in solid green holding. The balance of the head and shaft helps to make every swing feel effortless. The smoke PVD finish on the Callaway Big Bertha gives it a clean, classy look, although, it is prone to wear?over time. The generous soles will give you an extra margin of error since its wide sole can provide a decent level of bounce.

10. Orlimar Golf Intercept

Orlimar Intercept Irons ReviewThe Orlimar Golf Intercept single set irons are clubs of the same length that helps to foster one swing thought process for your wedges and irons. The same overall balance, weight, flex, and lie allows you to retain muscle memory while also maintaining the same ball position, posture, and stance from one club to the next. The Flex Face technology on the 5 and 6 irons help to distance as well as ensuring proper trajectories and distanced gaps throughout the set. The advanced undercut cavity promotes superior accuracy. The Orlimar Golf Intercept iron also features custom velvet grip and steel shaft.

11. Callaway X2 Hot

Callaway X2 Hot Pro Individual IronThe Callaway X2 Hot irons offer more distance, more ball speed, and more forgiveness. The massive channel undercut in this iron helps to increase the rate of face rebounds and flexes for more distance and flexes for more distance and ball speed. The maximum perimeter weighting increases its sweet spot while also making it easier to hit than the X Hot iron. The X2 Hot produces higher launch angles for extra stopping power and more distance on the greens.

The improved turf interaction, repositioned center of gravity, and a High Moment of Inertia (MOI) help to improve the downrange consistency. This makes this iron the most accurate long distance irons. It has stabilizing arches that allows the lower portion of its face to flex more at impact. When compared to the X Hot, it has a thinner profile, and this contributes to better workability. The X2 Hot delivers incredibly?long and high ball flights every time and it gives you?value for your money.