Bauer 1X Pro Hockey Gloves Review

After spending countless hours testing and studying hockey gloves, the one that stood out for me was the Bauer 1X Pro?s! In this article, I had to spend a little bit more time to do an extensive look into the gloves because they are such popular gloves on the market but are they really worth the price?

These were at the top of our list in our best hockey gloves guide and have a five star rating on most places online (like this one on Hockey Monkey).

I?m excited to nerd out a little and hopefully this will help you decide if you are making a good financial decision. It might not be the most perfect review but if you want to know whether these will last the test of time while keeping your hands protected, then keep reading!

Let?s get started with the design

The focus on these gloves is the pro level protection that you get with premium level gloves.

The outside of the glove consists of cable mesh and pro level mesh nylon which helps the gloves last longer as well as remaining lightweight on your hands.

What?s quite cool with these gloves is the three-piece index finger and thumb design which helps with that awesome feel on the stick without comprising on flexibility. This tend to be the difference with the high end gloves and intermediate gloves whereby most intermediate range gloves will have a complete two-piece design.

You?ll notice the embroided on the cuff the Bauer logo which really stands out and gives the glove a characteristic look.

Now looking more deeply into the cuff, what?s more interesting is the one-piece cuff design. This is actually a preferred option for professional players which I believe is because of the higher rigidity of the design. This area is also packed with protective foams on the outside along with comfort foams which combine to give awesome protection and comfort around the wrist area.

What about protection?

So how good is the protection with these? Well to start off with, you get dual density foam which is the combination of medium density and high density foam. This is also reinforced with plastic inserts to really give you that top level protection.

You?ll see this material used throughout the fingers and the back of the glove which are the areas exposed to slashes and the puck. I know that a lot of people worry about flexibility and the glove feeling a bit too bulky and rigid.

Luckily, these do not have that problem and actually feel like they curve around your fingers. This is partly due to the three piece design mentioned above which gives it that flexibility.

The back of the gloves also feature XRD impact protection foam which changes state depending on whether it?s under impact. So, in its normal state, the foam is really soft and comfortable which you will even barely notice it?s there. But under high impact collision like a slash, the foam stiffens up and absorbs that energy like no other glove so less of the impact energy is felt by your fingers.


Looking into the palm, obviously this is the area where you get most of the wear and tear occurring. These gloves have a dual layer pro Ivory Nash material really feels awesome when you grip the stick. This is the material used on most pro level hockey gloves and are known for excellent break-in times.

However, the only problem you may find is that you may need to frequently replace the palm as they may not last as long as the other options. But it?s so simple to repalm your gloves and can be done for you by most local hockey or leather repair shops.


Going inside the glove, you begin to see the 37.5 technology being used. I could go into so much detail about the science behind this but essentially, the technology is designed to help control the temperature inside your gloves.

If you are an experienced hockey player, there?s nothing worse than your hands feeling like they are overheating and being covered in sweat when you take them out. You?ll get this experience with cheaper gloves and the smell of them after leaving them to dry a few days can get unbearable.

The technology provides a balance between heat gain and heat loss to keep your body at optimum temperature. So, when you feel that horrible liquid sweat around your hands, this technology is designed to tackle sweat vapor before it even gets a chance to turn into the horrible sticky sweat that you get as the end product.

Basically, it helps keep your hands nice and cool so that you can perform to the best of your abilities and more importantly, also not have to deal with the horrible sweat afterwards.


With a five start rating online and a premium price tag, there was large expectations with this one even before the gloves had arrived. I know the phrase ?it fits like a glove? is used way too often but it genuinely is the perfect way to describe this. The feedback we were getting from these is all about the fit. Obviously, the protection levels are high all over the glove.