Bauer Vapor X80 Shoulder Pads Review


I used these shoulder pads a couple years ago and I gotta say when I got started they were great for me. Anyone just looking to get in the game of hockey should definitley check these out. They are a good price for what your getting in terms of quality. They also give a lot of flexibility to your back and arms which is key in hockey. The straps give the shoulder pads a nice firm hold which feels very nice as well, The only thing I didn’t understand about the product was that it had a weird piece in the middle that came right off with velcrow. I think it was maybe to connect with the pants but still pretty cool in my opinion. The pads do run a little big in the shoulders so anyone looking to have a little more protection in that area this is for you. Over these are some great shoulder pads for someone just getting started. As always I hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful, and feel free to browse our site for more great reviews such as this!