Bauer Nexus 6000 Shin Guards Review


When it comes to picking the right shin gaurds, you should be looking at comfort, sizing, and flexibility. The most important thing to picking shin gaurds is flexibility. When I got these knee pads, I chose them because they lookeed very comfortable and they’d fit my style of play. I’ve made a lot of bad decisions buying gear, but with these I think I made a very good choice. They are very comfortable and very flexible which is so important. Also another thing when it comes to knee pads, these have held up amazingly well. After 3 seasons they still feel great and look new. One thing I don’t like about them is when my socks come down they like to catch and show that crease, but im sure if you don’t have a good tape job on your sock’s that’s just gonna happen with any shin gaurd. For the price, these are such good quality in my opinion and I truly believe Bauer under priced these things because they have the feel of quality unlike most products in this price range. If your just a beginner with bigger legs I very well reccomend picking up a pair of these bad boys.