3 Tips If You Are Taking Up Golf

Are you a complete beginner looking to take up the sport? Golf is a difficult sport which the professionals make look very easy for complete newbies. You?ll struggle considerably with your first couple of swings of a golf club and that?s completely normal. Hopefully these tips will help you approach the situation with some guidance.

One of the most common mistakes beginners make is trying to hit the ball too hard from the start. It is important not to grip the club so tightly and relax through your swing as you want your whole body to smoothly transfer the energy to get a consistent swing.

Remember, you aren?t just swinging your arms! It?s key to use your whole body as you want to use your lower body to load up with power which you can inject into your shot so you are able to hit impressive distances.

One thing you will notice with professional players on the tour is that they look so relaxed and smooth through their swing. As a rookie, it?s not unusual to try and hit the ball as far as possible so the muscles tighten before the downswing which is the exact opposite of what you actually want to be doing.

You need to make sure, you are set up correctly in your stance even before you take a shot. The way you set up will influence not only the distance but also your accuracy and consistency as well as reducing any injuries in the long term.

There?s often cases where golfers are either leaning too far forward or standing up too tall. You need to find the right balance between the two so you are able to hit the ball to your maximum potential. You will hear about ball alignment as you go through your golf career and this all starts with the way you set up because it will assure that you are able to hit the ball to the area you are targeting.

Practice, Practice and Practice more

The final point to make is that you are going to make mistakes and with golf, especially at the beginning, you will make a lot of mistakes. It?s important not to get discouraged as you may only require minor little tweaks which will improve your game exponentially.

I’d recommend getting getting some lessons when you start playing because your coach may spot little things with your swing that you are not able to see. At the beginning, I was watching Youtube videos and believed I could teach myself completely how to play the sport. This works to a degree but I found out that this is not the most effective way to do things. Instead, getting a coach fast tracked my learning curve as they were able to spot little changes I had to make such as with my grip or slight adjustments with my stance, which you might not be aware of when you are teaching yourself.

As you progress through your career, you will expand on your skill set such as choosing the right golf club for your shots and playing out of different surfaces such as the rough and the bunkers. You will also need to consider finding a new driver this year as well as picking up a good quality set of irons.

If you follow these steps, you will have the correct mindset and approach the game relaxed. Once you have the basic foundations laid out, you can go out on the golf course to really test your skills and potentially even enter competitions for you are competitive.