CCM vs Bauer Skates (Vapor vs Ribcor, Supreme vs JetSpeed, Nexus vs Tacks)

Since Bauer and CCM are the rulers in the world of hockey skates, it can be easy to wonder which brand is the right choice for you.

The truth is, both brands are high quality and offer lines with a high amount of performance.

With the new lines out on the market, when it comes to CCM vs Bauer skates, the right choice for you depends on your comfort-level, skill-level, and even the type of skater that you are.

We are going to break down the different lines in both brands and let you know who the winner is in each category.

Bauer Vapor vs. Supreme vs. Nexus Skates Fit

Vapor vs Supreme vs Nexus

Traditionally, the Vapor line was a low-volume, narrow fit, with a tapered fit and a standard toebox. The Supreme skates had a more medium fit and were more anatomical, while the Nexus skates were wider with a high-volume.

Recently, Bauer eliminated the Nexus line and introduced a new fit system, so the traditional fits are no longer applicable if you get a new type of Bauer skate. Instead, the skates have different fits in both the Supreme and Vapor lines.

New Bauer Fit System Explained 

Bauer Performance Skate Fit

In 2020, Bauer launched a new fit system with their skates. As we mentioned above, the Nexus line has been eliminated, and the Vapor and Supreme lines remain.

While the Nexus line had been a favourite for skaters with wide feet, with the new fit system, you should be able to wear the Vapor and Supreme lines, regardless of your foot width.

With the new fit system, the skates will come in FIT1, FIT2, and FIT3. FIT3 is a great choice for players with wide feet, while FIT1 is a better choice for players who have narrow or low-volume feet.

CCM Ribcor vs. JetSpeed vs. Tacks Skates Fit

Ribcor vs JetSpeed vs Tacks

Just like with Bauer skates, CCM hockey skates come in a few different lines. The Jetspeed skates have a heel lock and are a good choice for standard-width feet. The Tacks are better for skaters with wider feet.

They are nice for skaters with a high profile foot and a wider forefoot. The Ribcor skates are better for skaters with a narrow forefoot. They are meant to feel like an extension of your feet rather than something separate.

Bauer Vapor vs. CCM Ribcor

When looking at the Vapor and Ribcor lines of skates, you might wonder which line is better, especially since they are both such popular lines. Really, both lines are excellent for speed, allowing for quick acceleration and easy stopping.

Generally, Ribcor skates are better for more powerful strides and are made with a tapered cut that ensure that there is a snug fit and no gaps anywhere. The Vapor is also a flexible boot, but it is a low-profile skate and the boot is higher. It also has a snug fit.

Overall, both skates are great for aggressive hockey players who like to play and attack at high speeds.

Since the skates function the same, you need to decide instead which skates have more specific features that work better for your individual needs. It is a tough call to know which one would be better for you, but we do have our preference.

#1. Bauer Vapor 2X Pro

Editor's Choice

While it was a tough call to choose our favourite skate, we decided that in the battle of Vapor vs Ribcor, our winner was the Bauer Vapor 2X Pro. These skates are stiff and made to give you the highest level of performance possible, which is further enhanced by their Lock-Fit feature. This keeps keep your foot in place snugly, without any risk of wiggle room, giving you a high amount of power.

#2. Bauer Vapor X2.9

Budget Friendly

If you are hoping to find the best skate between Vapor xsRibcor, but do not want to pay a premium price, you need to look at the Bauer Vapor X2.9. These skates are part of Bauer?s new fit system, which means that they will work for skaters who have wide feet as well as regular and narrow widths. The skates also use the PerformFlex system, which helps give you an excellent fit overall.

Bauer Supreme vs. CCM Jetspeed

In the battle of Bauer vs CCM, the Supreme and Jetspeed lines often are put against one another. They are comparable lines, like the Vapor and Ribcor are, so it does make sense to work out which skate type might be better for you.

These skates provide more space overall. The Jetspeed line has a narrow boot that has a heel lock. That will prevent your foot from slipping around within the boot, ensuring that you do not lose any energy. There is more room in the toebox, so they are less snug.

Meanwhile, the Supreme line is bigger overall than the Jetspeed line. They are a great choice for defensemen and have a high toe box.

Overall, both lines of skates provide a high level of protection, which is good for players who are playing from corners. Regardless, we had to choose a winner between the Supreme and Jetspeed lines.

#1. Bauer Supreme 3S Pro

Editor's Choice

The winner between Jetspeed vs Supreme for us was the Bauer Supreme 3S Pro. These are high performance hockey skates that use Bauer?s new Performance Fit System. Really, they are made for elite players who are little for a little extra comfort. The 3D Curv Composite Boot is lightweight as well as thermoformable, so you will be able to get a personalized fit from these without having to wait to break them in.

#2. CCM Jetspeed FT470

Budget Friendly

For anyone choosing between Jetspeed and Supreme lines and wanting a skate that is affordable, we recommend the CCM Jetspeed FT470. This budget friendly pair of skates was made with high-quality features, including injected outsoles that are vented and have been reinforced for extra durability. That way, you will still have powerful strides and a high amount of protection when you are out on the ice. These are a great choice for defensemen who like the power.

Bauer Nexus vs. CCM Tacks

The last two lines that we are comparing are the Bauer Nexus and CCM Tacks lines. This is a little bit trickier to compare, as Bauer has eliminated the Nexus line, but the skates are still out on the market that you might come across.

The Tacks line of skates is made with a high amount of volume and stiffness. They are made to accommodate players who have a high profile foot, giving them an anatomical fit. There is a little more room in the boots, but they are not as naturally wide as the Nexus skates are made to be.

The Nexus line is the largest skate in both width and volume, which is why they were a favourite for skaters with wider feet. They have a more traditional fit to them and are wide throughout the entire boot. Both lines are excellent choices for skaters who need extra room. 

#1. CCM Super Tacks AS3 Pro

The winner for us between Tacks and Nexus is the CCM Super Tacks AS3 Pro skates. These skates use a one-piece carbon composite MonoFrame that supports direct energy transfer through the blades. The skates are made with an anatomical, formfitting, 360-degree support in the foot, heel, and ankles. With all of these features, you will have incredible control over your power level and speed out on the ice, making you as agile as someone with smaller skates.

#2. Bauer Nexus 2N

If you would like a skate that has the high volume that you are looking for, but you do not want to spend the highest price around, we recommend the Bauer Nexus 2N. These skates have the Bauer TuukLightspeed Edge Holder, which is excellent for quick blade changes. They also have a high amount of stiffness and responsiveness, giving you better overall power and still the high amount of quality you should expect from a Bauer skate.

Final Words 

Between CCM vs Bauer skates, it can be a tough call. Both brands of hockey skates are high quality and are made to give you the best performance you can get. Really, it comes down to your individual needs as a skater and what your level of comfort is.

With the new Bauer Performance Fit System, you will have more options with Bauer as far as fit goes, allowing you to choose a skate based off of its features rather than based off of your foot. That said, CCM still has amazing skates to choose from, it just comes down to your needs.