SuperSpeed Golf – Review and Buyer’s Guide

I was at the driving range today with my coach where we started speaking about how to increase distance on my shots and the impact of clubhead speed on how far the ball goes. There are many different ways to increase this and when I sat down to do some research on my laptop, I quickly found out different ways to improve this.

Finding extra distance off the tee has always been a problem for me and I have tried many ways to gain that additional yard.

Firstly, I tried simply hitting the ball has hard as I could and this resulted in the ball traveling less than before, which was very frustrating.? I have also tried changing the clubs I am using and teeing the ball at various heights.

Again, all this seemed to do was complicate things and I ended up losing both distance and accuracy in my shots.

Is Clubhead Speed Important?

If you have read our articles before, you will probably know by now that clubhead speed comes from different places of the body. The movements of these body parts help generate maximum clubhead speed.

There was an article recently by Golf Channel which showed more than 94 players are averaging over 300 yards combined with swing speeds reaching 133 mph. This doesn’t just come down to better golf clubs or balls. From what I gather, it is more about power generated or more importantly understanding how you should move your body to maximize the power generated.

Take a look at this picture from Superspeedgolf illustrating the clubhead speed of the top five players at the US Open in 2018.

Top 5 finishers at US Open Stats

So, apart from the fact that these players are consistently able to strike the ball well compared to an average golfer, it is clear to see that clubhead speed does have an impact on distance.

Now, let?s make one thing clear, higher clubhead speed does not necessarily mean that your ball will travel further all the time. You have to also take into account something called smash factor which refers to the transfer of energy on impact with the golf ball. This is something we will look at in more depth in another article. However, it is important to be able to strike the golf ball well consistently before you start improving your clubhead speed.

Superspeed Golf Protocal

Golf stick heads

Taking this piece of advice from my coach away with me, I conducted an online search about clubhead speed and this is where I found SuperSpeed Golf.? They promised a 3% to 8% increase in swing speed after only the first use, which sounded phenomenal and almost too good to be true.? I then noticed some big-name golfers on their website who used SuperSpeed Golf including Phil Mickelson, In Gee Chun and Graeme McDowell. Here is Phil Mickelson using the Superspeed set before his round at the US Open.

We know that to get power off the tee, spinal rotation and core stability is where the foundations are built from. When my coach suggested that working on these areas would improve my distance hitting, that was all the persuading I required and I placed an order for the SuperSpeed Golf Training System.

I received a package which included a SuperSpeed Golf Green ?Light? Training Club, SuperSpeed Golf Blue ?Medium? Training Club, SuperSpeed Golf Red ?Heavy? Training Club plus Introduction and instruction card.

Before getting stuck in with the training clubs, I took the advice I was given and followed the top golf swing exercises on the SuperSpeed golf website.? This included simple yet effective routines for the feet, ankles, knees, hips, spine and shoulders.? The short routine helped me to loosen ahead of my first session with the training clubs and I now use it before using the driving range and playing a round of golf.

Once into the first training session, I was surprised by how easy it was to follow and replicate the swings.? In my first session, I made swings in two different drill positions and enjoyed swinging the club as aggressively as possible in the standing position.? It was interesting to switch direction and swing with the non-dominant side and I must admit, it gave me a few laughs.

Golf Swing Exercises To Increase Swing Speed

The next stage was intriguing and involved starting with both feet together and stepping out with my leading foot on the backswing and planting my foot aggressively before swinging through.? It took a little practice to get the time right but when I did, it felt good. Here is a great little demonstration by Nick Kumpis I found below as I was concerned I may have not been doing the drill right straight away.

You want to hear the swoosh from the speed which is generated fro your legs and hips then out into your swing. The key thing here which I found is to move your body more efficiently which will help produce a repeatable and consistent swing.

I was recommended not just to work on my dominant side but to also swing with my weaker side. I’m left handed but I write with my right hand so I am usually quite good at using both sides. It did feel strange using my weaker side but it’s important to build strength on both sides as you don’t want to get any imbalances.

To really work on the rotational power without bringing in the legs, I did some of these shown by The Golf Yogi which I thought were really useful. But make sure you plant your feet into the floor to get a stable position to swing from your hips.

I have continued to do this routine 3 times a week, for a total of three weeks so far and I have seen improvement.? On the range, my swing seems freer and I have been hitting the ball consistently further, if only by a few yards at this stage.

However, it is a very promising start and I look forward to continuing with the SuperSpeed Golf system and adding further distance to my golf shots.

Where Can I Buy The Superspeed Golf Equipment?

I got mine from Amazon after reading a couple of reviews before I bought mine as I thought prices were pretty competitive compared to other places.

If you are interested in finding out about the costs then you can check them out here.


Don’t get me wrong, this is not a piece of equipment that’s going to transform your game overnight and nor is it intended to.

This device has really helped train my body to sequence better which has mostly been through transferring my energy more efficiently. A lot of people will tell you why don’t you just swing harder, but if you speak to any good golfers or coaches, they will tell you it’s not about that. To get further distance, you need to have a smooth swing and strike the ball well.

After using it for three weeks, I hit an average clubhead speed of approximate 98mph with my peak being 108mph. I also purchased the swing speed radar which has helped me track my progress.

But as with anything, this does require you to put in the work as it can be taxing on your core and hips. You will need a lot of the room and a high ceiling if you want to use this at home. Otherwise, outside or even down the gym in between sets is a great way to introduce these into to your routine. However, there’s no doubt that once you put in the effort, that you will see improvements in your clubhead speed and your hitting distance.. just the way I did.