The Best Hockey Pants Of 2018

Are your Hockey Pants not offering enough protection? Look at our Picks!

Hockey Pants are a vital part of your gear. They protect most of your upper thighs and hips and tailbone. The amount of protection put into pants is amazing while also being able to keep a lot of mobility. Today we’re going to show you what you need to know before going out and buying a pair of pants. I’ll also show you our top ten pants of 2018 in professional grade and beginner grade. Also be sure to check out our home page and feel free to browse the site for more awesome reviews like this one like our last review Best Elbow Pads For Hockey 2017 . We hope this review helps you find the right pair of pants! If you are looking for exclusive discounts and promotions, check out our Hockey Monkey Coupon Codes.

Hockey Pants Sizing

A lot of questions come up when it comes to sizing such as:

  1. How Should Hockey Pants Fit?
  2. What Size Hockey Pants Do I Need?
  3. How Long Should Hockey Pants Be?

All these are good questions and I’m going to answer them all right here. So for the first one mostly it preference, but they should hold a good grip on your waist and be flexible enough for you. The second question is answered here in the hockey pants fitting guide for to measure and go off of. And the third is all preference as well, they really shouldn’t be past your whole knee cap and the shortest i’d say is about an inch and a half above the knee cap.

Now lets get straight into our best selection of Hockey Pants, guaranteed to enhance protection as well as comfort.

Top Eight Hockey Pants Of 2018

Recreational Stock

 CCM RBZ 130



Protection – Comfort foam with PE insert, tailbone protection

Fit – Traditional

Weight – 1020 grams

Conclusion – TheRBZ 130 is a great pair of pants for beginners. It offers amazing comfort and protection in key points so you get the best bang out of your buck. This is also one of the best hockey pants for defensemen because of maneuverability in the pant. You can pick one of these up over at hockey monkey right now for about $60, overall a great pair of pants.

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Protection – Medium density foam with plastic inserts in the thigh, hip, tailbone, and spine gaurd

Fit – Tapered

Weight – 930 grams

Conclusion – This is a great set of pants for beer league hockey. They are lightest hockey pants in this stock and give the most flexibility and are some of the most comfortable in this price range. If you are a beginner and fall a lot or are in a high contact league where you will likely get checked, these are not for you because they don’t have a lot of protection. We have a more in depth review on these and i’ve personally used them myself. Check out the review here: Bauer Vapor X60 Pants Review

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Protection – Reinforced EPP foam in the thigh, lower back, and hip

Fit –  Anatomical

Weight – 1651 grams

Conclusion – This pair of pants is overall engineered for maneuverability with strategically placed pads for the best movement possible. With that said being very flexible, it also offers some great protection. This is great for a beginner or if you’re on a budget and looking for a good quality pair of pants. We definitely recommend these to anyone. Certainly the most protective hockey pants.

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Protection – Molded plastic thigh guard, medium density foams for hip, tailbone, and kidney

Fit – Tapered

Weight – 1,044 grams

Conclusion – These were designed to follow a player’s skate posture and stride and great flexibility. The material is made for better airflow and  stretchiness. With all the flexibility Warrior has not forgotten about protection and does a great job at it. The pants offer a good amount of protection for the amount you pay. These are absolutely great for the price.

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Pro Stock



Protection – Thick molded PE inserts with firm foams for the hip and kidneys

Fit – Tapered

Weight – 1334 grams

Conclusion – These lightweight hockey pants are the latest in CCM’s Quicklite line offering a snug fit and excellent mobility that let’s you react on a dime. CCM also nailed the protection part of these pants with light weight high quality foams inserted into the pants. The hip and kidney section offers pro protection. These pants overall have a nice wrap around the thighs creating a compression like feel while giving tremendous protection. This pair of pants goes to the top of our list of pants ad we’ve even made an in depth review on them, you can find that right here: CCM Quicklite Sr. Hockey Pants Review.

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Protection –  Molded dome construction, medium density foam with plastic insert in the thighs

Fit – Tapered

Weight – 1451 grams

Conclusion – These pants have the top of the line quality without the top of the line price tag. These are most definitely best for wicking sweat and staying light weight throughout the game. The foams used for protection are 30% lighter than others in its class but provides the same protection as average pads. With a combination of durable and flexible fabrics these pants hold up very well and will last you a long time.

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Protection – E cell foam pads in the kidney, tailbone, and thigh area

Fit – Traditional

Weight – 1360 gram

Conclusion – The 850s are the best in the synergy line. It provides a responsive fit with full range of motion in it’s hyper skin fit system. The A.R.C. system releases air and wicks sweat to keep you dry and cool during a fast game. The E-cell foam provides a significantly lighter protection than regular HD foams as well. Overall a great pair of pants.

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Protection – Molded plastics with medium density foams found in the hip and thigh pads

Fit – Tapered

Weight – 1542 grams

Conclusion – Warrior really focuses on the player staying mobile as possible while providing pro grade protection. The overall fit is optimized for a hockey player’s crouched stance and getting the best out of strides. The pants have an internal belt that gives way more support than a regular outside belt as well. Overall a flexible stretchy pair of pants while keeping high grade protection.

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