Bauer Supreme one.6 Elbow Pads Review


The Bauer Supreme?one.6 Elbow Pads in my opinion are for smaller players due to having a firm hold on me. This elbow pad is flexible, it’s light weight and allowed me to handle the puck very easily. The quality of these elbow pads are great because they don’t hold a lot of sweat and in turn don’t weigh you down. Sweat can weigh you down more than you think and that’s what these can help stop for you. The pads are a little more on the premium side but they are very much worth the investment. My favorite thing about them I have to say is the straps because I like everything to stay in place and that’s what these did for me. I know this doesn’t really matter to some people but you have to appreciate the detail of the desigh put into these pads. I would say myself that these look pretty cool. If you’re looking to buy some new elbow pads or are buying for the first time I would definitly check them out, great quality pads with a good feel!