Best Hockey Pants ? 2021 Reviews

Hockey pants are a vital part of your gear. They protect most of your upper thighs and hips and tailbone. The amount of protection put into pants is amazing while also being able to keep a lot of mobility.

Today we're going to show you what you need to know before going out and buying the best hockey pants for you.

I'll also show you our top ten hockey pants as we go into 2020 in professional grade and beginner grade.

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Hockey Pants Sizing

A lot of questions come up when it comes to sizing such as:

  1. How Should Hockey Pants Fit?
  2. What Size Hockey Pants Do I Need?
  3. How Long Should Hockey Pants Be?

All these are good questions and I'm going to answer them all right here. So for the first one mostly it preference, but they should hold a good grip on your waist and be flexible enough for you. 

The second question is answered here in the hockey pants fitting guide for to measure and go off of. And the third is all preference as well, they really shouldn't be past your whole knee cap and the shortest i'd say is about an inch and a half above the knee cap.

Now lets get straight into our best selection of hockey pants, guaranteed to enhance protection as well as comfort.

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10 Best Hockey Pants (2021)


Skill level



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1. CCM JetSpeed FT1

Editor's Choice




2. Bauer Supreme 2S

High Performance




3. Bauer NSX

Budget Friendly




4. CCM JetSpeed FTW

For Women




5. Bauer Nexus N9000




6. Bauer Vapor 1X Lite




7. Easton Pro 7




8. Bauer Vapor X900




9. Easton Stealth CX




10. Bauer Nexus N7000




1. Bauer NSX Hockey Pants

If you are one of our awesome regulars, then you will definitely have heard of the NSX range by Bauer mentioned on here before. The shoulder pads featured in our top rated shoulder pads guide where we outlined how protective the technology was.

Bauer NSX Hockey Pants Review

These Bauer NSX hockey pants have been made with molded foam materials that are incredibly soft and feel comfortable to wear for long durations of time. They have also implemented a poly insert.

This insert works effectively to provide your spine with a lot of protection. A molded PE element has been incorporated too. The placement of this material ensures that your thighs and kidneys are able to be protected.

A molded PE insert is also available around the hip area to keep them well protected. WE also liked how there?s an inseam gusset that comes with a clinching belt closure. It has a stretchable design to provide you with flexibility.

The 400D nylon materials used for the shell of these hockey pants are the first layer of defence and they work very well. If you were looking for hockey pants that have a tighter fit, you?ll be glad to hear that these pants have been made with a tapered design.

Mesh technology has been implemented into these hockey pants as well. They?ve implemented the mesh fabrics in the liner and they work effectively to ensure lots of air can flow throughout the pants to keep you cool and dry.


We absolutely love the NSX range and you will notice this as you read some of the other articles. There are nothing over-the-top in terms of technology but Bauer have done such a good job at making an overall good product. We were also mind-blown just by how cheap they are right now.

2. Bauer Vapor X800 Lite Hockey Pants

Bauer?s Vapor X800 Lite hockey pants include a Hyperlite HD foam material that?s awesome for keeping your spine well protected. We also liked how they have used molded MD foam materials as they work incredibly well to keep your kidneys and thighs protected.

Bauer Vapor X800 Lite Hockey Pants Review

A molded PE insert has been included as well. The placement of this material ensures that your hips are able to be protected.

In order to make it easy to put these hockey pants on and take them off, they have used a skate-lace closure and side-release buckles. The fit of these pants are also more tapered, which provides you with a tighter fit.

We were impressed with how they have implemented 400D nylon materials to construct the shell. This acts as the main protective layer against any impact and it works well because of how strong it is.

Hockey players have also been appreciating how the liner has been made using hydrophobic mesh technology. It works effectively to prevent any moisture from building up to keep your legs cool and dry.

In addition to this, they?ve combined the mesh fabrics with a Sanitized treatment that makes sure the hockey pants never develop an odor after playing.


If you are looking for a lightweight pair of pants that feel like they are hardly on then you should seriously consider these. Plus they feel so snug to your hips without feeling restricted. We were shocked to find how cheap these were right now compared to some of the premium options.

3. Bauer Nexus 9000 Hockey Pants

The Bauer Nexus 1000 Senior Hockey Pants have something really exciting to offer that no other pants offer like their super advanced technology and the MOLDED EPP BODY PROTECTION.

The Bauer team has constructed these pants so beautifully that they have added so many cool features in the pants. Just get one thing in your mind that the pants are from the new Nexus line so all the top-level features will be available in these pants for sure.

The Amazing Construction and The Top-Level Material 

The Bauer team has used the EPP foam construction in the pants for the top-level protection. This foam is basically for the upper part of the body like for the spine and the kidney parts. This molded EPP foam improves the impact characteristics as it is 10% lighter and 15% more protective and it is way better as compared to the traditional double density foam construction.

It is very soft from the inside and there is the plus liner which is the best liner that Bauer has ever produced. The moisture wicking capabilities are really good and it has a really nice soft touch. You will also love the embroidered Bauer logo along with the nice padded belt line.

I personally think that the Bauer Nexus 1000 Senior Hockey Pants are super comfortable and protective. The traditional lace enclosure system adds an extra layer of comfort as you can take long strides and still can feel at ease and mobility. In short, that classic fit is there that provides you wide range of stride.

The Bauer team has used the most heavy-duty nylon in the pants. So, the 800 Denier Nylon will offer you great durability and comfort. There is two-piece hip protection and there will be molded high density foams with a plastic insert in it.

F-One Shell Technology ? this is a premium energy absorbing technology used by Bauer. This technology is located in the hip guards and thigh guards. So, you will remain safe from all the high impacts shots. This also keeps the product lightweight while giving you really good protection.

Final Word on Bauer Nexus 1000 Senior Hockey Pants

Well, these pants are simply amazing for their high quality, top-level material, construction and all those cool features. You are going to get every possible feature that you have in your mind.

They have used nice stretchable material in the inside and used advanced technology for top level protection and comfort. 

The highlight of the pants is the EPP foams that they have used in the pants which provide insane protection to different parts of the lower body like from hip to spinal to kidney.


These are very good pants, especially for high level amateur players. We have also heard that these are a great choice for lanky players as they sit really well and offer great mobility.

4. CCM Jetspeed FT1 Hockey Pants

Best Hockey Pants Overall (Editor's Choice)

These pants are loved by today?s players as one of CCM?s elite-level protection pants and here is why?

Bauer Vapor X800 Lite Hockey Pants Review

Construction and Key Features of CCM Jetspeed FT1 Hockey Pants

This top line CCM product is loaded with 400 denier exterior with HD overlays through the highway area. This will give you top level durability and comfort. You will also feel very dry and fresh during the game as the Dryfoam technology used in the pants will absorb less water. CCM has also updated the closure system and there is an internal construction this time around. Well, I believe this is a really great move as most of the Super Tacks are also using the same feature.

The construction and the latest technology used in the pants work really well in providing you that top-level protection, comfort, and durability. There is a one-inch zippered extension fit system perfect for tall and lanky players.

CCM have also used high-quality material and that?s why the hockey pants are super amazing. They have used the RocketFrame composite, which is a very lightweight and high strength material for the spine guard. This technology will provide an extra layer of protection to the back.

If we talk about the lower thigh guards then they have the two-piece construction. So, again this will give you that super protection and mobility. As far as the liners are concerned, CCM have done something different this time around. They have used the dual zone microfiber laminated liner with dry foam technology.


Again this one is for the elite-level players here and on the premium end of the price range. However, let me say that these have an unbelievable level of protection without comprising on weight, they are as light as feather and won't get in the way when you are out there on the ice. 

5. Bauer Vapor 1X Lite Hockey Pants

The Bauer Vapor 1X Lite pants are loaded with some advanced technology. The Bauer team has added some really cool features in these pants.


You are going to love the product for so many reasons like the Curv? composite spine protection and the Hyperlite HD foam in the kidney and thigh areas. From the tapered vapor fit and design to the 37.5 technology sanitized odor resistant the Bauer Vapor 1X Lite pants are really amazing.

Super Light, Comfortable and Amazing Airlfow

Well, now let?s talk about the basic features that it offers like the breathability, comfort and the fit of the pants. The pants offer tapered vapor fit and the construction of the pants is well organized and that is why you will feel very lightweight and comfortable. There is an inner lock belt system as well.

You can get the customizable fit and they have also added an extra feature that will allow you to get that extension which can give you your desired length of the pants.

The liner used in the pants is of high level and it uses the body heat for the sake of evaporation. So, you will feel very relaxed and dry during the game as the liner will absorb all the sweat. The moisture absorbing speed of these pants is five times better now. They medium density foams are also used in the zipper to increase the comfort level of the pants.

Why These Pants Are Super Protective?

Now coming to the protection, the Bauer team has used the Aerolite technology in it. The aerolite foam is starting in the kidneys. For those who don?t know about the aerolite foam the foam is super protective and it is a high-density foam which reduces the overall weight by 30% while maintaining the pro-level protection.  As these foams are thirty percent lighter than all the other foams so this is why they are super protective and lightweight as well. Aerolite? is an ultra-lightweight HD foam with extremely protective properties.

The Bauer team has also used the Aerolite 2.0 in the hip area of the pants as well. There is also Curv composite which is a high-level carbon composite shell which is really lightweight but evens stronger than plastic. So, you are going to get that amazing feel and insane protection all at the same time.

The Denier Nylon is also used in the pants which will provide you great durability and breathability during the game.


So, the Bauer Vapor 1X Lite Hockey pants are offering you top quality and insane protection. You are getting everything in it from durability to comfort to class to protection to the advanced technology. They are on the more premium end but you get what you pay for and with these you get a lot!

6. CCM JetSpeed FTW Hockey Pants For Women

For Women

Our choice for the best hockey pants for women are the CCM Jetspeed FTW pants. These pants are built with a lot of great technology that makes them strong, comfortable, and protective.

The pants have been constructed with a stretch back panel that will allow them to stretch to fit you. The pants do come in small, medium, and large, but having the extra stretch will give you more comfortability. The stretch opening is combined with an internal belt system that will help extend the opening even further. The lace closure will ensure that you get a custom fit.

The pants also use the DryFoam technology, which is a soft, laminated liner that will not absorb sweat. This will keep you dry throughout the game and keep the pants light. The low-profile design with the inner leg zipper will deliver pro-level protection and comfort for players at any level, but will not increase the weight of the pants. The pants are made to be lightweight.

Finally, the pants come with a low-profile injection-molded spine protector with D3O. This, combined with a segmented tailbone pad, will give you an ultimate level of impact protection. The pad will mold to your body as well, keeping itself right where you need it.


These are great pants for women who are looking to be comfortable out on the ice. They will stretch well to fit around your body?s shape and are still lightweight enough to move freely.

7. Bauer Supreme 2S Hockey Pants

So, this product has so many new features to offer and Bauer have done a great job with this product.

There was a change in the pants last year but this time around they have adopted the traditional pants construction. The pants have the griddle like features which are ideal in giving you customized fit and supreme comfort.

There are anatomically formed PE inserts that are loaded with high density foams and it will protect your kidney. Bauer have focused on providing excellent protection and safety to the users. Your hips will be protected at a very high elite-level.

The thick padded belt line gives you more protection and there is a cool Bauer logo on the padded belt line as well. Because of the Velcro and foams you will get very nice comfort across the stomach.

Well, majority of the pant below the waist line is full of traditional denier nylon. On the lower parts of the pants, there is more protective material (nylon) because the lower part of the pants are rubbed more on the boards. So, this will protect your lower part of the pants as it bears the most wear and tear.

The injected molded plastic with medium density foams will protect your hips. The Bauer has done a great job with this product and they have made it sure that the users get amazing protection, customized fit and insane comfort.

The Power Light Technology

The power light technology the Bauer have used in the lower part of the thighs. The technology is driven from that Odin project and the 3d scan bodysuit route for all those professional players. The pants will work really nice and will provide you amazing fit all around.

Verdict: When it comes to elite-level pants, it doesn't get much better than this! They are unbelievably light but most importantly, they don't move around like some of the others do. 

8. Bauer Vapor APX2 Hockey Pants

So lightweight and snug! The top of the pants are super strong and protective as there is molded plastic insert with the addition of all-new air light foam it?s a very high density and tough. The best part about is its ability of not absorbing water and making you feel fresh and dry all the time. 

Down through the center, these pants are thirty percent lighter than the traditional high-density foam. They have done a great job of providing the lower abdomen great protection. They have used really high-density foams for the lower abdomen part.

Streamlined Fit and Mobility

Well, the Bauer Vapor APX2 Senior Hockey Pants are super comfortable and fit. They have used the traditional strapping system and also a dual adjustment buckle. There are some suspender buttons used as well. Above all, they have also used the belt line that runs all the way from the back and it also has some nice and cool logo stitched on it as well.

If we talk about the adjustability of the pants then the Bauer has used an adjustable extension fit (+1 in length) and the Kidney molded segmented construction is very helpful as well.

The pants are made with stretchable fabrics so you can make long strides keeping your motion nice and smooth. The great aerolite spinal guard and the kidney guard wraps all the way around the back and it gives you that good protection and coverage.

The Amazing Technology of The Bauer Vapor APX2 Hockey Pants

They have used the Liner 37.5 technology along with the use of 840 denier nylon. This will provide you with great protection and really good durability. They have done everything right in providing you insane protection. Another example of that is the use of the molded plastic insert. These molded plastic wraps around the leg back with medium density foams to give you pro protection.

What Does 37.5 Technology Do?

So, why this technology is very effective? Well, they have used this technology to make the pants stay drier and fresh all the time. This technology wicks away moisture and makes you feel fresh and cool. So, how does this work? Well, the technology uses your own body heat to evaporate the water and the harder you work the harder it makes the water evaporate. So, the high-grade technology used in the Bauer Vapor APX2 Pants will give you that high-level protection and comfort.


These pants feel soooo snug and pretty easy to skate in because they don't have that bulky feel that you might get from extra padding. You also get great movement in all motions so definitely worth spending that extra little bit of dollar on these.

9. Easton Stealth CX Hockey Pants

These hockey pants have a really good strapping system in which you will see two nylon straps on either side and additionally there is that traditional lace fastening system as well. So, this unique lace system gives you an incredible fit that stays in place all the time.

You are going to get nicer fit and amazing protection for a very reasonable price.

Why The Easton Stealth CX Senior Ice Hockey Pants Are Super Protective?

Well, the Easton team has focused on every part of the lower body and has provided really great protection to all the parts. There is Easton?s high permeability armor which is a combination of segmented medium and high-density foams along with the Easton?s hyperlight high density foam.

The Hyper Mobility Armor is loaded with the Hyper lite molded HD foam which is available in multiple layers. This will ultimately provide you great protection and a lightweight fit as well.

There are medium density foams used in the lower section of the pants. All the foams in the lower part of the pants are loaded with plastic inserts which will give you great protection.

They have also used the extension zipper so if you are a fan of looser fit then these pants will help you with that as well. If we talk about the exterior of the pants, then there is dura shell which is a combination of nylons and mesh which provide you abrasion resistance, durability and good air flow.

So, the ventilation and the durability are really great because of the Easton?s dura shell construction. You will feel very fresh and dry during the game. Furthermore, there is a stretch gusset which allows you to have great breathability and mobility while you are playing the game. The Easton?s embroidered logo at the bottom of the pants looks really cool too. The spine guard features the Easton?s active flex design that will keep your spine in place when you are leaning forward. This guard is also very flexible because there are two elastic straps on either side to keep it flexible and a lot smooth.

Great pants for great price!

Well, you will get amazing features for a very reasonable price with these pants. Whether you talk about there DuraShell or the Active Flex spine, the Easton team has taken the comfort and protection to the next level. The Lining: Bio-Dri? moisture wicking liner with anti-microbial treatment and PE tailbone inserts keeps the pants dry and fresh during the game.

Verdict: We are a big fan of Easton products and these have to be one of their best! Just very comfortable and snug. We love pants that are light and fit close to the body. Plus the prices on these are just incredible

10. Bauer Nexus N7000 Hockey Pants

The Bauer Nexus N7000 pants are part of the Nexus line so you definitely are going to get some serious features in it. If we start from the basics, then the Bauer team has focused more on its construction to provide a streamlined fit and a wide range of motion as well. 

The basic purpose of this pant was to provide volume fit, great durability, mobility and effortless stride. I personally believe that Bauer has done a really great job with this product

The Construction and Ultimate Protection

The Bauer Nexus N7000 Senior Ice Hockey Pants was designed in the best way possible. There is a two-piece ergonomic PE plastic guard used in the thigh guard. This guard will help you block all those shots and giving you that ultimate level protection.

The nylon belt along with the traditional lace system will help you get the desired fit. The Bauer has also used the kidney guard which is a very high-density foam design which uses really high-quality foams to make you feel fit and protective yet lightweight.

In order to make your hip feel comfortable the Bauer team has used really comfortable foams. We can say that the Bauer has kept it simple by using an impressive molded dome construction PE cap that will offer a high level of protection.

The pant also uses the 400 Denier Nylon which is used to provide you great durability and make you feel lightweight as well. The Bauer has also used high density foams in the Spine Guard along with the plastic inserts. This will give you a nice mobility and flexibility. This will provide you great protection for your lower spine.

Great protection that doesn't compromise any movement

The fabric used in the pants are very stretchable so you can take long strides while making a shot. The Bauer has also used the Thermo Max Liner to increase the comfort level of the pants. These pants are an ideal one for all those Big Boys out there.

The construction of the pants is literally amazing and with all the advanced technology and design these pants are will surely impress you.

The Bauer team has used high quality foams in different part of the pants to provide you that top level protection and comfort. They have paid enough attention to every little thing.

Verdict: These are worthy of making our list and one that's just fantastic value for money. We couldn't believe how light these feel, they don't have that bulky feel you get with some of the others.

How Should Hockey Pants Fit & Sizing 

When buying a pair of hockey pants, it is essential to make sure that they fit you correctly. Generally hockey pants come in standard sizing, such as small, medium, and large.

When pants fit correctly, the pants should end around the middle of your kneecap when your legs are straight. You should be able to move easily in the pants as well.

Hockey pants normally come in snug fits, European fits, and American fits. Snug fits will contour around your hips and thighs.

European fits will have more volume in the thighs and American fits have a wider fit all-around. The fit you need is based entirely off your personal preference.

Final Words

The best hockey pants are the CCM Jetspeed FT1 hockey pants. These pants use the latest technology and are a great choice for elite players who really want a high level of comfort.

Likewise, the perfect hockey pants for women are the CCM Jetpseed FTW, which have many similar attributes to the FT1 pants, but they are made for women.

The most important thing to remember about hockey pants is that they need to fit you well and you should be able to move around comfortably.