Best Hockey Skates (2021) ? Top Ice Hockey Skates Reviews

Your hockey skates can be the difference between playing an amazing game and floundering out on the ice.

Naturally, you need the best hockey skates that you can get in order to be the best player possible. It is essential to know what those skates look like, however.

The perfect skates for you are not going to be the same as the best skates for someone else. You need to buy skates that fit your feet, match your skill level, and will help your position.

We wanted to make sure that you could find the perfect skates for your needs, so here?s what you should know.

New Bauer Fit System Explained

Bauer Performance Skate Fit

In early 2020, Bauer announced that they were going to do something different. They retired the Nexus line of skates, which had previously been the favourite for players with wide feet.

Instead, they now offer a fit system that allows you to choose the width or volume that fits your feet in any of their new styles. The skates come in FIT1, FIT2, and FIT3 widths, with FIT1 being narrowest and FIT3 being widest.

Now, you can choose between the Vapor and Supreme lines, opting for the skate choices that best meet your needs rather than which skate will fit your foot.

10 Best Hockey Skates (2021)


Skill level



Check Now

1. Bauer Supreme 3S

Editor's Choice


898 grams


2. Bauer Vapor 2X Pro

High Performance


860 grams


3. Bauer Vapor X2.9

Budget Friendly


862 grams


4. Bauer Vapor X2.7

For Beginners


810 grams


5. Bauer Nexus 2N

For Wide Feet


822 grams


6. CCM JetSpeed FT470


755 grams


7. CCM Tacks 9380


830 grams


8. Bauer Vapor 1X


797 grams


9. CCM Ribcor 78K


798 grams


10. CCM Super Tacks AS3

High Performance


866 grams


1. Bauer Supreme 3S Pro Hockey Skates

Best Hockey Skates (Editor's Choice)

The Bauer Supreme 3S Pro is our choice for the overall best hockey skates on the market.

These skates use the new Bauer fit system, which means that Supreme 3S Pro skates go up to a FIT3, but also come in a FIT1 and FIT2, fitting all types of feet.    

Bauer Supreme 3S Pro Hockey Skates


Looking at the design of the Supreme 3S Pro, you will find that they use an increased forward flex to improve your overall performance. The skates also have a high level of comfort, further enhanced by the Reflex tendon Guard, the Reflex tongue, and Standard Facing.

Additionally, the skates come with a power cut for better stability and stride efficiency. The footbed is a Lock Fit, which will help keep your foot right where it should be, further improving your skating power since your foot will not be sliding all around.


The Bauer Supreme 3S Pro skates have a Power Profile feature that will help you maintain your speed and a powerful stride. The Power Profile is a 4-zoned radii, which is also called a quad profile, helping with four different movements. The four zones include a zone for acceleration, a zone for transitioning, a speed zone, and a stability zone.

The Supreme 3S have an 80 flex rating making them more appropriate for elite skaters who have a lot of experience. They are stiff with a high level of stability, which more inexperienced players would have a hard time with as they manoeuvre.

The skate blade holder is the Bauer Lightspeed Pulse TI Edge with a blade in the Tuuk LS Pulse premium-grade steel. This is made with a mirror finish to enhance your gliding ability while adding some height.

  • 3D Lasted Curv Composite
  • Thermoformable
  • Power cut
  • 80 flex rating
  • Lightspeed Edge Holder
  • We couldn?t find any!

2. BAUER Vapor 2X Pro Hockey Skates

High Performance

Bauer skate lineup comes to the Vapor and the Bauer Vapor 2X Pro has that comfort and classical fit that you are hoping to get. 

Bauer?s Vapor range is amazing in many ways and they have a reputation of providing high quality skates.

Here we have the Vapor 2X Pro skate in depth review that will give you all the important information about the incredible skates.

Bauer Vapor 2X Hockey Skates

Bauer Vapor Skates Technology

The Bauer Vapor skates are loaded with some really amazing features and it is packed with latest in skate technology. It has a 3D lasted thermoform of all quarter panel that will provide you a really nice close to the foot fit. 

The Bauer speed plate insole is very stunning too as it will fit perfectly to your foot while molding. The transfer energy is another factor that is useful as it will also help you transfer your energy from skates to ice.

The 37.5 liner that is integrated inside the skate will keep your foot nice and dry.  The LS four steel will give you the three millimeters extra height that will allow you to improve your performance on the ice court and it will help you turn swiftly.

The Bauer Vapor Pro 2X has the memory foam ankle pads that help mold to the ankle over time. This also provides an extra layer of comfort and fit to the players.

Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Skates Fit ? Is It Comfortable?

Well, this is a really nice and comfortable skate right from the start. It has that traditional fit

and it will help you step up your game by providing outstanding comfort. The skate is very light weight as well and this size guard suggests it is wider and taller than the Bauer Vapor 2X Pro and the Bauer 1S. Overall, Bauer is aiming to increase the fit of their latest skates and they have really enhanced the performance in their latest skate like the Bauer Vapor 2X Pro.

These skates are designed to feature the most responsive control and the Vapor 2X Pro with the use of their 3-D lasted Curv composite provides exceptional comfort because of the thermoforable nature. The Vapor 2X Pro skates are more responsive and comfortable. As mentioned earlier, the Vapor 2X Proskates provide incredible energy transfer as well that no other skate provides.

Technology That Keeps Your Foot Dry

No doubt the technology used in the Vapor 2X Pro will make a huge difference when it comes to comfort, fit and dryness factor.

The 37.5 technology liner is an amazing technology that will keep the feet dry and locked in place for better control. Both comfort and performance matters a lot for a hockey player and with this technology both the factors are highly valued and looked after.

The Injected Lacing System

The injected lacing system is also featured in the 1N skates that will provide more forward flex and enhanced stability on the ice.

Everyone was waiting for this update as it will provide more control over the lacing fit and this is a huge plus point of the Bauer 1N skates.


We have heard quite a few professionals changing over to the Vapor 2X Pro from the Supremes because they are more comfortable and offer great spring when skating. These have jaw-dropping technology and if you are looking for a state of the art pair of skates then you should buy these.

3. Bauer Vapor X2.9 Hockey Skates

Budget Friendly

If you are working within a budget, you should still expect to find some amazing hockey skates out there.

Our choice for the best hockey skates for players on budget are the Bauer Vapor X2.9. You still get the high quality that Bauer usually delivers, but not break the bank in the process.

Bauer Vapor X2.9 Hockey Skates


Let?s start with its design. The Vapor X2.9 use the PerformFlex System, which will give you better comfort, fit, and overall performance. This is part of the 3D Lasted Tech Mesh quarter package, where the skates are constructed to give you a high amount of support.

Furthermore, the skates are made with a low-profile, which is designed to provide an enhanced fit. This used to be ideal for players who have low-volume feet, but with the new Bauer fit system, they should work for anyone.


The Vapor X2.9 skates have a two-piece, 48 ounce felt tongue that has been injected with a metatarsal guard to increase your overall protection and comfort. This will help to prevent lace bite as well, giving you an added element of security for the top of your foot.

The Bauer Vapor X2.9 also has a hydrophobic microfiber liner with a Form-Fit+ footbed. The liner is soft, but it is still able to keep water away from your skin.

The skates come with the Bauer TuukLightspeed Edge holder as well, which is a system that provides performance benefits as well as making it easy to swap out the blades as needed.

These come with the Tuuk LS1 runner, which has a decent edge life, but the blade is not made with high-quality steel, which you might still want. Even on a budget, you deserve reliable blades.

  • Form Fit+ Footbed
  • TuukLightspeed Edge
  • PerformFlex System
  • Low-profile design
  • 3D Lasted Tech Mesh Quarter
  • Blades are not made with good steel

4. Bauer Vapor X2.7 Hockey Skates

For Beginners

There are great skates out on the market for beginners. Our choice for the best beginner hockey skate is the Bauer Vapor X2.7.

These skates still come with all of the quality and level of comfort that you can expect from Bauer, but work well for those of you who are just getting into the sport.

Bauer Vapor X2.7 Hockey Skates


The Vapor X2.7skates come with memory foam padding for more support in the bottom of the skates. The memory foam is combined with microfiber, preventing the memory foam from absorbing any kind of moisture in the skates and keeping your feet dry.

These skates also use the Bauer?s ComfortFlex system, which uses certain techniques to give you an overall improved feel. It is important to note that these skates do not use the new Bauer fit system, so you will need to pay attention to fit an sizing to make sure these are the right skates for you.


Looking at their features, the Vapor X2.7 skates are made from a 3D polycarb quarter package. This helps keep the skates lightweight and easy to wear, but they are still incredibly durable at the same time.

The construction will also give you a nice fit through the heel while securing your foot within the skate, all while keeping your feet comfortable. They also have a two-piece, 40 ounce tongue with an injected metatarsal guard for protection against lace bite.

They might not use the new fit system, but the skates do use the Bauer TuukLightspeed Edge Holder. This is nice, because it provides you with a little extra height and stability on the ice, which is essential for new skaters.

  • TuukLightspeed Edge Holder
  • Memory foam liner
  • 3D Polycarb quarter
  • Low-profile
  • 2-piece Metatarsal guard
  • A little low in volume

5. Bauer Nexus 2N Hockey Skates

For Wide Feet

The all-new Bauer Nexus 2N is a wonderful choice for the intermediate level players who want a variety of high-end features in a high volume hockey skate.

The Bauer Nexus 2N offers a great amount of stability, that which any intermediate player or a casual league warrior will appreciate! At the same time, it also offers a very secure fit allowing players to perform at their max.

The 2N quarter package features a core that is 3D injected, with Trueform tech PU. This 3D core is designed to fit right into the natural foot curves resulting in a very anatomical shape. At the same time, the stiffness of these hockey skates, despite being a mid-level skate, is highly impressive. As a result of this, skaters are able to unleash their full power.

The inside of Bauer Nexus 2N features a 40-oz, two-piece black felt tongue with a moderate level of center thickness. At the same time, a metatarsal guard made of plastic is inserted in the tongue for protection against slashes, pucks, and lace bite. As a result of this, players can play as aggressively as they want, without the risk of any foot injuries.

At the same time, the moisture-wicking microfibre in the interior along with memory foam pads for ankles keep the feet dry and very comfortable throughout the game.


The best part of the skates is their construction which is not too tight especially once baked. You will feel so much power when you take a stride making it effortless for you out there on the ice. 

6. CCM JetSpeed FT470 Hockey Skates

CCM has become a leading name in the world of hockey/sports equipment. This is because the company carries decades of expertise in its area of work.

A lot of complex engineering has gone into the production of CCM's JetSpeed line, resulting in explosive power and unmatched stability. The CCM JetSpeed FT470, for instance, is packed with some of the latest industry innovations.

CCM JetSpeed FT470 offers an extremely comfortable and anatomical fit to players, something that which CCM is very popular for. Apart from being known for very comfortable skates, Bauer skates are also very notable for their unmatched stability in the arena.

The CCM JetSpeed FT470 features a relatively wider forefoot, with 0 negative space in the ankle and heel, resulting in a unique level of comfort. This allows players to transfer energy very efficiently.

On the inside of the feet, there is an ankle padding of a lightweight and comfortable memory foam, designed to the natural foot shape. At the same time, a 3D lasted tech mesh quarter package is used, which provides a 360 degrees fit because of its heat molding characteristics.

At the same time, there is a two piece felt tongue that contains a metatarsal guard of high density, for unmatched protection from lace bite. This allows players to go as aggressive as they want to, without any injuries.


So, when it comes to value for money, there really are not many options that would beat this at all. They are designed to fit right out of the box and are so easy to get on. Plus we think they look pretty awesome out on the ice as well. To top it off, we were shocked to find out there is a huge discount on these right now here at Hockey Monkey.[/su_note]

7. CCM Tacks 9380 Hockey Skates

Ok so with these skates, we are really starting to see a few more bits of elite-level technology being introduced by CCM.

Upgrades in technology that provide a more anatomical fit

So, unlike the 3092 we mentioned earlier, these skates use the RocketFrame composite with SpeedCore II technology. With this pro-level spec, we start seeing a huge jump in stiffness which means tons of more power out there on the ice while also being so ultra-lightweight.

If you know about the 9380 skates, then you will know about their Metaframe technology which is basically the way CCM mold their skates. They have brought these up into the 9070s.

This gives it a much more anatomically correct shape right out of the factory along with feel and boot shape compared to the really traditional boxy skates they had with some of their other skates? So great improvement there!

One thing we also noticed is the eyelet angle and how much more anatomically correct it follows the pattern of your foot. These eyelets are also way more durable with the dual stitching that CCM have used which is also in the tendon guard!

Elite level protection and super comfort at an affordable price

At the top of the quarter package you?ll see some nice soft foam. Obviously really stiff boots can cause high ankle abrasions so this soft foam will help alleviate that.

Then into the tongue of the boot, it?s a 7mm very thick felt along with really thick foams injected down through the centre so it honestly has that pro level feel. All this is just working together to give you awesome comfort as well as great protection from any impacts that can happen during the game.

You have a HD micro fibre liner which is more durable than what we?ve seen in the rest of the line. It also helps to wick away moisture to keep you dry and really helps to push that moisture down through the insole and out the outsole.

In terms of fit, it belongs to the medium volume fitting family Meaning it?s going to have a standard fit in the toebox as well as the overall depth of the skates.

Also quick shout out to the looks? You have to love the graphics package!

Coming down to the holder, we have the SB stainless steel runners sitting in the SB 4.0 holder. This features SpeedRib technology that really helps to improve the energy transfer process by adding stiffness and rigidity to it so you?re not losing as much power as you would if it was more softer and forgiving.


These are a great step up for any players looking to upgrade their beginner level pads. You will get NHL level protection without it damaging your wallet and be sure that it will last you a long time. If you looking for a skate around the $300 mark then these are the perfect hockey skates.

8. BAUER Vapor 1X Ice Hockey Skates

The Bauer Vapor 1X Skates will cover you with every demand and need of yours. It has so much to offer that it will definitely meet the professional standards of the players.  It is built upon the concepts of the 1X line made back in 2015 and it has very good improvements and advancements to offer.

The skate construction is very good as Bauer have used the ultra-lightweight Curv composite material in it. So, you will feel very lightweight to the point where you will almost forget they are on your feet. Also found that when the skates were fully laced up, there was no creasing at all which was good.

There is X-rib pattern and ankle lock design in order to keep the skater?s foot in place and ultimately giving the skaters more fit and really good depth. There is Bauer?s Comfort Edge padding used in the top of the 1X skate as well. The construction and new design are so good that the skates will act like an extension of the foot because of that new locking feature. The Bauer has also introduced the Lock-Fit Pro facing and liner along with the Flex-Pro tongue.

These may not be the best looking skates in Bauers line but once baked, they are known to feel very snug almost bespoke to your feet. Protection they are as expected for a top end skate and absorb alot of the impact very well.


The 1X's are also a top end skate which give you exactly what you pay for. You won't be disappointed with the performance or the feel once you put them on. If you have the budget for these, then it is definitely one we would recommend.[/su_note]

9. CCM RIBCOR 78K Hockey Skates

When we opened these, Mike couldn't wait to get these on!

We couldn't help but see why these innovative skates have caught a lot of eyeballs. They made a huge noise in the market when they were released because of its impact on the CCM Hockey lineup. It also completed the transition from Reebok to CCM for the Ribcor line.

This is one of our favorite products available on the market right now. From its visual look to the new technology to the performances, this skate has everything covered for you. It also has an amazing black base with the stylish chrome highlights. The SpeedBlade black stainless steel runners are another exciting feature added to the Ribcor 78K.

Is It Comfortable and Efficient?

So, are you thinking about the performance and comfort ability of these amazing skates? When you put these on for the first time, these skates will offer you a very comfortable fit without even baking the skates.

This isn?t confined at all as you will have plenty of room for your foot to lay even after they were tied tight. At the beginning, we were a little worried about the heel being a little loose but that's where there Pump technology kicks in which we will go into in a bit. This size chart will help you find the right fit for you.

The performance level will be really high as most of the highest level NHL uses the very same technology as used in the CCM Ribcor 78K in order to maximize the performance levels. You will have a better range of motion and incredible agility that will help you improve your overall game. These skates are ideal for any foot size and it suits every single player out there.

The Technology Used In CCM Ribcor 78K

Well, the technology used in the skates is the most advanced and updated as compared to the previous products. With improved efficiency a new pump is also added to the skates.

 The Ribcor line is the only one offering the patented Pump technology in the market. This newly updated pump will help improve the players comfort. The Ribcor 50K skate is also build with the ComfortFrame technology, which consists of EPP foam around the interiors walls of the skate.

The Heel-lock is very demanding among the players as they want the skates to fit as well that they feel it to be a part of their body. So, that?s where the Ribcor 50K skates come into play, its brand new pump provides a customized heel lock. There is no other skate available in the market that can match this feature of the Ribcor 50K.

This skate has everything that top NHL players demand as it will provide comfort, flexibility and luxury to move in any direction because of its new technology. This is not it, as there is another new technology introduced in the skates as well and that is AttackFrame technology which has carbon composite.

Quarter Package

The all new Ribcor Elite Quarter Package will offer you great agility and comfort. The quarter package design uses stiff carbon inserts which are connected to the flexible composite materials that will offer you stability, stiffness and extraordinary heel-lock all in one package.

The inner core of the quarter is also heat moldable which will improve your overall fit and stability. When we baked these, they felt even better with such a snug fit while being comfortable with the foams inside. Plus they flex in just the right areas avoiding any discomfort. For our more indepth review of the CCM RibCor 50K's click here.


It's easy to see why these skates are so popular on the market and one of our favorites. They are an all-round product which look beautiful at fraction of the price of all the brand new skates being introduced. Plus you won't understand just how good these are with the Pump technology until you get them out on the ice. 

10. CCM Super Tacks AS3 Ice Hockey Skates

These skates have made the list because these are great for anyone taking up the sport or at the beginners? level, and here is why?.

More forgiveness and support

So, these boots skates are utilizing CCM?s synthetic tech form which gives you a big jump in stiffness compared to the 2092s. It?s still going to be forgiving like we said for those entry level players. But it will give you much more support and stability through the rear.

But you will see that the boot has a much more anatomical shape all the way around, so right out of the box it?s going to fit around the foot even better than what we saw in the 2092s.

We also get really nice thick tongue on these as well. This is a 7 mm two-piece white felt tongue with very traditional fit and feel. It?s going to help avoid any lace bites and other impacts in that sensitive area. And if you are looking for a little flop you could definitely get that going in there just like the pros.

With the blades on the skates, you will see the stainless-steel runner from Speedblade which is held by their pro holder. Quick note that this is not going to be removable. It is all connected to an injected plastic outsole which is going to give players especially about the entry-level a little bit more forgiveness than what we see in the upper price points.

Excellent comfort for fraction of the price

At the end of the line you?ll see a two-tone brushed microfibre liner. It?s a very nice soft feel even when we didn?t wear any socks with it, absolutely loved the feel. But even if you are wearing socks, they still very nice and comfortable.

Internally they have some multi density foam padding in there, so it?s going to give you that really nice heel lock. Then, once it breaks in, it will give you that real nice feel as well.

In terms of fit profile, like were mentioned earlier, the skates are very anatomical so it?s going to give you that close to the foot feel throughout.


As we mentioned throughout, these are beginners skates where you just can't go wrong for the price point. As a beginner, you need more forgiveness in your skates which you get with these. They are extremely comfortable and will fit your feet like a glove right out of the box.

11. CCM JETSPEED FT2 Hockey Skates

The Jetspeed has CCM's hyper glide stainless steel blade runners which is a high polish finish that eliminates drag from the runners on the ice.

The blade is attached to the SB 4.0 holder with their speed grip technology which gives you every ounce of power that you can get from this holder because it adds stiffness and rigidity while not losing it in the holder itself.

Getting into the boot, the skates have a RocketFrame composite with their light frame 360 technology. So there is no outsole on these skates which means that CCM have brought in that one-piece technology with that signature jet speed fit.

Now CCM designed this boot to fit as comfortably around a players foot as possible. The one-piece composite gives you 360 degree contact between your foot and the skate so as you take your stride, you are not losing anything inside of the boot.

Also the fact that there is no outsole means that all the power is getting transferred directly into the holder and then into the ice so you feel much more connected when you are out skating. When you put these on, you can really feel the edges hugging around the shape of the foot especially with the high definition heel lock, when you slide it in there, you could almost feel it pinch to give you an awesome heel lock and a great fit from top to bottom.

Now looking into the tongue, there is a nice upgrade there where CCM have gone ahead and added a lace bite guard giving you better protection for the top of the foot and obviously dealing with any lace bite issues that might happen.

There's a thick white felt design which is what they call their TriTech tongue and has injected foams all the way through the center which really help mold to the top of your foot as well.

Now getting into the liner, there are comfort edge wraps on both sides for high ankle abrasion and really help to wick away the moisture to keep your feet dry during the game. Deep into the skates, you'll find those multi density memory foam ankle pads that give you that great high definition heel lock.

Their Total Dry Pro liner which has a really nice soft feel to it but is also one of their premier materials designed to wick away moisture so keeping you dry during the game as well as reducing drying time after the game.


Overall, I think visually CCM have done a fantastic job in terms of its looks top to bottom but as far as performance goes, that's where these skates really stand out. Also if you are interested in the rollerskates of these, then check out our CCM Jetspeed Roller Skates Review for an indepth analysis.

12. BAUER Supreme 2S Hockey Skates

With these skates you can stride very quickly and can execute your shots effectively. If we see the construction then there is the Bauer?s Fiber Composite+ for a much stiffer boot as compared to the previous versions.

For the heel, you are going to see the Bauer?s X-rib pattern which will add an extra layer of stiffness to the boots. But, you will feel very comfortable and lightweight while wearing these skates.

I have personally loved the construction and design of the skates. As the Bauer team has done a tremendous job here. They have used a Pro TPU outsole between the boot and the holder.

Which means better energy transferred from the boot during the play and you can take maximum power out of your strides. The moisture wicking properties of the Bauer Supreme 2S are very good as well. The Bauer?s Hydra Max liner will keep your foot nice and dry during the game. 

Also, the Form Fit tongue is a 3-piece felt tongue that is very helpful as it will help move away the high impact shots. The foams used in the padding of the Form Fit tongue will provide greater impact protection along with preventing lace bite.

The Vapor fit is known to have a close feel to the feet, and if this is your type of fit, I recommend you USE IT. In today's sport's, everything's about efficiency, and you want something that will give you the advantage in that sense.

Hockey Skates Buying Guide

Best Hockey Skates

When looking for a new pair of skates or especially your first pair, you need to take a few things into consideration.

First off what size you need, then your fit, style of play, body type, and preference. Finding the most comfortable ice hockey skates is going to take you knowing all of these for yourself. It's all about comfort and the performance you get out of the skate.

Every skate has it's own unique advantages and disadvantages, and fits different types of players. So lets get into how you can figure out what fits you best.

How To Buy Hockey Skates

What Size Hockey Skates Do I Need

Let's cover how hockey skates should fit and what you need to know to get the right size.

A proper fit for skates is 1-1.5 sizes smaller than your typical tennis shoe size, however all brands are different so there is no universal fitting chart for every skate out there. So when your purchasing skates, you should never judge entirely off your shoe size. 

The best and quickest way to find out is to start trying on skates at your local vendor before buying hockey skates online to get exactly what you want.

Also while fitting you should wear socks you'd normally wear while skating to get just the right fit. How hockey skates should fit is snug but flexible.

What Is The Right Fit for You

This is something you have to test and figure out, luckily we have some good techniques to accomplish this.

The Pencil Test

Once you put on your skates, rather than tie them up, pull the tongue out and place a pencil or pen across the eyelets, appropriately three eyelets down. If the pencil or pen lies flat without moving around, your skates have good depth.

If the pencil or pen hits your foot without touching both eyelets, your skates are too shallow.

what size hockey skates do i need

The Finger Test

After lacing your skates, lean forward and bend your knees like your in a hockey stance. Then reach back into the heel of your skate to see how much of a gap there is between you heel and the skate.

If you can slide more than on finger, the fit is not going to lock your heels and ankles to the correct places and you should try something else until you can only put one finger in there.

Walk Around

This may sound simple but just walking around in a pair of skates will give you a good idea of what the skates will feel like.

These are some simple ways to tell what kind of fit you need to suit your feet. There are three types of fit just like our recent Best Hockey Gloves 2019  we just covered.  Let's go ahead and look at what these different fits are. We also have a more in depth review on this subject here Bauer Skates Review

how to buy hockey skates

Anatomical fit: this is the most natural snug fit there is out there.

Classic fit: The wider foot fit, typically for bigger feet.

Tapered fit: narrow foot fit, lightweight.

What's Your Preference

There's a lot of different thing to look at when it comes to preference. When determining your preference, your biggest concern should be hockey skates with the best ankle support. This is where key sources of power coming from like strides and transitions.

We will be sure to list those in the reviews below. Next should be quality, the quality of your skate determines a lot of things. Durability, performance, and comfort are the main three of this subject and all matter tremendously. We will get into all the specifics in the reviews about this to help you make a better educated decision.

Proper Way To Lace Hockey Skates

A lot of my friend's get this wrong and it's a lot more important to get right than some think. Neglecting to lace your skates the right way can cause your skating to suffer tremendously.

I was luckily taught the right way early on and i'm really glad I did. In this video they will show you the proper way to lace hockey skates.

Another thing to keep in mind is tying your skates correctly. The proper way is to start at the bottom and making sure the bottom is super tight. The top should be tight as well but not nearly as tight as the bottom.

The reason for this is because you want your feet to stay put so there's no wiggle room and you want flexibility in the upper part of the skate. Where you end the laces is preference. Hockey skates tongue in or out is also a preference, but I highly recommend testing these things out as you could find that these options are more comfortable.

Hockey Skates Sharpening Guide

When it comes to sharpening I generally have someone else do it because I don't trust myself. There are alternatives of course to this, you could do it at home and save a ton of money in the long run.

There is a company that makes quality skate sharpeners called E-Z sharp. You can get their smallest model for $150 if your a first time buyer, below is the sharpener itself. Remember doing this could end up saving you a lot of money.

I'm really considering buying one myself, If your interested here's the link to their website! E-Z Sharp. But here is our article on unusual ways to sharpen your skates at home. Also knowing when to sharpen hockey skates is important. If you step into a game with dull skates, you will find it's going to be extremely difficult and you'll tire out more easily. Just keep that in mind.

Recreational Ice Skates vs Hockey Skates

We get a lot of questions about this and it's surprisingly talked about more than you'd think. 'what is the difference between hockey skates and figure skates?' Well i'll tell you there is a huge difference.

The layout and how you control them is totally different. I'll go ahead and say if you are a hockey player, hockey skates are 100% the way to go. The layout of a hockey skates is for all out performance and comfort.

A recreational skate is not going to give you the proper support you need for as much transitioning and stopping you will go through. The hockey skate is also way more durable and can stand up to more beating.

Hope this review helped you out narrow down your options. As I mentioned earlier, it all comes down to your budget and playing level.

If you?re new to the site, check out the other sections of the site. We have TONS of fantastic information about hockey equipment and choosing the best gear for you.

Final Words

The best hockey skates that you can get are the Bauer Supreme 3S Pro. They not only use the amazing new Bauer fit system, but they are comfortable and have all of the features that you would need to have excellent performance out on the ice.

Even though the Bauer Supreme 3S Pro is our preferred skate, there are still others out there that can meet your needs. The Bauer Vapor X2.7 is a better choice if you are just getting into skating whereas the Bauer Vapor X2.9 is better if you are on a budget. The right skate is out there, you just have to find it.