CCM Quicklite LE SR. Shoulder Pads Review


A very large majority of professionals choose the Quicklite over a wide variety of Shoulder pads at their disposal. That made me very intrigued to go ahead and check these out, and they indeed did not disapoint! The material reduces sweat absortion and keeps it dry and light weight. This helped a lot being in period 3 and still not feeling more weight on my shoulder’s as I usually do. I’d have to say my favorite part about these pads was that the shoulders’ didn’t stick up high like a lot of previous shoulder pads. It keeps a nice low profile and also alow a lot of freedom and movability. That’s what I have to say I apreciate the most about them. Now this is a high premier shoulder pad, and if you are looking to get something very loose and free I would definitely reccomend these. While staying very comfortable and light weight, these pads have very good protection. It’s like a perfect balance! Also adding to the comfort CCM has added extra padding to the neck area. All of these good specs add up to having a great shoulder pad but one of the best is it’s durability and long lasting quality material. All in all this is a great pair of shoulder pads and I definetly give it a ten out of ten!