CCM Quicklite Sr. Hockey Pants Review


The CCM Quicklite is at the top of it’s class in the latest quicklite line of pants for sure. With high quality lightweight plastic molds, CCM has really done a great job at keeping these pants lightweight with pro level protection. The fit is also very snug to your body while also being very flexibe for explosive skating. The dry foam liner is great for when your still going hard at it in the third period and your pants aren’t weighing you down. Another thing to remember is that after games they won’t hold as much sweat where as some of the lower models would hold much more keeping your hockey bag less smelly. The leg zipper is definitley a big help especialy when when you’re trying to get the pants off quickly for some reason. Also another thing is the Segmented spine, I haven’t seen this in much other pants but this one has it and it helps so much when you land on your tail bone for sure. All in all these are some fantastic pants and im going to start using them as my own pant’s because they are that good! I hope this review was helpful for you!