Easton E600 Helmet Review


When I first bought the Easton E600, the first thing on my mind was will it squeeze my head. I won’t say names, but the previous helmets i’ve had have squeezed my head so hard that i’d get head aches out on the ice. I don’t know if this is a problem for a lot of hockey players, but I do know im not the only one, I can’t be. I think the reason I had this problem was because the fitting wasn’t quite right to be completely honest. So one day I was out shopping for a new helmet before practice and had my mind on an Easton helmet because they looked comfortable and it was something different. I picked up the E600 while I was there and headed to practice. After adjusting the gyro configuration (which I thought was pretty cool) I put it on and jumped on the ice. The first thing I noticed was that it felt relaxed, but snug. After about an hour in which my head usually started hurting, I felt fine and didn’t have to take it off at all. I highly recommend?anyone having this problem to get this helmet because while being snug, it feels very comfortable and allows you to focus on the game. It also has some of the thickest padding and can be one of the safest helmets out there as well. When I talk about hockey, I really mean what i’m saying and im saying this is a great helmet for anybody. I hope you found this review to be helpful and as always feel free to browse our websight for more reviews!