Best Hockey Shin Guards (2021) ? Ultimate Buyer?s Guide

The shins are one of the most sensitive parts of your leg, and getting hit there hurts. 

I think that's something we could all agree on, whether it's on or off ice. That's why choosing the best hockey shin guards is so important so you can get the right protection.

Also for beginners coming into the sport have some trouble with these like a lot of other equipment as I did myself, so we're going to cover some topics such as; how are shin guards suppose to fit, sizing, and how to put them on.

If all of these things are peanuts for you, feel free to just go ahead and scroll on down to the review.

For those who are in a bit of a hurry, here are our featured recommendations for the best hockey shin pads on the market right now.

10 Best Hockey Shin Guards (2021)


Skill Level



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1. CCM JetSpeed FT1

Editor's Choice




2. Bauer Supreme 2S

High Performance




3. CCM Tacks 9060

Budget Friendly




4. Bauer NSX




5. Warrior Alpha DX




6. Bauer Vapor 1X Lite

For Professionals




7. CCM JetSpeed FT350




8. True XCore XC9




9. Warrior Alpha DX3




10. Warrior Vapor X800




1. CCM JetSpeed FT1 Hockey Shin Guards

Best Hockey Shin Guards (Editor's Choice)

There is no doubt that you want to get the best hockey shin guards possible. After doing our research, we have chosen the CCM Jetspeed FT1 shin guards as the best shin guards on the market. These shin guards are lightweight, highly protective, and they will make it easy to move around.

To begin with, the shin guards have a removable Dryfoam liner. This will make it easy to clean after each game and keep you dry during games. Since movement and speed are important in hockey, these shin guards will only help you in this regard. The guards themselves are incredibly lightweight and offer you not limitation in movement. The lightweight shell design and hinge system work to give you improved overall mobility while not detracting from their ability to protect you.

The shin caps are anatomical with a vented knee cap. This will enable you to move freely with a comfortable and lightweight fit. The excellent fit goes through the thigh as well, using a molded Zotefoam material to give you the best protection possible in one of the most vulnerable areas on your boy.

Finally, to keep the shin guards secure on your leg, the FT1 shin guards use an upper lock strap with an adjustable calf strap. That way, you will get a snug fit, keeping the guards in place. Having a guard slip before impact could cause you serious harm, so you will need to make sure that they are connected to you properly.

2. Warrior Alpha QX4 Hockey Shin Guards

Warrior Alpha QX4 is loaded with some amazing features like quick strike and advanced technology. If we talk about the construction the guards are loaded with the traditional 2p shell construction and it will allow you good mobility and great comfort as well. You can move freely and it will not hinder you motion while playing the game. The construction plays an important role in developing a top-class shin guard and I believe the Warrior has produced a great product in the form of Warrior Alpha QX4.

Dissipates Impact Energy Like A Pro Shin Guard

Well, as said earlier the construction of the Warrior Alpha QX4 is very good. This will work with the high-quality foams in the pads to dissipate all that impact energy. So, what do you need exactly in a shin guard? You want protection and you want comfort, right? Well, you are going to get all that in the Warrior Alpha QX4 for sure.

In the bottom of the shin guard there is an anti-abrasion patch so this will make the guard more durable and will prevent from wear and tear on the inside of the skate liner. Well, this equipment is designed for amazing fit, protection and great mobility. There are lightweight calf guards for better protection and this is loaded with some thick density foams. So, you are getting protection with that lightweight feel.

The Warrior team has given everything in the Warrior Alpha QX4 for their players. Now that we are done with protection, durability and fit of the guards. Let?s talk about the Liner used in it which has made the Warrior Alpha QX4 a top-level product. There is Mesh fabric liner used that will keep you cool and dry during the game. It will get rid of the bacteria causing odor so you can play without even worrying about anything.

Lastly, the strapping system of the Warrior Alpha QX4 is very good too. The Warrior has used the full micro fiber liner so it will wick away the moisture and will keep you nice and dry. You should try this amazing product which is available for a very reasonable price with all that amazing features.

3. Bauer Vapor 1X Lite Hockey Shin Guards

Bauer Vapor 1X Lite Hockey Shin Guards Review

Well, the Bauer Vapor 1X Lite is loaded with some really cool features which will focus on providing great fit, amazing protection and excellent molding properties. The shin guards are loaded with dual lock strapping system which has made the guards stylish yet customizable for you. Now if we talk about the material of the product, then there is Curv composite premium material used in the construction of the guards. This is the same material that the Bauer has been using in all their top line skating products.

This is also loaded with Aerolite 2.0 in order to take the protection to the next level. This is very light weight protective material and this is what really exciting about guards. You will feel very lightweight while wearing these shin guards. The design of the guards is very sleek as well which has reduced the weight of the guards by 10%. So, in short better protection and more lightweight guard. There are some vents at the top which will allow good airflow.

Around the knee the guards have dual density hyper light HD calf and knew protection. This will increase the protection level and it is very lightweight too. The highlight of the guards is being very lightweight without compromising on the protection. Furthermore, the Bauer 1X Lite hockey shin guards are also loaded with the Ventilated liner with 37.5 sweat-wicking technology and you are also going to have the Sanitized odor-resistant treatment as well.

So, overall the Bauer Vapor 1X Lite hockey shin guards have got everything in it. From amazing protection to being lightweight to comfortable fitting, the Bauer team is providing you all top level features in this shin guard. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the Bauer Vapor 1X lite hockey shin guards now.

4. CCM Super Tacks Hockey Shin Guards

CCM Super Tacks Senior Hockey Shin Guards Review

The CCM Super Tacks Senior Hockey Shin Guards uses a hard PE plastic shell with the shin guard ribbed for energy depression. This amazing product has a lot to offer and it is way better than most of the shin guards out there. The JDP technology introduced in it is very hand as the knee cap uses this cool technology which is specifically designed for dispersing energy from impacts away from the knee joint. So, you will feel very comfortable as the effect of shots will not be severe. So, you will remain safe from all the damage.

The Well Designed Guards ? The Foam Factor

There is also medium density foam that is used to protect you from the shock and it works as a shock absorption. This shin guard is designed with pure elegance and its basic purpose is to protect you from damages. That is why they have also used foam wrap in the base of these guards as well which will reduce wear and tear on your skates eventually enabling you to use them for a longer period of time.

This is not the end of the foam factor in the CCM Super Tacks Senior Hockey Shin Guards as they have also used the foam in the calf guard as well. The foam in the calf guard is of high density which is segmented for an anatomical and lightweight fit.

On the other side there will be CCM SS foam armor with a PE insert, so it will provide you more comfortable and anatomical protection. So, what we can say is that the CCM Super Tacks Shin Guards have been tailor made for providing excellent protection and comfort. We also found, along the side of the knee and at the top there will be CCMs foam armor as well. So, overall this shin guard is loaded with some really good comfort providing material. Also at the top there is segmented foam with PE insert lower thigh guard and it is removable also. It has everything that you need it will save you from impacts as the structure and foam in the guards help in reducing the energy impact so you will not feel a lot of force when you will be hit.

Verdict: So, overall this is a great pair of shin pads that provide excellent level of protection. These guards are super comfortable and you can use them for a longer period of time because of the amazing design of it. The only thing we think would improve these pads is possibly a 3rd strap but that is only been very picky. So, do check out the CCM Super Tacks Senior Hockey Shin Guards and you can click here for current pricing on Hockey Monkey.

5. Bauer Supreme 2S Hockey Shin Guards

High Performance

Elite Bauer 1S Senior Shin Pads

Bauer Supreme 1S Senior Shin Guards are meant for an elite level hockey. This product willprovide you powerful protection and supreme fit. You can stride with more power and efficiency with this Supreme 1S shin guards.

For the first time in Supreme you are going to see the full Kirk composite shell construction which helps in reducing the overall weight and also improves the overall protection. There are so many cool features in these pads as these will adjust with your knees, provide you extra layer of protection, weight reduction and comfort.

Why The Supreme 1S Senior Shin Guards Are Super Comfortable

So the very first thing that holds huge importance is the comfort factor. In case of Supreme 1S guards, there is super comfort because of the combination of FleXrob foam with G-Form and XRD materials to absorb impact. This ultimately provides a more comfortable knee cradle. Furthermore, there is a considerable decrease in weight so you will be able to play your game at the highest level. More density foams align with a plastic insert which will give you high level protection from slashes and extra layer of comfort and ease as well.

Material and Construction Of The 1S Guard

At the bottom of the guard it has been reinforced so this 1S known for it's high tech range of equipment prevents extra wear and tear from happening on the inside of your skate liner especially. On the cap there is a flatter face design so it will provide you more stability and even if you are down on one knee you can still play a really strong shot. You will also remain cool through the game because there are vents on both the sides promoting that salt air flow. There is also an adjustable upper thigh guard thick medium density foam and then throughout we are going to have more medium density foam on the inside calf wrap.

There are armors on the sides and on the top as well. Above all there is also a new wing a thick layer of more vent armor giving a high level protection as well as promoting airflow. The two-strap system, which features the Anchor Strap Technology, helps in improving the overall fit and comfort of the guards. The multi-segmented construction will give you mobility while being secured to your leg as well.

The neoprene on the back of your leg is really comfortable. It is also has 37.5 directly integrated into it and the technology used in the 1S shin guards uses your body heat to evaporate sweat so it will dry pretty quickly after the game.

They are using their sanitize technology as well which is directly integrated into the fabric and it will keep you fresh and will protect you from odor causing bacteria. There is another technology which is the power light technology which has a truly suspended liner which actually has a foam the lines the inside of the shin shell.

Verdict: So, overall the Bauer Supreme 1S Senior Hockey Shin Guards is a must have. You are definitely going to love this one, not just for its comfort levels but, also it's top of the range protection. They are so light on your legs that you almost can't feel them on you which is great for not carrying extra bulk around with you.

6. Bauer Nexus 2N Hockey Shin Guards

Bauer Nexus 2N Hockey Shin Guards Review

The Bauer Nexus 2N's is loaded with bulky design with nexus DNA ribbed on both sides. These nexus DNA ribbed are very useful as it will move away the impact energy and will make you stay comfortable. It will deflect the impact energy in a way that you won?t feel impact of even very high energy attacks. In order to prevent the guards from wear and tear the bottom is wrapped.

Amazing Material Quality & Design

The Bauer team has done a great job with the liner and the design of the guards. The way it goes from matte finish to a gloss finish is really amazing. The guards have everything that a professional player needs like it will also promote the airflow to a high extent. The IX foams are very useful for the promotion of airflow and the Bauer team has used it on both the sides and this is kind of vented material. The guards will also provide you great and customizable fit so you can get your desired fitting as per your choice. You will also get really great mobility with these shin guards as well.

Great Impact Absorption 

Well, I have personally loved the impact absorption quality of the guards. You can take any kind of high energy attacks and will still feel comfortable. The guards are loaded with molded properties that will help in providing great impact absorption.

With molded properties like molded shin and knee cap, you will feel very comfortable without worrying about the energy impact. There is a segmented MDP calf guard for better protection. Furthermore, there is Hyperlite HD foam knee wing protection available as well. So, if you see the Bauer has worked really hard on the protection of the shin guards.

Apart from this, the team has used the Thermo Max ventilated lining with Sanitized odor-resistant treatment. So, while you are playing your game at high level with full energy you will not be worrying about the odor. As the Thermo Max will make you feel fresh and stay odorless.

7. CCM Jetspeed FT390 Hockey Shin Guards

Well, first of all lets talk about the fully vented and rib PE shell and the knee cap. The location of the ribs is very technical as it helps dissipate energy away from the knee. Probably, the most important and basic need of any guard is to provide protection and comfort to the knees.

The guards should protect the knees at any cost and this is the most important role of the guards. So, that?s where these guards are so good and will keep you nice and comfortable all the time. There are vents at the front as well as the knee cap that work with the liner to promote better airflow which will keep you dry and fresh during the game.

The Structure and Design of The Shin Guards

Well, the structure and the technology used are very advanced and more reliable. You will feel very safe and comfortable because the bottom portion has been lined with foam to help protect the inside of your skates from wear and tear. There is also a dual hinge support so it will give you very nice flexibility.

One more exciting thing about the shin guards is that you can even take a long stride and even a long flex will give you great mobility. One more important point is that it doesn?t absorb after so you will feel lightweight throughout the game. There is a new wing which has a piece of PE on the inside which will provide some extra protection. With the addition of the molded 3D PE material the protection level has been taken to the next level.

You will get a really nice snug fit on the back of the leg because of the anatomical shape of the shin guards. There is a 3 inch elastic adjustable length strap and this is something new to the Jet Speed and it is really useful as players of all calf sizes can use it.

  • You will remain dry and fresh (During and after the game)
  • You will remain more comfortable and you will also get an extra layer of protection.
  • The impact of the shots will be as minimum as it can get.
  • It removes the moisture from the pads.

Verdict: So, these shin guards were designed with the intention of being extremely lightweight without losing out on any protection. And as soon as we put these on, we definitely felt like the construction offered. Moving around on the ice, they felt so incredibly light weight and not like carrying extra luggage around with you. We absolutely loved the strapping system on these as they can sometimes feel uncomfortable but the calf strap caused no problems for us. 

8. Warrior Alpha QX Pro Hockey Shin Guards

Warrior Alpha QX Pro Hockey Shin Guard Review

Warrior Alpha QX Pro Senior Hockey Shin Guard is an amazing as it has the two-piece pro shell very similar to what we have in the top-line QX so that mobility of it is really great. If we talk about the front, then it is very robust through the front and this will have a lot of advantages like it will allow the ribs to dissipate impact energy away from the front of leg while all the airports allow air to flow freely through the pad.

Amazing New Technology and Comfort of Warrior Alpha Shin Guard

As the air flow is very smooth so it will keep your pad cool and dry during the game. The Warrior Alpha QX Pro Senior Hockey Shin Guard are really good when it comes to providing excellent comfort, protection and prevention from wear and tear. You will also see an anti abrasion patch at the bottom so it will protect the insides of the liner from wear and tear. You are going to get extra level of protection with this.

For the first time you are going to see the VPS or ventilated performance system that?s going to be the vented foam that you will see at the top, side and as well as in the calf wrap. This vented foam works really well in keeping you nice and cool as it will allow the air to flow smoothly so the guards will get dry pretty quickly.

Amazing Protection and Material Used

There is also a high density wing guards as well which will provide extra layer of protection to the sensitive area of the leg. A war tech FNC stands for fresh and clean liner with polygiene. So, this will protect from odor causing bacteria so you will remain healthy while playing the game as well.

The amazing strapping system is very cool and it has a one inch increment and they are using neoprene like material so it is very comfortable. Because of its really cool material your legs will feel comfortable and are really efficient at keeping you locked in. There is also a two-inch elastic straps which will give you that amazing fit and secure feel.

Verdict: Well overall, this product is a pure master class of the Warriors. They have made it look so elegant and the design and material used is very good too. These are amazing shin pads with high quality craftsmanship and super lightweight. You will get amazing protection, durability and above all breath-ability and comfort. So, there are so many cool features in these shin guards that you will definitely love.

9. Bauer Vapor X900 Lite Hockey Shin Guards

All you need in a shin guard is protection, fit and durability. You are going to all these features in the Bauer Vapor X900 Lite which is very demanding. If we talk about the construction of the shin guard then the Bauer team has made it very comfortable to wear and it will provide you the desired fit. There is 2-piece shin shell construction this is what they call the free flux cap. So, it will allow you to move freely and get more aggressive skating stance. This will allow you to make better shots and you will be generating maximum power out of every shot you make.

The design of the Bauer Vapor X900 Lite is very cool as well. Now the most important aspect of any shin guard is the amount of energy it dissipates. In the case of Bauer Vapor X900 Lite, this does a really good job of dissipating energy. The construction and rib material help a great deal for that purpose. The Bauer Vapor X900 Lite also has the dual lock strapping system in it and it will provide you better and customized fit.

Big Upgrades for Better Protection

You are going to get amazing protection as the Bauer team has worked really hard on improving the protection level. There are big upgrades for this sake and that?s what makes the shin guard very demanding. The molded knee cap and the Hyperlite HD foam calf and MD foam knee wing protection are some of the highlights of the Bauer Vapor X900 Lite.

There hyper light HD foam is very good as it is loaded with the dual density material. This material doesn?t absorb any water or sweat so it will keep you nice and dry during the game. Now for the bacteria causing odor, the Bauer team has used the comfort liner with 37.5 Skate Zone technology and Sanitized odor-resistant treatment.

For the sake of good airflow and to keep you comfortable there are two vents injected on the top of it. So, overall the Bauer Vapor X900 Lite is very good and it meets the professional criteria with ease. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the Bauer Vapor X900 Lite now.

10. CCM Jetspeed FT370 Hockey Shin Guards

These CCM Jetspeed FT370 LE shins have been made with a lightweight design to ensure that players can move around with speed and precision. The construction of the shell is what makes these shins so mobile. 

They have also used a PE foam liner on the inside which can be easily removed if necessary. It works to provide you with protection, while also keeping you comfortable. 

The anatomical design that?s available with these shin pads is awesome for enabling you to have a tighter fit. Players have also been liking how there?s PE foam used for the calf guard as it provides them with a lot of comfort. 

With an upper lock strap system, you?re able to easily keep the shin pads in place so that they don?t move around. A customized fit can be achieved by using the calf strap that?s available too. 

To minimize bacteria from growing, an antimicrobial liner has been implemented.

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How To Wear Shin Guards

How are shin guards supposed to fit?,  is a common question in hockey and it's quite simple once you get the hang of it. This is a straight forward process you can easily follow and should have them on right in no time.

How To Put Shin Guards On

  1. Find out which one is right and which one is left
  2. Apply them to  you you shins on the side they need to go
  3. secure the calf strap
  4. Secure the top strap just below your knees

After doing this, you're good to go and start putting on your socks!

Can You Wash Shin Guards?

Yes, you can wash your shin guards just like any other protective gear. We also cover this in our Best Hockey Gloves Of 2019 Review. But the process is simple to doing this. All you have to do is use the regular warm water cycle on your wash er then hang them to dry.

I would say do this once a month as well with all your gear to keep bacteria from growing in your gear and making you sick. Plus you will smell a lot better!


You may be asking 'what size hockey shin guards do i need?' this is important for your comfort and overall performance. For the best results, follow this set of guidelines for the best results.

How To Size

  1. Measure from the center of the knee cap to the top of the skate boot.
  2. Match your shin size to the inches of the shin guards
  3. Player height is next to this, Use th chart below to get your exact size

After using this guide you should know exactly what size to get!

Shin Guards Sizing Chart


The way we like to do thing's here at What All The Pros Use is give you the best of the top four brands in hockey in two levels of play, Recreation and Professional. We will present the best in these brands

- Bauer
- Easton
- Warrior

Final Words

Shin guards are an important piece of hockey equipment. While you might have thought of the stick or helmet first, shin injuries are not uncommon and keeping your legs protected will keep you protected.

For that reason, we have chosen the CCM Jetspeed FT1 shin guards as the best hockey shin guards on the market. They are lightweight with a high level of protection.

While the Bauer Supreme 1S shin guards might be better for high performance skaters while the CCM Tacks 9060 are easy on the wallet, you just need to make sure that the shin guards will do their job and keep you safe.