Best Hockey Bag (2021) – Wheeled & Duffle Hockey Bags

Hockey bags might not be the first piece of equipment that you think of when it comes to hockey gear, but they are still important. It is also important to use the best hockey bag possible. 

This is because your hockey bag is responsible for transporting all of your equipment around to every game if you have a badly made bag, you will find out quickly.

Your hockey bag needs to be able to carry all of your gear without a problem. There are different types of bags to choose from, but no matter what you prefer, you need a durable bag to get you to your next game.

Different Types Of Hockey Bags

Best Hockey Bag

Wheeled Hockey Bags

Wheeled hockey bags are just what they are described as being. They have wheels along the bottom of them so that you may easily pulled them around. This is nice, because you do not have to carry all of your heavy equipment around with you.

The con with these is that the wheels make the bags heavier and you cannot wheel them up or down stairs, so you are likely to have to lift it eventually.

Carry Bags

Carry hockey bags resemble the traditional duffle bag. They have reinforced handles and are intended to be carried that way. You will want the handles to be reinforced in order to be sure that the handles will be able to take on the weight.

They often are not as large as other types of bags, because it does make it more awkward to carry, but these are a great choice if you like to have a more compact bag.

Hockey Backpacks

Hockey backpacks are the third type of hockey bag that you can get. Using sturdy straps, the bags can be carried around on your back.

This makes them easier to manoeuvre and will leave your hands free to carry your stick or whatever equipment that you do not put in your bag. Depending on the weight of your gear, it might be hard to wear it on your back, but this is still a great way to carry your equipment.

10 Best Hockey Bags (2021)





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1. Grit HTFX Hockey Bag

Editor's Choice




2. Pacific Rink Bag





3. CCM 380 Delux Bag

Budget Friendly




4. Easton Synergy Bag




5. Warrior Q10 Bag




6. CCM 240 Hockey Bag




7. Easton Team Pro Bag




8. CCM 190 Hockey Bag




9. Warrior Dolomite Pro




10. Bauer Pro 20 Bag




1. Grit HTFX Hockey Tower Bag

Best Hockey Bag (Editor's Choice)

After looking at all of the best bags on the market, we found that the best hockey bag was the Grit HTFX Hockey Tower Bag. This bag is incredibly lightweight and easy to carry around.

Grit HTFX Hockey Tower Bag

Grit was able to reduce the weight of their previous models of hockey bags by 33 percent with the HTFX bag. Part of this comes through the use of a composite frame system, because the composite material is so much lighter than the other metal options used in the past.

The composite frame system is also flexible and durable, so it should hold up well against wear and tear. They have found that even when the bag is squished under pressure, it will return to its original shape without a problem.

The tower design is nice, because it is a combination of a carry bag and a wheeled bag. You can either pull the bag along its wheels, or you can choose to carry the bag. There is also a mesh panel in the bag of the bag to help increase the airflow to your equipment inside. This will allow your equipment to dry quicker. The stick strap on the bag can hold up to two hockey sticks as well, showing that you should have everything that you need with this bag.

Finally, as an added bonus, the Grit HTFX comes in a wide variety of colours. You will be able to support your favourite hockey teams, or make a selection that coordinates with your team?s colours.

2. Pacific Rink Player Bag


Our second-place winner for the best hockey bag is the Pacific Rink Player bag. This is a carry bag that is made with the most durable materials on the market, while still having a high functionality.

Pacific Rink Duffle Hockey Bag

To begin with, the bag is made with 1000D Cordura/Korda nylon. This type of nylon is a ballistic-level, meaning that it will not tear or fall apart under intense pressure. There is a nylon reinforced bottom as well, so nothing will be able to drop out of the bottom.

The Pacific Rink Player comes with organization pockets that will help keep your equipment organized and in one place. This includes as top-loading dry clothes compartment. This compartment can also be accessed from the inside, making it easy to get at your equipment from all angles. There is also a personal belongings pocket that can hold your phone or keys while you are out in the ice. The accessories pocket has built-in sleeves for your scissors and even tape remover.

The bag also has a removable wet mesh bag that is able to clip in and out of your bag easily. The padded skate sleeves will not only keep your blades protected, but it will prevent your blades from cutting into the bag as well. The bag also has hideaway backpack straps, which means that this carry bag can turn into a backpack in a matter of seconds, which is really nice if you are carrying it for a long time.

3. CCM 380 Deluxe Player Wheel Bag

Budget Friendly

If you are looking for a high-quality hockey bag that is easy on the wallet, take a look at the CCM 380 Deluxe Player wheeled bag.

CCM 380 Deluxe Wheel Bag

Wheeled bags are nice, because they can easily be pulled along as you go from place to place. The wheels are an all-terrain type of wheel, making transporting your equipment easier than ever before and giving your back and arms a break.

The 380 Deluxe bag comes with two end skate pockets and an internal access pocket. This pocket can be used to hold tape, wax, toiletries, and just about anything else that is small enough to get lost in a main compartment.  There is also a wide mesh zippered laundry pocket, where you can store any wet clothes after a game.

The bag is made with 600D and 420D honeycomb ripstop reinforced polyester. This might not be the most durable material on the market, but it should get the job done well. The bottom has been reinforced as well with tarpaulin fabric.

This bag is not overly large. It is considered compact in the world of hockey bags, so make sure that it will fit all of your gear before your commit to it. The bag itself is 37? in length, so it still can hold quite a bit of equipment, but it will just be very snug inside of the bag. If you like that compact size, you will just need to be more strategic about where you will place your equipment within the bag.

4. Easton Synergy Hockey Bag

The Easton Synergy is an all-new edition in the Easton collection of hockey bags. If you have read our articles before then you will have seen this range from Easton mentioned before in our list of best hockey sticks right now.

Featuring a Dura Hex ripstop 600D polyester construction, Easton Synergy provides unmatched protection to your expensive hockey gear.

Featuring professional level tarpaulin highlight panels, and a sturdy bottom with a 600D weather-scratch resistant PVC coating, Easton Synergy is top of the line!

It also features a U-shape opening compartment which simply increases the ease of access, for the contents inside it. The heavy-duty zipper at the same time ensures that each and every piece of hockey equipment inside the bag remains super-safe!

The dimensions of the Easton Synergy are 30 inches to 16 inches to 14 inches, which is the standard size for a 30 inches bag.

5. Warrior Q10 Hockey Bag

Warrior has come a very long way, with the latest edition in its line of hockey bags. The Warrior Q20 is one of the most reliable hockey equipment carriers in the market today.

The Warrior Q20 features a very rigid 600D ripstop polyester construction, with 600D diamond ripstop accents. The corners are structured with thick rubber, in order to increase the elasticity of the bag and to provide further protection to the equipment inside.

With a uni-grip handle, this hockey bag features an extremely ergonomic design. Hence, the Warrior Q20 is not just reliable and safe for your expensive hockey gear, but it is also very comfortable to carry around.

The dimensions of this bag are 37 inches to 20 inches to 17.5 inches. Moreover, the U-shaped opening on the top simply increases the accessibility of the gear inside.

All in all, the Warrior Q20 offers a big bang for the buck!

6. CCM 240 Hockey Bag

The CCM 240 is one of the most rigid yet very affordable hockey equipment bags in the market out there. The CCM 240 30 ? inches hockey bag comes in a reliable 600D Ripstop polyester construction. This makes it very lightweight, yet durable at the same time. Hence, all your expensive hockey gear and equipment is bound to remain safe inside for extended periods of time.

At the same time, the Tarpaulin bottom panel simply adds more to the overall protection against tear and wear. The bottom is scratch resistant and has a PVC 600D coating.

The dimensions of this hockey bag are 37 inches to 19 inches to 16.5 inches. Without a doubt, the CCM 240 is a big bang for the buck and can be used for years to come.

Other notable features include an internal accessory pocket and the U-shape opening of the main compartment for easy access. At the same time, the heavy-duty durable zipper ensures that all the contents inside remain safe at all times.

7. Easton Team Pro Hockey Bag

Easton has always remained the top tier in the world of sporting goods and equipment. The Easton Team Pro is the all-new edition in its collection of reliable hockey equipment bags.

The Easton Team Pro is an entry-level hockey equipment bag, which offers a great value for its affordable price. The dimensions of the bag are 28 inches to 18 inches to 15 inches. With that, the Easton Team Pro is a relatively small bag.

Nevertheless, despite its relatively small stature, it is extremely reliable and strong. The Dura-construction of this bag is bound to serve you for many years to come. At the same time, the internal pockets make it easy for you to compartmentalize your equipment.

Featuring a high-grade tarpaulin construction with an HD Nylon webbing, the Easton Team Pro is a must-have in case you are looking for high-grade protection at an affordable price.

8. CCM 190 Hockey Bag

Offering a very sleek design, the CCM 190 is one of the most affordable hockey equipment carrying solutions out there. The CCM 190 features a 600D high-grade polyester construction. Due to this reason, it is highly rigid and strong. This simply adds up to the level of protection that this bag offers.

At the same time, the CCM 190 features a very ergonomic design with two webbing carry handles. The large CCM logo, on the other hand, gives off a very premium look. Overall, CCM 190 makes you look like you mean business when you head out to the field.

The CCM 190 comes in a pitch black color, which simply reflects a great level of class. The dimensions of this bag are 24 inches to 15 inches to 13.5 inches. With that, the CCM 190 is relatively small and is designed for minimalist players who care about nothing but the big game.

9. Warrior Dolomite Pro Hockey Bag

The Warrior Dolomite Pro is one of the sleekest and easily noticeable bags in the market out there. The Warrior Dolomite Pro is extremely suitable for players who have everything that they need to win a big game, and are always ready to get noticed. Indeed, the retro Dolomite logo on the bag is very difficult to miss.

This extremely sturdy bag that is made for professional players, reflects class and gives off a very premium look.

One of the most unique features of the Warrior Dolomite Pro is that it is assembled by hand. At the same time, the thick metal zipper ensures that all the expensive hockey gear inside remains safe and sound at all times.

This unique bag also features a plastic ID pouch which makes identification easy. Having a reinforced webbed polyester finishing, the Warrior Dolomite Pro is the perfect bag to show off a stylish flair.

10. Bauer Pro 20 Hockey Bag

The pro equipment from Bauer have always been very impressive especially when it comes to their skates which we featured in our best hockey skates guide.

One of the most unique aspects of the Bauer Pro20 is that it is a convertible bag, that can be carried either as a backpack or a standard hockey bag. This is extremely suitable for the players who want to use the bag for multi-purpose.

The Bauer Pro20 has been intelligently designed to provide the highest level of protection possible, to your equipment. For this, a great amount of credit goes to the extremely useful helmet side pockets that prevent scratches.

The bag itself has been constructed with reinforced durable polyester material. Moreover, a high-grade tarpaulin shell is also used in its construction, which further adds to its strength.

The overall design is focused on easy access, with plenty of space inside. The dimensions of the Bauer Pro20 are 28 inches to 18 inches to 15 inches. Hence, it is neither too big nor too small.

All in all, the Bauer Pro20 is a professional level hockey bag that is designed for the maximum level of protection.

11. CCM Pro Core Hockey Bag

The CCM Pro Core is one of the most reliable hockey equipment bags out there. It is an intermediate level bag that provides the perfect level of strength and protection.

All in all, the CCM Pro Core offers an unmatched value for its price. It is constructed with a high-grade 600D polyester material. As a result of this, it is highly durable and provides long-term durability against tear and wear.

It features quite a large internal accessory pocket, which provides ample space to hold all of the essential gear. This bag is quite large in comparison to many bags. Having large dimensions of 38 inches to 20 inches to 18 inches, the CCM Pro Core large enough for professional and intermediate level players alike.

At the same time, player ID pocket that is featured on the bag makes identification very easy. Moreover, the air flow-through feature keeps the freshness of the equipment intact.

12. Sher-Wood Team Hockey Bag

The Sher-wood Team goalie carry-bag is a highly durable, and professional level bag with a premium look. The dimensions of the Sher-wood team hockey equipment bag are 40 inches to 20 inches to 20 inches. Hence, it is quite large in size with ample space inside to carry each and every piece of gear.

The bag features an ID window that can be customized, in order to give off the professional feel and look. The bag is constructed with a top-quality 600D polyester material. This makes it one of the strongest and most protective bags in the market. Its heavy-duty construction makes it highly durable against everyday wear and tear.

While this bag may be comparatively expensive, consider it as a one-time investment. This is because this bag may serve you for more than a decade or so.

Its waterproof and impact-resistant nature makes it suitable to be carried around, even in the most challenging conditions.

13. Warrior Pro Players Hockey Bag

The Warrior Pro Players hockey bag is a large bag with dimensions of 32 inches to 15 inches to 20 inches. This is the standard locker room size, which will fit in each and every critical hockey gear. Hence, the bag features ample space for all of your hockey equipment.

The Warrior Pro Players hockey bag is used by professional hockey players all over the globe. All in all, this bag gives off a very premium look and feel.

The internal mesh skate pockets further add up to its reliability.

Another notable feature of this bag is that it is fully customizable, in nature. As a result of this, a player can mold is based on his/her own liking.

The Warrior Pro Players bag is specifically designed for professional hockey players, in order to provide the maximum level of protection to all the expensive gear.

Hence, in case you are someone who takes hockey very seriously, this bag is a must to have!

Things To Consider When Getting A New Hockey Bag

Hockey Bag Features


One of the first considerations that you need to make when considering a hockey bag is the size of the bag.

The right size for you will not be the same as someone else. Some hockey bags are big enough to allow you to pack your helmet, while others intend for you to strap it on the outside. 

Bigger bags might hold more, but they are harder to carry and harder to store. Hockey bags come in a wide array of sizes so there is a lot to choose from. You can get the right size for your needs.

Material & Durability

You also need to look at what your hockey bag is made out of. The majority of hockey bags are made out of reinforced nylon, which will ensure that the bag will not tear when you stuff things in it.

Hockey bags come with durability ratings, ranging from 100 to 1000. 100 is the lowest rating while 1000 means it is the most durable possible. Nylon is well-known for being durable, but it is really important to get a bag made of reinforced nylon when you think about how much wear and tear your bag will go through.


It does not take a lot of thought to realize that your hockey bag will need to be waterproof. After skating on the ice and sweating, you are going to toss your gear back into your bag.

In order to prevent your bag from developing a bad smell and rotting, you need a bag that is made out of nylon or polyester. Bag should be coated in a waterproof coating as well, so that the water will not absorb into the bag. It is also good to go with a bag with mesh pockets to help your gear dry out as well.


The amount of compartments that you want in a bag is a matter of personal preference. Separating your gear out into compartments can help keep you organized and help keep your gear as dry as possible.

It will depend on the amount of time that your gear is stored, but having them separated will help. There are bags that have no compartments and you just toss all of your gear into one big compartment. Whether this works for you is up to you. Some players get on fine that way, but having compartments is usually a nicer way to go.

Final Words 

Given that there are so many personal preferences involved with choosing a hockey bag, it might seem like it is hard to choose the perfect hockey bag. Nonetheless, we had a clear winner.

The Grit HTFX is our choice for the best hockey bag. This is a tower bag that can hold all of your equipment easily, keeping it organized in a durable, yet water resistant capacity.

Tower bags might be too large for some players to tote around. When you are choosing a new hockey bag, you need to consider what you will be carrying around and what the right size for your needs would be.

Some players would still prefer a wheeled bag, like the CCM 380 Deluxe or a carry bag, like the Pacific Rink Player bag. You will be using your bag all of the time, so take your time hunting. You need to find the perfect bag for you.