Bauer Vapor X80 SR. Gloves Review


The Bauer Vapor X80 Sr. Gloves are the cheaper alternative to some of the more expensive gloves out there in the market but aren’t the lowest grade quality either. As some one who has used these gloves I can say they are great for some one just entering the sport or is on a budget. They are very durable and lasted me two years and still look new, they were very comfortable as well through out that period. The synthetic leather on the palm held up very well to all the shots, stick handeling, and everything they were put through. Also on a side note in my opinion these gloves look very professional and stay looking like that for a long time. They grip the stick well and really did let my hands breathe, they felt really great over all. They allowed a great roll in my wrist when I handled the puck as well. The only con I have to say about these gloves were the tags in them kinda bugged me but after a couple seconds it was like they weren’t there.

I hope you guys and gal’s enjoyed this review, check back for more reviews soon!