Coolest NHL Hats On The Market

Hockey fans love their hats, it’s what they wear every day to represent something they are passionate about! We toss our hats on the ice for respect of our team’s hat trick and that shows how much they mean to us. So what are the coolest NHL hats out there? We thought you’d never ask, so we’re syked to review for you what we think are some of the coolest NHL hats out on the market right now.

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hockey hats

There’s all sorts of cool designs out there so let’s show you what we think are the coolest!

La Kings

la kings hat

Rep the OG LA Kings hat and look original going around town! I like the quality build of this hat and have had a lot of great compliments on the hat. I also like the comfort and fit of the hat, it’s perfect!

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Dallas Stars

dallas stars hat

We all know how those Texans like to wear their hats! Represent the proud city of Dallas with this almost John Deer green Stars hat! What I liked most about the hat was that it was so light weight and easy to wear. A great price as well, I Give it a 9 out of 10!

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Toronto Maple Leafs

toronto maple leafs hat

I really like this hat personally, I don’t know about you Maple Leaf fans but this is a really cool design for a hat. The white and blue give a nice bright look and is also a comfortable fit. I give this hat a 8/10!

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washington capitols hat

Capitals fans! I am peanut butter and jealous of the sweet hat design you guys got! Not to mention the awesome Reebok Jackets you fans have. The hat is adjustable in the back and is made of very high quality material. I give it a 10/10!

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Chicago Blackhawks Snap back

blackhawks hat

I am a Predators fan if you guy’s haven’t figured it out by now and I hate the Blackhawks but I gotta say I love this hat! I see a lot of people wearing the snap backs for Chicago and I guess it just really fits for the brand of the team. Great hat in my opinion!

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NHL All Star

nhl all star hats

This hat is really cool I have to say and all of us hockey fans can rep this one together! It’s very high quality hat and features a sweet LA All Star logo on the back of the hat. It’s a fitted hat and I know a lot of people like that kind of fit as I do myself! Make sure you check this one out for sure! 10/10!

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Detroit Red wings

detroit red wings hat

Red Wings fans I love this one for you. My trainer used to wear a hat like this and that’s why I had to put in this review because it brings back some of the best memories of long training nights at what we called the LAB. I remember throwing up many times at that place because he pushed us so hard, If you’re a Red Wings Fan this is a great snap back for you!

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USA Hockey

usa hockey hat

Rep the proud United States Of America with the team USA snap back! This sweet hat features high quality stitching and gets a lot of great compliments! Check it out now if you’re a real American!

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