Best Junior Hockey Equipment 2019 ? Ultimate Guide

Junior Hockey is a key time for anyone going through the ranks especially if you are looking to move up to college hockey. It?s a great time for kids to transition and mature with their game. For some parents, it can be very difficult seeing their little ones out on the ice participating in intense physical battles.

Having the right equipment will make that transition much easier for you and it doesn?t always have to come at a premium at the junior level. Plus our kids grow up so fast at this age and can out grow them very fast. But, you can get some really good bargains of the top level stuff and here are our best recommendations.

Shop Around

It?s important to have a proper look around and pick out equipment that?s really going to be of use to you. There?s nothing worse than ordering new equipment and realising you ordered the wrong size or do not like the fit. Although, you may think it doesn?t matter too much at this level, the most important thing we?d recommend is to make sure it fits properly. Not something you will grow into in a couple of years, you want something that?s going to make you feel comfortable and safe, out on the ice!

Best Junior Hockey Elbow Pads

1. Bauer Supreme TotalOne MX3AnatomicalVent ArmorCheck Price
2. Bauer Nexus 6000ClassicHD FoamCheck Price

This is a very sensitive area and if not properly protected, can cause lasting damage especially at such a young age. So, you should take great care when picking one out. The most important thing is not about how expensive the pads are. It?s all about how they fit because not all of them will fit the same regardless whether they are a two or three-piece construction.

We feel that the Bauer Supreme TotalOne MX3 Elbow Pads provide strong protection and great fitting. If you a big follower of ours then you will know that these made the list of our best senior hockey elbow pads review. You are going to love the mobility of the pads as well. The advanced technology used in the pads has taken the demand of the pads to the next level. The injected cap has been used with the molded MD Foam covering along with the Vented Armor foam. The Bauer has used high density foams in different parts of the pads to make it strong and protective.

The overall anatomical fit is really great and the cap construction includes Anatomical 1-piece construction. As far as the strapping system is concerned, there is 2-strap system used and there is Interior Elbow joint which is loaded with FleXrob donut protection. On the other hand, the Liner has the Integrated Sleeve Lock.

When my son tried these on for the first time, straight away it was all about comfortable they are. Obviously, the price is slightly higher than the other options on the market but the unique sleeve design and comfort levels are worth the extra cents.

If you are looking for a more introductory pair, then we recommend the Bauer Nexus 6000 Junior Hockey Elbow Pads which are loaded with some really amazing features like the injected cap, wrist guard and Bicep guard. One more exciting thing about the pads is the high quality foams that have been used in it. From bicep guard to wrist guard there are high density foams used to increase the protection and comfort level of the pads.

As far as the fit and mobility of the pads is concerned, you are going to see bicep Guard and wrist loaded with PE inserts as well. The construction of the Bicep is really amazing as there is multi segmented bicep guard. There is interior donut sling for the interior elbow joint. If we talk about the strapping system in the Bauer Nexus 6000s then there is not 2 but 3-strap system used in it.

The liner used in the pads is very advanced as well because it has the Hydrophobic mesh material in it. In short, the pads are really comfortable and super protective. You are going to get that classical fit.

Again, when we tested these out, my son was surprised at how comfy these are. We didn’t mention at first which the more expensive option so it was surprising to find out that he felt these were also very comfy. These are great for someone who is just taking up the sport and wants to get some basic pads to learn hockey.

Best Junior Hockey Gloves 2019

1. Bauer Vapor 1X LiteTaperedPro Cable with meshCheck Price
2. Easton Stealth C7.0NaturalTactik MicrosuedeCheck Price

Finding the best hockey gloves is not always easy with so many different options. We compared over 29 different hockey gloves and here are the ones that actually protect your hands.

When we recommend a pair here, it?s a pair that we feel are super comfy and fit like a glove so you get that nice feel on the hockey stick.

The Bauer Vapor 1X Lite Junior Hockey Gloves are absolutely amazing and also number one on our best hockey gloves of 2019 list. Loaded with pro nylon mesh material, the protection levels of the gloves are really high as Bauer team has used the dual density foam backhand with poly inserts. Furthermore, the construction of the gloves will help you get maximum comfort and will help you stay safe from all those high energy attacks.

If we talk more about the density foams then the Bauer has used the 3-piece dual density foams for fingers. These density foams have poly inserts in it and that is why your fingers will remain protective and will also feel comfortable as well. For the thumb, the Bauer team has used the 3-piece Flex-Lock thumb. I have personally loved the construction and density foams of the Bauer Vapor 1X Lite Junior Hockey Glove. Because, these two factors have made the gloves super protective and comfortable.

In the technology section, you will see some really good upgrades as well. As there is AX SUEDE Quattro Grip palm and a liner with 37.5 sweat-wicking technology. So, while playing game the sweat will be absorbed regularly and you will feel nice and cool. For the odor causing bacteria the Bauer team has used the Sanitized odor-resistant treatment.

As I mentioned earlier, for us these are simply the best gloves on the market and that’s across senior and junior ranges. My son absolutely loves them and trust me, he has tried so many different options on the market. Yes, they are considerably more pricey than some of the other options but this for us is a no-brainer! My son mentioned how everyone thinks they look so cool and after weeks of practice, they do not smell at all.

Warrior Covert QRL5 Junior Hockey Gloves is our option for overall value. For what you get, the price seems insane and one of the best bargains around at the moment. Looking at the exterior, you’ll see their nylon material which makes it breathable and lightweight. This is complimented by the cool looking Warrior graphics which run along the entirety of the gloves.

Naturally, with the price being so much cheaper, hockey players will be worried about protection levels. With these gloves, you get medium density foams which again is used throughout all of the gloves including the cuff and cuff roles. For recreational level play, this is more than enough protection ad the foams are super lightweight which is another added bonus.

Now, with cheaper gloves, one of the concerns I always have is the flexibility and range of motion that the gloves give you. There is nothing worse than a pair of gloves that feel really stiff and are hard to bend your fingers in. However, these have dual segmented fingers which gives you that good flexibility and dexterity which contributes towards how good it is for the amount you pay.

With stick feel, the palms are single layer felt along with a one piece plastic thumb which gives you good grip on the stick as well as being comfortable. Good airflow ventilation systems throughout the gloves will keep them nice and cool.

One thing that does surprise me is the microfiber liner, which you don’t normally get at this price-range, they tend to be for more premium products so Warrior have done an awesome job there to provide a nice cool and comfortable fit.

So, these are all about Value, Value and more Value!!! Compared to the Bauer 1X lite, these are a huge discount and the question is are your kids missing out by saving on the price. For me, it all depends on the level and amount they play. These are super comfortable and provide great protection for someone playing recreationally. And they look pretty awesome too so highly recommended from us!

Best Junior Hockey Helmet 2019

1. Bauer Re-Akt 100PORON® XRD™Suspend-TechCheck Price
2. CCm Fitlite 3DSTool-Free SystemD3OCheck Price

Helmets are super important when it comes to junior hockey especially because concussions come be dangerous at this age. So, we recommend taking time and choosing one that fits really well and offers awesome protection. Now this doesn?t have to be pricey and there?s definitely some really good options out there.

Well, there is so much to talk about the Bauer Re-Akt 100 Youth Hockey Helmet. The Bauer team has literally taken this product to a whole new amazing level and you can see why there range makes our most protective helmets list consistently. They have used so many great technologies in the helmet that will make you feel safe, protective and will dissipate all the high impact energy. From the SUSPEND-TECH line system to the PORON XRD foam to the triple-density impact management protection with dual density ear cover to the Re-Akt facemask protection this product is literally something else. You cannot find a more advanced and protective helmet than this.

The list is endless when it comes to the features of the Bauer Re-Akt 100 Youth Hockey Helmet Combo. This product will provide you customized fit, protection and really good when it comes to dissipating impact energy. Furthermore, the helmet is CSA, HECC and CE certified with a tool-free adjustment and a four position J-Clips plus adjustable top clips for that customized fit.

There is a quick release chin up strap buckle and to handle the high energy impacts there are triple density foams used. If you see high density foams, liners and advanced technologies make a helmet very demanding and protective and that?s what you are going to get in the Bauer Re-Akt 100 Youth Hockey Helmet Combo.

Another one, I would recommend is the CCM Fitlight 3DS Junior helmet which is again one of the most popular options in the senior range and personally it’s not hard to see why. To start off with, we have to look at the outer shell which is known for its long lasting durable properties. Obviously, at the junior age range, not only do kids tend to grow fast but the head is probably the most important area to protect.

Now what CCM has said with these is that they have engineered a helmet that makes it easier to find the right fit for the younger players as they continue to grow. I can see that they have done this with their tool-less adjustable shell which are two clips on the side to make them smaller or bigger.

Looking at the protection of the helmet, we see CCM’s D3O smartfoam which is known for its impact absorbing properties. What’s interesting with these foams is that it feels so soft to touch and almost feels like memory foam. But, when you do take a hit to the helmet, this foam stiffens up and does an awesome job of absorbing that impact energy to keep your young ones protected.

Gotta also love the ventilation system on these with vents in the front and all down through the back. This will help keep your kids nice and cool out on the rink.

So, with my son, I’m definitely not afraid to spend a little extra for head protection. But, these are a great saving compared to the Bauer Re-Akt’s and I must say that this is a great helmet. Sometimes, my son complains of headaches after practice but the protection levels are so good, he hasn’t complained of any so far which is always good to hear as a parent.

Best Junior Hockey Pants

1. Warrior Covert QRLSpinetekWartech FNCCheck Price
2. Easton Stealth CXHyper Mobility ArmorBio-Dri™Check Price

Getting the right hockey pants is one of the hardest jobs when it comes to juniors because you want something that gives you freedom of movement without the pads straying or slipping off to one side.

The Warrior Covert QRL Junior Ice Hockey Pants is designed to provide great fit, comfort, protection and tailored pro to follow natural skating posture. These pants are so great that you will feel very comfortable and lightweight providing insane protection at the same time.

The pants are really protective and the Warrior team has used almost something for every part of the lower body. Like there is Spinetek lightweight spine and kidney protection. Furthermore, there is pro level protection that will move with the pace of the player. The improved technology, enhanced features and design of the fit all work together to provide insane protection and comfort level.

The Warriors team has used the floating internal wait belt for the ultimate comfort fit. So, if you see the Warrior team has done a tremendous job with the Warrior Covert QRL Junior Ice Hockey Pants. Furthermore, they have used the denier nylon with the durable vent mesh shell to increase the durability and performance of the pants. Now to keep you fresh, warm and dry all the time they have used the Wartech FNC with Polygiene.

Now, for our value option, my pick is the Easton Stealth CX junior pants which are a great set of protective pants for an awesome price. When you put these first on, you’ll notice they are a tight snug fit compared to the old traditional pants. This may not be for everyone, but I think for juniors, I like to pick something that’s a bit closer to the body and well fitted, so I’m a huge fan of these.

You’ll also notice there is a lot more protection than some of the pants at this price range especially when it comes to protecting you thighs, hips and kidneys. This is quite surprising because of how light they feel when you put them on.

So, these are for me an underrated rated pair of pants. Not too many people know about these and I’m surprised especially because of their quality. My son was impressed with how well he is able move around in these and prefers these to some of the more expensive options. Definitely, worth considering for anyone on a budget!

Best Junior Hockey Skates

NameQuarter PackageLinerPrice
1. Bauer Supreme 2S Pro3D Carbon CurveLockFitCheck Price
2. CCM Ribcor 44kFlex ConstructionDual Zone TricotCheck Price

We have done so much research on skates for this website including our list of best Hockey Skates this year which you can check out by clicking here.

So, for our premium skates, oh do we have something special for our pick! You’ve probably seen these before and trust me when I say that these are awesome as hell. It’s of course the Bauer Supreme 2S Pro junior skates. I myself have these in the senior and when my son tried these in the junior size, he was as excited as I am.

As soon as you put them on, they feel really comfortable and super light weight. You can also gather that they are pretty well ventilated with there rigid composite outsole including holes that wick away excess moisture.

One of the big differences to there previous skates is the tongue which is much thicker and longer which I personally love but did take some time to get used to. It may not be for everyone’s taste but for us an added bonus.

I also find that these blades help to turn tighter with the awesome LS5 steel and new 2.0 speed plates. You’ll see the runners are also black, which is a carbon coating and just looks awesome out on the rink.

So, as mentioned above, my son absolutely love these. Apart from the extremely high price of these which is quite a large investment for skates at this age-range, the quality and overall performance are unbeatable. They fit like a glove on your feet and your kid will feel those powerful strides across the ice.

Well for our value option, the CCM RibCor 44K Pump Junior Ice Hockey Skates has been designed to give you top class fit and agility. You will get complete control and they are easy to break in as well. You are going to get everything that is needed to perform better. The RIBCOR 44K has a tapered fit in the ankle and to the heel is slight narrow. For the heat modling, the CCM has sued its RIBCOR Flex construction in the quarter. This HD foam is very amazing as it will react very well when handling the heat molding.

The CCM RibCor 44K Pump Junior Ice Hockey Skates will provide you great mobility as the construction and technologies used are really great. In other words, Agility, comfort and performance come together in these sharp looking RIBCOR 44K skates from CCM. So, do give it a try!

Best Junior Shoulder Pads

1. Bauer Vapor 1XFloating Curve + Hyperlite37.5 MicrofiberCheck Price
2. Bauer Vapor X80HD FoamHydrophobic meshCheck Price

These are a crucial bit of gear in any hockey players bag and one that?s definitely worth considering a little bit more seriously about because it protects some very sensitive areas.

Well, the Bauer Vapor 1X Junior Hockey Shoulder Pads are here with a all-new look. You are going to get amazing protection and comfort because of the improved technology and enhanced features. They have even changed the design to some extent to make it better in providing comfort and overall look. The highlights of the pads is the integration of both Curv composite and AEROLITE technology.

This product is meeting all the pro level standards. It is very lightweight, protective and comfortable and its mobility is really good as well. With the AEROLITE technology around, the pads provide pro level impact protection. The design is ideal for the quick agile skaters. Each component of the pad is able to move on its own and it will provide natural movement to your body. One more exciting part is the transfer mesh technology. This technology is very useful as it is a breathable fabric enhances the 37.5 technology liner found on the inside. It will maximize the air flow though the equipment. So, overall the Bauer Vapor 1X Junior Hockey Shoulder Pads is an ideal product to try in your next ice hockey game.

Well, when I talk about the Bauer Vapor X80 Junior Hockey Shoulder Pads then the first thing that strikes my mind is the INSANE PROTECTION that these pads are going to provide you. Yes, you heard it right, you are going to get insane protection and comfort by having these pads. The Bauer team has used the Thermoformed cap with PU foam in the shoulder cap and amazing High-Density foams and PE inserts in the sternum. Furthermore, there are mid density foams and PE inserts used in the Spinal as well.

Do you want to know more about the Bauer Vapor X80 Junior Hockey Shoulder Pads? Well, these pads are all about great protection thanks to amazing foams and PE inserts in different parts of the pads. The Front side panels and the back-kidney panels also have the mid density foams inserted in them. There are removable mid-density foams used in the belly pad as well.

Furthermore, the overall fit of the pads is really amazing and you can adjust them according to your desire. As far as the dynamic components of the pads are concerned, there is 1-piece bicep guard and arch support provided as well.

Best Junior Hockey Stick

Every hockey player needs a stick and it?s something that will affect immensely a hockey players performance. Various hockey sticks do various things and we won?t go into much detail about that in here but we have a great article here about how to pick the right hockey stick.

So, our high-end recommendation is without any doubt the Bauer Vapor 1X Lite hockey stick. You’ve probably seen the Vapor 1X’s mentioned on here quite a bit now but they really are something special. What you will notice straightaway is the lightning quick release which is due to it’s lightweight properties. This stick is perfect for drag snap shots, wrist shots and quick, low one timers. With durability the stick does get alot of negative press but again we haven’t seen any issue with it withstanding intense practices and everyday games. Definitely highly recommended!

Our recommendation is the Bauer Nexus 1N Griptac 2016 Hockey stick (like this one here on Hockey Monkey). This one is so popular among the junior level and it?s not difficult to see why.