Hockey Glove Fitting

Gloves should allow for ample movement of the wrist and fingers while preventing hyperextension of the thumb. Fit is up to the individual player, but the glove should protect the fingers and hands from sticks. Gloves come in both tapered and loose fits for the fingers. Your preference will similarly dictate whether you want a longer or shorter cuff. A longer cuff will provide more protection at the expense of mobility. A shorter cuff will provide mobility at the expense of slash protection.





From the image above, you can see that when sizing up for a hockey glove you want to measure from your elbow to your finger base. This is very important when shopping for a new pair of gloves because if you don’t get the right size you’re not going to feel right or be comfortable when stick handeling the puck. Also the gloves can easily come off if they’re too big or if they are too small they can feel too tight which will not help at all with handeling the puck. Here I will provide A sizing chart to help with sizing to show what measurements will get you the right size. I hope you guy’s and gal’s found this post helpful to finding the size, be sure to check back regularly for more info and content!