CCM FitLite 3DS Helmet Review


This is a truly phenominal helmet. probably the best helmet that I have ever put on my head! The majority of professional hockey player’s wear this exact helmet. When I first tried it on and had the correct adjustments, I thought wow this should set the new standard for all helmets for sure! I’ve found that this helmet is really got the best of both worlds. It has more adjustment features than a lot of helmets while also being very easy to adjust tool free! The Micro Dial?system makes it effortless to get a comfortable exact fit your needs. Also the flips on both sides just top it off so you can adjust how long the helmet is on your head. The Smart Foam?CCM just came out with in this helmet gave me that memory foam feel that made it so much more comfortable. It also works as an impact absorber to protect you temples which is something I haven’t seen in a helmet. The memory foam along the top of the helmet is more for comfort than protection and is also adjusted by the Micro Dial?system. This helmet is gonna run more oval shaped heads for sure so make sure you keep that in mind in your shopping. All in all this is one seriously well made helmet and I definitely reccomend checking it out!