Best Hockey Shoulder Pads (2021 Reviews)

The game of hockey is all about contact, that's why it's important you find the best hockey shoulder pads and make sure you wear them. Without them, you are tremendously exposed to getting hit and even injured.

This review will show you exactly what you need to know when it comes to shoulder pads hockey sizing, cleaning, and of course what we think are the best and why. 

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How To Measure For Hockey Shoulder Pads

Measuring for shoulder pads is actually pretty easy but is important for proper protection. To figure out the correct size, make sure the centers of the shoulders line up exactly with the center of your shoulder caps.

Measure the circumference of your chest right below your armpits. Every chest protector will have a size according to this measurement. Also you can easily adjust the straps of your chest protector for a more custom fit.

Below we will display a sizing chart for your convenience.

Shoulder Pads Sizing Chart

shoulder pads sizing chart

10 Best Hockey Shoulder Pads (2021)


Skill Level



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1. CCM JetSpeed FT1

Editor's Choice




2. CCM Super Tacks AS1

High Performance




3. Bauer Supreme 2S

Budget Friendly




4. Warrior Alpha DX




5. Bauer Supreme Pro

For Professionals




6. CCM JetSpeed FT370




7. Bauer NSX

For Beginners




8. Sher-Wood 5030




9. True XCore XC9




10. Bauer Vapor X900




Today we're going to show you the best shoulder pads you can buy for Beginners and pro stock and brands that supply the shoulder pads.

Whether you have problems with the fitting of the pads or the level of protection offered by your current one, we can ensure you that one of the power players will enhance your game. So now let's go ahead and review the best ice hockey shoulder pads of 2020!

1. CCM JetSpeed FT1 Hockey Shoulder Pads

Best Hockey Shoulder Pads (Editor's Choice)

Our choice for the best hockey shoulder pads are the CCM Jetspeed FT1 shoulder pads. These pads are very lightweight, but still offer a lot of great protection.

The pads also come with impact protection in the key areas, keeping you safe. But, as you know, safety is only one element when it comes to shoulder pads.

The best feature that you will get from these pads is that they provide a high level of movement. This comes from the high-mobility design using HD foam and RocketFrame composite. As a result, you will get pads that are comfortable and easy to wear, but still have a solid level of protection to work with.

The shoulder pads have bicep protection as well, which is also made from high density molded foam with length adjustment straps. That way, you can adjust and create a custom comfort fit, all while maintaining the same light feel and the high level of protection. The protection goes around the chest and back as well, which a kind of anatomical shell integrated within its design.

Finally, the pads will stay dry as you wear them. They are constructed with a water wicking material that will keep you dry while they stay dry as well.

2. CCM Super Tacks AS1 Hockey Shoulder Pads

High Performance

For the high performance players, you should check out the CCM Super Racks AS1 hockey shoulder pads. They are made to provide elite players with the most mobility possible and still maintain a high level of protection.

The AS1 pads use the D3O smart material for lightweight protection throughout the construction of the entire shoulder pad. This will protect you against impacts of any kind out on the ice. The D3O material is in the shoulder cups, the sternum and spine, and everywhere else that you might need it.

The AS1 pads also come with a 2-piece floating bicep that will keep you moving easily without restrictions and it gives you a nice, personalized fit. This, combined with the dual-layer stretch base jacket gives you a completely enhanced fit, making the pads more like an extension of yourself than something that you need to be encumbered by.

There is HD foam as well that adds protection for your kidneys and your belly, ensuring you will be safe no matter what kind of impact that you experience. Combine that with the cool nature of the pads and the fact that they will wick away water, and you have a set of high performance pads.

3. Bauer NSX Hockey Shoulder Pads

For Beginners

Bauer NSX Shoulder Pads Review

Well, the Bauer NSX has everything that you need in a fully customizable shoulder pad. The Bauer team has done a great job and the Bauer NSX is loaded with a molded cap for a low profile and this will allow you really great protection and amazing comfort. As far as the construction of the pads is concerned the Bauer team has used the one-piece construction throughout that means everything in it.

Top Level Protection & Advanced Technology

The 3D plastic insert is there to cover the vital area of your chest and there are medium density foams used as well. You will feel very lightweight as well while wearing this shoulder pad as the construction is well calculated and the material used is of high class. There is a Velcro strap at the bottom of the NSX pads. So, this will give you a really tight fitting and that?s why I personally think the customizable fit of the Bauer NSX pads is really good.

Well, the whole Bauer NSX pads is loaded with really good medium density foams which not only increase the protection but also gives durability as well. You are going to get great protection, good comfort and reliable safety from the high energy impact shots.

Now if we talk about the side protection and mainly shoulder caps then there is a free-floating shoulder cap. This free-floating shoulder cap is very useful as it will give you more mobility and you can move freely without compromising on the protection. The shoulder caps are loaded with molded plastic insert along with medium density foams which are everywhere in the Bauer NSX pads.

For protection of your neck, the Bauer team has used the comfort padded foam around your neck and this is really increasing the overall protection of the upper body.

As said earlier, this NSX pads is all about customizable fit and that goes with the adjustable bicep guard too. This adjustable bicep guard will allow you to move it up or down depending on your size along with the two-inch Velcro strap to help lock it down.

Verdict: The Bauer NSX pad is very professional and it really meets the high-quality standard of the professional players. The price range of the pads is really reasonable and you will definitely love the product for its comfortability, customizable fit, better durability and top-level protection.

4. CCM Jetspeed FT350 Hockey Shoulder Pads

CCM Jetspeed FT350 LE Shoulder Pads Review

CCM Jetspeed FT350 Shoulder Pads are really amazing in many ways. You are going to get great comfort, reliable protection and yeah great durability as well. I have personally loved the construction of the pads and also the material of the pads. Even you are a professional player or a rookie this pad is tailored made for you for its amazing features. If we talk about the construction of the shoulder pads, then there is one-piece construction in the front. You will also see molded PE foam in the sternum and you will find everything connected in this one-piece construction of the CCM Jetspeed FT350 Shoulder Pads.

Protection & Comfortability of The Pads

The pads are very good because of their amazing protection and being extremely lightweight. The best thing about the pads is the leverage you get in moving while making your shots. The construction of the pads allows you extreme freedom of movement so you can make long strides with ease and comfort. The new designs enhancements and the improved strapping systems are some other notable features that has improved the overall comfortability and protection of the pads.

If we talk about the advanced technology then you are going to see the ROCKETFRAMCE COMPOSTIE that has been added in order to increase the mobility, adjustability and also the overall protection of the pads.

The pads are very lightweight because of the high-quality foams used in different parts of the pads. You are going to have PE molded caps for good level of protection and also PE foam for lightweight feel and good protection in the Torso section as well.

There are thick medium density foams in the bicep guard as well. This will give you an extra layer of protection and comfort against any bumps or hits. The impact protection of the CCM Jetspeed FT350 Shoulder Pads is also very good.

In the back of the shoulder there are plastic insert from the clavicle wraparound into the back for spine protection.

Verdict: So, overall there is something for every part of the upper body. In short, you are going to get amazing protection, great comfort and pretty good durability for a very reasonable price. Just a really good set of all round pads which are priced so well.

5. Easton Synergy GX Hockey Shoulder Pads

What To Consider When Buying New Shoulder Pads

So first, I?m going to through some things to be able to find the right pair of shoulder pads for you. If you?ve ever been shopping for pads before, then you will probably know that there are so many different brands and models of shoulder pads.

These going from entry-level pads all the way up to high-end premium pads. I?ll try and break these down to see what the differences between the entry-level and more expensive options are.

A key thing to bear in mind when buying a new pair is the level you are playing at. If you are taking part in the more aggressive leagues, you are going to need a little bit more protection and higher quality pads compared to the recreational non checking leagues where I think you might be able to get away with a lighter shoulder pad.

The position that you play for your team out on the ice is also something I think you might have to take into account when buying new pads. If like me you are a defensemen on your team, you might want to consider getting some beefier or thicker shoulder pads because I feel more comfortable and protected when I?m taking more impacts.

I have also found out that this is the case for grinder players who spend a lot of time on the boards or corners doing more checking than scoring, these players will probably prefer some thicker heavy-duty shoulder pad to handle those impacts. Obviously, when you look at thicker more protective pads, the pads begin to get more expensive.

Cheap vs Expensive Shoulder Pads

This is probably the question that I see getting asked the most because there?s a big difference in the prices of entry level, intermediate and top level pads. So, I?ve done some research to see what the differences are and whether investing that extra amount is really worth the money.

I'm going to go ahead and say don't go cheap on shoulder pads, you can find good shoulder pads for a good price and we will cover those in this review. That's why we're here is to help.

But if you go wrong with shoulder pads you put yourself at risk and we don't want that. Also i'm going to tell you to never buy used, and that goes for any piece of protective equipment because you have no idea where that equipment has been, what it's been through, or how much it's been used.

When you look an entry-level shoulder pad, what you will see most commonly with these is a single panel design in the front and back portion of the pads which includes a plastic insert down the centre for protection of the sternum and spine.

This will be reinforced with single density foams on the outer portions. The shoulder and bicep caps will still have that low profile design offering good level of protection but won?t be as thick as some of the higher end models. In terms of liner used for the entry-level pads, I find that they tend to be typically made from traditional brush nylon.

Comparing this to intermediate pads, you?ll see some upgrades in this area with a three piece panel design that gives you much more protection and greater mobility. The sternum and spine protection is much thicker in the form of plastic inserts and dual density foams.

I also noticed this is the case under the shoulder and bicep guards where you get a little more protection as well as some protection for the clavicle which you don?t get with entry-level padding. What you sometimes see and one I wish they had more of in intermediate pads is the rib wrap.

I find it?s a very delicate area and personally a must have for me. The final part is usually a slight upgrade in the liner they use as you get into the more mid-range products as you will start seeing moisture wicking technology.

So, let?s get into some advanced pro-end shoulder pads and as you can imagine, these are your ultimate level of protection as well as mobility.

You will see the three panel designs from the intermediate pads, but they will be attached by elastic and have some adjustability feature which you can change to how you like fit on your chest. The sternum and spine protection are also so much thicker and have more dense foams to really absorb that impact in these areas.

Final Words 

When it comes to the perfect hockey shoulder pads, you will need to think about what you expect from them. You will want them to keep you safe from any hits that you might take, and are comfortable enough to wear throughout a game and move freely.

For that reason, the best hockey shoulder pads that you can get are the CCM Jetspeed FT1 shoulder pads. They are lightweight, comfortable, and still give you a high amount of protection.

If you are a more elite athlete, you might be happier with the CCM Super Tacks AS1 pads, but ultimately, consider what is comfortable for you and what will help keep you safe.