TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder Review

So you are looking to buy the TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf rangefinder? When it comes to finding an awesome rangefinder, it can be a difficult task as there are a range of options available and obviously, there are certain brands which dominate the market such as Bushnell and Callaway.

TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder ReviewHowever, is it really worth spending over $500 on those when you are get this little piece of equipment at less than half the price? Well stick around to find out why this rangefinder is number one in our in-depth review of the best golf rangefinders.

If you are interested in finding out how it compares to other options on the market then check out our highly popular most accurate golf rangefinder guide which has some really in-depth information.

With almost 70% offering this one device 5 stars, it really is a power hitter in the rangefinder market and hopefully we can put it to the test and see what the fuss is all about.

We?ve gone into great detail surrounding all of the main features that are available with this rangefinder. So, if you were interested to discover more about how it could be the right rangefinder for you, carry on reading.?If you are interested in buying, then we were surprised at how cheap they are right here on Amazon especially compared to the premium rangefinders like X4 and the Callaway 300.

Using a high-quality rangefinder can have a huge impact on your ability to improve your golfing skills because it allows you to know the distance to the pin and select a club accordingly. So, let?s get right into the review of this rangefinder!

The TecTecTec VPro 500 Best Features?

What are the features that have been making this rangefinder so popular among golfers? We?re about to go into great detail about all of the main features that you can expect to benefit from with the TecTecTec VPRO 500


As far as how clear this rangefinder is to see through, we were impressed with the kind of optics that they have implemented.

There are multiple ways that you can choose to view with provides you with the choice to use the option that you find to be the most convenient.

Therefore, it?s an awesome choice for golfers who have never used a rangefinder before. This one will allow you to see with clarity, without spending too long trying to figure it out.

One of the main features that people have been loving is how the rangefinder is able to measure the distance in yards and meters. Therefore, people who use a specific type of measurement will be able to have their pick with this one.


So, you now know that the rangefinder can measure distances in both meters and yards, you may be wondering about the kind of range that it can offer you.

Well, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the TecTecTec VPRO500 can measure a distance of up to 540 yards!

This is pretty impressive. It allows you to play on larger golf courses and be able to map out your entire game strategy to pot the ball in the hole with the least amount of tries.

A continuous scan mode is available while you?re using the rangefinder as well. This works effectively to constantly scan the area to ensure that you?re provided with information that?s as accurate as possible.


The accuracy of a rangefinder is another one of the main elements that you?ll want to lookout for. If you?re using a rangefinder that isn?t accurate, it defeats the entire point of using it.

So, how accurate is the TecTecTec VPRO 500?

We were glad to discover that it?s able to take readings with precision. Not only is the information you?re given accurate, you?re also able to gain the data within very short periods of time. Therefore, you won?t have to worry about this rangefinder slowing your game down.

The Pinsensor technology is the factor that?s mainly responsible for providing you with fast and accurate information. It works by being able to detect measurements that are within a 1 meter radius.

A common issue that many people have complained about when it comes to rangefinder is that they?re often unable to tell obstacles apart from one another. However, this rangefinder works remarkably well to detect the objects and dodge them.

As a result, you don?t have to waste time with adjusting the rangefinder over and over. You can set it on the target once and not have to worry about it again while you?re playing.


This rangefinder has a pretty impressive magnification of up to 6x. This is excellent for allowing you to see way ahead into the distance.

Golf players have been appreciating this feature as it lets them see what kind of obstacles they have to face as they get further along the course.

The powerful magnification that?s available it easy to use and you?re able to see objects that are far away with clarity.


If you?re worried about using a rangefinder while playing golf in the rain in case it gets damaged, this VPRO500 could be an excellent choice.

This is because the exterior has been constructed with materials that are waterproof. So, if you?re playing golf in bad weather conditions, you?ll still be able to improve your skills and use the rangefinder without it becoming damaged.

The overall construction of this rangefinder is pretty durable. As long as you make sure to look after it properly, it can last you for years of reliable use.


Many people who play golf are concerned about how portable their rangefinder is. This is an understandable concern because it can be a hassle using a heavy rangefinder when you?re walking around on the golf course all day long.

That?s why we were happy to find that this rangefinder has been made with a remarkably lightweight design. It weighs in at just 185g!

Therefore, you can feel confident in holding it and using it across the course of a day while playing golf. Furthermore, it?s a total of 104 x 72 x 41 mm in size.

This makes it very compact. So, you?re able to store it away without any hassle. Users have been loving how a carrying case is included as well.

The case has been specifically made for the rangefinder. It?s super easy to carry around with you and works effectively to keep the rangefinder safe and easy to access.


Now that we?ve gone through the main features that are available with this rangefinder, you may be wondering whether there are any downsides to it.

One of the major negative aspects to this rangefinder is that you need to have a steady hand in order to use it.

Users who have slightly shaky hands have noticed that it throws the rangefinder off its target and generally makes it more difficult to use. Therefore, you may have to put a little more concentration into it while holding and looking through this rangefinder.

In addition to this, it may not hold up so well in certain weather conditions. While it can perform very well when it?s raining due to the waterproof design, it can also be prone to misting up.

When the rangefinder beings to get misty, it becomes more difficult to see through the lenses. So, it?s likely that you?ll have to be continuously wiping the lens to see objects through it properly.

Having said that, the misting issue only seems to be a nuisance when it comes to certain types of weather.

Also, unlike some of the premium brands, this doesn?t have the jolt technology when pointing at a particular area. However, is this really worth paying an extra $200 for when this still gives you a flash to indicate that you are locked into an object.


Last but not least, it is obviously the price. We would probably say that this is the biggest plus point when it comes to making a decision between all the options. The advanced, top of the range products can go all the way up to $500.

These are less than half of what you?d pay for those and in truth, sometimes even perform better than the other options. Bearing in mind the quality of customer service you receive once the purchase has been made, it really makes the overall price look such high value especially with the warranty.

There are cases where they may have been a default or an issue with the rangefinder, but having read the reviews, TecTecTec have always been very helpful and even replaced them straight away. This is the stuff that money can?t really buy and helps build trust in a brand.

Where can I buy it?

There?s obviously quite a few places you can pick these up but we have always stuck with the reputable places here at WhatAllTheProsUse.

Having looked at the various prices and delivery options, I have to say I was shocked at just how cheap they are on Amazon (like this one). It?s such a bargain and once you read all the reviews, I wouldn?t surprise me if you end up ordering two.


After reading through our review above of the TecTecTec VPRO500 rangefinder, you may have some additional questions. If so, we encourage you to read through our FAQ section below to discover more about what some of the common questions are and have them answered.

It can be a useful way to help you gain more valuable details that help towards you deciding whether it?s the right rangefinder for you or not.

Can the rangefinder measure the distance when there are bunkers in the view?

Yes, absolutely! The rangefinder is able to take an accurate measurement wherever you point it. Since it?s able to distinguish between obstacles, the bunker will be taken into account.

Is there anything that affects the measurements?

While the rangefinder manages to be accurate most of the time, there are some factors that could impact it.

If your hand isn?t so steady or the size of the target is particularly large, the rangefinder may have a harder time being able to measure the distance with as much accuracy as it?s capable of.

How do you use the wrist wrap?

A wrist wrap is available with this TecTecTec VPRO500 rangefinder and it can be super handy. It allows you to attach the rangefinder to your wrist to make it easy to use while you?re on the golf course.

The lightweight design makes this possible.

Using the strap involves using the smaller part of the strap to make a loop. You then put the loop through the eyelet that?s available on the rangefinder.

Once that?s done, you?ll need to either pull or push the larger end of the loop to secure it to your wrist.

What batteries does this rangefinder use?

The battery that?s inside the TecTecTec VPRO500 rangefinder is a CR2-3V. Unfortunately, these batteries aren?t rechareable.

So, once the rangefinder runs out of juice, you?ll have to purchase more CR2-3V batteries. It may be a good idea to keep backup batteries with you whenever you?re playing just in case.

How does the rangefinder turn off?

After a few minutes of not being used, this rangefinder with turn itself off automatically.

Here is a quick little guide from TecTecTec which demonstrates some basic uses and functionalities of the rangefinder.


That concludes our review on what the TecTecTec VPRO500 rangefinder has to offer. You can use the details found throughout our review to help you make the best decision possible as to whether or not this is the right rangefinder for you.

As the best-selling rangefinder on Amazon, you know you are going with very reputable and popular selection which we still can?t believe does not cost more than it is right now.

Plus there are almost 4,000 reviews with 85% of these either 4 stars or above. We?ve tried to read through as many as possible to save you the time and we are sure you will probably add onto these once you make the purchase.

We hope that we?ve helped you to understand more about what features and benefits this rangefinder can provide you with, as well as some of the downsides that it comes with.

As a result, you?re able to have the full picture of what the rangefinder can offer you.